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    Premium Trade Mark Srl
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Premium Trade Mark Srl
Manufacturers of ice cream and fresh desserts in Italy. Our specialty is to combine traditional recipes with industrial production techniques to recreate products typically handcrafted in Italy’s <i>pasticcerie</i> and <i>gelaterie</i>. Our clients are some of the most important manufacturers and retailers in the European food market for whom we manufacture fresh desserts under their own label.  It is our desire to offer our fresh <i>tiramisu</i> to selected retailers throughout the United States, therefore bringing to American households the authentic Italian <i>tiramisu</i>; the same <i>tiramisu</i> consumers expect to taste while visiting Italy.<br><br>

Fresh tiramisù has become a 100 million US$ market in the European retail channel and is growing annually at a double digit rate. We started our business five years ago and grossed 34 million US$ last year, mostly through our fresh tiramisù. After establishing a subsidiary in New Jersey, we have just started to sell our tiramisù in the US retail market. <br><br>

Cold storage preserves our fresh tiramisu’s soft, creamy texture and delicate flavor. The consumer savors the product in its ideal temperature, directly out of the fridge. The shelf life of these products is of 45 days at 40°F; we guarantee a 35 day minimum shelf life upon delivery.

Frozen Tiramisù

Tiramisù 85g
A subtle arrangement of tasted and textures compose this classic Italian delight: the sponge cake, soaked in a mild coffee liqueur, is topped by the fluffy Mascarpone cream, flavored with a drop of Marsala wine. The final touch with a dusting of cocoa powder.

Frozen Cakes

Tiramisù Teglia
Large baking-pan containing the real Italian Tiramisù, made whit Savoiardi biscuits dipped in coffee liqueur and topped by Mascarpone cream with Marsala wine. The finishing touch given by a dusting of cocoa powder.


Frozen Desserts

Dessert Specialties