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Nuova Industria Biscotti Crich Spa
On the strength of their well-founded traditions, Crich is the ideal PARTNER for the modern retail trade and a trusted name for the final customer.
More than one hundred years of history.

CRICH originated in 1870 with a well-known family of bread makers and then pastry bakers too in the Treviso-Venetian area.

Today the company is run by the ROSSETTO FRANCO family, who have considerable experience in the milling field. They took the company over in June 2002 and with their son BRUNO, have launched an extensive development programme with further technological investment to strengthen their position at home, in the EEC, in East Europe and all other foreign markets.

The company has received “certified quality” approval from important Authorities, including for their production of Organic items, and recognition for their quality control from numerous and important European chains. In fact, the company acquired certification for production from organic cultivation in 1999 both for the production of crackers and for wafers and biscuits, and none of their products contain genetically modified organisms. The company has been also certified by the Italian Ministry of Health for the production of biscuits for young children.

bakery products, dry biscuits, shortcakes biscuits, crackers, wafers, pastry-making confectionery, organic crackers, organic wafers.

Organic Crackers

BioCracker® sesame and rosemary with extra virgin olive oil 250 g CRICH

Organic Wafers

Biowafer with cocoa cream filling 125 g CRICH

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Organic Products