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Pastificio Di Martino Gaetano & F.lli SpA
The company was found in 1912 in Gragnano just in between two major Italian ports, Naples and Salerno, that are only 15 miles away from it, and it is still completely owned by the family and run by the third generation. The decision of locating the factory there, was due to two main reasons: first, Gragnano has always been the historical centre in Italy for the production of pasta and second the logistic of the place was perfect for exporting the product overseas. Gragnano has always been so famous in Italy and abroad for pasta because it is the only place in Italy were this basic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet has an industrial history that dates back 500 years, this was due to natural perfect condition for the production, as the product was dried outside until 1950 and is climate is very stable and mild and the temperature varies very little during all the year. Also the town was founded during the Roman Empire by a wheat trading family called Gens Grania (Grania in latin means Wheat) that established their business in Gragnano due to the presence of mountains around and so of water mills, and the nearby city of Pompei, we could then say that it is over 2000 years that the town deals with wheat, pasta and trade abroad. The Di Martino company was the first to cross the Panama Channel in 1915 with pasta and a silver medal was appointed to remember this event. After that, the history of the Pastificio is marked by progress and growth.
The early 80ies see the first production increase, achieved thanks to a re-organization.
In 2005 the second investment relates to a new plant in Pastorano. So that the company own now, 3 sites:
1. the Gragnano plant equipped with 4 production lines: 2 producing long shape pasta and 2 producing short shape pasta. The production capacity is 145 tons per 24h. The number of the employee is 37. The site can manufacture every kind of dried pasta (both short and long) even coloured (tricolour), flavoured, whole wheat and organic. The 145 tons production can be packed in several shapes & sizes. Standard flow pack is available in 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 1lb, 2lb, 4lb for Long shape pasta along with polyethylene bags for 3kg, 5kg, 10lb. Short shape pasta instead can be packed either in pillow pack (500g, 1kg, 5kg) or block bottom bag (500, 1kg, 3kg). The 3 kg bag is a carry bag: a polyethylene block bottom bag with handles. The 500g and 1kg block bottom bags are sealed with an easy-open-tamper evident which is an exclusive Di Martino patent and which has proven to be a winning tool for shelf efficiency, consumer friendly use and presentation.
2. in Gragnano is also located a second site dedicated to the handcraft production of shapes of big dimensions and to special packaging needs (ie: gable top boxes). The production capacity is max 5tons per day for a production dried at a low temperature in static cells and extruded through a bronze dye.
3. Capua is the new plant, developed in an area of 40.000 square metres. It’s a state of the art plant where the latest cutting edge technology allow cost reduction and product quality improvement. The biggest short shape production line is running with an output of 4000 kg per hour namely 100 ton per day. A new Lasagne and Nest Production Line is fully working with a production capacity of 900 kg per hour (Nest) and 400kg per our (Lasagne). This line, for its technical features, can manufacture either Egg or Durum Wheat Semolina Nests and Lasagne enhancing both quality and safety. The Lasagne can be packed in traditional boxes while the Nest in block bottom bag, in rectangular boxes or gable top boxes. Each of our shapes can be packed in the innovative shelf ready trays. This packaging is studied for both the European and American Market after deep and careful analysis of the replenishment needs. The company current relevant markets are Northen Europe, Japan, Africa, Australia and Italy of course, with a small share in the USA. In some of them, the Di Martino production has a leader role or get relevant position like in Great Britain where the 57% of the marked is controlled through the biggest Retailers.

The sites are certified by Certiquality for the ISO 9001:2000 and by Lawlabs for the BRC standards.