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Via Ugo la Malfa, 11/A
43013 Pilastro di Langhirano, PR
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Michele Devodier
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Tradizioni Srl - Tradizioni Italiane -
Tradizioni Italiane proposes a complete line of high-quality regional Italian charcuterie sliced in modified atmosphere. Artisanal, gluten-free and laid by hand With a long history and knowledge in the sector, we embarked on a mission to research the best achievements of our Italian Art of charcuterie. We therefore refined a complete line of high-quality typical cured meats, sliced and packed in modified atmosphere. Gluten free and laid by hand with care, these delicate masterpieces are refined by artisans to conserve at best all the shades of flavor ready to be shared and enjoyed at the right moment. Italy is a kaleidoscope of unique stories and our mission is to bring these everlasting Italian Traditions to the table in a sliced artisanal collection