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Massimo Desideri
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Products Cleaning Aids, Brushes, Household Cleaners, Buckets, Brooms, Household Products, Housewares
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24020000 - Private Label - Non Food
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Utilplastic Srl
Producers of of plastic houseware, kitchen articles, gardening articles and cleaning articles. Desideri family start producing plastic household in 1959 and in 1969 Utilplastic was established to improve this production. In 2011 we were the first one to create a line of household goods made from recycled post-consumer plastics, our Utilgreen line is real circular economy. Today the new challenge is produce household articles with Biodegradable plastics. Currently we can provide Private Label with all our 3 brands Utilplastic for first class plastics, UtilGreen for Eco-friendly plastics, Securbox for security transport Box.

Cleaning Aids

A selection of our houseware articles for cleaning.


One of our best-sellers, the brush is the ideal tool for scrubbing articles of clothing during laundry chores; its soft bristles are effective for removing stains whilst not damaging the soft materials of cloths and dresses.

Household Cleaners

Bucket "Kouros #2" This bucket with wringer is the next level of house care. Not only its capacity reaches the 15 ltrs, but its mop wringer is provided with an innovation called the "Push Swing System". Thanks to to the special design of the wing section and its raised nerving, the wringer is able to twist itself depending on the rotation of the mop head. This feature, combined with the felixibility of the material, allows the mop to be thoroughly squeezed.


Bucket 12lt with spout in Polypropylene Perfect tool for both your domestic house supply and a more professional cleaning set, this 12lt bucket in polypropylene is one of our top quality products and one that we most pride ourselves on.


Outdoor Broom "Utilgreen" One of the products from the Utilgreen line, ideal broom for the outdoors: driveway, porch, stairs, garden paths and much more.

Household Products

Utilgreen Line A complete range of eco friendly plastic product made from post-consumer materials which have been recycled from waste collection.

Cleaning Aids

Dust Pan Kyra "clip" The common dust pan with the extra feature of the rubber support that not only improves the handling, but allows a more accurate collection of dirt and dust even on the most flat surfaces.


A range of the different colors for the Utilgreen Waste Bin for separated collection, ideal for outdoor and indoor waste collection.

Household Products

Garden pots of different measurements and capacities, for both simple and high-quality gardening care.


Available both in bright and softer colors, the Kiko Bucket with its easy handling and the quite large capacity is the ultimate component of your cleaning arsenal.

Household Products

Biodegradable Garden Pot Our latest discovery in the field of eco-sustainability, this garden pot is made out of 100% biodegradable plastic. Our company has put its experience and efforts into the development of an item that could challenge the current mentality about plastic waste, and today, we share our researches and our knowledge with anyone who wants to make a greater impact on our planet.