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SP. 231 km. 75,060
70032 Bitonto, BA
Phone: +39 080 3740544
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Products Organic Olive Oil, Corn Oil, Tomatoes, Pasta Sauces, Sauces, Vegetable Oil
Olearia Desantis SpA
The OLEARIA DESANTIS S.P.A. is, today, the most important company  for the trade oil in south Italy and among the greater in Italy. The Company is situated in a strategic position for the oil supply. The OLEARIA DESANTIS S.P.A. has for the storage and the packaging a new factory on extension of 20.000 mq., which of 6.000 mq. Are under shelter. For oil conservation has realized buried posture that permit to preserve oil from light, air and warm.
EXTRA VIRGIN 100% ITALIAN OLIVE OIL is produced from a careful selection of only the freshest high quality olives, picked and pressed. The olives undergo no treatment except for the process of washing, de-leafing, spinning and filtration. The high quality of the oil derives from the use of mechanical instead of chemical processing, causing in this way no alteration to the product. Our oil, golden-coloured with a hint of green, is characterized by a fruit-almond aroma, a sweet flavour with a slight almond after-taste; it is slightly tangy and has a very low level of acidity.

is produced from selected  “Coratina” and “Ogliarola Barese” olives from the best groves in the murgia area of Apulia.

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