Company Name Description Food/Non food Street Street Number City Postal Code Province Country Phone Fax Email Contact person Website Facebook url Tweet url Products Foreign Agents !Ariston Cleaning Solutions Srl ARISTON, ”Brushmakers since 1939” is a family owned enterprise in its third generation. In the beginning manufacturing consisted of natural fibres & sorghum brooms where individual craftsmen created quality products which were both functional and hard wearing. In the course of time, this was superseded by mechanical & technical innovations paralleled by evolution in the work place. This metamorphosis ushered in unprecedented expansion of products and markets allowing the development of over 150 highly functional products. As a commitment to cutting edge technology, ARISTON employs sophisticated electronic systems throughout its manufacturing plant allowing constant quality control in all phases of manufacturing. This commitment has enabled production to reach 12 million units of which 70% exported to 50 countries globally, an undeniable safeguard of product quality & tradition. Through investment, firstly in people and then in cutting edge technology, ARISTON plans to add to its product range through ergonomic avantgarde design. In order to better service our international clientele and distinguish our products globally, we introduced a new brand name "ARICASA" in 1998.Whilst retaining its original location, 1999 saw the establishment of a new 7,000 sqm manufacturing plant, on a total area of 18000 sqm, designed to satisfy the ever increasing world market. This new plant embodies all the tradition & quality that has become synonymous with the name ARISTON.document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",()=>{const parent=document.getElementsByClassName("views-field views-field-colorbox");for(let i=0;i non food Via delle Querce 16 Viadana 46019 MN Italy +39 0375 780798 +39 0375 780799 Gianluca Bignotti Food Service Products, Brooms, Brushes, Squeege Floor, Squeege Window, Floor Cleaning Cloths, Bathroom Brushes, Dust Pans, Mops, Buckets, Hanging Organizers, Industrial Products 'OLEIFICIO MALLIA ' DI MALLIA GIOVANNI S.A.S. Oleificio Mallia was born in 1970 from the dedication and stubborness of Diego Mallia, “grandfather Diego”, and since then the passion for extra virgin olive oil has become a family value. The mill is immersed in a generous land, where the sun caresses the olive trees giving the fruits those characteristics that make our extra olive oil a small masterpiece of nature. food VIA GIANFORMA MARGIONE 45 MODICA 97015 RG Italy INFO@OLEIFICIOMALLIA.COM http://WWW.OLEIFICIOMALLIA.COM Extra Virgin Olive Oil A. Gandola & C. SpA The Gandola Group consists of two separate production units: A. GANDOLA & C. in Ponte San Marco (Brescia) Italy and GANDOLA BISCOTTI in Rudiano (Brescia) Italy. A.Gandola & C. of Ponte San Marco is known for its confectionery food-stuffs available in four different lines: • Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts spread creams; • Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts semi-solid creams; • Ready snacks; • Chocolate. Gandola Biscotti of Rudiano, a leader in the organic biscuits sector, is present in the entire Italian market with the following: • Normal and Special shortbread biscuits and cereals line packed in tubes; • Organic shortbread; • Biscuits for the ice-cream Industry; • Lady Fingers. The Gandola Group sells throughout the entire Italian territory and has a sizable market share in all of the large, highly organized distribution supermarket chains. Moreover the Gandola Group , with its products of Ponte San Marco and Rudiano, is present in many European, North American, Australian and Arabic markets. As well as producing under its own trade mark, Gandola industries, uses exceptional quality employing raw materials such as high-hill hazelnuts, high quality cocoa powder, highly selected milk and milk proteins. Thanks to our equipment which is fit for the production of high quality items, we have been able to continuously produce technological innovations. In addition, thanks to a cycle of quality control, we are able to produce brands for distribution in important industrial and commercial companies. food Strada Statale 11, 312 Ponte San Marco 25010 BS Italy +39 030 963128 +39 030 9636403 Snacks, Chocolate Spreads, Cookies, Chocolates, Confectionary, Baked Products Astar, Inc. A.D.CHINI S.R.L. AD Chini s.r.l. was founded in 1988 by Mr. Danilo Chini in Cles, a village in the beautiful Val di Non, Trentino-South Tyrol. Surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites and characterized by rivers and lakes, it’s a perfect scenario for our activities. Since then we produce healthy snacks, with excellent fruit selections and the famous local Golden Delicious apples. Our mission is to provide anyone with top quality healthy products, without additives, added sugars and preservatives. All this using local apple from Trentino-South Tyrol only (Km 0) together with other selected fresh fruit. This is the reason why our products suit to both children and adults, ideal to those people who play sports and to all people who follow a healthy and well balanced diet. All our products are 100% fruit and 100% natural, with no added sugar or other additives. Our products are gluten and lactose-free and we can certicate them as organic and vegan. ... without forgetting their extraordinary taste. food Antonio Gramsci 10 Cles 38023 TN Italy +39 0463 600260 +39 0463 609882 Francesco Paolazzi Fruit Sauces, Dried Fruits, Snacks A.L.A. SpA In the Ligurian land of ancient customs, one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean is ALA. We have tried to keep alive the interest in the traditions of regional and Mediterranean cuisine. ALA's love for cooking and the growing acceptance obtained from numerous worldwide contacts, have prompted the company to develop a depth of experience in the industry and now boasts a prominent place in the vast market for canned vegetables. food Via Vecchia, 91 Ceparana di Bolano 19020 SP Italy +39 0187 931283 +39 0187 934472 Canned Vegetables A.S.T.R.A. Bio Srl Organic pasta since 1978; 100% organic certified factory. High quality pasta from low temperature slow drying and bronze draft using. Raw material comes from our partners and our organic farm fields. food Cascina Corteregona, 1 Calvatone 26030 CR Italy +39 0375 97115 +39 0375 977013 Organic Pasta Abafoods Srl Organic drinks by processing all sorts of cereals and soya beans such as rice, oat, spelt, millet, kamut, quinoa, barley and white corn. food Via Ca' Mignola Nuova, 1775 Badia Polesine 45021 RO Italy +39 0425 594489 +39 0425 594496 Organic Beverages, Vegetable Drinks ACETAIA BORGO CASTELLO S.R.L. !!ACETAIA B. C. S Acetaia Borgo Castello is part of Toschi Vignola Srl Group and was founded to handle the ageing and sale of PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and the Condiments and Glazes that can be made from it. Our production capacity has grown year after year and currently exceeds 6 million litres of ageing every year. This puts us in the ideal position for meeting the demands of our customers all year round with an extensive range of various qualities for bottling for third parties and private labels, or for bulk supply using specially designed containers. Acetaia Borgo Castello is a member of the Consorzio Tutela Aceto Balsamico di Modena (Consortium for the Protection of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena), which successfully registered the name of “Aceto Balsamico di Modena” (Balsamic Vinegar of Modena) with the European Union in 2009 as a PGI product, i.e. with a protected geographical indication. Acetaia Borgo Castello lets its balsamic vinegar age in the heart of the province of Modena. The careful selection of the raw materials are the starting point for everything we do at our Acetaia. We share the know-how and the production technologies of Toschi Vignola Group applied to fruit processing and the use of spices and essences, enabling us to develop totally new Condiments and Glazes for our customers. Developing an original range of condiments made from balsamic vinegar requires extensive knowledge of the raw material and of the ingredients to be added to the recipe. Acetaia Borgo Castello occupies a unique place on the market as far as this is concerned because it is able to combine its superior expertise in the processing of fresh fruit with its knowledge of natural flavourings gained as a result of the decades of experience of Toschi Vignola. The extensive product range of Acetaia Borgo Castello was developed thanks to our knowledge and expertise in the most prestigious condiment enjoyed all around the world: Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI. The Consortium and its members are involved in actively monitoring the market to safeguard it against imitation products, as well as promoting the product and its unique features. It also acts as a consultant supporting the Ministry for Agriculture. The Acetaia Borgo Castello product range includes lines offering different qualities, recipes specially developed with different types and quantities of grape must and differentiated to meet specific market demands and tastes, in order to offer a speciality ready for bottling with a private label or to be used as a raw material in different types of preparation such as condiments, creams and glazes. Balsamic vinegar of Modena is naturally gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and Acetaia Borgo Castello also offers organic quality certified by BioAgricert. food Via Genova 244 Savignano sul Panaro 41056 MO Italy +39059768711 +39059772591 Mr. Giuseppe Del Tufo Acetaia di Modena Srl Production and ageing of PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena and condiments, both organic and conventional, of different and customized qualities. Acetaia di Modena is a company that has established itself in the exclusive market of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena both for the quality of its products and the strong experience of a production which was born more than 30 years ago. The company is located in the heart of the typical area of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The charm of our Acetaia lies in the extensive availability of barrels and vats in which our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena matures and ages with respect to the strictest traditional procedures.  Our aging rooms are on three floors where more than 250.000 litres of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena rest in small Slavonian oak barrels. The attention to the selection of the raw materials, and the strict controls our Quality Assurance dept. continually carries out on all the productive steps ensures a guarantee of the product and for the consumer to recognize many up-scaled certifications both of system and quality (Certificato di conformità allo standard BRC, Certificato di conformità allo standard IFS, Certificato di conformità del sistema di qualità agli standard ISO 9001:2008, Conformità di prodotto ai requisiti del Disciplinare CABM (Consorzio Aceto Balsamico di Modena), Certificato di conformità agli Standard Etici SGS). Our attention to the market and the requests of clients brought us to widen our range of new products. We have therefore complimented our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena with a wide range of Condiments, all of them made with vinegar. Together with our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena we suggest also: Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, both matured and extra-aged in the typical 100 ml Giugiaro bottle, White Condiment, Balsamfruttas, Classis and fruity Glaze. food Via Montanara, 22/24 Castelnuovo Rangone 41051 MO Italy +39 059 535009 +39 059 537364 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar ACETAIA GIUSEPPE CREMONINI S.R.L. ABBREVIABILE IN ACECREM S. Giuseppe Cremonini is an international brand of products, which stand out for their quality and authenticity; it produces and selects the very best Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and vinegar-based condiments from the Italian tradition thanks to a consolidated experience in the food industry, while respecting its links with the territory. The history of Giuseppe Cremonini and of his family bears witness to the ethical corporate values they share, such as passion and loyalty as well as transparency in all dealings, while respecting the territory and its traditions. food Via Foschiero 1142 Spilamberto 41057 MO Italy +39 059 7474030 +39 059 749089 Marco Pilenga Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar Acetaia Giusti Giuseppe Giusti is the oldest Balsamic Vinegar company in the world, founded in Modena in 1605 and now guided by the Giusti family's 17th generation. During its history, Giusti has received copious awards for the quality of its products, earning the recognition as the most prestigious and awarded Balsamic Vinegar producer. Giuseppe Giusti was nominated as Official Supplier of the Royal House of Savoia, King of Italy, 1929. food STRADA QUATTROVILLE 155 MODENA 41123 MO Italy 059840135 059849909 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Acetaia Guerzoni srl Guerzoni is a generations old family owned farm with deep roots in Modena, the Company's Mission is to produce Organic Balsamic Vinegars and condiments true to tradition. Guerzoni is specialized in the production of Balsamic vinegars, with Bio and Biodynamic Certification (unique producer with DEMETER certification) in bottle or in bulk, or with a privat label packaging, after the customer's request. As Guerzoni produces its grapes for the sole production of the balsamic vinegar, he may offer a wide range of products as: - Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP - Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale DOP - White Balsamic condiment - Saba (cooked Grape Must ) - Grape must (Grape juice) - Cream with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP - Cream with Balsamic Apple - Apple Balsamic condiment - Apple Cider not filtered - Wine Vinegars (White & Red) - Refined Wine Vinegar (red) - Malt Vinegar food sp per mirandola 66 Concordia s/Secchia 41033 MO Italy 3661638086 Silvia Rossi, Acetaia Leonardi Acetaia Leonardi, founded in 1871 by Giuseppe Leonardi, is a family run farm specialised in Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and related food specialities. Located in the Countryside of Modena, it has been producing for more than four generations exclusive products obtained according to the tradition from the typical Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes directly cultivated in their own vineyards. The particularity of this vinegar farm is that all processing steps take place within one facility, from the pick-up of the grapes, going through the squeezing, cooking and ageing of the grape must in the typical wooden barrels. The result of working exclusively in the traditional way is a wide range of genuine products, with natural ingredients and with a real traceability throughout the producing path. It includes Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, flavoured balsamic condiments, Balsamic glazes, white balsamic, cooked Grape Must (Saba), jams with balsamic vinegar, panettone and chocolates filled with balsamic glaze… At Leonardi, you can find a perfect match between tradition and modernity, with the most genuine ingredients combined with innovative packaging. Visitors are welcome all year round for tastings and guided tours of the farm and its vineyards. food Via Mazzacavallo, 62 Magreta di Formigine 41043 MO Italy +39 059 554375 +39 059 555487 Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ACETAIA TERRA DEL TUONO SOCIETA' AGRICOLA S.R.L. The mission of Acetaia Terra del Tuono is to produce Balsamic specialties of high quality always trying to create innovative products. Our goal is to develop new technologies and balsamic innovations, always having respect towards the Balsamic Vinegar century-long tradition. In our assortment we offer lots of