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Via Ferrovia, 210
80040 San Gennaro Vesuviano, NA
Phone: +39 081 8659111
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Products Nuts, Chocolates, Dried Fruits, Snacks
Besana Group
Established in 1921 and family owned, Besana Group is today one of the most important company in Europe, for production, processing and marketing of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, snacks, Chocolate and value added ingredients. Besana Group is specialized in Private Labels, today a trusted supplier and partner of the Top European retailers, food service companies and food manufacturing groups. Unceasing efforts and pride in research and innovation are the embodiment of Besana Group’s commitment to excellence. Large annual investments in technological equipments and improvement of product processes are made to guarantee products always innovative, with the highest quality and food safety. - About 1.000 SKUs managed every year - Nearly 150 new products are launched every year - Over 300 types and varieties of nuts, dried fruit and seeds processed and packed - Sourcing from 90 suppliers via both hemispheres to guarantee year round supply of the highest quality raw material - More than 25,000 tons of nuts and dried fruit processed annually - More than 20 different type of packaging from 15g to 1,000kg flexible or rigid solutions; thermo-formed pots and tubs; pre-printed film; vacuum pack film; net packs; jute bags; glass; wood; ceramics and many more. - More than 100,000,000 small packs produced per year thanks to 35 packing lines - State-of-the-art machineries for food selection and food sanitization: Fumigation, Radio Frequency Pasteurization, Steam Vacuum Pasteurization allowing 5 log reduction - In-house Chemical and Microbiological Laboratory, officially Certified Besana own Brands are: Besana (Traditional and Gift Line), Be-Snack (Innovative Snack Line), Almaverde Bio (Organic Line – Almaverde Bio is the leading Organic brand in Italy). Today, in addition to the historic head office and primary production plant in Italy (near Naples) the Besana Group incorporates several other sites and commercial offices in Italy and abroad, namely in UK, Germany, Belgium, Brazil and China. In England, Besana UK Limited is the plant dedicated to nut, seed and dried fruit distribution into multiple retailers throughout Great Britain and Northern Europe. The plant is equipped with advanced packing, pasteurization, fumigation and logistic technology. The marriage between chocolate and nuts has forever been considered a delicacy and today demand is increasing worldwide. Thus Vittoria Chocolatery Srl is the company of Besana Group specialized in chocolate creations. Skilled tradition blended with advanced production processes create sophisticated products for example: almond candies; nut truffles; nut-encrusted bars; engraved bars; Easter eggs; chocolate gifts and much else.



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