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51036 Loc. Baccane, Larciano, PT
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Products Brooms, Brushes, Household Products
Mondial Srl
Our company has been operating since 1961 in the line of the cleaning household articles and it has been always distinguished for the high quality of its products as well as the quickness and punctuality of the deliveries.  To add to the exclusiveness of our patented inimitable models, the particular type of fiber that we use in some of our broom models, “ECOFIL”, is non-toxic due to the absence of PVC, it is heat resistant and it does not lose its shape when pressed.


Fantasy Broom - Art. 18
Light board in expanded plastic with bicolored PVC fiber.
Available in color combinations:
beige/light blue


Washing Brush - Art. 22

Oval washing brush.

Household Products