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Trade Show: Shoprite - Discover Italy
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Shoprite - Discover Italy

Shoprite, in collaboration with the ITA, has created a microsite dedicated to the authentic Italian food into their daily life. They've put together several delectable recipes that showcase the best of Italy's rich culinary culture.

Learn about Campania's food history via an informational, fun-to-read article.

You can learn how to properly taste olive oil through their online olive oil guide.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the different types of pasta? While there are known to approximately be 350 types of pasta in existence, Shoprite's made it easy to learn about some of the most popular ones!
Finally, you can browse Shoprite's various assortment of authentic Italian branded and private label products.

Discover Italy now! -

*Please note that this website is inaccessible from outside the US.