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Via Oratorio, 29
18020 Caravonica, IM
Phone: +39 0183 55080
Fax: +39 0183 55140
Products Olives, Sauces and Spreads, Pesto, Dried Tomatoes, Sauces
Minasso Srl
Minasso, the first company in the Riviera Ligure for the manufacturing of typical products, started its activity in 1962 with its founder, Mr. Serafino Minasso, who exported the typical Taggiasca olive in Italy and in France with commitment and entrepreneurial spirit. This production was later associated with black and green olives pâté, pesto and other typical sauces of the Riviera Ligure and of the Mediterranean diet.

 Now the activity is passed in the hands of Serafino’s daughters who, following on their father’s footsteps, increased the production capacity of the company thanks to modern production plants, packaging lines, vacuum packaging machines, pasteurisation, while ensuring a total respect of tradition and of the original craftsmanship connotation of their products, which are now sold all over the world.


Sauces and Spreads


Dried Tomatoes