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Viale A. Olivetti, 37 Zona ASI
70056 Molfetta, BA
Phone: +39 080 3375629
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Products DOP/IGP oils, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Medsol Srl
For more than 30 years, Medsol has been a leader in the export of extra virgin olive oil under "Luglio" brand as well as many many other private labels. They are one of the biggest packaging companies in PDO Terra di Bari Extra Virgin olive oil. Medsol provides Italian and international customers with the same attention to quality, ensuring full traceability of products. We are certified IFS, BRC, Kosher and Halal.

DOP/IGP oils

Product Name: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL "DOP" TERRA DI BARI Superior quality Extra Virgin olive oil obtained directly from olive and solely throught mechanical techniques, with clean gold yellow color and organoleptic qualities unique and healthy. It has nice scents of fresh herbs with a taste light of bitter and spicy. A true exellence of our land.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Name: ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Luglio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by 100% organic production, with clear yellow gold color and very typical aroma.It guarantee the absence of pesticides and fertilizers and retains all the best nutritional characteristics.This product that is a symbol of quality and care for the land