different and unique specialties, from the more classical to the more innovative, in order to meet every customer demand. We use accurately selected raw materials and produce genuine and natural products, without the addition of colorings, preservatives, thickening agents, sugars and caramels. To ensure our efficiency and quality we are BRC and IFC certified. food VIA PAOLO MONZANI 5 REGGIO EMILIA 42122 RE Italy +39 0522 343317 +39 0522 342435 Alberto Zini, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar, Condiments, Vinegar Acetificio Andrea Milano Srl The company “Acetificio Andrea Milano s.r.l.” was founded in 1889 and nowadays it is one of the main and oldest vinegar manufacturer. The new head production is located in the Industrial Area of Acerra, near Napoli port and the junction of the main highways. The historical factory in Napoli is now dedicated to the production of special dressings and glazes. The factory located in Modena represents the pride of the production of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The one-century-old oak casks, made of valuable wood, allow us to manage the complex aging process according to traditional methods, handed down from father to son. Wine Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Apple cider vinegar, White Condiments, Glaze, Vino Cotto and many other dressings conventional as well as organics, make up our products range that we present in different packaging in order to satisfy the needs of all kinds of customers and palates, even the most refined ones. The production of Colourless Wine Vinegar for the pickling industry represents another interesting channel for the sale and the distribution. The company is certified against the international product standard BRC and IFS The production processes of our organic range comply with the organic production methods, which are orderly by the CE Regulation n. 834/07 and CCPB certified. Halal certification have been issued on 2011 by the Islamic Centre of Milano. food Corso Protopisani, 91 Napoli 80146 NA Italy +39 081 7523888 +39 081 5590623 Camilla Nobler Vinegar Varieties, Vinegar, Organic Products Acetificio Carandini Emilio Srl ACETIFICIO CARANDINI EMILIO Srl specializes in the production of Balsamic Vinegar food Via per Formigine, 54/A Castelnuovo Rangone 41051 MO Italy +39 059 535320 +39 059 536306 Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Acetificio Marcello De Nigris Srl The De Nigris group, founded in 1889, produces and sells a wide range of Vinegars: now passed down to a third generation, the true passion of natural products continues with the addition of innovative products to enrich the traditional assortment.  De Nigris group is among the few to produce vinegar directly from the fermentation of Wine and directly controls 90% of the raw materials used in their production; these are housed in tanks and wooden casks with a total storage capacity of 5 million litres. An additional 2 million litres of storage is available for finished goods.  Both of the facilities and procedures are certified as ISO9001, ISO14001, AIB (American Institute of Baking), BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS ( International Food Standards). food SS Sannitica 87 Zona ASI/PASCAROLA 80023 NA Italy +39 081 880 8911 +39 081 8359026 Ciro Cimmino Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Vinegar, Oil/Vinegar/Condiments/Glaze, Organic Products, Wine Vinegar, Condiments Acetificio Mengazzoli Snc Production: Conventional and organic vinegars (wine vinegars, flavored wine vinegars, balsamic vinegars of Modena, apple vinegars), conventional and organic bulk vinegars, dressings, gift line. Since 1962 our company has been in the food industry producing vinegars under the brand Mengazzoli, but its origin is more remote and comes from an age-old experience, passed down from generation to generation by the vinegar manufacturers of Mantua. Today, with our experience, saving the traditional and handicraft nature of this job and with the contribution of the new technologies, we can offer wine vinegars that have been produced from the natural slow traditional chip fermentation method in wood barrels. food Via Costituzione, 41/43 Fraz. Levata - Curtatone 46010 MN Italy +39 0376 47444 +39 0376 478231 Balsamic Vinegar, Wine Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze Aceto Balsamico Condimenti Dintorni Aceto Balsamico Condimenti e Dintorni offers a complete range of high-quality balsamic vinegar and food condiments. Passion for the product, respect for Modena’s country tradition and qualitative excellence are the values that help us to guarantee superior results. food Via Carriera 1333 San Damaso 41126 MO Italy +39 059 468781 +39 059 6327029 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze Aceto Balsamico del Duca di Adriano Grosoli Srl Since 1891, Aceto Balsamico del Duca has dedicated its activity to the production and promotion of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP. A tradition passed on for five generations, strictly linked to its territory, which guarantees a unique and original product, obtained with selected and high-quality cooked grape must and exclusively Italian wine vinegar.  The Balsamic Vinegar is aged in wood barrels and its final quality relies on the special selection of raw materials and on the ageing process, which allows the products to get thicker across the years. food Via Medicine 2340 Spilamberto 41057 MO Italy +39 059 469471 +39 059 469066 Mariangela Grosoli Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Organic Products, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze, White Balsamic Vinegar, Condiments, Dressings, Gluten Free Products, Jams, Oil/Vinegar/Condiments/Glaze, Panettone, Salad Dressings, Vinegar Varieties, Wine Vinegar ACETUM S.P.A. Acetificio Acetum manufactures Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI in its facilities located in an ancient wine cellar dedicated to ageing, and in a modern plant where the product is bottled and packed. The ageing facility, amounting to 13 million liters entirely in wooden barrels, is the largest in the whole Balsamic Vinegar of Modena industry. Acetum specializes in production under private labels: we can offer a wide assortment of bottles’ shapes, high qualities and flexibility in packages. food Via S. Pertini, 440 Cavezzo 41032 MO Italy +39 0535 58406 +39 0535 58408 Luca Bombarda Balsamic Vinegar Glaze, Condiments, Balsamic Vinegar, Wine Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ACQUA MINERALE DI CALIZZANO S.R.L. A high-class water since 1961, but that's not all! The Fonti Bauda spring – located in the territory of the Town of Calizzano in the province of Savona – wells up from the Maritime Alps, in an uncontaminated forest of beech trees, at about 1080 meters above the sea level. For centuries, the farmers were convinced that the use of this water stimulated the appetite and cured from gastric upsets. It was also described as very fresh, very light and with a diuretic effect. A first chemical analysis of the water was done in October 1908 in a Genoa laboratory, which ascertained the total absence of nitrites and ammonia compounds. The report of this analysis ended with these specific words: “Apart from the opinion that the bacterioscopic examination may give, the chemical analysis places it among the best table waters”. The bacteriological analysis was made in July 1913 and the results considered the spring as “very pure”. Currently, the water from the Fonti Bauda spring is classified as "minimally mineralized", thanks to its dry residue of only 40.3 mg/l and recognized as a water with a very diuretic effect. After a long experimentation at a children's institute in Milan, in 2007 the water from the Fonti Bauda spring has also obtained the ministerial recognition as "suitable for new-borns" and therefore "it can be utilized in the preparation of the food for suckling babies". Over the decades, the company has grown gradually until it has reached the third generation of entrepreneurs. The current data shows a production of around 40 million bottles per year. We want to underline how the use of returnable glass bottles guarantees the possibility of using the same bottles many times, with very positive effects on the environment. The water from the Fonti Bauda spring is also utilized in the production of non-alcoholic sparkling beverages, produced according to the traditional recipe requiring the use of sugar alone, in a variety of 9 different flavours, both in PET and in glass containers. In recent years, an interesting export flow has started towards countries such as Great Britain, United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France and Russia, Cina. South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Baherein etc.. Currently the direct and indirect employees are about thirty and nearly all of them residing in Calizzano. This prerogative has been pursued by the company since its foundation, since it wanted to privilege the development of the local area. Thanks to the constant attention to the environmental problems, during the year 2011 a photovoltaic plant of about 450 kWp has been commissioned. This system covers about 80% of the surface of the plant’s roofs, guaranteeing about 65% of its own energy requirements. non food Via Madonna delle Grazie Calizzzano 17057 SV Italy +393356620109 Gianfranco Chinellato Beverages AGRIDE S.R.L. food Strada Privata Via Crocifisso 11 Bitonto 70032 BA Italy +39 080.535574 Giovanni DeSantis Agriform Sca Founded in 1980, Agriform is an Italian cooperative of dairies and one of the major producer of Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano and other PDO hard-cheeses of the Venetian region. Its export range includes, Asiago, Piave, Pecorino, Provolone, Montasio and other Italian cheeses. With a turnover of about 152 million euro in 2017, Agriform aged, packed and distributed about 20.000 tons of cheeses, with 52 % exported to 56 countries, about 30% of turnover is made up of private label products. Quality & Service confirmed by attaining "A & Higher Level” BRC & IFS certification. food Via Rezzola, 21 Sommacampagna 37066 VR Italy +39 045 8971800 +39 045 8978627 Grana Padano Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Asiago Cheese, Cheese Agrioil SpA Agrioil SpA is a stock company, comprised of about 100 olive producers and 8 oil presses and it is located in Southern Italy in the area of Cilento National Park near Paestum. The company produces and bottles, according to tradition, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil and Pomace Olive Oil. Agrioil's new plant, which has a covered area of 3000 square meters, is a short distance from the commercial ports of both Napoli and Salerno, and it can be easily reached from there through the freeway. The main commercial operations are with the foreign markets. Since 1995 Agrioil has been acting as a co-packing partner for major extra virgin olive oil producing companies from all over the world. food Via Seude, snc Roccadaspide 84069 SA Italy +39 0828 943685 +39 0828 943506 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavored Olive Oil Agritalia S.R.L. Agritalia ( is a proud supporter of Made in Italy in North America since 1987. The Company specializes in Private Label programs (around 90% of the turnover) and its core business is the export of Italian food products. With 100+ certified suppliers and over 700+ dry and frozen products, Agritalia represents an effective and simple solution to reduce complexities involved in exporting authentic Italian specialties. From 1999 Agritalia is among the leading exporters of Pasta and Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the USA. Agritalia also aims at offering distinguished advantages such as procurement, quality assurance, marketing, logistics, financial services and customer service, offering tailor-made solutions at the best competitive price ensuring the highest flexibility. Bella Italia ( is Agritalia flagship brand offering a wide range of authentic regional delights: artisan pasta, pasta sauce, table olives and appetizers. food Centro Direzionale Isola E/2 Scala A Napoli 80143 NA Italy +39 081 750 61 11 +39 081 750 61 99 Leo Nucera Pasta, Durum Wheat Pasta, Artisan Pasta, Olive Oil, Pasta Sauces, Gluten Free Pasta Agroalimentari del Colle Srl At Masserie di Sant'Eramo, from olive cultivation and harvesting to their selection and processing, from bottling to quality assurance, scrupulous care and control are exercised to bring our final consumer the very best product. Therefore we guarantee a complete control over all phases of production and an optimal traceability of our products. Our plant is one of the newest and most technologically advanced in Europe with a high production capacity as follows: - An olive oil mill with 4 grind stones; - 500.000 litres of extra virgin olive oil stored; - Bottling line for up to 2.500 bottles per hour.  food Zona P.I.P. Santeramo in Colle 70029 BA Italy +39 080 3026177 +39 080 3026438 Olive Oil AGROMONTE - Rossociliegino Agricola Srl Agromonte is specialized in the production of cherry tomato-based products, that we work in Sicily during summertime with fresh raw material. Our masterpiece is the Ready Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce sold in the traditional beer bottle (330g / 11.64 oz). It follows a local traditional recipe, it is sweet, rich and already seasoned. Together with the Sauces, we produce Passate, Pesti, Bruschette and Specialties, tipical Italian deliciousnesses perfect to season pasta, pizza and to spread on bruschetta. food c.da Coffa, sn - Zona Artigianale Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG) 97012 RG Italy +39 0932 925226 +39 0932 929011 Giorgio Arestia Pasta Sauces, Organic Pasta Sauces, Tomato Sauce, Organic Products, Bruschetta Agrover s.r.l. Agrover has been an Italian rice factory in the heart of the Po Valley since year 2000 and it is specialized in production of high quality rice (bulk and pack). Agrover is partner of retail sector, supermarket, food industry, HoReCa and Wholesalers, also providing private labels. Certifications: IFS Food, BRC Food, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Bioagricert and Fairtrade international, OE Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. Medium rice, Round rice, Long grain rice, Sushi rice, Basmati, Jasmine, all Camolino rice. food Via M. Garda 1 Lignana 13034 VC Italy 390161344008 390161344009 Feliciano Mottino Rice Agrozootecnica Marchesa Snc The Parente family has been raising water buffalo for over a century and transforming their milk into delicate and delicious mozzarella cheese. As is typical in their location, the family has created a company based on an area of about 200 hectares used for agricultural and zoological purposes, named "Agrozootecnica Marchesa di Enrico Parente & C. s.n.c.", specializing in water buffalo raising and in the transformation of water buffalo milk.  The company’s purpose is to combine traditional and modern breeding techniques for water buffalo, always respectful of the environment and each animal's well-being.  