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Simone Roscini
Products Pet Food
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109200 - Production of products for domestic animal feeds
01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS, 01021601 - FOODSTUFFS FOR SPECIAL NUTRITIONAL USES (DIETARY FOOD, BABY FOOD), 01050300 - Domestic animals and related products, 01020000 - Products of the food industry, 01020201 - CANNED MEAT AND MEAT PRESERVES
V.B.B. Srl
V.B.B. is a family business based in Perugia (PG) which has been producing wet food for dogs and cats since 1977. The compa- ny’s goal is to market innovative and high quality food on the pet food manufacture. It pursues the objective by paying, on the one hand, the utmost attention to the nutritional characteristics of the food and ingredients used to make them, and, on the other going in search of innovative and func- tional packs for the sector. Throughout thirty-year history, the company has followed a process of transformation that has gone hand in hand with the huge changes in the sector. In recent years, in fact, the consumer (pet owner) has become awared of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for the well-being of his four-legged friend; in view of this, also the spending capacity for a healthy and nutritious food is greatly increased. The compa- ny intends to meet the needs of this kind of con- scious consumer, thus placing itself in the highest level of the market, with the hope of becoming a leader in this segment, both in the domestic and abroad markets.

Pet Food

The activity of producing moist food for dogs and cats containing a percentage of moisture >60% carried out by V.B.B. SRL has the following distinctive features: 1) USE OF GENUINE, SELECTED INGREDIENTS SUCH AS MEAT, FISH, VEGETABLES, CEREALS, ecc The V.B.B. prefers the direct relationship with the producers of raw materials because in this way it manages to establish a relationship of total partnership with the supplier that leads it to better manage all aspects (qualitative, quantitative and temporal) linked to the activity of sourcing raw materials. 2) ABSENCE OF ANIMAL MEALS; 3) ABSENCE OF PRESERVATIVES; 4) ABSENCE OF COLOURING AGENTS; 5) PROCESSING OF RAW MATERIALS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN STILL FRESH, WHERE POSSIBLE; The company owns own refrigerated trucks with which it collects the goods directly from its sup- pliers, ensuring the maintenance of the fresh chain. The raw materials arriving at the plant are processed in the following 24/48 hours, in most cases still fresh. 6) RAW MATERIALS MAINLY OF ITALIAN ORIGIN The company buys the raw materials for its own productions mainly in the Italian market. There are important cutting plants in the territory of the various types of meat and fish (poultry, bovi- ne, pigs, etc.) which can guarantee the quantity of products obtained from their own production in such a way as to satisfy the company’s needs. 7) WHOLE RANGE OF PRODUCTS MADE IN ITALY All the articles in the catalogue are strictly produced in our factory in Perugia.