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76016 Margherita di Savoia, BT
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Sai Sali Alimentari e Industriali Srl
SAI-Sali srl is a modern industrial firm which holds the accumulated experience of three generations of a salt refining family. Thanks to its modern production lines which are technologically equipped with up-to-date machinery, SAI-Sali srl maintains the high standard of the natural product. We continually strive for efficiency in the supply of sea salt to our customers, that along with modern distribution demand have ensured a continual evolution in production and innovative packaging designs. We are one of the major Italian sea salt producers. We can offer our entire range of our sea salt products under a Private Label. Our packaging includes premium carton boxes, salt-shakers, grinder, buckets, polyethylene bags, and big bags.


Industrial sea salt, rock salt, vacuum salt, tablets and salt crystals for water softening, 1 kg. carton box alimentary salt, 1 kg and 2 kg carton box dishwasher salt, 125/250/500/750 g. salt-shakers, 200/250/500/1000 g. plastic pouches, 5/15 kg. buckets, 5/10/25/50 kg. polyethylene bags, big bags.