The natural habitat, the high quality fodders produced in the company, the fresh pastures and the wide shelters make up the winning recipe of this farm, where everyone pays strong attention to the animal’s well-being, because a well-bred animal is a well-producing one. The milk produced by a farm with these characteristics is an indispensable starting point to obtaining high quality mozzarella cheese. food S.S. 264 Km 12,750 Grazzanise 81046 CE Italy +39 0823 991820 +39 0823 563984 Fresh Mozzarella Cheese , Ricotta Cheese, Dairy Products, Cheese, Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese AGUGIARO & FIGNA MOLINI S.P.A. CON UNICO AZIONISTA AGUGIARO&FIGNA is the undisputed leader at international levels for high quality flours and mixes for pizza, cake and bread-making. The selection and the blend of grains, the analyzes at very high levels along the whole production chain, the most important certifications, the technical expertise of our Centers for Research and Development and the deep knowledge of the market needs are the basis of this worldwide successful range. AGUGIARO&FIGNA are present in all 5 continents, and are appreciated by the most professional technicians around the world. Our support to the highest pizza schools, our sponsorship of the main bread and cake events, our presence in all the best flour magazines for expertise are an evidence of our engagement in the field. We are not only producing and selling top quality flours: we are giving an acknowledged know-how to reach the best results. food Strada dei Notari 25 Collecchio 43044 PR Italy 00390521301701 Giovanni Taliana, Alba Srl Pasta sauces, food service products, pelati, pickled products, prepared products for cakes and ice creams, balsamic vinegar, jams for industries. food Via Uccellino, 140 Poggio Renatico 44028 FE Italy +39 0532 829981 +39 0532 824476 Pasta Sauces, Pickled Products, Balsamic Vinegar, Jams and Preserves, Canned Tomatoes ALBERTI 1986 S.R.L. Alberti, founded 30 years ago in Imperia, can offer you the best selection of Ligurian delicacies. Finest raw ingredients and careful processing of these, have made our products set the bar for quality in chain or shops that want to offer Ligurian delicious food. With our brand we have a far-reaching distribution in Italian top quality operators of GDO and Restaurant. EVOO Cultivar Taggiasca Cultivar Taggiasca Olives Ligurian Pesto with DOP Genoese Basil Cultivar Taggiasca olives tapenade…are our prime selection! Alberti is already compliant with FESMA legislation. food Via Argine destro F. Scajola 549 Imperia 18100 IM Italy 0039 0183 274858 0039 0183 299415 ALBERTI ANGELICA ALCAR UNO S.P.A. Italian Specialist in pork meat cutting and production of Prosciutto Crudo, Prosciutto di Parma PDO, San Daniele PDO, Organic, Animal Welfare and AntibioticFree. Founded in 1957, Alcar Uno core activities are pig farming, slaughtering and pork meat cutting, specialising in hams deboning and curing. Private label producer B2B, our full control over production chain, optimized and highly responsive manufacturing system are designed to meet the domestic and international meat industry demands. IFS & BRC certified state-of-the-art plants based in Modena and PDO areas of Parma and San Daniele, qualified to export to USA, Canada, Japan, Custom Union, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil & Argentina. food Via della Pace 10 Castelnuovo Rangone 41051 MO Italy 059534711 Lisa Minelli Prosciutto ALCASS S.P.A. A specialist in the production of frozen foods specifically focused on the area of meat products such as hamburgers, meatballs, ready meals with meat and vegetables and frozen minced beef packed in the IQF packaging. Products lines are packaged for specific industries such as retail and catering. An organic range as well as soy based products is also available. The mission of ALCASS is to offer frozen products without preservatives and with clean labels. To do this, we only use freshest raw materials to create our frozen meals. Meat is provided in portions that are easy to use. ALCASS is able to adapt their products and production processes quickly with maximum flexibility to satisfy their customers' evolving needs. These are the core points of ALCASS’s company strategy, thank to the knowledge acquired throughout their long-standing experience in the food sector.  food Via Caselle, 2 Bedizzole 25081 BS Italy +39 030 6872108 +39 030 6872101 Frozen Meals, Ready Made Meals, Frozen Specialties, Prepared Entrees Ali-Big Industria Alimentare Srl Production: Antipasti, sauces, spreads, grilled vegetables, toppings for pizza. Line of special foods in jars from 150 g. to 1500 g. (sauces, starters, grilled vegetables). Ali-Big Industria Alimentare Srl has been in the production of fresh preserved food such as vegetable, meat, fish and cheese for over 30 years. Our products are typical elements of the Italian kitchen: antipasti (appetizers), grigliati, cremes (dressings), sauces, and fish. The founder and current owner of the company is Mr. Cristofaletti. We are located in Brivio, Italy (a county of Lecco), 30 km north of Milano and 30 km south of Chiasso (CH). food Via per Airuno, 25 Brivio 23883 LC Italy +39 532 0555 +39 532 0620 Grilled Vegetables, Olives, Marinated Vegetables, Spreads, Sauces, Jarred Vegetables, Pizza Toppings Alibert Srl Founded in 1967, Alibert is one of the most important industrial companies in the production and distribution of fresh filled pasta, both in the Italian market and throughout the world. The production is concentrated in Preganziol, near Treviso, where the company has its headquarters and where it produces, packages and distributes its goods, reaching more than 35 countries. This success has been achieved by both Alibert-brand products and by the private label division, which designs and supplies personalized assortments and creates tailor-made recipes for our customers. Our plant structure consists of different lines dedicated to the production of fresh filled and plain pasta, frozen filled pasta and dry filled and unfilled pasta; the assortment is vast and runs from various types of shapes (tortellini, tortelloni, ravioli) and fillings (classic and original). Using only premium durum wheat semolina and the best ingredients is the main standard that makes Alibert stand out on the market.  Alibert’s philosophy is: certified quality offered to all domestic and international customers who want to stand out for their excellent products and to attract expert and motivated consumers. In order to achieve this result, we have very high standards of quality to respect during the production process. A constant interaction with all market protagonists is therefore our methodology for obtaining successful results: recipes that combine traditional tastes with innovative elements, new products, new shapes, more attractive and practical packaging. Our flexibility allows us to vary our production schedules in order to quickly answer our customers’ demands. Customer needs are analyzed, interpreted, developed and produced by Alibert with precision and quality that belong to a company with longstanding experience. CERTIFIED QUALITY Alibert has obtained all the most important quality certifications, like Vision 2000 Certification, BRC, IFC, HACCP and the product traceability. food Via F.lli Bandiera, 30 Preganziol 31022 TV Italy +39 0422 6301 +39 0422 380277 Pasta ALICO - S.R.L. Alico was founded in 1985, when the business was started from a private family "Acetaia" that had been established more than 100 years ago. The knowledge acquired during these years combined with modern infrastructures and good management, has allowed Alico to gain an important competitive advantage based on their quality. Alico has an invaluable partnership with a grower of grapes and because of this relationship is able to carefully control the whole production process of Balsamic Vinegar; from grape cultivation to the bottling. This begins with the harvest, and then continues to the cooking of grape must, the aging and the blending processes. This complete control of the entire process allows us a significant advantage over our competitors and permits us to focus on making the highest quality vinegar at a significant cost advantage. Today, Alico produces more than 1.5 million bottles for different targets, from food service to delicatessens, all over the world (Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Far East) both with its own brands and private labels. The selection of quality is mutually agreed upon and determined by Alico in conjunction with its customers who value the resources and quality statement that is consistent with the line required. ISO 9001, BRC (British Retailer Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard) certifications state that every process is controlled by detailed procedures and that all of the procedures are food safety oriented. food Via Barsanti, 3 Sombra Di Bomporto 41030 MO Italy +39 059 907317 +39 059 907340 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar ALIMECO S.R.L. Italian producer of functional blends, food ingredients, soluble products and other food components, mainly in powder form. Ability to produce and perform for third parties and private label sector. food Via Adige 15 Piadena 26034 CR Italy 0375-98639 Luca De Bellis Coffee Flavored Drinks, Condiments, Dried Vegetables, Seasonings, Food Supplements Alimenta Produzioni Srl Alimenta Produzioni was founded in the heart of Italy’s Romagna Region, where the air we breathe carries the authenticity of the long ITALIAN tradition, genuine and unmistakable. food Via Del Progresso 6 riccione 47838 RN Italy +39 0541 729427 ALBERTO.PETRIOLA@ALIMENTAPRODUZIONI.IT ALBERTO PETRIOLA Pizza Bases ALIS S.R.L. - "CASA RINALDI" Brand Production of conventional and organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, white dressing and flavoured Balsamic Vinegars; Balsamic Dressings with cooked grape must and wine vinegar; Extravirgin Olive Oils, PDOs selected varieties and flavoured extravirgin olive oils; mixed dressings Balsamic Vinegar and extravirgin olive oil, shake it easy and ready to use, in plastic as well as glass bottles. food Via Paletti 1, 2/A-B-C-D Castelnuovo Rangone 41051 MO Italy +39 059 537356 +39 059 538888 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze, Dressings, Organic Products ALL_FOOD S.R.L. ALL FOOD - Perfect Slices. Young and dynamic company specialized in the packaging of top quality cold cuts for the Private Label. It has been working since 2011 in the new venue in Traversetolo, in the province of Parma. It sets the stage of the production on a simple and clear concept: to enhance the craftsmanship of the products, top quality meat products and cheese, presenting them through a manual installation into a preformed tray. In 2016 expand the production area with the addition of two new slicing lines to the six already existing. 4.000 SQUARE METRES FACTORY 350.000 PREPARED TRAYS A WEEK 8 PACKAGING LINES 32 REFERENCES 150 EMPLOYEES MASTERPIECES: SLICING WITH MANUAL POSITIONING OF COLD CUTS AND CHEESE. CERTIFICATIONS: IFS International Food Standard - HIGHER LEVEL SELECTION of the suppliers certified, controlled supply chain sponsors, supporters of the production processes with low environmental impact. TECHNICAL KNOW HOW and compliance with the chemical and physical characteristics of each product by applying pre- slicing positive temperatures. LOW SPEED of slicing not to stress the product and to keep intact its structural and organoleptic characteristics. MANUAL PACKAGING and care of its presentation through wavy slices in preformed trays so as to emphasize the artisanal features of its production. FINAL CONTROL compliance of each tray to strict parameters of visual perception. GLUTEN-FREE selection of the raw materials so as to abolish gluten from all the worked products. Maximum sensitivity on the allergens and contaminants topic. food Via Partigiani d'Italia, 5 Traversetolo 43029 PR Italy +39 0521 848628 Andrea Bodini Alpi Annibale & C. Srl Supplier of canned seafood products. food Via Scordato, 19 Aspra 90010 PA Italy +39 091 955357 +39 091 955997 Fish, Sardines, Seafood Althea SpA Althea S.p.A. was founded in Parma in 1932. In the 1950s and 60s, it established itself as one of the most dynamic companies in the Italian food industry, launching enormously successful and innovative products such as SUGORO (the first ready-made pasta sauce), FIORDAGOSTO and CREMIFRUTTO.  Purchased in the middle of the 1960s by Unilever, it was reacquired by Italian entrepreneurs at the beginning of the 1990s. In 1997, Althea S.p.A. was bought by DELFINO S.P.A. of Acerra (Naples).  A rapid period of economic integration and restructuring has allowed Althea S.p.A. to coordinate, from its headquarters in Parma, all of the commercial and research and development activities of Delfino-Althea, whose combined sales in 2006 reached a total of 54 million Euros. This financial record carried the firm into the ranks of the most important European companies of ready-made sauces.  food Largo Spallanzani, 15/A Parma 43100 PR Italy +39 0521 708611 +39 0521 708666 Tomato Sauce, Sauces and Spreads, Pasta Sauces, Salad Dressings , Condiments, Pizza Toppings, Legumes, Pesto, Mayonnaise AMAZON EUROPE CORE S.A R.L. food AG Italy ANDRIANI S.P.A. The core business is to produce a complete range of innovative, great tasty gluten free pasta-also for the Private Label-made from a variety of naturally gluten free ingredients such as:Corn,Brown Rice,Rice,Buckwheat,Quinoa, Amaranth,Lentils,Green Peas and more.We have a Pasta Factory and a Mill dedicated exclusively to gluten-free food production.Our range of pasta Felicia Bio is the most complete and varied that you can find: organic, gluten free, GMO free, no added starch, no emulsifiers. food VIA N. COPERNICO, ZONA PIP GRAVINA IN PUGLIA 70024 BA Italy +39 080 3255801 +39 080 3221304, ANTAAR&S S.P.A. Antaar&s, an Italian family owned company, founded in 1987, specialized in the study and the production of HIGH QUALITY SHELF STABLE DRY READY MEALS (pastas, risottos, polenta, soups, etc.) that combine exclusive Italian and International recipes with premium quality ingredients and a high level of service. We offer a wide range of recipes in pouch and in cup, even Organic, ready in few minutes or instant. Products are cooked in a sole operation simply by adding water; cooking can be both on stove top and in microwave. Our Certifications and Authorizations for food production: IFS – Higher Level / BRC – Grade AA / ORGANIC – CCPB Reg. CE834/2007 / HEALTH MINISTERY – Authorization to produce Gluten Free products, Low Proteins content products, Baby Food / FDA Registration / USDA / OU KOSHER food Via Aldo Moro 3 Cava Manara 27051 PV Italy +39 0382 554514 +39 0382 554518 Silvia Caffetti Pasta, Organic Quick Cook Grains, Ready Made Meals, Rice Antica Pasteria SpA In 1987 Antica Pasteria began producing natural fresh pasta, with genuine passion for high quality and real freshness. This passion brought us to continuously improve the quality of our products, without ever compromising on its key values. Today, we strongly commit to our ALL NATURAL MANIFESTO", adopting of very strict standards, such as the exclusive use of free-range eggs and durum wheat semolina, and excluding artificial aromas, flavor enhancers, polyphosphates, additives, and GMO ingredients. Being loyal to our original values and our obsession for quality, we developed 30 years of cooperation with top European retailers, leveraging on our - expertise in manufacturing - best-in-class research & development - flexibility in terms of product and packaging - innovation capabilities. Our deep knowledge of the category at international level makes us the ideal partner for success in fresh pasta. food Corso Europa, 9 Lainate 20020 MI Italy +39 02 9394721 +39 02 93947221 Fresh Pasta, Fresh Egg Pasta, Gnocchi, Sauces ATALANTA Corporation ANTICO EREMO S.P.A. Since 1978 Antico Eremo produces and packs soluble mixes for drinks, desserts, creams , ice creams, gelato, milk shakes, drinking chocolates, teas, slushes, preparations for concentrated juices and syrups - available in various formats. In our laboratories we work to respond to your requests, even the most specific and customized, in line with international trends, preferences and packaging food Via Industria 15 Berlingo 25030 BS Italy 00390302520930 00390302521743 Veronica Verardi Antico Forno a Legna Snc Our Company is located in Borgolavezzaro, in the heart of Novara lowlands where the ancient country traditions are handed down from father to son. In this land, rich of traditions, water springs, rice and wheat fields, the production of Pizza and pizza bases is carried out according to the typical traditional recipes. Today, in our new 4.000 sqm facility, we work with up-to-date modern technologies and with great care for sanitary conditions and standards, we produce fresh and deep frozen Pizza and Pizza bases. food Via Granellona, 12 Borgolavezzaro 28071 NO Italy +39 0321 885108 +39 0321 885778 Pizza Dough, Pizza, Frozen Pizza , Pizza Bases, Focaccia, Breads Antico Pastificio del Gargano Snc