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31050 Vedelago, TV
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Products Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Ready Meals, Frozen Food
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Topan Srl
Topan srl is a family run business based in Northern Italy just outside Venice in the Veneto Region with over 40 years’ experience in the frozen & chilled food manufacturing industry. Our products standout due to our unprecedented expertise in cryogenically frozen value-added Italian cuisine meal solutions. We pair traditional Mediterranean cuisine with chef-inspired innovative recipes to offer our valued partners convenient & healthy gourmet food products focusing on simple, clean ingredient decks that meet the demands of today’s epi-curious foodies. Topan’s production philosophy is rooted in the selection of premium, authentically sourced prime ingredients that highlight each region’s rich gastronomical & artisanal history as well as each season’s prestigious harvests. Both conventional & USDA certified Organic products available in custom flavor profiles based on specific target positioning & demographics.

Frozen Vegetables

Topan Frozen Seasoned Vegetables - Our range of ready seasoned quality Italian vegetables is made from fresh local ingredients- simply dressed in olive oil with Italian herbs & then IQF frozen to guarantee maximum freshness! Use as a side dish to complement your main entree or as a base for a variety of recipes in traditional Italian cuisine including bruschetta, pizza, pasta & risotto.

Frozen Ready Meals

An Italian "tapas" style grab n' go gourmet sampler kit of artisanal unique recipes for the curious foodie! A flexible & creative mix-n-match system for the retailer as a private label item, choose from various vegetarian Mediterranean dishes & local ingredients. Each sampling is individually wrapped & sealed, ready to reheat in the microwave.

Take your customers on a rich gastronomical & cultural trip through Italy- each kit tells a story with inserts that share brief anecdotes & history about the specific regional ingredients.

Frozen Ready Meals

Frozen Gourmet Meal Kits Inspired by Italy’s Seasonal (spring & fall) Premium Ingredients! Match a main course with a side dish or grain salad and dessert, choosing from a wide range of solutions.

Frozen Food

In Italian Solo Tuo means "only for you" and this is exactly what we have created: an authentic range of Italian specialty products made with simple, clean ingredients only for you to enjoy alone or with friends and family!