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Via Vecchia Albergone, 19, via Bora n.10 - factory
48012 Bagnacavallo, RA
Phone: +39 033 054563966
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Giada Chiarini
Products Fruit, Baby Food
Codice Ateco:
103200 - Production of fruit and vegetable juices, 103900 - Other processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables
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Booth Number: F-5259
Natura Nuova SpA
Since 1994, Natura Nuova has been producing cold extracted puree, prepared with selected fresh fruit, without any added sugars or preservatives. They are packed in practical 100g aluminium trays or ready-to-eat pouches. Natura Nuova is leader in the Italian market with its brand Frullà. Every Frullà product contains the goodness and flavour of just-picked fruit thanks to a patented method: it’s called cold extraction, and it’s the exclusive process that turns fruit into ready-to-eat purée that’s genuine and delicious. Within Frullà is the passion of 1,000 producers and a great Consortium whose purpose is quality. This is passion that researches, experience that chooses, love for the land and for people; a philosophy that drives us to choose the best fruit, to prefer short production chains, to listen to the land. The company is also producing plant based ingredients: Tofu, Seitan, Tempeh. All the taste and health benefits that come from our selected, local, organic raw ingredients that we process with experience and passion, quality and safety.


Frullà Bio - Apple Coconut Pineapple Organic, without any added sugars or preservatives Taste the sweetness of organic apples and coconut combined with the taste of pineapple with our fresh, organic fruit puree, made entirely of fruit pulp without any added sugars or preservatives. Our practical doypacks are pocket-size and resealable: the perfect idea for a snack on the go.

Baby Food

Frullà Baby fruit - Apple Peach - Apple Strawberry - Apple Banana Raspberry 100% fresh, organic fruit. Gluten-Free. Without any added sugars, preservatives or flavoring agents A sweet, natural and practical solution to include fruit in the weaning of your baby: Our line of organic baby food products is prepared using only selected, organic fresh fruit. The fruit pulp is extracted using our unique cold extraction process, which preserves all of its nutritional properties. Gluten-Free. Without any added sugars, preservatives or flavoring agents. This makes every product of our BabyFruit line easily digestible and bioavailable, which helps the hydration and the development of the baby. We recommend including our BabyFruit products in the diet of the baby from the 6th month. All our baby food items are prepared with non-GMO, organic fruit, grown without using any pesticides or herbicides. This is how we guarantee that our products meet the highest quality, health and safety standard and that its production was sustainable. Our doypacks come with an anti-choke top and are designed to be consumed anywhere. A practical solution for a tasty, healthy snack on the go.


Frullà Puro Mango - Banana - Pineapple Tropical taste,Frullà Puro is exactly this: no preservatives or added sugar, just an explosion of taste with all the quality, safety, and experience of Frullà, your fruit puree specialist. The actual recipes are: - 100% of Pineapple - 100% of Mango - 100% of Banana Imagine a plant-ripened mango, banana and pineapple, grown under the warm, tropical sun, that are pureed with our innovative, non invasive technology and sealed in a practical, pocket-size container for you to drink at all times.
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