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Products Sauces, Tomato Sauce, Spreads, Pasta
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Founded in 1930, as a pasta factory, the Faraci brand was started by Grandfather Faraci while he was working in a mill that produced top-quality flour when the idea of making his own pasta came to him. After following his vision, Faraci grew to become one of today’s most active and dynamic food industries of Eastern Sicily. The company remains as a family-run business in its third generation dedicated to continuing the traditional method.

The strength of the Faraci brand is based on its traditional methods and natural ingredients: conventional durum wheat semolina pasta; organic and organic whole wheat pasta; bronze die pasta in the traditional Italian shapes; cherry tomato sauce; fish sauces; tuna fish in extra virgin olive oil and in brine; and other products inspired by some of the most traditional Sicilian gastronomies, such as the Pistachio, the Semidry Cherry Tomato and the Caponata Siciliana.

The grain and ingredients used to produce the pastas and sauces are all of Sicilian origin. Faraci uses the highest quality wheat that is rich in protein. The success of Faraci products is based upon the low-medium temperatures used to dry the pasta and long drying process, which does not affect the natural properties of the pasta and contributes to its unique taste. Our facilities hold three production lines, two lines for short- shaped pasta and one line for long- shaped pasta. The production capability for these three lines is approximately about 1.500 kg an hour, resulting in the following: 36.000 kg per day; 720.000 kg per month; and 8.640.000 kg per year.

After strengthening its position in the Sicilian market, the Faraci brand, within a few years, went global, and its products are now present in the international market. We are currently present in the following countries: USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Faraci approaches the international market as a reliable supplier, targeting customers looking for high quality and traditional wholesome food products.


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