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Products Hair Care, Hair Color, Pet Food, Hair Dyes, Cosmetic Products
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204200 - Manufacturing of perfume and cosmetics
24020000 - Private Label - Non Food
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Oyster Cosmetics SpA
Oyster Cosmetics SpA has been producing hair cosmetics for more than 35 years. The company developed skillfulness and experience in the production of high quality hair dyes, a complete and excellent range from color to styling, from finishing to hair care and skincare.

Hair Care

CANNABIS GREEN LAB. 100% VEGAN. NO PEG, NO PARABENS. NO EDTA, DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. SAVE THE PLANET! Hemp sativa in your hair salon for total well-being. Hemp sativa does not contain THC and has many beneficial properties which are known and used both in therapeutic and cosmetic applications Use it in now! Hemp is an environmentally-friendly and highly sustainable raw material. CANNABIS GREEN LAB hydrates particularly dry, brittle and damaged hair, it nourishes deep down, ensuring optimal long-lasting hydration and fortifies, so the shaft is more elastic, shiny and radiant.

Hair Color

DIRECT COLORS Restructuring color mask to tone streaks or colored hair. With high concentration of direct pigments, it gives extra shine. Creamy texture. Vivid and vibrant colors, to help you unleash your creativity, Classic and trendy colors.

Pet Food

EXTRA GREEN, EXTRA GENTLE PET PRODUCTS SHAMPOO In an increasingly green world, animal products must be the greenest. That is why the formulas of our shampoos are: GMO free Parabens free SLES free EDTA FREE Petrolatum free Alcohol free Synthetic colorants free 100% vegan

Hair Care

EXTRA GENTLE BABY SHAMPOO A gentle and dermatologically tested system, with neutral pH which respects sensitive skin and hair of children.

Hair Dyes

An exclusive oyster cosmetics formulation, an absolute novelty for those who want top performance while keeping the delicacy and respect of the hair fiber.
The natural perfection of hair colour with zero impact!

Fashion Colore Natura is without ammonia, resorcinol, PFD, Parabens and fragrance allergens.

Fashion Natura is:

  • A delicate, protective, low impact on hair formula;
  • An intense colour, with 100% coverage: no white hair left;
  • A long-lasting colour, even after a month;
  • An easy and quick application thanks to the hair comb dosing device;
  • A gorgeous range of 12 shades covering main market needs and a selection of fashionable, trendy shades.


Fashion Colore Natura is enriched with:

  • Argan Oil: has antioxidant, emollient, moisturizing properties. With a high content of vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
  • Ayurveda mix: Sesame, Olive Oil, Henna, Bacopa Monnier and Melia Azadiracta are a plant mix of Ayurvedic tradition.
  • Olive oil: Moisturizing and softening, thanks to its content of fatty acids, vitamins A and E and minerals, soothes redness, prevents peeling, preserves hair elasticity and softness and is an ideal ally against hair loss.
  • Bacopa Monniera: antioxidant power, being able to provide skin and hair anti-aging action.
  • Neem oil: anti-inflammatory property and regenerative capacity.
  • Sesame: It contains plenty of calcium, phosphorus and healthful polyunsaturated fats, strengthens the hair.
  • Hennè: vegetable hair colouring and a reinforcing substance.

Hair Dyes

Permanent cream color with professional result and full white hair coverage, with Argan Oil and Cheratine.


Intense colour, soft and shining hair, sasy to mix, doesn’t drip.

  • Permanent cream color (with ammonia);
  • Maxi size 60+60;
  • With Argan Oil and Cheratine;
  • 11 shades;
  • 100% white hair coverage;
  • Intense colour, soft and shining hair;
  • Easy to mix;

Hair Dyes

Perlacolor is a permanent oxidation colour system that delivers intense shades, glossy vibrant highlights and perfect white hair coverage. It has a low ammonia content and highly concentrated pigments.

Perlacolor is a must-have for all hairdressers because the results are flawless and, thanks to the wide selection of shades, it helps grow the salon’s business.


