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Tissunion Europ Surl
Tissunion Europ Surl Tissunion Europ Surl was founded in 1991 as a Trade enterprise and established its own headquarter in Altopascio-Lcca in Italy. Sales of handkerchiefs is the top of the product range, and with foresight the founder and Chairman of the Company, took the decision to enter into the world of the production and in 1992 he decided to purchase a line for the manufacture of standard format handkerchiefs. After only three years, it started also the production of a new size of handkerchiefs, the pocket size ; those size production is alternated with the same line in function till 1992. In year 1998 the production line of handkerchiefs, in function till the 1992 is replaced with a new line at the end of the year. The Tissunion's products obtained in short time very important awards in the European market, and Tissunion Europ become important especially as supplier of big Supermarkets in EU. In 1999 ,with the purchase of a second line production, begins also the production of Facial tissue, a new product that is sold in the whole European Market. In August 2004 the head office is transferred in the industrial Area of Badia Pozzeveri nearby Altopascio(LUCCA). The plant cover a surface of 5.000 squaremeters plus mq. 5.500 of parking and services. in year 2004 arrives a second line for the production of handkerchiefs (the third) and the lines worked right now No stop in three turns, standard and pocket format. In the beginning of 2009 arrives also a third line for the production of handkerchiefs and in April 2010 arrives the fifth line (fourth for handkerchiefs production) and in March 2011 started to work also the sixth line. Near 70% of the entire sales proceeds is covered by the European Market, especially Spain, Portugal, France The Netherland and Germany. Crowning a short but intense history of business success, in 2004 began the developing of a Quality management System, in order to increase customer satisfaction and to improve the entire Organisation; The Certification of Conformity was released by DNV in January 2005. During 2010, Tissunion Europ obtain by DNV also the certification FSC (Forest stewardship Council). We try to point to a management that protects the natural environment useful for local people and also for workers and, above all, in line with the principles of sustainable development. Durning year 2011, our company install the 6th line (5th hankies line). Due to request of the market, during year 2012, Tissunion Europ obtain by DNV the certification PEFC and in same period install a new big line for hankerchiefs line changing our most old small line. In order to improve our tracealibity reports, on may 2014 Tissunion start the study of factibility to change our informatic system. The day 2nd january 2015 Tissunion start the production with a completely new ERP software who guarantee all traceability of our products. Tissunion Europ start also a new certification in order to increase our service and quality level: from March 2017 we start the IFS cerficication and our company expect to receive the certification maximum on first quarter 2018.

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