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OLIOCRU, Via Maso Belli 1/b
38066 Riva del Garda, TN
Phone: 0039 0464 715344
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Anna Zotta
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  • OLIOCRU, Via Maso Belli 1/b
    United States
Products Olive Oil, Olive Paste, Organic Products, Aromatic Oils, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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OlioCRU is a young company founded with the aim of combining the passion for the care and cultivation of olive trees to the transformation into products of excellence. It is a company, located north of Lake Garda in Trentino, the northern place in the world where olive trees can be grown , where the climatic and geological conditions are perfect to give life to the best fruits in the precious variety called CASALIVA. In the new headquarters , one of the most modern and technological efficient mill in Europe, we process olives mainly grown in our own territories. We are considered among the BEST 20 Extra Virgin Olive Companies in the world. But EVOO is not the only product that we produce. Recently we have patented a FUNCTIONAL AND PREBIOTIC POWDER obtained by drying pitted olive paste, Absolutely unique in its kind, rich in polyphenols, fibers and vitamins, excellent for an healthy and balanced diet. CIRCOLAR ECONOMY is our mission: Our contribution to the environment and land protection starts with the functional and innovative use of every part of the olive to create products with excellent organoleptic properties, a commitment that goes even further with constant investments in the fields of research and innovation.

Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil produced only with olives 100% from Italy

Olive Paste

Tipical product of GARDA LAKE territory . Black olives paste with Extra virgin olive oil made in Italy, for cooking and seasoning.

Organic Products

Derived from olives, a concertrated boost of wellbeing. YouvOn ORGANIC PRODUCTS, with Prebiò Olive Powder from dehydrated pitted olive paste. Starting from PreBiò Olive Powder we have developed a PATENTED PROCESSING METHOD that brings together powder from dehydrated olive paste, buckwheat flour, pea flour and chestnut flour. Thanks to their nutritional values, youvOn products are ideal for all those who want to follow a healthy lifestyle, those who are looking for foods that bring together taste and wellness, and for sportspeople. The Olive, bursting with health. Rich in fibres and polyphenols, with antioxidant and prebiotic qualities, and also VITAMINS and MINERALS, these healthy foods can be added to yougurt, soup, salads, and become that extra ingredient in all your creative recipes, or they can be taken pure, as supplements.

Aromatic Oils

AROMA OILS Extra Virgin Olive Oil based dressings made with selected Italian olives enriched with herbs and spices, to enhance in particular some traditional dishes, or to taste as a snack on toasted good bread. Basi, Lemon, Chilli, Mediterranean herbs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin olive Oil obtained from certified organic olives From our respect and love for this land and its fruit. The Extra Virgin Organic Oil, a blend of selected olives, has fresh notes of artichoke and tomato. With its delicate taste it is perfect for everyday use.