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We are located in Piedmont, in the north-west of Italy where in a ray of a hundred kilometres, we can find the mountain with its mushrooms, chestnuts and ripe cheese, the sea and its coast which provide us with Genovese Basil PDO, artichokes, olives, the re-known "hilly Langa" area with its wines, truffles and hazelnuts and last, but not least, the plain rich in fruit, vegetables and selected meat. Along with our Genovese Pesto, fresh and made with experience and care, you will find a lot of creams and more than 200 products that cover from appetizers, like artichokes, olives, creams, artisanal pasta, sauces, ragù, dressing for cheese to desserts all prepared with cure and respect of traditional recipes. All are produced without colouring or preservatives.


GENOVESE PESTO PDO: A lot of leaves of fresh and fragrant Basilico create a pure symphony with the genuine taste of Pecorino cheese. It is the most natural pesto, fragrant of summer. It’s a typical renowned sauce of Liguria prepared with the original ingredients as Genovese Basil PDO, Italian pine nuts, Grana Padano and Pecorino cheeses, Extra virgin olive oil and olive oil. Our fresh Genovese Pesto, made with experience and care, is the unique one on the market not pasteurized or sterilized which has 2 years of shelf-life at room temperature without any chemical ingredients. It is prepared with a traditional recipe where we maintain also the traditional texture in grainy ingredients. Without pasteurization or sterilization we have always a product that maintains the bright green colour typical of fresh Genovese basil and the fresh taste of a just prepared recipe. It is a tasteful sauce for pasta, such as spaghetti, tagliatelle or linguine, but it can also enhance vegetable soups and boiled meat.


ARTISANAL PASTA: Piedmont has been the cradle of egg pasta, pulled by hand by a wise grandmother to create the typical "tajarin". Passing also through this past, our pasta is prepared precisely from a dough - obtained by working the mother dough - which is then folded, cut and dried at low temperatures for about 24 hours in order to maintain the flavors of each ingredient. Thanks to the addition of delicious ingredients such as truffle, boletus mushroom, pesto and many others, the result is a delicious, rich and inviting egg pasta to be enjoyed with a drizzle of oil and a sprinkling of Parmesan or accompanied by sauces and ragù.

Antipasto Vegetables

PIEDMONTESE ANTIPASTO: The traditional recipe of this Piedmontese hors d’oeuvre arises from the habit of conserving vegetables at the end of summer for the winter period. Well known as granny’s hors d’oeuvre, this recipe is one of those preserves which cannot miss in our pantries in order to keep all the goodness of vegetables in a delicious dish you can enjoy throughout the year. The pulp of tomato is added to the vegetables freshly picked, washed and cubed, respecting the cooking order. Tuna and boletus mushrooms create a pure symphony combining with vegetables. This product is highly required for its low calorific value, without losing its delicious taste which allows to consume vegetables throughout the year and to only in summer months. A delicious starter to be tasted as it is, even though a hard-boiled egg and some anchovies could enrich its savors.

Pasta Sauces

GARLIC, OIL AND CHILI PEPPER: Spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper are the simplest recipe of Italian cuisine. In fact, Garlic, Oil and Chilli Pepper is one of the 3 typical Italian condiments, together with Genovese Pesto and Old fashioned tomato sauce (Sugo Antico): it's a flagship of Italian pasta sauces. No doubt that the predominant flavour is hot chilli pepper that fits perfectly with garlic and olive oil. The origins of this dish are very old, and even today we cannot determine the paternity of this recipe although many Italian regions try to claim it. Perfect to season pastas, it can also be used to prepare a spicy bruschetta.

Pasta Sauces

CHILLI BOMB SAUCE: Our chilli bomb sauce is a really spicy and tasty product!! It is made combining two different kinds of chilli peppers (Capsicum annuum and Cayenne peppers) adding only high quality olive oil, so to maintain its devil taste! These two chilli peppers give to the sauce its typical flame red colour and its strong fragrance. This product is ideal for antipasti, but you can also use it to fill crostini or canapés, or to dress pasta and first dishes. You need only a teaspoon to give an extreme tasty flavour to your table!


GASTRONOMICAL MAYONNAISE: Our high quality mayonnaises have a unique taste with a perfect, homogeneous and velvety consistency. These delicious creams respect the tradition of our land, combining the classic taste with several ingredients to create different tasty versions: with chili pepper, with its spicy taste, with the PDO Genovese Basil, with garlic, with the truffle, Langa's king and even with mustard. Our mayonnaises enrich any dish and their taste goes perfectly with meats, especially cow meat, hamburgers and roasted meat. They are delicious also with the bourguignonne: try to believe! These creams are perfect also with vegetables because they enhance their tastes.


BOLETUS SLICED: Our "black head" boletus mushrooms, king of the wood and with their typical brown hat, both entire and in slices, are exquisite treasures which grow up spontaneously and therefore the most precious ones. Their sweet and aromatic taste is fantastic with several dishes: they are perfect in sauces, soup, meat or simply in a pan, as a side dish or with rice and pasta.

