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Via del Lavoro, 12
31050 Vedelago, TV
Phone: +39 0423 700182
Fax: +39 0423 700174
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Sabrina Argenti
Products Gnocchi
Codice Ateco:
107300 - Production of pasta, couscous and similar flour products
01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS, 01020700 - Pasta
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Booth Number: F-5382
Master srl
Master's story originates from its founders' passion for good cooking. Inspired by
their genuine love for tradition, they created what has now become an important
food manufacturing company producing fresh gnocchi. Driven by the strong desire
to guarantee all the naturalness, freshness and tastiness of each of its products,
Master has made a name for itself on the domestic market, as well in the
international market, thanks to the constant investments it makes in research and

All Master products come from top quality raw materials plus the experience of its
highly qualified personnel and the spirit of innovation tied to traditional values. It is
thanks to these indispensable assets that Master can fulfill the needs of an
increasingly demanding market, developing state-of-the-art production
technologies, designed and made according to company specifications.
Master utilizes cutting-edge systems that guarantee absolute quality and extend
the shelf-life of the products with no additives or preservatives.

A unique and innovative system that combines tradition and technology to offer various
wholesome preparations that preserve all the fresh and natural characteristics.
Master has always dedicated the utmost attention to quality: from direct control in
relation to its suppliers, with whom the company has established relations of
partnership in order to ensure receiving the best of raw materials, also of organic
origin, to the entire production cycle, which takes place in accordance with the
strictest criteria of food hygiene and safety.

A system of total control guaranteed by the severest of internationally acknowledged quality Certifications for the safety of foodstuffs, such as UNI EN ISO 22000, BRC, IFS and ICEA : the certification which guarantees the production of foodstuffs using raw materials from organic farming.
Master has achieved this essential goal in quality management by perfecting its technologies, as well as by means of its specialized personnel and its constant search for innovative solutions


Potato Gnocchi with Pumpkin (Brand Wegmans)

Potato Gnocchi Traditional (Brand IO)