Established in 1972, Antico Pastificio del Gargano produces typical and special dried artisan pasta, very similar to homemade pasta. It is situated in Apulia, near the sunny hills of Gargano (FG) where the best quality durum wheat grows. Our pasta is bronze-drawn so that it comes forth in all its typical roughness and guarantees a full flavor with every type of sauce. The pasta is then dried very slowly at a low temperature in order to maintain nutritious quality. Our company produces for a specialized market and for many years has been serving customers all over the world. food Via V. d'Errico, 5 San Severo 71016 FG Italy +39 0882 335406 +39 0882 336539 Orecchiette, Pasta, Baked Products, Artisan Pasta, Specialty Pasta, Breads, Cakes, Sauces Antonelli Group Srl Croissant and filled croissant food Via Casilina km 37.500 Labico 00030 ROMA Italy +39 06 9510619 +39 06 9510073 Croissants, Baked Products APPETAIS ITALIA SOCIETA' PER AZIONI SIGLABILE APPETAIS S.P.A food Lungotorrente Secca 3N Genova 16163 GE Italy +39 010 72 67 060 Aprol Foggia Aprol offers a complete range of first rate extra virgin olive oil, conventional “Sacromonte and Catapano”, D.O.P. Dauno and an organic line “extra bio” food Via di San Giuliano ang. Tratturo Castiglione Foggia 71100 FG Italy +39 0881 721153 +39 0881 721905 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil ARABICAFFE' SRL Arabicaffè produce roasted coffee beans and ground packed into 2kg tin, 1kg bags, 500g bags, 250g tins, pods and capsules. We work also with private label and organic coffee. food VIA SAN GIUSEPPE LA RENA 86 CATANIA 95121 CT Italy +39095340609 +39095341527 Paola Marchetti Coffee Beans, Coffee, Coffee Pods Arc en ciel Soc. Agr. Coop. Founded in 1983, our co-operative society is structured for fruit and vegetable processing and, in particular way, for the production of preserves of fruit, fruit juices, tomato sauces and services on behalf of a third part. The seat is located in Cafasse (TO). Our building includes offices, processing department and warehouse in a 7.000mq total area. The company directly checks all production sequences from the raw material to the finished product. Quality control is maintained by our qualified staff to guarantee zero defects on our processing line. Our production facilities are formulated following the most advanced technological system that allow fresh raw fruits to remain unchanged keeping it an absolutely natural product. Our products are distibuted all over the world. food Via Roma, 108 Cafasse 10070 TO Italy +39 0123 416003 +39 0123 417269 Jams, Spreads, Juices, Beverages, Tomato Sauce, Pesto Archimede R&D Srl Archimede R&D S.r.l. is involved in innovation and development on environmental-friendly chemistry. We develop and market new consumer eco-friendly products under the brand Dr Neu and for a private label. We design and produce innovative solutions for household cleaning and appliances care/maintenance. non food Via della Meccanica, 1 San Cesario Sul Panaro 41018 MO Italy +39 059 9775460 +39 059 9775461 Mrs Vaioli Antonella Toilet Care, Household Cleaners, Household Products, Dish Detergents, Detergents, Laundry Detergents Argei Le Fattorie Renolia Sas Argei unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is produced in Sardinia from the olives “Mallocria”, a type you can find only in this island. The olives are grown in the region of Gergei, a small village in central - southern Sardinia surrounded by untouched and genuine nature. The olives are selected and cold pressed just after the harvest, exclusively by hand, and the result is an extraordinary olive oil, yellow with reflections of green, “fruttato” with a harmonious flavor that recalls the unmistakable taste of fresh olives. The unique design of the bottle with the three-olive bottleneck is a real masterpiece of Italian creativity. The family-owned company has more than 70 years of experience in the production of olive oil. This knowledge passed on from the father to the son is the biggest treasure of this company. Today Argei uses the most modern technology to guarantee quality and hygiene. We also offer certified organic extra virgin olive oil “bioArgei”. food Via Municipio, 16 Gergei 08030 CA Italy +39 0782 807031 +39 0782 807200 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Products Arisi Giacomo & Figli Srl The Arisi company, originally a family owned oil-mill, is located in the Northwest of Italy, near the border of France. In 1958 Giacomo Arisi added to his range of products typical Italian sauces for pasta. Today, we have valued customers in 19 countries, including Italy. These customers include retail, food service and private label for chain stores. Production: Pesto sauces, seasonings for pasta, garlic puree, basil puree, chili puree, red pesto, fresh aromatic herbs in jar. food Strada Provinciale Dolceacqua 18035 IM Italy +39 0184 205034 +39 0184 206296 Sauces and Spreads, Tomato Sauce, Pesto, Pasta Sauces Aristea SpA Aristea was founded in 1985 in Battipaglia (SA) with the aim of organizing a solid and competitive company in the production of kitchen ware and disposable plastic goods. We achieved this, thanks to our qualified staff and a good marketing strategy. Today the company operates in a new factory that is 60.000 mq, 30.000 of them are covered and as a result of a very efficient distribution service its name is a household brand throughout Italy and worldwide. Our philosophy of quality production and advanced technology have given us the opportunity to reach this level.  Aristea is ISO 9002 certified. non food Via Bosco Fili, Z.I. Battipaglia 84091 SA Italy +39 0828 3407211 +39 0828 3707223 Disposable Tableware Arix SpA Production of household and professional cleaning items and plastic tools (scouring fibres, sponges, scouring sponges, synthetic and cellulose sponge scourers, cleaning cloths, microfibers, brooms, push-brooms  and brushes), personal care articles (bath and body sponges and items for massage), Ironing board covers. Employees: N° 320 Arix production plants and branches: Italy- 3 production plants +  logistic platform Europe- 2 (Uk and  Poland) Overseas- 1 PRC Certifications UNI EN ISO 9001 – Iso 14001 Product lines ARIX splendelli: Synthetic and cellulose sponges sponge scourers, scouring fibres and non scratch, metal/stainless steel wire sponges. ARIX panni: Cotton cloths, woven non woven and microfibres, dusting cloths, synthetic leathers. AQUAMassage: Soft and hipoallergenic hydrofilic sponges, natural cellulose sponges,  tonifying massage goves in natural sisal fibres and many other products for the personal care. Tonkita: brooms and brushes, push-brooms, tools for the household day to day cleaning with exclusive design and quality. Stirokay: wide range of Ironing board covers ARIX Professional: complete range of tools, cloths, scouring sponges, scouring fibres and gloves (household and one way) dedicated to the professional sector, and cleaning companies. Bettina:  First price range. non food Viale Europa, 23 Viadana 46019 MN Italy +39 0375 832111 +39 0375 832293 Sponges, Brooms, Ironing Board Covers, Household Products, Abrasive Fibers, Cleaning Cloths, Toilet Care, Personal Care Products ARP Soc. Agr. Coop. A.R.P. farmers cooperative was founded in the year 1958 by a group of 15 local farmers, who wanted “to process the fruits of the generous land of Piacenza” and in the meantime to give to the associated farmers better opportunities and economic support. In 1960 took place the opening of the site in Gariga di Podenzano, which is still today the production site of the company. The pecularity of the investment was the installation of a modern T15 plant (1,5 t/hour) as continuous plant close to a traditional evaporation and concentration Boulle plant known as non-continuous plant for the production of tomato paste for industrial and retail use (cans & tubes). The company recorded immediately its own brand “Spiga d’Oro” in Italy and Germany and became supplier of the most important companies in Europe. In the ‘70s was the first company in Northern Italy that started the production of canned peeled tomatoes “San Marzano” quality. Meanwhile, technical tests for the new genetic varieties in the fields along with the mechanization of the harvesting operations were carried out. In the ‘90s ARP introduced new lines of products for Food Service and Retail Chains. In 1997 ARP was officially recognized as O.P. (Producer Organization). In 2001 the firm founded the CIO (Consorzio Interregionale Ortofrutticoli) along with other cooperatives in order to check the complete food processing chain and guarantee the max quality of the whole production. Besides, the client portfolio enlargement represented another important purpose pursued by the network. In order to face the new challenges of the market with renewed potentialities, the company has been specializing its activity in the production of tomato pulp and chopped tomatoes with the Hot Filling and Cold Filling technologies: this represents a complete reply to the most varied inquiries of the market, developing also new spiced products. WHO IS A.R.P. TODAY? A modern avant-garde facility looking at the future with its 50 years of experience together with the passion of is 120 owners, who have been warranting top quality raw materials, valued by renewed industrial and business expertise. food Via Primo Maggio, 25 Garica di Podenzano 29027 PC Italy +39 0523350511 +39 0523 350590 Vegetables, Tomatoes, Sauces Arte Bianca Srl Founded in 1966, Arte Bianca is the Venetian Company specialized in high quality bread and was the first company to produce the famous “Venetian Tramezzino” bread industrially. Use in natural, carefully – selected ingredients, a tradinational craft, and continuos technological advancement, Arte Bianca is offers the first line of light, high quality, speciality bread: “Campi Dorati”, a wonderful, 100% vegetable-based bread with no animal fats, no cholesterol (0,0002 %), no lactose, and no hydrogenated vegetable fats. Bakery products, fresh and frozen. Producers since 1960 of bread for tramezzino, bread for bruschetta and bread for toast. Certifications: BRC and IFS. food Via Del Trifoglio, 18/22 Marghera 30175 VE Italy +39 041 5384233 +39 041 5386154 Breads, Baked Products ARTIGIANA GENOVESE S.R.L. Our Company, Artigiana Genovese srl, is specialized in the production of "Pesto Genovese" and other typical sauces. Our factory is in Genova Pra, the “cradle” of Pesto and Genovese Basil DOP.   We are a family owned company, founded in 1998 by the wish of our father Aldo Amadori, who was a gourmet. We only use high quality raw materials, which allow us to create a range of products prepared according to ancient traditions of natural foods. We bring the same pride and the same passion into every product today, as we have done over the last 22 years.   Thanks to the territoriality, the qualified staff, the careful selection of raw materials and the constant attention throughout the whole process, we are able to guarantee high quality products. We are very sensitive to food allergies and therefore all our products are Gluten Free. Moreover to meet the needs of every consumer our range also offers vegetarian and vegan products.  We have always paid close attention to the ORGANIC World, we have been certified by ICEA since 2003. We are an environmentally friendly Company, basing our manufacturing process on sustainable CO2 free and renewable energy.  Our "Pesto Genovese", is produced according to the specifications of the Pesto Genovese Consortium, whose sole objective is to safeguard and promote the authenticity of this ancient recipe. In 2005 the European Community granted the status of Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) to the Genovese Basil, grown exclusively in Liguria. The Genovese Basil DOP is famous for its delicate and unique aroma and intense flavour and it is the main ingredient of our Pesto. Year by year our company grows and our Pesto Genovese received broader recognition for its exceptional quality. Our shelf-stable Pesto is raw (not pasteurized) so it keeps the bright green color, the typical aroma of freshly picked Genovese Basil and the freshness of all ingredients like the Pesto just crushed in the mortar.  Our modern and functional facilities allow us to combine a good production capacity with maximum flexibility.  Being a producer allows us to take care of all aspects of our work every day, from the selection of the best raw materials to the strict observance of each stage of the preparation, and to customize the products according to the specific needs of our customers and, if necessary, to create ad hoc recipes. Currently we distribute our products in both domestic and international markets, with our brands as well as private labels. Our company is very attentive to technological innovations and food safety standards. We have adopted the HACCP self-control system to guarantee the quality and safety of our production. We are also certified by IFS, BRC and ISO 22005:2007 and this reflects our commitment to food hygiene, traceability and quality. Moreover our factory is registered at FDA Food Facility and most of our products have the FDA FCE-SID registration certificates.  food Via Ungaretti 6 L Genova 16157 GE Italy +390106671233 +39010662109 Isabella Pesto, Organic Products, Sauces and Spreads ASIAGO FOOD S.P.A. ASIAGO FOOD has been operating in the market of frozen woodland mushrooms and berries for over 20 years, offering all-natural, premium, quality-controlled food products for both retail and foodservice, as well as private label production. The family run business started the company in their hometown of Asiago in the mountains of the Veneto region. Currently, the production facility and sales headquarters are based in the town of Veggiano, in the province of Padova, in northern Italy. The company also owns and operates other European facilities where the raw material is harvested, selected and processed using IQF deep-freezing technology.  