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N&B Natural is Better Srl
Since 1988, our main target has been the research, development and production of natural and organic solutions for Beauty Care, Health Care and Home Care. All of our products are expressly made to reach full Customer satisfaction, by reaching the Companies needs to increase the relationship with Customers and to underline the brand value. Our products are well appreciated all over the world, thanks to our high quality standards and the seriousness and professionalism of our Customers.

We follow the complete production cycle, starting from our Organic Farming (Aloe Vera, Olives, Officinal plants etc) - from which we obtain Organic extracts we use as raw materials - to the final product. Each step of our production cycle is certified by ECOCERT.

Our products are fully made in our laboratories, and they’re manufactured respecting the most severe hygienic rules, thanks to several microbiological checks conducted by our laboratory experts. All products are clinically tested. Our company is ISO 9001 certified.
We are specialized in customizing products with personalized packaging thanks to our “Tailor-made” concept, where we take care of each detail of our customer's project.

Cosmetic Products