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Via Stefano Carli, 3-5AB
36027 Rosà , VI
Phone: +39 0424 581445/56
Fax: +39 0424 581371
Products Food Storage Bags
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Peter Pan Plast Srl
Garbage bags. Food storage bags.

Creating a company through work, courage, intuition and initiative, Peter Pan Plast was founded in 1979 as a young and dynamic company with precise targets: uninterrupted technological research, human resources involvement, growing attention to market evolution.
The initial work was hard but, in a few years, the company was known at a national level. Rapid expansion, product diversification and its passion for innovation, which provides the company with machines always in the vanguard, brought Peter Pan Plast to higher and higher levels of quality and performance.

However, work and technology were not enough to realize standing out products in quality and image: intuition was fundamental. This characteristic was constantly applied during the history of the company, and allowed it to constantly improve itself, to interpret market needs making its technologies available to customers, offering total cooperation and providing maximum flexibility for the realization of personalized packaging, with a graphic study of packaging and raw material selection, according to product typology. Flexibility, innovation and improvement propensity is the style that animates the whole company staff and leads it, in its twentieth anniversary, to the introduction on the market of a new brand, “The red fish bag”.

Food Storage Bags