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Via Montegrappa, 37
10024 Moncalieri, TO
Phone: +39 011 6891411
Fax: +39 011 6810230
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Products Coffee Liquor, Liquors, Alcoholic Beverages
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Torino Distillati
TORINO DISTILLATI is a family company located near Torino specialized in the production and bottling of alcoholic beverages, mainly liqueurs and distillates. The careful quality control and sophisticated equipment allow Torino Distillati to work as a third-party for important international companies. At the same time, Torino Distillati produces and commercializes under its own brand name several products such as Grappa, Sambuca, Amaretto, Bitter, Fernet, Sweet Italian liqueurs, and Vermouth. Torino Distillati is looking both for companies which need to find a very reliable producer for their alcoholic beverages and for distributors of its own brands.

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