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Via Mottola n.c. Z.I. D 1/3
70011 Alberobello, BA
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Products Baked Products, Artisan Pasta, Frozen Meals, Wine
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Union S.r.l. was founded by the Casulli family in 1986. The story of the company’s success started with clothing production but, nowadays, Union S.r.l. operates in two more sectors: transport and agri-food. Since 2009, Union srl has been producing baked products, pasta and wines. In 2015, our firm has started the production in an affiliated facility as well as the commercialization of 4 frozen ready meals: orecchiette with turnip tops, cavatellucci with beans, rice with potatoes and mussels, broad beans with chicory.

Baked Products

We propose a wide selection of snacks such as taralli, available in different flavours: with extra virgin olive oil, with onion, with hot pepper, with tomato and oregano, with fennel seeds. Panetti are available with tomato, with olives and classic taste. Tocchetti are prepared with olives and finally there are the almond and pepper twists. Flour, oil, salt, wine and the spices used to give flavor to the snacks are blended together in a kneader machine. When the dough is ready, it is shaped. Then the product is boiled at 90° and later it is baked in a rotor oven at 220°. Finally, the product is cooled by a ventilating system and packed by a specified machinery.

Artisan Pasta

Union srl commercializes normal and organic pasta available in many shapes, both Apulian and Italian. The most famous pasta shapes are orecchiette, strozzapreti, creste di gallo and torchietti. Union srl provides the pasta factory with the best ingredients and the production of pasta is monitored by our chef. The kneader machine blends durum wheat semolina with salt and water. When the dough is ready, it is placed in a machine that gives it different shapes (spaghetti, pennette, etc. etc.). Now pasta is dried in drying kilns where moisture is removed. Finally, pasta is ready for packaging.

Frozen Meals

Our new frozen meals are prepared with the best ingredients, in accordance with the typical Apulian recipes. As soon as they are cooked, the dishes are frozen at -35°, then they are stored in refrigerators at a temperature of -20°. These delicacies can be heated up with three different methods of cooking: traditional oven, microwave oven, pan or bain-marie. We propose 4 frozen ready meals: orecchiette with turnip tops, cavatellucci with beans, rice with potatoes and mussels, broad beans with chicory.


Union srl proposes two white wines and four red wines under the brand Tenuta Maranna: Chardonnay IGT Salento, Malvasia IGT Puglia, Primitivo di Manduria Doc, Primitivo IGT Puglia, Rosso Negroamaro IGT Salento, Salice Salentino Rosso Doc Riserva. The grape juice obtained by pressing grapes is fermented and left to mature in steel and/or oak barrels. Negroamaro and Primitivo di Manduria are subject to aging in oak ballers for 12 months. Salice Salentino is a Riserva wine, therefore it is subject to aging in oak barrels for 12 months and later it is left to rest in glass bottles for at least 10 months. The ripening of the grapes is monitored by our agronomist. Two wineries deal with the vinification under the supervision of our enologist.