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35019 Onara di Tombolo, PD
Phone: +39 049 5993122
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Products Toothbrushes, Oral Care Products, Dental Floss
Spazzolificio Piave SpA
Spazzolificio Piave: Technological Solutions of Certified Quality

Spazzolificio Piave, since 1970 under the creative guidance of Mrs. Isolina Zecchin, specializes exclusively in the manufacture of toothbrushes and oral hygiene products. This medium sized Italian company has vast resources and emits a host of oral care references of certified quality on the market, all of which characterised by their plucky design and proven functionality.

Today it is an accepted theory that bacteria is the primary cause of tooth decay. Thus the introduction of Antibacterial Silver Care onto the market. In this range of patented toothbrushes the brush head is covered in pure silver which drastically fights and reduces the bacterial charge that instead remains amongst the bristles of a traditional toothbrush. This thanks to the natural purifying quality of Silver which on contact with water releases active bacteria-fighting ions.


Silver Care H20 Soft Toothbrush

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Silver Care Plus Toothbrush - NEW

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