Antipasto Vegetables

GRILLED VEGETABLES: All our courgettes, aubergines and peppers are fresh and they are chosen one by one, cut and grilled. This preparation along with the pasteurization ensure a perfect crunchiness and consistency. The absence of vinegar is one of the best characteristic of these products since the sourness is reduced to the minimum. For this reason, all these vegetables may be also heated up and served hot. The best solution to enrich a table: a cold and appetizing starter, ideal as a side dish or to stuff pizza. In particular, our grilled peppers are perfect with our delicate bagna cauda, to taste after some minutes in oven, which does not alter its fresh flavour.

Olive Patè

BLACK OLIVES PATE': Black olives paté is a simple and fast recipe. A really tasty cream ideal for seasoning toasty canapés for aperitif, pasta or on a slice of homemade bread. As per each simple recipe poor in ingredients raw materials are pivotal to guarantee a final success. Therefore, we solely use high quality, fresh black olives and olive oil: the result is a soft, mellow paté.


DESTONED RIVIERA OLIVES EX. OIL: The best black olives chosen from the best plantations create a special product when they meet extra virgin olive oil. The black destoned olives are ideal to be tasted as they are during an appetizer or to prepare pizzas, focaccia opr other delicious recipes.


ARTICHOKES & TUNA PATE': Best filets of Tuna with artichokes and high quality olive oil create this delicious cream in taste! It is recommended for those who love typical and tasty products. Thanks to this cream you can give an extra oomph to your dishes. It is ideal not only for first dishes but also for a delicious appetizer on a hot slice of bread.


SLICES OF ARTICHOES IN OIL: Our high quality artichokes are carefully chosen, calibrated and worked manually. They are enhanced by the golden colour of the highest quality olive oil. It is a versatile product, available throughout all year and it is ideal for starters and refined side dish for fish or white and red meats. They may even be used for sandwiches, pasta or pizza.

Cream Cheese

PARMIGIANO REGGIANO CREAM: Soft and thick, easy to be spread and with a strong taste of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, this cream is ideal, in a simple and quick way, for several uses and recipes: as appetizer on croutons and toasts, as seasoning for risotto, pasta and soups, but it is also perfect with meat and vegetables. Simply spread on bread it gives taste to an energizing break or a tasty appetizer.

Cream Cheese

TRUFFLE CHEESE FONDUE: Typical dish of the northern Italian Alpine area and prepared according to tradition, our fondue is tasty, creamy and with a balanced flavor, here in the enriched verison with the king of our land, the truffle. To serve as an appetizer, accompanied with croutons or vegetables. To be used to fill vol-au-vent, cannelloni, risotto or pasta dishes. In addition, the fondue marries beautifully with the meat: its flavor is enhanced to the maximum if it is accompanied by beef or pork.


CARNAROLI BOLETUS RISOTTO: Thanks to the king of the wood, the porcino mushroom, this first vegetarian dish is rich in taste and suggestions. Our risotto is very easy and quick to prepare: Add the risotto to 600mlof water and cook 15 minutes without lid over medium heat, stirring every now and then, until the water is completely soaked up. Use a knob of butter and some spoonfuls of Parmesan cheese to cream as you wish. It will conquer your guests' palates and immerse them in an autumn tale.


CLASSIC BRUSCHETTA: Bruschetta is a tasty appetizer from central Italy whose origin dates back to the 15th century. It consists of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil, salt and pepper. Variations may include toppings of spicy red pepper, tomato, vegetables, beans, cured meat, and/or cheese; the most popular recipe involves basil, fresh tomato, garlic and onion or mozzarella. Bruschetta is usually served as a snack or as appetizer. Our Classic Bruschetta is made of tomato pulp, olive oil, salt and flavoured with garlic and oregano so to give you the strong taste of high quality raw materials at each bite. Our customers really appreciate the freshness of this product made of ingredients as per picked in the vegetable garden and just cooked.


BAGNA CAUDA: This delicious product (literally hot sauce) is a traditional Pidemontese condiment which dates back to the late Middle Ages when the farmers created a new and unusual dish: a rustic dish, with distinct flavours that contradicted the usual meals of each day. The prestigious garlic, the salty anchovy and the olive oil create a tasty dish for the winter. Bagna Cauda is usually served with traditional vegetables of Piedmont like grilled peppers, cardoons, boiled cauliflower, radish, leeks, carrots, Jerusalem artichokes and lettuce, steamed potatoes, baked onions and red chard. It also goes well as a pasta sauce and with boiled or scrambled eggs.

Tomato Products

SUN DRIED TOMATOES: Our sundried tomatoes are naturally sundried. The slow drying allows them to lose their water so to obtain little by little a strong flavour and the typical bright red colour. One of their most appreciate quality is the great consistency. They are worked and enriched with wine, spices and other flavours. Our sundried tomatoes are added to the highest quality olive oil, which enhances their flavour thanks to the low acidity which does not alter the taste. They are perfect not only as a starter, for example on slices of homemade bread, but also for pasta or other recipes, such as stuffed aubergines with tuna and sundried tomatoes, crepe with sundried tomatoes, courgettes and ricotta, rice with sundried tomatoes, spaghetti sundried tomatoes and anchovies.