PHILOSOPHY Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our company philosophy is innovation, flexibility and attentiveness to consumer needs. Our goal is to provide today’s modern consumer with quality convenient food solutions and a constantly evolving product line. Our R&D qualified personnel are dedicated to developing healthy and tasty authentic Italian recipes. We implement quality control management from the harvest site to the distribution network. H.A.C.C.P., USDA Organic, BRC-IFS certified PRODUCT RANGE Our range of frozen specialty foods includes: wild and cultivated mushrooms, mushroom blends and mixtures, wild berries, grilled vegetables, breaded and battered appetizers, vegetable-based fingerfood, ready-cooked vegetables and side dishes, certified-organic fruit and vegetables, as well as the traditional range of all-natural dried porcini mushrooms. food Via S. Maria, 7 Veggiano 35030 PD Italy +39 049 5082260 +39 049 5082270 claudia lazzaretto, Ready Made Meals, Frozen Specialties, Organic Vegetables, Prepared Entrees, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Pasta Entrees, Dried Mushrooms, Frozen Cakes, Frozen Desserts, Specialty Pasta, Soups, Risotto, Sundried Tomatoes, Sundried Vegetables ASIAGO FOODS USA, INC. Attianese SpA Attianese SpA, a company located in the South of Italy, specialized in the production of canned tomatoes and pulses. For the red line we can do tomatopaste (18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/26, 28/30, 36/38), peeled tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, mashed tomatoes in Tetrapak, cherry tomatoes and Pizza Sauce. For the green line we can do all kinds of pulses. For both lines almost all sizes are possible (retail and catering) and we can do them conventional and organic. At the moment we have two factories, one for the red line and another one for the green line but starting from September 2018 we will have a new factory for the green line in order to be able to face the high market demand. We have following certificates: BRC, IFS unannounced, ISO22005 (for the red line), Organic and SMETA. food Via Nazionale km 41850 Nocera Superiore 84015 SA Italy +39 0815145393 +39 0815141140 Emanuele Di Domenico Canned Tomatoes, Canned Vegetables Attività Riunite Alimentare SpA AR Alimentare is a modern and dynamic Italian company active in the research, development, manufacturing of innovative and alternative food solutions for clients all over the world. The company is specialized in deep frozen ready made Italian products. Its main production is concentrated on pizza and puff pastry products. Innovation and high quality in products and services are the most important elements of its strategy. Having started as a supplier of innovative food solutions for global airlines, the company now has evolved and developed into a dynamic model able to provide a range of solutions for the private label customers. All its plants are BRC and IFS certified at the highest level. Currently the plants in operation are three, two dedicated to pizza manufacturing and one dedicated to puff pastry manufacturing. food Voc. Torre Sapienza Marsciano 06055 PG Italy +39 075 8783342 +39 075 8783347 Snacks, Calzone, Pasta, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese , Muffins AZIENDA AGRICOLA DE MARCO S.R.L. The De Marco company is located in the heart of green Irpinia and extends over the hills of Chiusano di San Domenico and Lapio, in the province of Avellino, South of Italy. The De Marco Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an unprecedented reputation, its 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively from olives grown by local farmers. For over many years the company De Marco has received national and international awards. The 80 years of family experience at the De Marco plant in Chiusano Di San Domenico results in extra-virgin oils of the highest quality. Our cold press production process enhances flavor and increases quality, and the extracted oils are stored in steel tanks at room temperature. The oils are filtered to remove any impurities, and then packaged on our new automatic bottling line. food Via G. Carducci 17 Chiusano San Domenico 83040 AV Italy +39 0825 985095 +39 0825 985095 "Mr. Rosario De Marco" | " Mr. Joe Colella" Extra Virgin Olive Oil Azienda Agricola Mantenera di A.Subelli Our farm Azienda Agricola Mantenera was founded in 2014, guided by the desire to give a human dimension to our life. We therefore settled in our native region, to give a second chance to an old olive grove. We firmly believe that nature should not be forced by chemical or mechanical means. That's why all our products are grown and harvested by hand. Our products Mantenera extra virgin olive oil is not just an organic olive oil. It is the result of a work of conservation, tradition and innovation. The love and passion that guide us has given birth to a high quality product, internationally acclaimed. Awarded with a silver medal at the BIOL 2019, Mantenera extra virgin olive oil manages to combine taste and ecological culture. Since the virtues of the olive tree do not stop with those of its fruit, we have decided to also use the leaves of this majestic tree. Tis’Olivo is a range of herbal teas made from olive leaves, harvested by hand in the spring when the concentration of polyphenols is maximum. These are then dried at a very low temperature to preserve all the nutrients. Tis’Olivo are very pleasant herbal infusions with a delicate flavor. Our range includes three variants of herbal teas: Tis’Olivo Pure, Tis’Olivo Energy and Tis’Olivo Digest. At the base of these: olive leaves grown in the natural region of Basilicata, in southern Italy, preserved from all forms of pollution. Free of exciting substances, these infusions can be enjoyed during the day, both during meals and at bedtime. food Contrada Malcanale Snc Tricarico 75019 MT Italy 0039 3930553720 Elena Papa Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herbs Azienda Olearia Del Chianti Azienda Olearia del Chianti was founded in 1985 in Panzano in Chianti, in the heart of the Chianti disctrict.The secret of its success are determination, service, and a constant search for quality, as well as significant investments in state-of-the-art machinery. The company is certified IFS, BRC KPOSHER and implements ISO 9001:2008. We have a wide range of products: pure Olive oil, 100% italian, Mediterranean evoo, IGP Tuscany and Chianti Dop. Chianti Dop is the top of the Olive oil, a taste of luxury and a harmony of flavours. food VIA DEGLI ARTIGIANI 17 PANZANO IN CHIANTI 50020 FI Italy +39 335 269339/+39 055 8561614 055 852337, Olive Oil, Snacks Azienda Poggio Felice Srl Oil and wine vinegar: anchovies fillets, eggplants, olives, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, capers, vegetables, grilled vegetables, etc. food Via XXV Luglio, 263 Cava Dè Tirreni 84013 SA Italy +39 089 4454600 +39 089 4689213 Olive Oil, Wine Vinegar , Vegetables AZIENDA VINICOLA TALAMONTI S.R.L. Since 2001, Talamonti is a family-owned and operated winery, that has placed the Abruzzo Region under the spotlight with its premium value-driven award winning wines. Distributed in 50 countries, all wines are estate-bottled, produced sustainably, and include Italy’s top selling varietals. The wines are sold under 4 brands: Talamonti, Ilauri, Colle Corviano and Magnolia. In addition we are an established supplier of successful Private Labels to key customers around the world. We hold the following certifications for Food Safety: ISO 22.000, IFS, BRC. Our Sustainable production is certified SNQPI. Vegan friendly certification is in process. food CONTRADA PALAZZO SNC LORETO APRUTINO 65014 PE Italy +39.085.8289039 +39.085.8289047 Rodrigo Redmont Wine Aziende Agricole Scyavuru S.R.L. Aziende Agricole Scyavuru s.r.l. is located in Ribera, a small center in the province of Agrigento on the south coast of Sicily,  where the nature is orange and yellow coming from citrus gardens, the intense red of the strawberries, the bright green of the wild fennel and where the country side is dressed in flavors and colors, along with scents and flavors.   From here comes the choice of the name of the society: "Scyavuru", a declination of the Sicilian dialect, meaning “good smell”, “fragrance”.   A company born by the passion of a group of people joined together, as well as a bond of kinship, wedding the love for agriculture with the passion for food processing and the strong sense of respect for Sicilian traditions.   The main purpose of the company Scyavuru, specialized in the production of marmalades and jams,  is to exploit the own primary product having  high quality standards present on the local territory, acquired mainly from the associated companies, but also all over the Sicilian territory, in order to realize and put into the market an alimentary product, which is of an remarkable value, with unique fragrances and peculiarities, which can be distinguished from others by it’s flavour, taste and smell.   A laboratory of tastes and flavors where the production of fruits and vegetables is followed by a meticulous process for the preparation of conventional marmalades and jams, a range of jams without added sugar, using white grape juice instead of sucrose and also organic products, sweet spreadable creams, wine jellies, pesto, Sicilian tomato sauce  and extra Virgin Olive Oil. A lot of patience, dedication and just freshly harvested  fruits, cultivated without stress, following the normal rhythms of nature  lead us to  high quality products  based on simple recipes and craftsmanship without further additions. food Via Chiarenza 8 Ribera 92016 AG Italy +39092563297 Rosario Tortorici Spreads, Jams Aziende di Burana Aziende di Burana make Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and a special organic balsamic vinegar by using organic grapes and must. Aziende di Burana distribute traditional Italian foods (bio-foods) from organic agriculture; we sell and deliver all over Europe and worldwide too. As associated shareholders of a local cooperative devoted to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we have enlarged our range and customers can make purchases online with delivery to their door all over the world.   food Str. Bellaria, 356 S. Martino di Mugnano 41100 MO Italy +39 059 460546 +39 059 460271 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Organic Products, Sauces and Spreads BACHET SRL food Umberto I 15 Monzambano (MN) 46040 MN Italy +39 0376 809787 Barbi (Azienda Agricola) The Farm The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi originates from the Montello Estate, which the Barbi family purchased in 1975 after using a mètayage system since the early 1900’s. The following products can be obtained from the 33 hectare organic crops: an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the typical “Pici”, the delicious Tuscan Ceci Piccini and skinned Barley, ideal for soups. The complete traceability is displayed on the products’ packaging, which guarantees that the product has been obtained exclusively from farm crops.   Agritourism Immersed in the enchanting landscape of Val d’Orcia, surrounded by fascinating Art Cities and Thermal Baths, The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi was one of the first companies to start the agritourism activity. The Barbi House apartments, Montello 1 and Montello 2, are detached and comfortable. The old stable can host courses, conventions or banquets. They are easy to get to: Monticchiello, Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Bagno Vignoni, Chiusi, Cortona, Siena, San Gimignano, Arezzo, Perugia, the Trasimeno lake and the Amiata Mount. Extra Virgin Olive Oil From around 1100 olives it is possible to extract an Extra Virgin Olive Oil which “… at sight, it appears to have an intense gold yellow colour and slight green and clear hues. To the smell, it opens out in an elegant and harmonious manner, rich in green hues of fresh, green country herbs and a complex scent of unripe tomatoes. To the taste, it is refined and vegetable, characterized by fine notes of white fruits and artichoke and, to finish off, a distinctively bitter and spicy content. It is excellent when accompanied with raw meat carpaccio, seafood salad, legume soups, as well as grilled fish and poultry…” in addition, it is characterised by low acidity and a low number of peroxides. It is available in 0.75 lt bottles, 0.50 lt bottles, 0.25 lt bottles, 0.25 lt oil cruets and 5.00 lt demijohns.    Pici The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi was the first to use its own wheat for Pici; a kind of pasta similar to thick spaghetti, typical of Val d’Orcia. The high quality of the durum wheat grown in the farm and the low temperature drying and bronze drawing techniques have enabled to obtain a product that keeps intact all nutritional values and peculiarity, as well as the capability of holding in the sauce, whether it be meat or vegetable. Due to the product’s delicacy, the adoption of special cooking care is recommended. They are available in 500 gr and 250 gr packages.       Ceci Piccini  Grown by The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi on the “poor” fields Val d’Orcia, the Ceci Piccini  (or Cece Nostrale Piccolo), stand out as being smaller in diameter, smooth and almost round. After soaking them for exactly 12 hours, they can be cooked in water and salt until they become soft. If they are seasoned in the traditional way, with a splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a pinch of pepper, together with their cooking water, they delicately melt in your mouth, almost without making a hull, giving the sensation of an exquisite taste. They are available in 500 gr packages in a protective atmosphere.   Barley Cereal that has always been around in Val d’Orcia, Barley is grown by The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi for its strong adaptation capability to reduced organic farming techniques. Traditionally roasted to be used in drinks, or to make bread with flour, it is nowadays proposed by The Farm Azienda Agricola Barbi for its use in soups. It is excellent when slightly skinned as it preserves a fibre part and almost all nutritional elements.  It is available in 500 gr packages in protective atmosphere. food Pod. Montello, 26 Monticchiello 53020 SI Italy +39 0578 755149 +39 0578 755149 Pasta, Artisan Pasta, Barley, Chickpeas, Extra Virgin Olive Oil BASSO FEDELE E FIGLI S.R.L. SOCIETA' UNIPERSONALE BASSO FEDELE & FIGLI Srl is a Company operating in the production and packing of edible oils since 1904. It is a company with a business spread all over the World, exports covering about 80% of the whole turnover, attested on 80 million euros yearly. The Company is part of the Basso Invest Holding which also includes a Winary, a Catering Organization, an Energy Production a Logistics and a Farming Company BASSO FEDELE & FIGLI Srl exports to over 80 Countries worldwide, from the United States of America to Canada, from Australia to Japan, from Republic of South Africa to the Countries of the European Union, and many other areas of the five Continents. Production is focused on a vast range of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils, including Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Dressing based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but also significant is the production of all other edible oils such as Pure Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil,Sunflower Seed Oil, Peanut Oil, Corn Oil, Soy Bean Oil. Besides its house brand BASSO, and many other home brands, the Company packs a wide variety of Private Labels, most of which are property of prestigious groups from overseas. The number of total brands packed is around 120 on an estimate. Headquarter and production plant are located in Campania Region in a small town called San Michele di Serino, a few miles away from Avellino, the county main city. The plant extends on a surface area of about 14.500m², and in the same location, BASSO also runs an Olive Pressing Mill for the production of selected Cold Extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil from seedless Olives. The plant is located in a very strategic and economically convenient position, short distance from both Ports of Napoli and Salerno, and this makes inner road transportation of the goods very easy and fast, keeping BASSO very competitive on the Global market. The national market spreads both through the Distribution Channel and through the small retailers. The Exports rely on a wide network made of agents, distributors and importers, and it is followed by an internal Export Team made of highly specialized professionals, expert on foreign trade and passionate at work. Packing is performed following the dictations of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system procedure for food safety. The Company is certified ISO by DNV, since December 1999. Running ISO certifications are ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2004, ISO 22000/2005. In 2001, BASSO was awarded with the BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification confirmed at “grade A” level at all of the following Audits. In 2007 the IFS (International Food Standard) was also awarded with “Higher Level”. Latest achievements are SA 8000 Ethical Standard Certification released by DNV, Walmart Standard, and SEDEX Platform. With reference to specific branches of its products, the company is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union in New York, and Halal Italia. Other product certifications refer to Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In this respect, the Company is in the position to meet the most advanced requirements of its Customers, and to attest itself as one of the first exporter of this product abroad. Basso Organic products are certified by the European Authorities under the EC Regulations (CE 834/2007) and also comply to the Japanese Agricultural Standard ( JAS ) and the US National Organic Program ( NOP ), to the Canadian Organic Regime ( COR ). food Via Nocelleto 46 San Michele di Serino 83020 AV Italy +39 328 9844534 +39 0825 595771 Antonio De Dominicis Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Pomace Oil, Flavored Oils, Grape Seed Oil, Rice Oil, Oil Other, Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, Peanuts BBA Fiberweb Tecnofibra SpA Production: Spunlace nonwoven for wet wipes and industrial applications. BBA Fiberweb is one of the world’s largest international groups in the nonwovens business, with leading positions in hygiene, medical, technical and industrial markets. Using a wide variety of raw materials, BBA Fiberweb™ offers a complete range of modern nonwoven products, from spunbond, meltblown, hydro-entangled, airlaid and carded nonwovens to sophisticated multidenier fabrics and complex laminates and composites.  