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Products Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive OIl, Flavored Oils
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Tornisìa Aziende Agricole SS
Production: Extra virgin olive oil, olive oil and flavored oil.
Apart from its own labels, Tornisìa also produces and packs extra virgin olive oil under private labels for its clients in the US & UE markets, Japan and New Zealand. We are able to adapt our packaging line to a specific shape, capacity and type of container, we can also offer our clients a customized service based on their particular needs. The blend of the olive oil used, varies according to the taste of the consumers in our different markets. Private label service can be offered for both small and large volumes, moreover we’re able to produce spicy and flavored olive oil, as well as olive oil added with vitamins to enlarge the line of the products for wellness and for baby growth.
The company is under ISO 22000, IFS and BRC proces certification and has a certificate of conformity to the 100% Made in Italy product, also has a OU-IKU certification for Kosher supply. FDA registration number : 14722305264

The olives are picked and milled within twelve hours within a continuous flow, integral cold pressing plant. First, the olive fruits are defoliated and automatically washed. After this, the olives are crushed with a low speed, double grill “frangitore” (crushing-machine), the oil paste is stirred at low oxygen levels, and after, there is a two-phase centrifugal separation, without adding water. In this phase the oil contained in the olive-paste is separated from the water and the paste. A period in the oxygen-free stainless steel silos is necessary to settle and refine the oil. The bottling occurs after natural settling (15 days after production) and filtering.

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