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Pastificio F.lli Cellino Srl

The Cellino Group was founded in the 1960’s by Ercole Cellino, who developed an ambitious entrepreneurial initiative and led his family on an enthusiastic adventure. With the constitution of the family milling company Stipar SpA in the province of Cagliari, he formed the first company in the group, thus beginning an important industrial reality rooted in the history and the values of Sardinia.

Tempered by risks and adversities and blessed with considerable results and achievements, over the course of time Stipar opened new companies that became part of the Cellino Group, differentiating business and production interests. Modern milling systems ensure that the Group meets market demands with a yearly production capacity of 250,000 tons of durum and soft flour. Nowadays, the primary activities are still the processing and selling of flour, in which the Group excels by reason of volume and quality.

Thanks to careful corporate management and to a proactive investment policy in production and distribution, today the Cellino Group boasts a leading role in its region and an excellent placement among domestic milling industries and is able to respond swiftly to market changes. It is thus increasingly in the forefront as a reference point and as a model of competition.

The Pastificio F.lli Cellino now produces 44 appreciated durum wheat normal shapes and 12 durum wheat bronze die shapes, each of them created to satisfy the most demanding palates and enhance any type of sauce: there are no shapes whose sole purpose is to be pleasing to the eye, each shape produces a particular sensation on the palate and is best suited to a particular type of sauce. Our products and system are GSFS (BRC Global Standard 5), IFS (International Food Standard) and ISO 9001:08 certified.


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