non food Via Dante, 75 Carbonate 22070 CO Italy +39 0331 83601 +39 0331 836060 Cloths, Textiles BBS SpA BBS is a “Family Company” established in 1979 by Giorgio Sangiorgi in the productive and virtuous heart of Emilia Romagna, where it still maintains its headquarters, which have been recently renewed and expanded. The Sangiorgi family, through the efforts of the current Chairwoman, Linda Sangiorgi, who is actively involved in running the business, using its passion to make a difference which, over the years, has led BBS to become a leader in the markets in which it operates. BBS has been creating consumer products for more than 30 years, focusing its activities in six manufacturing industries - party goods, plastic tableware,wrapping paper, baby care, kitchen accessories and home care items - while maintaining the inspiration of its core values of quality, eco-sustainability and the creation of customer value. Today BBS has an international presence in 36 countries,with a portfolio of approximately 5,700 articles and over 100 employees. non food Via Viazza, 3043 San Cesario sul Panaro 41018 MO Italy +39 059 950 701 +39 059 950 713 Tabl Beautiful Cosmetics Srl Our story dates back to 50 years ago. Make-up production is our passion and this has made us a flexible and dynamic company. Beautiful Cosmetics take a careful look to quick market evolution and trends: our Research and Development Department is capable of finding advanced technical solutions and anticipating customers modern needs. At Beautiful Cosmetics starts from a good selection of raw material. All our products undergo rigorous microbiological tests. The wide range of our products allows us to offer successful solutions for all needs of our customers. We are continuously increasing our demand on domestic and export markets. Timing response and quality are the bases of our success. Our packaging department guarantees also a quick and high-quality packaging and labeling. non food Via Vittorio Veneto, 47/49 Pianengo 26010 CR Italy +39 0373 750285 +39 0373 750221 Cosmetic Products, Beauty Care Products Beauty & business SpA socio unico non food VIA CISERANO SNC OSIO SOTTO 24046 BG Italy +39 035 4197798 Giovanni Picone BELLEI LUIGI e FIGLI SRL Acetaia Bellei stands out as a higher quality producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena dedicated to the production of a unique and inimitable product thanks to the respect of the most rigorous quality standards and the careful selection of raw materials, only Italian and from selected local suppliers. Since the 19th century the Bellei family managed Lambrusco vineyards and the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Over time it has remained faithful to the production of aged and high density vinegars, distinguishing itself first on the Italian territory and then on the international one. Masters in the production of Balsamic Vinegar, Acetaia Bellei made the rigorous choice of dedicating itself wisely and exclusively to Balsamic Vinegar, concentrating on it the entire collection. The attention and care for the product are also reflected in the entrepreneurial style of Acetaia Bellei: the majority female ownership is sensitive to issues of environmental and social sustainability. The production processes are totally powered by solar energy and Acetaia Bellei has adopted an ethical code that regulates its action in the community it belongs to and on the markets. food Via Nuova 55/c Casoni di Ravarino 41017 MO Italy +39 059909111 Giulia Casarini, Condiments, Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Bergen Srl This historic company began doing business in 1964 and, since then, it has constantly evolved over the years, paying maximum attention and observing proper timing to technology and trends in the “AEROSOL” sector and related products. Today, our company is ever more attentive to the needs of our qualified European customers by offering a wide variety of finished products that bear our logo as a result of a partnership for third-party packaging and “Private Label.”   non food Via Roma, 90 Castel d'Azzano 37068 VR Italy +39 045 512090 +39 045 512777 Beauty Care Products, Toiletries, Automotive Care, Household Products, Aerosol Products, Insecticides, Hair Care BERTAGNI 1882 S.P.A. Founded in 1882 in Bologna, Italy by Luigi Bertagni. Bertagni is the oldest filled pasta producer in Italy and today, as always, Bertagni products are made according to classic recipes of Italian regional cooking.   Our products contain no artificial ingredients, and we use carefully selected, top quality cheeses, vegetables and made with 30% egg in the pasta.   Bertagni packs for the most recognized Private Label brands, and we specialize in top tier private label products.   QUALITY ASSURANCEBRC Approved - Higher Level IFS Approved - Higher Level Approved for US Armed Forces Procurement BIOs WCA food Viale Sant’Agostino, 13 Arcugnano 36057 VI Italy +39 0444 289241 +39 0444 289054 John Borah/Filippo Viero Ravioli, Tortelloni, Raviolini, Frozen Products, Gnocchi, Artisan Pasta BHB ITALIA SRL The key product of BHB is the sponge cake, in both sweet and salty version and also gluten free. All our products are made with quality raw materials certified and constantly checked by verification tests. food Via Luigi Negrelli 4 Paese, Frazione Castagnole 31038 TV Italy +39 042 21724585 +39 042 21724547 Baked Goods BIA S.P.A. Bia SPA is known in the market as The CousCous Specialist, aiming at offering the best products in nutritional, organoleptic and healthy terms. This philosophy gives birth to a wide range of Bia CousCous Lines: organic and conventional, gluten-free, proteic, rich in fibers, dedicated to children and 100% Italian production chain certified. Quality, flexibility and constant innovation are three of the features that identify the company nationally and internationally. Founded in 2004, Bia exports its CousCous in 50 countries all over the world, thanks to a structure based on 5 production lines, 1 factory entirely dedicated to gluten-free products, 8 packaging lines and over 70 highly qualified employees. food S/S Adriatica 1/A ARGENTA 44011 FE Italy 00390532804917 00390532310948 Couscous BIBITE POLARA S.R.L. Bibite Polara produces soft drinks in Sicily since 1953. Bibite Polara became in over 60 years one of the most important beverage industry-realities in Italy. It offers to the customers soft drinks of high quality that express the genuineness of the selected ingredients, the tradition of the ancient artisanal recipes, using modern and efficient equipment that can guarantee technical security and distributive efficaciousness. food C.da Margi snc Modica 97015 RG Italy 0039 0932941525 0039 0932753829 Giuseppe Polara Bio Gargano di Urbano Ivano Bio Gargano combines passion, tradition and new technologies to make bakery products with a modern touch. We offer quality products typical of our rich land: Gargano. In every stage of processing, from the selection of raw ingredients to the packaging, we act in full respect of the Environment and Environmental Sustainability. Raw Ingredients Our products are 100% Bio Certified and we use local raw ingredients available in the short supply chain (Farm to Table) such as: Flours, EVO Oil, Wine, Almonds, Flavors and various Seeds. Baking For the baking we use Pellet ovens. Pellet is a high-yield ecological fuel obtained from waste materials such as sawdust and carpentry processes (which in this way are enhanced) thus avoiding the felling of whole trees. Pellet combustion has a zero environmental impact since there are no additives and / or chemicals inside. Packaging The packs of our products are Biodegradable and Plastic Free so they can be thrown in the wet. The compostable material they are made of is Cellulose Pulp derived from sustainable forests. food via crisetti antonio 39/41 San Giovanni Rotondo 71013 FG Italy +39 3291188344 Ivano Urbano Biscotti, Biscuits, Organic Breadsticks, Yeast Free Breadsticks, Bruschetta Bio Organica Italia Srl Bio Organica Italia is today one of the leading companies in Europe for the production of 100% ORGANIC and BIODYNAMIC Italian Olives and Antipasti. For over 20 years we grow in our fields in Italy (around 200 hectares of 100% organic soil) and we process in our industrial establishments only organic and biodynamic products (mainly olives, artichokes and tomatoes). Approximately 2500 tons as total production of goods processed per year in our plants. We supply some of the most important Organic and Conventional supermarket chain in UE and North America. food SP 65 snc Cerignola 71042 FG Italy 0885842793 +390885890282 Francesca Scaringi Organic Vegetables, Organic Pasta Sauces BIOCHIMICA - S.P.A. Biochimica Nuovi Detergenti Srl was founded in 1969, and later became Biochimica SpA. The company’s rapid growth was ensured by the success of brands like Scansafatiche, Limonello Piatti, Lucentiere Acciaio, Mangiacalcare, Bellacasa, Soft, Lanolene, Hoblò Lavatrice, Candeggio, Biocasa and Bioform. With their great effectiveness and excellent value for money, these products soon obtained the approval of an ample number of consumers. Between the 1990s and 2002, Biochimica developed significantly, creating its own integrated and autonomous production system: in 1991 the merger with Propack Srl made it possible to start independently designing and producing packaging materials; in 2002 a substantial investment was made in a spray drying system, allowing Biochimica to enter the market of powder detergents. These were challenging but nevertheless strategic choices, necessary to become a firmly established industrial group in the field of cleaning and detergent products.Since then Biochimica has grown constantly, winning increasingly greater market shares until it is now one of the most important companies fully owned by Italian private capital that works with its own industrial brands. With the creation of umbrella brands – Soft, Limonello, Scansafatiche – and the positive reputation acquired with effective distribution policies and carefully targeted marketing strategies, Biochimica products occupy excellent positions in several merchandise categories, just behind those of the multinationals and distinguished by quality, image and brand recognition. non food Via Roma, 49 Zola Predosa 40069 BO Italy +39051755269 +39051752707 Detergents Bioslym Srl Bioslym is part of Royal Wessanen group and produces vegetable drinks, creams and desserts processing soy, rice, oat, almond. Bioslym sells its products through the company of the group with their own brands and by itself with its brand or private label All the products can be organic or conventional. food Via dei Tigli Viadana 46019 MN Italy +39 0375 782256 Vegetable Drinks, Desserts Biosport Italia Srl Biosport was born from experience and continuous innovation in its field, sports medicine, to ensure quality and safety of products to athletes and those who love sport. In the market since 1991, Biosport is a symbol of guarantee and avant-garde in Italy and abroad. The range of products is studied for amateurs or sport professionals - instant cold pack, cold spray and hot/cold reusable gel pad - sports accessories - whistles, strategic board game, mouth guard, energy drinks - sportsbag, bandages and tapes , massage oils and creams before/after the competition, and also protections and supports. Our vast catalogue is designed to meet precise and specialized target. Biosport also customizes and manufactures the products under customers brand, in order to satisfy all needs for Mass Market – Sport – Medical – Dental – Promotional – Pharmacies – Vet field. Our products comply with the European standard 93/42/EEC, medical devices in addition to Cosmetics regulations. non food Via E. Fermi, 11 Veggiano 35030 PD Italy +39 049 9002680 Anchalee Renna First Aid Products, Sport Medicine Birra Castello SpA Birra Castello SpA is one of the few independent Italian entrepreneurial groups in the brewery sector. Since 2006 the San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine) plant has been added to the historical one of Pedavena (Belluno), founded in 1897. Today the company is present on the market with the brands Birra Castello, Fabbrica di Pedavena, Superior and Birra Dolomiti . The experience and know-how of over one hundred years of tradition have been revisited by the new management in the light of modern management and control techniques. food Via E. Fermi, 42 S. Giorgio di Nogaro 33058 UD Italy +39 0431626811 +39 0431626833 Biscottificio Verona Srl Dear Sirs, We would like to introduce our Company – Biscottificio Verona s.r.l. – located in Legnago/Verona/Italy. We are leading seller of Lady fingers, macaroons, sugared/glazed puff pastries and other kinds of cookies since 1984. The quality of our products is guaranteed by using only the best raw materials and by the advanced technology used in our production lines. We are selling our products worldwide and would be pleased to serve you. Please feel free to contact us in case of needs. We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require. food VIA PICCINATO 4 LEGNAGO 37045 VR Italy 00390442603049 00390442602998 Biscuits Bisioprogetti spa Member of Guala Group, Bisioprogetti is a 25 years experienced Company, operating in mould manufacturing and packaging research, now playing a key role as a coffee capsules producer. Its Nespresso Compatible capsule Clickcaps, is largely appreciated for its patented design and technology. non food via Enzo Ferrari, 49, Zona Industriale D3 Alessandria 15121 Italy 0039 0131244473 0039 01312444466 Bm Gastronomia Srl Ready meals, fresh and frozen gastronomical specialities, hors d'oeuvre (appetizer), fish or meat main courses, sauces, mayonnaise, pesto, basil sauce. food Via E. Cabassa, 1 S. Polo di Torrile 43056 PR Italy +39 0521 813723 +39 0521 813661 Frozen Ready Meals, Pasta Frozen Entrees, Pesto, Ready Made Meals, Lasagna BMC S.R.L. BMC - SANTORO CONSERVE was born from the passion of the Santoro Brothers for the culinary traditions of Sicily, to the rediscovery of the scents and flavours of a generous land. Our company covers both Retail and Food Service worlds. We offer excellent raw ingredients processed in order to obtain the authentic flavour of a homemade product. Contact us to discover our best sellers! food Via Boscamento S.n. Castiglione di Sicilia 95012 CT Italy +39 0942 986022 +39 0942 986022 Pesto, Sauces, Spreads, Mushrooms Bocon Srl Bocon was founded in 1987 and currently employs nearly one hundred people in its production sites in Pieve di Soligo, an hour’s drive north of Venice.   