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Via R. Bacchelli, 37
46040 Marengo di Marmirolo , MN
Phone: +39 0376 294090
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Products Pasta Sauces, Sauces, Organic Pasta Sauces, Ready Made Meals
Novellini Giovanni Srl
The company was founded by Giovanni Novellini in 1978, when the main activity was working meats. Next, and in order to satisfy the demands of ever more attentive customers, the production of an extremely vast range of frozen articles was started in parallel. In 1992, the new structure was born complying to European Community directives, on an area of 25000 square metres,
3500 of which are covered. As of today, Novellini has obtained the most important European certification:
I 729 S, I 729 F, 9-988 L, I 729 P, 9-988 LOA. ISO certification is currently taking place. Leading-edge technology, the punctual competence of its collaborators, a healthy tradition and decades of experience make Novellini a company with a role of primary importance in the food sector of Northem Italy.

Over the years, Giovanni Novellini has focused especially on studying and developing meat products.

The tangible result of his "passion" can be seen in the production of fresh sauces, and the latest
exclusive novelty: Brodoè, the natural meat broth, ready to use. The true, great objective which the Novellini company has set itself, throughout all the years of its history, has always been that of offering and guaranteeing maximum quality to its Customers - WINNING QUALITY !

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