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Via Borsellino, 35/37
25038 Rovato, BS
Phone: +39 0307704444
Fax: +39 030 7720913
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Teresa Pagani
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  • Agency Name: 
    Franciacorta Foods, LLC
    Paolo Capoferri
    970K New Brunswick Ave.
    Rahway, New Jersey NJ 07065,
    United States
    Phone: 732-882-0100
    Fax: 732-882-0500
    New Jersey US
Products Dried Pasta
Codice Ateco:
107300 - Production of pasta, couscous and similar flour products
01020700 - Pasta
Valdigrano di Flavio Pagani Srl
Valdigrano is a family-run business, established in 1997, and the result of more than 50-years experience. Since its start, Valdigrano has expanded its production capacity over 5 times, and increased its turnover more than 18 times. The yearly potential production is 110.000 tons. Sales in USA account for 15% of Valdigrano’s revenue. The quality target is to provide a competitive, consistently high performing product from 12% to 14% protein content, both under our brands and under private label brands. We can offer an excellent price for quality ratio, thanks to a very careful selection of raw materials and the use of the latest available technologies. Our pasta is developed to perform under the most demanding cooking conditions (double-cooking, overcooking), staying al dente, holding its shape and maximizing its yield in terms of portion control. Valdigrano has been also devoted to the production of organic pasta and obtained its first certification in 2000.

Dried Pasta

- classic pasta made with durum wheat semolina - pasta made with durum whole wheat semolina - organic pasta and durum whole wheat organic pasta - superior quality pasta made of 100% Kronos® durum wheat semolina, with high protein content (14.5 g) - organic spelt and whole wheat spelt products - pasta with teflon or bronze dies