In these thirty-three years our mission has been to provide our clients with the best typical recipes of the traditional Italian gastronomy, while constantly innovating our range to stay tuned to new food trends and meet the requirements of a modern, healthy diet with an attention to clean labels and to an accurate selection of raw materials. Today, the company operates in over 10 coutries worldwide, with a strategy of continuous improvement of its production means. Certifications: BRC IFS food Via Montello, 72 Pieve di Soligo 31053 TV Italy +39 0438 980130 +39 0438 980668 Frozen Specialties, Frozen Vegetable Entrees, Frozen Pasta Entrees, Frozen Risotto, Frozen Pizza, Frozen Desserts Bonfanti Srl Bonfanti was found in 1969, expanding rapidly in the market of home cleaning articles with synthetic sponges and abrasive fibers branded BV.  non food Via G. Matteotti, 2178 Larciano 51036 PT Italy +39 0573 84177 +39 0573 84457 Sponges BONOLIO S.A.S. DI MICHELE BONO E F.LLI Bonolio was founded in 1934 and has always been run by the Bono family who has been in the olive oil business since then. Today Bonolio is the largest producer and trader of P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) Val di Mazara SICILY, P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) SICILIA, and one of the biggest Italian producer and trader of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The plant is certified by DNV on quality system Iso 9001, BRC, and IFS. food C.da Bordea Sciacca 92019 AG Italy +39092584500 +39092586778 Salvatore Bono, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bono USA Inc. Bonomi SpA BONOMI S.p.A. established its modern facility and initiated its extensive industrial production in 1970. However, the tradition of producing fine confectionary products dates back to the middle of the 19th century (1850) when the great grandfathers of the current owners opened their first bakery, making bread in the mountains of Verona. Located in the beautiful Roverè Veronese mountains at approximately 900 meters above sea level, the Bonomi S.p.A. operates in a 20.000 square meters modern facility with 120 full time experienced employees, contributing to the socio-economic development of the Lessinia region. Due to the fine quality of its products Bonomi S.p.A. has experienced a constant increase in demand for its confectionary products that has led to a huge investment in equipment, changing from two to five automated ultra-modern and state-of-the-art massive ovens, high tech robotics in the packaging area and automatic palletization in the warehouse. Bonomi S.p.A. was also one of the first industrial facility to install a totally computerised dry (sugar, flour, starch) and liquid (eggs, egg-white, water, glucose syrup) raw materials storage system and has its own inner laboratory to check and analyse all the incoming raw materials and the end-products as well. Bonomi S.p.A. has been also  accredited UNI EN ISO 9001, BRC Grade A and IFS Higher Level. food Via Vazzi, 7 Roveré Veronese 37028 VR Italy +39 045 6509300 +39 045 6509350 Baked Products, Organic Products, Confectionary, Cookies, Desserts, Organic Cookies, Cakes Bontà Lucane Srl Bakery products: focaccine, bruschettine, bocconcini, sfogliette, taralli. All in various flavors. food Via I Maggio, 26 Matera 75100 MT Italy +39 0835 388384 +39 0835 388375 Snacks, Crackers, Baked Products BPK Packaging Pack 4.0 for stronger and more communicative brands: As suppliers for the entire packaging chain, we meet companies needs in terms of quality, service, cost effectiveness, consultancy and logistics. With five division we supply the food chain: - Flexibles - Paper Bags - Plastics - Labels - Media non food PD Italy Food Packaging Brazzale SpA Brazzale Group is a leader in Italy in the production of butter and cheese. It covers the entire chain from breading to production, seasoning and packaging.  Based in Zanè (Vicenza) where butter dairy “Burro delle Alpi” and seasoning warehouses are located, at our Campodoro and Monte di Malo’s plants Grana Padano, Asiago, Provolone Valpadana and the new entry Verena are produced. In Moravia, a wonderful rural area in the norther Alps, Gran Moravia, a long seasoning cheese certified “Halal”, is produced according to the highest level of quality and technological standards. food Via Pasubio, 2 Zanè 36010 VI Italy +39 0445 313900 +39 0445 313991 Butter, Dairy Products, Cheese Brescialat SpA Stracchino, Crescenza, Grana Padano, Parmiggiano Reggiano, Taleggio, Robiola, Gorgonzola, organic products, Italian speciality cheeses (D.O.P.). food Via Castellana, 1/A Chiari 25032 BS Italy +39 030 7009878 +39 030 7000197 Cheese Bruno Biavati Snc BRUNO BIAVATI started the production of brooms and brushes in 1950 as a small industry and, following the market trend, it kept growing steadily. In 1979 the company moved to its present location and enlarged its space to the current size of 2000 mq. In 1992, owing to the sudden death of the sole owner, Mr. Bruno Biavati, the company was changed from a Proprietorship into a Copartnership. The manufacturing activity was continued and augmented by the son, Mr. Roberto Biavati, now the Sole Administrator of the company that nevertheless maintained the name of the father and founder: Bruno Biavati snc. Today, BRUNO BIAVATI company extends its distribution network to wholesalers and the most prestigious distribution chains both in Italy and abroad. non food Via della Tecnica, 29 S. Lazzaro di Savena 40068 BO Italy +39 051 6256490 +39 051 6258516 Brooms, Brushes, Housewares Bruschi Borgatorio Srl Bruschi Borgotaro Srl has been synonymous with quality and a guarantee for its clients since 1890. Through the years, the continually growing consumer approval has made the “Bruschi” brand  one of the national leaders in the dried Mushroom’s sector as well as for Mushrooms in olive oil. food Via Caduti del Lavoro, 5 Borgo Val di Taro Borgo Val di Tar PR Italy +39 0525 96430 +39 0525 90494 Jarred Vegetables, Dried Mushrooms Buona Compagnia Gourmet SpA Buona Compagnia Gourmet gathers in the same group the experience of two historical production plants: one is based in Quinto di Treviso and is the leader in the production of potato gnocchi, made only with fresh potatoes. The other one, based in Savona, has been an excellent exponent of the Genovese Pesto, realized following the best tradition of Liguria, and many other tasteful sauces, dressings and gastronomic preparations. food Via C. Cantù, 1 Milano 20123 MI Italy 0422470610, 019264113 Pesto, Gnocchi, Pasta, Sauces C.G. Salumi Srl Tradition, Innovation, Quality and Safety. These are the four pillars on which we build our way of working. These values, on which CG Salumi bases its business philosophy, are the heredity left by a story begun more than thirty years ago in Parma, in the heart of the Italian Food Valley with the production of one of the most excellent products of the Italian cold meats range: Parma ham. Since then, thanks to our matured experience in the treatment of pork meat, attention and enthusiasm in production, features typical of a company with its origins in the Tradition, have always been guaranteed. food Via Renzo Pezzani Langhirano 43013 PR Italy +39 0521 857265 +39 0521 858698 Cured Meats, Deli Meats, Prosciutto C.R.M. Srl C.R.M. is over thirty years old and has prospered thanks to the joint experience of Renzo Montagnani and Carla Rebecchi. The letters make up the logo stem from C. for Carla and Cristiano, R. for Renzo and M. for Montagnani.  "C.R.M. A tradition for goodness" is because the technical skills of Renzo continue to make possible the industrialization of the artisan skills of Carla (the inspiring heart of the Company, with its initial production of hand-made tigellas and piadina) and keep alive "all the flavors of tradition".  TASTE AND QUALITY, which only artisan production is able to enhance, are still the same as they always were despite the fact that high-output machinery is now used.  C.R.M. products are truly inimitable; to the extent that they are tastier than those made by hand. Today, it is very important to let end consumers know this in a concrete, synthetic and effective way. A direct, photographic tale, with all the fragrance of extra-thin Piada Sfogliata. A joy for the eyes and palate!  C.R.M. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of tigellas and piadina. Established in 1974 by Carla Rebecchi and Renzo Montagnani, the company has undergone a gradual change over the years until today it incorporates all the flavors of centuries-old tradition.  food Via Massarenti, 45 Modena 41100 MO Italy +39 059 312112 +39 059 312344 Baked Products C.S.C. SOCIETA' COOPERATIVA Founded in 1963, CSC is the 2nd Italian company established for the production of brooms, brushes, floor-brushes, plastic cloth pegs, and lint roll brushes. Our factory has a surface area of approximately 6000 m3 where manufacture 5 million units per year of brooms and brushes and 10 million units of lint roller brushes with 10 machines. These items are sold both under private label and our own brand names: CSC - I Prodotti di Marisa, TP – IDEE PER LA CASA AND MAXNOVA. Our range is constantly monitored through research and development for the use of alternative materials. We also look for new solutions to enrich our final products for their functionality, design and environmental safeguards, such as our new REMAKE recycled line. CSC invests also in quality, ethics, customers and image. Certifications: Quality System ISO 9001-2000 (reg. Nr. 1688).” and Social Accountability System Certification 8000:2001” CSC donates to the ABO Project for cancer research. For more information, please visit non food Via Della Meccanica, 1 San Cesario Sul Panaro 41018 MO Italy +39 059 952611 +39 059 952670 Brooms, Lint Removers, Clothespins, Dust Pans, Buckets, Bathroom Brushes CA.DIS.SRL Cadis s.r.l. works in the production and manufacturing of alimentary wrapping paper:  aluminum foil, plastic-food-wrap and oven paper, in rolls, for domestic and professional use, freezer bags and ice cubes forming bags, aluminum trays with and without lid for catering and industrial market. non food Via Alcide de Gasperi, 31 - C/da Corso Z.I. San Marco Argentano 87018 CS Italy +39 0984 522482 +39 0984 522483, Disposable Storage Products, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Baking moulds and packaging, Freezer Bags Cafe Do Brasil SpA The history of Café do Brasil is one of the great Italian success stories which began in Naples in the 1950s.  Café do Brasil with its brand name caffè KIMBO scored its early commercial success in the area around Naples in the 1970s by creating a high quality product that best expresses that special Neapolitan taste in coffee.  Kimbo products met with such success so that by 1994 Café do Brasil had become the second largest Italian roaster, changing the taste of the average Italian consumer who has become more and more appreciative of genuine Neapolitan espresso. Other Italian roasters have launched their own “Neapolitan Style” blends, following in the footsteps of Cafè do Brasil.   In the past few years Café do Brasil has been present on the international market, reaping success after success and winning over a fast growing number of consumers in the five continents. food Via Appia Km 22,648 Melito di Napoli 80017 NA Italy +39 081 7011200 +39 081 7018319 Espresso Coffee, Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee CAFFEGIORDANO DI GIORDANO PAOLA & C. S.A.S. Siamo un'azienda italiana con sede in provincia di Salerno ,commercializziamo caffè con prodotti in cialde,cialde in carta compostabile, cialde di caffè speciali (caffè nocciola, cioccolato, caramello, ginseng, pistacchio,vaniglia,cannella,sambuca), cialde d’orzo,te e tisane ,capsule di caffè compatibili, caffè tostato macinato per moka, caffè tostato in grani, drip coffee . L’esperienza e la consolidata professionalità di chi opera da tempo, è la garanzia che il piacere di CAFFEGIORDANO si accompagna sempre ad un servizio attento e cordiale, perché l’obiettivo è quello di diffondere l’arte e la cultura del caffè partenopeo nel mondo. Per noi la passione è l’ingrediente prelibato dell’eccellenza!!! food VIA A.VESPUCCI SNC PONTECAGNANO FAIANO 84098 SA Italy 0892962088 0892962088 PAOLA GIORDANO Coffee Pods, Coffee, Capsules Callipo Gelateria Srl Producers of premium Italian Gelato made with Dairy fresh ingredients and the best raw materials obtained in their lands of origin and used in huge percentages. Specialties: Tartufi di Pizzo, Tubs from 100 % Natural flavours to indulgent Italian flavours to Vegan flavours, frozen Gelato cakes and foodservice bulks intended for all distribution channels. food Via Riviera Prangi 156 Pizzo 89812 VV Italy + 39.0963 9962100 + 39.0963 9962407 Federica Abbonante - Giacomo Cinelli Gelato, Ice Cream CALUGI S.R.L. Calugi S.r.l., founded by Stefania Calugi, started in 1987 as fresh truffle wholesaler. Even today, Stefania selects the product from a network of trusted truffles hunters. The company mission is to promote the territory of Tuscany and to develop the local supply chain, with the aim of building a set of excellent Made in Italy foods. Calugi takes care rigorously both of raw materials and processing. The constant technological innovation allows for the highest quality control, traceability and consumer protection. Food safety is assured by the respect of EU standards and regulations as well as by the intrinsic characteristics of food processing, often based on pasteurization and/or sterilization. Calugi S.r.l. enjoys also several voluntary certifications and authorizations, like the British IFS (International Food Standard) and the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the Halal certification and the BIO certification . The catalogue is composed by more than 150 references: the common denominator of all recipes is given by a combination of Tuscan tradition and modernity. The result is a fusion of genuine ancient regional flavour and creativity. food VIA CERBIONI 38 CASTELFIORENTINO 50051 FI Italy 0571672185 STEFANIA CALUGI Truffle Oil, Vegetables, Artichokes, Sauces and Spreads, Risotto, Butter , Honey, Organic Products CAMARDO S.P.A. The history of our company spans four generations and starts when Mr. Bartolomeo Camardo, during a journey in South America, learns the secrets of coffee culture. The opening of his artisanal coffee roasting boutique dates back to 1951, and today the factory in Campobasso covers 20.000 sqm. It was Mr. Bartolomeo Camardo who started the tradition, carried on successfully by his sons and Giuseppe and Felice. The entire production chain is monitored with passion and dedication, starting from the accurate green coffee selection, to the slow and attentive roasting process, to the skilful blending process, until our 14 packaging lines. The single origins of our coffee blends come from the best coffee producers in the world. Our product range is divided into Ho.Re.Ca., Retail, Coffee Pods and Compatible Capsules, Camardo System and Gourmet Products. Particular attention has always been paid to the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, addressee of our Academia Master Baristi® training. Always paying attention to innovations, the recent successes of Baya Roja projects, Selected Arabica Single Origins, and of our organic coffee, represent pleasant and concrete results of our quality’s work, always done with experience. Tradition, passion, excellence, respect, human relationships, these are the values in which our company believes and that we put in our daily work. All this is enclosed in every cup of Camardo coffee. food via Bartolomeo Camardo 2 2 Ripalimosani 86025 CB Italy 087461717 PIERLUIGI MARINELLI CAMPO D'ORO S.r.l. For over 35 years the Campo D’Oro company has been producing in Sicily, vegetable and fish preserves of high gastronomy. Restoring a family tradition that has been dedicated to the production of preserves for 3 generations. Campo d’Oro is located in the heart of the Sicilian countryside, in an uncontaminated environment, away from sources of smog and noise where nature, scents and colors combine. Where, the raw materials are processed in an artisanal way as soon as they are picked, without any chemical additives and dyes. The company, since 2010, has adopted a certified quality system Iso 9001 Iso 22000 BRC and IFS and uses a technologically advanced laboratory to meet any need. Almost all the processed products come from the family farm for which we take care of both the choice of seeds and the right degree of ripeness. Our offer includes 152 specialties divided into three lines: Campo d’Oro, Villa Reale and Villa Reale Supreme. Campo D’oro exports its excellence all over the world from Europe to the United States, from the Arab Emirates to Japan. Since 2010, we have founded Campo d’Oro Usa, to push ourselves further into the American market, to be increasingly present and to be able to make a more widespread distribution in the US market. A single principle defines Campo d’Oro: the constant search for excellence. While the dedication to the good becomes a constant commitment!   