SPICY PEPPER PESTO: The most prestigious red peppers used in this recipe give their bright colour to this specialty. With its spicy and fresh taste, this ready-to-use pesto is easy to be cooked and it is ideal to be spread on bruschette and canapés on a hot slice of bread; it can also be used in first dishes or pizza and also with meat and fish dishes.

Pasta Sauces

SAUSAGE & BAROLO SAUCE: Solely high quality ingredients are used to create this tasty sauce. The combination of Piedmontese sausage and the best Barolo wine, tomato and olive oil, gives birth to this rich sauce ideal for handmade pasta, poelnta or elegant vol-au-vent. A loyal ally to astonish your hosts!

Pasta Sauces

BOLOGNESE PASTA SAUCE: Our Bolognese pasta sauce represents the best of sauces made at home and cooked according to Italian tradition, as our grannies used to prepare, with perfumed sautéed vegetables, delicious tomato, cow and prok meat and a slow cooking. A classic sauce for first dishes, such as tagliatelle, tagliolini or even lasagne and baked pasta.

Truffle Oil

FLAVOURING OILS: the new year brings a refresh to the traditional line of flavored oils, which has always been the flagship of our condiments. A new design and a more competitive price revive this delicious selection, with the addition of a new delicious element: lemon oil. With its simple, citrus and delicate taste, this condiment is ideal for many recipes, giving freshness and lightness to every dish, especially used with fish.


OLIVE & BASIL BLACK PESTO: a precious pearl is BLACK PESTO with a taste that brings back to the Riviera and the sweet Mediterranean flavor. Using selected black olives that come into pieces - a typical characteristic of a crushed product - and precious Genovese PDO basil, this specialty is ideal for first courses, canapés or meats of all kinds.


PIEDMONTESE HONEY: Piedmont’s honey is one of the most valued honey both for its provenance and for its therapeutic properties. It combines several typical virtues with a light colour, straw yellow and a delicate fragrance, slightly floral. Excellent replacement for sugar in teas, infusions and coffees, it may also be used in almost all cooking preparations, such as ice-creams or fruit salad. It is ideal with cheese such as goat cheese, sheep cheese and tome.

Chocolate Spreads

DARK COCOA SPREAD: Using solely high quality raw materials - milk, cocoa and sugar - without any chemical agents (no emulsifier, no preservative, no coloring, no cocoa butter), we created this product line that whets our craving and enchants both mind and body. Arisen from our expertise and our creativity, these dark cocoa spreads are really unique products on the market, with a shelf life of three years at room temperature and ideal for any kind of sweet. The pureness of cocoa steals you in its naturalness in our dark cocoa spread. The refined taste of amaretti meets the cocoa flavoring and its gives birth to a pure symphony in this dark cocoa spread with amaretti. Dark cocoa delicacy marries marvelously the strong flavor of prestigious truffle in this excellent spread.


CHOCOLATE BREADSTICKS: The fusion between fine milk chocolate and crunchy breadsticks gives birth to this delicious delicacy: a sweet break in every moment of the day. Allow yourself a moment of pure pleasure with this celestial delicacy.


DELICIOUS CHESTNUTS IN HONEY: The mix between chestnuts and the sweet Italian honey is perfect. Try them with a selection of cold cuts, especially rolled in lard. They are delicious as they are for a dessert or with ice-creams. They can also be used in pastry-making for several preparations.


PEACH IN MOSCATO WINE: The best apricots and peaches, picked at the right point of ripeness in Piedmontese orchards, are added to high quality Moscato wine and sugar. This marvellous combination creates an extraordinary product with unique organoleptic characteristics and which enhances the special taste of these apricots and peaches. The addition of wine enhances these proprieties and highlights the golden orange colour of these delicious fruits. They are delicious to taste au naturel, simply opening the glass jar, or to prepare excellent desserts or on ice creams.

Fruit Sauces

SOFT FIGS CREAM: The high quality of the raw material gives birth to a sublime product. It is perfect with aged cheese such as Castelmagno, parmigiano, Pecorino or raw ham or lard. It may be also used in pastry-making to prepare pies or other cakes.


RED CHILI PEPPERS ANCHOVY/CAPER: Our hot chilli peppers with anchovies and capers are solely prepared using fresh anchovies and capers. Our red chili peppers may be savored as an excellent appetizer, slightly spicy, or as a snack with the aperitif in all seasons, tasting the summer and fresh flavour of the delicious ingredients used in the stuffing.


READY POLENTA WITH BOLETUS MUSHROOMS: It is stone-ground water-milled corn flour with the addition of boletus mushrooms. A tempting product for a delicious meal that combines the simplicity of polenta to the refinement of boletus mushrooms. Apart from its delicate taste, polenta with truffle can be prepared very quickly (in just 3 minutes’ time) and it is a good ingredient for several recipes. This product gives its best with light sauces or even better with a little olive oil or butter and a gentle shower of cheese.