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Via 1° Maggio, 19
31011 Asolo, TV
Phone: +39 0423 868343
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Products Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Ready Meals, Frozen Risotto, Frozen Mushrooms
Pagnan Srl

PAGNAN is a North Italian company, founded in 1921 by Mazzarolo family, specialized in the harvest, production and distribution of all-natural deep-frozen mushrooms, vegetables, berries fruits, ready meals and custom serving packs (for pizzas, risottos, pastas, sides etc…), based in Asolo, an area reknowned for the quality of mushrooms that grow naturally in forests protected since the days of "Serenissima Republic of Venezia".

Our company operates through three production facilities in Treviso-Italy. Pagnan's Italian sites are linked to a sister company in Romania (Agricola Pagnan srl), located in a central position to reach the best picking site for the finest wild mushrooms and fruits. In order to achieve the highest quality standards, all personnel employed on the company is highly specialized and constantly trained, that's why we have highest grades on quality certifications like IFS and BRC. The production system follows the complete traceability of raw materials and finished products here manufactured (reg. CE 178/2002) and adheres to allergens legislation (Reg. EC 2003/89). We have a range of BIO Organic, 100% Italian and Gluten Free products

All of these skills put Pagnan as a high quality player on our business field. Bringing together our 90 year experience, our new facilities and equipment and our trained personnel, we can fulfill a wide range of requests, in small or big quantities, but, above all, we can customize and make tailored products to all needs. In fact, we are at the same time suppliers for Large-scale Retail Channel, Food Industry, Wholesalers and Importers.

Our strength:
a. more than 90 years of experience
b. complete supply chain, from harvesting to selling.
c. highly specialized personnel throughout the supply chain.
d. high quality standards
e. certifications: BRC n° 138152-2013-ABRC-ITA-ACCREDIA (grade A), IFS n° 137901-2013-AIFS-ITA-ACCREDIA (higher level), FDA accreditation registration n°13270849458, Certification BIO n° IT BIO 005 T579.
f. we use 100% green energy

Export office:

Chiara Bonamigo
Tel. +39 0423 868343

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Reg. imprese TV 01790760266
REA TV-170214

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Ready Meals

Frozen Ready Meals

Frozen Ready Meals

Frozen Ready Meals

Frozen Risotto

Frozen Mushrooms