The secret of perfect colour

  • GREEN INSPIRATION: the formula is enriched with 100% natural elements such as Aloe Vera, Monoi Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.
    They work together to enhance the hair’s shine, elasticity and softness. 
  • OIL IN WATER EMULSION: the O/W emulsion ensures optimal delivery of the water-soluble ingredients, as well as quick and easy distribution, so the colours penetrate more deeply.
  • LOW AMMONIA CONTENT: Perlacolor contains 1.5 – 3% of ammonia, so is gentler on the hair fibre.
  • ULTRA-PURE PIGMENTS: they guarantee exceptional brilliance, stability and long-lasting results over time.

A must in your salon

  • 100% COVERAGE: maximum coverage guaranteed even with fashion shades, thanks to the cool base which ensures high-intensity, long-lasting colours. When hair is lightened, the result is extremely natural-looking.
  • COMPACT, NON-DRIP MIXTURE: colour can be applied in large sections and is easy to rinse out. The shades are intermixable, giving you endless colour options. 
  • UNIFORM RESULT: delivers full, even colour on roots, lengths and ends.
  • LIFTS UP TO 5 LEVELS: the range of super lighteners guarantees brilliant results.

Plant-based active ingredients for soft hair 

  • ALOE VERA: contains active ingredients with emollient, soothing and hydrating properties that benefit the skin, hair and scalp.
  • MONOI OIL: originally from Polynesia, this oil has powerful nourishing and emollient properties and protects the skin. 
  • COCONUT OIL: when applied to hair, it has a soothing, emollient effect, giving tone and elasticity to the fibre. 
  • SHEA BUTTER: rich in vitamins A and E, it restores tone and vitality.

Cosmetic Products

Work with us and together we will create personalised products for the professional and consumer sectors.

We work in partnership with your company, bringing to the table the experience of our private label consultants and our R&D, regulatory, marketing and packaging experts.



  • Face and body scrubs
  • Body washes


  • Bi-phase
  • Mousse
  • Gel
  • Cleansing milk
  • Toner


  • Cream: face, body, hands, feet
  • Face serum 
  • Body milk
  • Oil: face and body

Hair Care

Freecolor is a Made in Italy brand

Free Color, a brand of Oyster Cosmetics that embodies the merits and the uniqueness of Made in Italy: Style, Culture, Art, Cooking and Sport.


1- cleasing
2- conditioning
3- completing


Less product use and higher yield (CONVENIENCE):
• SHAMPOO: very high foaming action, with a soft, pleasant and easy to rinse texture.
• MASK high detangling, nourishing, softening and protective action, to make the hair flowing and flowing without weighing it down.
• STYLING AND FINISHING PRODUCT: long lasting illuminating and thermo protective molecules.


To offer advice and customized solutions for every hair type.

Treatment “Nutriargan”, with Argan Oil

Nourishing treatment suitable for dry, dull or frizzy hair.
With Argan Oil.

Result: soft, light and silky hair.


Treatment “Macadamia Repair”, with Macadamia Oil

Restructuring and regenerating treatment.
With Macadamia Oil.

Result: Restructured, radiant and moisturised.

Treatment “Keratin”, with Keratin

ntensive reconstruction treatment, suitable for: damaged, brittle hair weakened by chemical, heat and mechanical styling.
With Keratin.

Result: Plumped up, shiny and vigorous hair.

Treatment “Curl”, with Elastin

Curl reviving treatment suitable for curly, wavy and permed hair.
With Elastin.

Result: compact, light, hydrated and radiant curl.

Treatment “Discipline”, with Collagen

Anti-frizz smoothing treatment, suitable for frizzy, undisciplined and dull hair.
With Collagen.

Result: smooth, soft, moisturised and shiny hair.


Treatment “Post Color”, with Açai berries

Hair color protection treatment, suitable for colored and treated hair.
With Açai Berries.

Result: intense and bright, long-lasting color.