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20059 Vimercate , MI
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Products Tortellini, Tortelloni, Pasta, Ravioli
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Pagani Industrie Alimentari SpA
In our production plant (covering 60.000 square metres), long before the actual laws obliged companies to implement HACCP procedures, we provided ourselves with a strict quality control policy, which guarantees the compliance of raw materials to severe specifications throughout tests carried out by internal and independent labs.

Five main steps make up the industrial process:
- preparation of the stuffing which is done daily following the traditional recipes and considering the conservation characteristics of the finished product;
- preparation of egg-based pasta (over four eggs for kg. of hard wheat bran);
- making of the product by 15 shaping machines;
- drying process that guarantees a perfect healthiness of the product, on top of a 12-month conservation at room temperature and without the use of preservatives;
- packaging, realized with the aid of four modern lines all with metal detectors and automatic palletizers.

Our control staff operates everyday over 50 controls on the industrial process and on the finished product.

Tortellini, Tortelloni and Ravioli various sizes and cheese based fillings (no meat content). Inside a egg and durum wheat semolina dough, the traditional meat stuffing (not available for the US market) is replaced by a filling prepared with mixture of cheeses or with ricotta and spinach, with pesto or pizzaiola stuffing, and many others.


Tortellini with three cheese filling


Tortelloni with ricotta & spinaci filling