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Oleifici Colavita SpA
The Region of Molise boasts a past rich both in history and tradition and a present marked by progress while bearing in mind the importance of enviromental conservation: a region with many hidden treasures, such as quiet, virgin forests, ancient castles, churchs and quaint, medieval towns, just waiting to be discovered.
For three generations, Colavita has brought to tables around the world the genuine taste of Molise with a vast range of olive oils: the fruity extra virgin olive oil, the delicate pure olive oil and some special flavored extra virgin olive oils.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Colavita Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is born from the finest Italian olive trees that have been expertly worked for many generations.
The robust flavour of oil, its pale green and golden color, its delicate bouquet and aroma are the incomparable fruits of a unique balance between the bounty of nature and the patient care of those who work the olives.
Colavita Olive Oils derive from ancient groves located on Italian hillsides that have been worked for centuries. From "tree to bottle", three generations of Colavitas assure us they produce only the best of the fruit of the olive.
The results are quite obvious: a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet suitable for every type of cuisine.


Marinated Vegetables

Flavored Olive Oil