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Contrada Forquetta o Maccarone z.i.
70033 Corato, BA
Phone: +39 080 8722416
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Products Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kosher Olive Oil, Kosher Products
Olearia Olimpo Srl
OLEARIA OLIMPO is specialised in packaging and supplying Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Pomance Oil to the food industry and for retail sale by means of modern distribution chains.
The company is located in Corato in the Land of Bari, in the heart of Apulia, the Italian region famous all over the world for the large quantity and excellent quality of its olive oil production.
OLEARIA OLIMPO was created on an initiative of some young businesspeople coming from families with an ancient tradition in the olive oil business, but with much more far-sighted and ambitious aims:
to bring the fruit of Apulian olives and those from most fertile areas of the whole Mediterranean area to the world markets

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most natural oil known to man. With an acidity content expressed in oleic acid below 0.8% (as mandated by the law in force), OLIVORO Extra Virgin Olive Oil encloses all the characteristics of the best Extra Virgins while being the fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet.

Rich, deep green colour and a bold, flavourful taste, make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil ideal as raw condiment on salads, pastas, meats, fish, poultry, hearty soups, pizza, and more.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, being more savoury and dense, may be used in smaller quantity compared to other oils, conciliating often contrasting needs: taste and health. It is recommended by doctors as well as part of diets for those watching their cholesterol intake and it is an ideal replacement for butter or other less healthy fats.

Olive Oil

OLIVORO Olive Oil (also known as Pure Olive Oil in the United States) is being used by some of the most renowned chefs.

Second only to Extra Virgin for flavour and versatility, Olive Oil is characterized by a bright, golden yellow colour and a milder taste, which makes it perfect for just about any cooking purposes where Extra Virgin may overpower the delicate flavours of other ingredients.

The Olive Oil has a greater resistance for frying compared to other oils. Its smoking point (the temperature when the oil starts to degrade thereby creating smoke and substances harmful to your health, such as acreolina) is higher, which allows for frying at higher temperatures yielding a crunchier, tastier and lighter fried food.

Kosher Olive Oil

Kosher Products