food Contrada Scunchipane c.p. 125 Sciacca 92019 AG Italy +39 0925 80100 +39 0925 80089 Paolo Licata Antipasto Vegetables, Sauces and Spreads, Canned Vegetables, Appetizers, Pesto, Tomato Sauce, Spreads, Jams, Sauces, Salt, Chocolate Spread CAMPO D'ORO USA INC. Cannillo Srl Cannillo  is an Italian company located in the South of Italy who produces breakfast cereals and is considered the third most important Brand in Italy. We produce all of the most important breakfast cereals, covering all the necessities such as: tasty chocolate cereals for kids to cereals dedicated to wellness containing Low Fat and minimal calories but rich in fiber! Our production also includes Gluten free cereals for kids and adults. An important characteristic of our Corn flakes, which are made by extrusion, is they are certified by the DNV bureau as “GMO FREE  PRODUCT". Meaning a “Natural” product made with simple and certified Ingredients!!! Our company is open to all kinds of business and “Private Label cooperation” is well accepted!!! food Via Varderuolo, 4 Corato 70033 BA Italy +39 080 8988013 +39 080 8721220 Cereal, Cereal Bars Cannone Industria Alimentare Srl Cannone s.r.l. Enterprise transforms and markets typical products from the Puglia region, by using local home-made and handicraft tradition while adopting modern methods of working. Raw materials are carefully selected and strictly controlled in our company’s laboratories for the production of quality goods. The final product is packaged using highly technological plants that insure optimal preservation. The store’s management is such that enables a fast and rational product turn around that warrants the most freshness. food Via R. Tamma, Z.I. Cerignola 71042 FG Italy +39 0885 413638 +39 0885 415232 Vegetables, Canned Vegetables, Jarred Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Antipasto Vegetables, Legumes CANTINE EUROPA - SOCIETA' COOPERATIVA AGRICOLA Table Wine production food SS 115 Km 42 400 Petrosino 91020 TP Italy +39 09 23 96 16 32 Cantore di Castelforte Luigi Cantore di Castelforte Company, solely owned by the Marquis Cantore di Castelforte and located in Manduria, includes 600 hectares, most of them devoted to the cultivation of Primitivo di Manduria wine and olive trees, and 4 farms between the provinces of Taranto and Ecce. They produce an average of 25,000 quintals of wine per year, which means, eventually, 3,000,000 bottles. The goal is to bring to the market 100% of bottled product. There are also 1,500 quintals of extra virgin olive oil. Cantore di Castelforte Farms is comprised of the following: - Centonze Farm - Tre Torri Farm - Mazzetta Farm - Cicimaia Farm - Wine making Company in Manduria (Taranto) The farms have their own bottled products with a brand new label. They specialize in the production of excellent red wines and extra-virgin olive oil. The wine Primitivo Donna Maria was awarded at the world known exhibition of Vinitaly (Verona), editions 2002 and 2003 and also at “The International Wine And Spirits Competition 2003” in London.   food Viale Piceno, 12 Manduria 74024 TA Italy +39 099 9735373 +39 099 9793120 Red Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, Wine, Rose Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Canuti Tradizione Italiana Srl Producer of fresh frozen pasta, which includes filled pasta, short pasta, long pasta, oven ready lasagna, cannelloni and frozen gnocchi. Egg pasta (5 eggs per kg) made with wheat flour “00” and durum-wheat semolina. Carefully selected raw materials, without the addition of food coloring or preservatives. All egg pasta is bronze wire drawn, which ensures the necessary characteristic roughness to perfectly absorb sauces and condiments. Certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, BRC Global Standards for Food Safety, IFS International Food Standard, compliance with HACCP standards. food Via Sassonia, 16 Rimini 47922 RN Italy +39 0541 740102 +39 0541 741018 Egg Pasta, Filled Pasta, Frozen Pasta, Lasagna, Frozen Products, Gnocchi CAP Cartotecnica Pratovecchio di Bonini Srl Cap Cartotecnica Pratovecchio was established in 1968, as a result of the experience gained in the entrepreneurial field by its founder, Remo Bonini. Today, Cap is considered as one of the leading companies in the field of disposable products for Ho.Re.Ca and Consumer needs. Cap has successfully operated in this field for years thanks to the flexibility and quality of the range of products offered. Innovation and professionalism: these have always been the key words expressed since the beginning of the company by its founder, and also by the later generations of the Bonini family. With the same humility and devotion, this became the inspiring principle of each action taken in the maintenance and development of their business. We are producer of tablecloths paper in roll and format, we print ourself all color or fantasy, we can produce also with plastic over or under the paper. We can carry out any kind of “PRIVATE LABEL” processing on behalf of third parties with customers logos. non food Via Fiumicello n. 18 Pratovecchio 52015 AR Italy +39(0)575583928 +39(0)575582756 Paper Products Capiplast Srl High Quality Houseware Products for Daily Use, Which Combine Aesthetics and Functionality; Exclusively Italian Production and Design. non food Via Serraglio 17/B Imola 40026 BO Italy 0542 641962 0542 40224 Housewares, Household Products Carlino Srl The Carlino s.r.l. Has been present in the market by four generations in the field of conservation, processing and marketing of fish products. The optimal climate for the seasoning of preserved fish typical of South West Sicily, the exclusive use of mediterranean basin fish that stands out for its aroma, luster and fragrance, tradition, experience and love for This work, they still do today that the Carlino company a major point of reference in the fish industry. The name Carlino evokes images of a family who has always loved the sea. The passion for business is based on values and traditions that have remained unchanged over time and have been handed down from father to son. The company Carlino s.r.l. Produces anchovy fillets in oil, anchovy pasta, salted anchovies, marinated anchovy fillets, sardines fillets in oil and anchovy juice. The fish used, is renowned for its excellent flavor, for its freshness and brightness. Is processed fresh to preserve nutritional values, quality and organoleptic characteristics according to the rigid controls of our quality system. The name Carlino has always been renowned in the market for its exceptional ability to innovate. Living example was the new patented "FLOWER OF ANCHOVY" packaging, which the company included in the production in 2015. food C/da Bordea Z.I. Sciacca 92019 AG Italy 092521960 092582850 Fish ORSINI INC. Cartiera Pasquini Srl Cartiera Pasquini paper mill was founded 1927 and is a leading company for tissue papers, completely produced with recycled materials, in respect of nature and the environment. Our papers range in size from 22 to 50 grammature. The paper is mainly for industry use for wrapping, filling up, and intercalete. Standard sizes are 75x100 - 50x75 - 37x50 - 55x75 - 40x43 - 40x60 - 60x75 - 37x60 - 42x60 etc. Packaging is available in boxes or wrapped with strong craftpaper in 10-12.5-15-20-25 kg. non food Via Letizia, 52 Bagni di Lucca 55021 LU Italy +39 0583 87274 +39 0583 867728 Stationery, Paper Products, Napkins CASA DEL GELATO SRL Casa del Gelato S.r.l. is a company based near Modena, in the North of Italy, that produces Italian traditional gelato, sorbets and frozen desserts in different sizes and flavors both for retail and foodservice. We have different product lines, starting from traditional gelato to organic, vegan, lactose free and soy based gelato. food Via Maestri del Lavoro 56 Maranello 41053 MO Italy +39 0536 944551 +39 0536 941942 Simone Rovai Gelato CASA VINICOLA ABBAZIA DI SAN GAUDENZIO - S.R.L. SIGLABILE C. We are wine-making company based in Piedmont (North-West Italy), since 1848 we produce quality wine and sparkling wines under several own and private brands. Our main products are sparkling and semi sparkling wines: sweet, dry, white, red and pink. Our Cellar has international certification IFS and BRC and export 90% worldwide. With satisfied international supermarket chains in 50 countries we are expanding our business in Asia, USA and Latin American countries. food via Abbazia 6 Santo Stefano Belbo 12058 CN Italy 00390141840808 00390141843346 Robba Giulia Wine, Sparkling Wine CASA VINICOLA BOTTER CARLO & C S.P.A. BOTTER, ITALIAN WINES SINCE 1928 A wide range of Italian quality wines, many of which are made with grapes from native vines perfectly represents Botter multi-territorial approach extending throughout Italy. From Veneto to Sicily and Apulia, the Company wine selection traces out a map of Italian oenological culture and taste, revealing its shared passion, creativity, quality and commitment. food Via L. Cadorna 17 Fossalta di Piave 30020 VE Italy +39 0421 67194 +39 0421 67309 Mr. Matteo Gentilini Wine Casale Produces select house and high quality food products, while respecting the environment and tradition, delivering a genuine product meeting the dietary and nutritional needs of today’s consumer. We only select the best thighs from Italian and European pigs and utilize an ancient, natural method free of additives and preservatives producing 100% natural ham with a very low quantity of salt. Taste, simplicity, and a variety of options are part of our culinary tradition. food Via Montanara 33 Casale di Felino 43035 PR Italy +39 0521 836080 +39 0521 836081 Cascina San Cassiano srl Cascina San Cassiano is an Italian fine food producer in glass jar or plastic container. We produce 300 different high quality products, ready to eat, as: fruit in syrup, jam, no added sugar jam, sweet spreads, tomato sauces and pesto, sauces and pesto low in sodium, sauces for cheeses, starter in olive oil, products with truffle: the same product line is also available organic. Our products are natural, without colouring and preservatives, No GMo and gluten free. We are based in Alba - Italy, in a UNESCO Heritage area. We are BRC, IFS, ORGANIC, Iveg (Vegan) – WCA (ethical) Download our catalogue on food Corso Piave 182 Alba 12051 CN Italy 00390173282638 INFO@CASCINASANCASSIANO.COM MONICA CAMERA http://WWW.CASCINASANCASSIANO.COM Pasta Sauces Cascina San Giovanni Srl Our company was born more than 20 years ago, when the founder family decided to move from Switzerland to Piedmont, where they bought an ancient farm. We started to produce preserves with the vegetables of our garden following the local recipes and year by year, seeing the positive interest of our clients, we decided to enlarge the company introducing other high quality Italian products and gift boxes, without changing, of course, our initial philosophy. Our products are without any additives, preservatives or colouring. Our brand is classic and traditional, it reminds the preserves of our grandmas, with the paper hat and the twine with the plastic plumb-bob. We're also specialized in making products with private labels and packaging to meet our clients’ needs. You can see our complete range on our website: food Località Pia 23 Rocchetta Belbo 12050 CN Italy +39 (0)141 880203 +39 (0)141 880963 Sauces and Spreads, Pesto, Antipasto Vegetables, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar, Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, Egg Pasta CASEARIA MONTI TRENTINI SPA We import both PDO and typical Italian cheeses in the USA, ranging from fresh to extra aged cheese, from double cream cheese to those that are naturally aromatized, from whole wheels to 7 oz wedges. They are all quite different but have one important thing in common: the authenticity of being 100% Italian. This is our Past and our Present… 100 years ago, our great-grandfather, Florindo, started his own dairy in the Dolomites mountains, north east Italy. Since then, tradition and knowledge has been passed from father to sons reaching the present and the start of the fourth generation. Many things have changed through the years; one aspect has not, and that is the dedication and passion with which we produce each and every one of our products every day. Milk is collected from the small farms situated in the mountains that surround the Valsugana valley, in the heart of the Dolomites. Thanks to feeding practices and respectful breeding techniques, the superior quality of this milk can be tasted in all the products we make. We have a 5-in-1 production plant with 3 separate cheesemaking units, aging warehouses and packaging facility over a small cheese shop and the quality control laboratory. As a result, our company is able to supply main retail chains with our products throughout Italy, Europe and around the world. One final point that is, nevertheless, of extreme importance is that we are going GREEN: our on-site energy plant produces more than 70% of the total amount of energy we need, not only helping the environment, but also saving tons of carbon dioxide per year. food Zona Ind.le 1 Grigno Valsugana 38055 TN Italy +39 0461/775800 +39 0461/775899 STEFANO VIERO http://WWW.MONTITRENTINI.COM CASEIFICIO CAVOLA s.c.a. food Via Argentina, 1 Cavola 42010 RE Italy +39 0522 806113 + 39 0522 1503008 Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, cheese, butter. Caseificio Coop. La Contadina arl One of the most important producers of Italian Buffalo Mozzarella; Italian and Foreign Market (over 30 countries)with an high quality product. The production is handmade spun by hand in wooden tubs, and with automatic machine, using natural serum mixture (serum obtained from the production of the day before left to mature for approx. 20 hrs) as a principal acidificator. The milk comes from own breeds and others nearby (raised within the vicinity of no more than 10 km from our establishment) reaching our firm within the day to ensure an immediate workmanship, giving full advantage for an exceptionally fresh product. The product line is totally checked across a quality control carried out in our chemical and microbiological laboratory, by a full time dependant; the Company area is about 8.000 mq The logistic traceability, the accuracy and capillary delivery method, national and international are guaranteed by an adequate logistic office supported by a modern information system. Transport is given in the custody of 10 different partners to ensure the best cover service and competitivity possible in all territories, national and International. All packaging and wrapping available is multichannel (Horeca, Normal Trade, GDO/DO and Industry) selected for their different typology of service and also for a private label of the client. Our firm is in possession of the following certificates: Certificate of product D.O.P (Authorization No. 120/1998 given by CSQA), Certificate ISO 9001:2008, IFS and BRC given by SGS, Halal, Lactose free production authorization from the Italian Sanitary Ministery ;our firm is also member of a Coop for the protection of Mozzarella Cheese of Bufala Campana D.O.P. Our firm¹s filosofy is to be able to combine an elevate quantity of production and a totally hand-workmanship, guaranteeing high standard quality, certified and logistic. Other synthetic information: -the milk is transformed fresh every day, we stock the milk not more than 24 hours -the milk came from our farm and other 25 selected breedings nearby, so the milk arrive to us very fresh (the milk worked every day is 16.000/18.000 liters during winter until 38000/41000 liters during summer). -the transformation is the traditional follow scrupulously the D.O.P. production regulations -the ingredients are: only buffalo milk came from D.O.P. area, whey inoculation (by the whey of our production of the day before), rennet and salt; so only natural and genuine ingredients without preservative. -we don’t stock mozzarella, from the production to the shipment on the truck elapse not more than 4/5 hours - The export production with a shelf-life about 34 days, is more strong in the texture than the Italian production (20 gg. Shelf-life) and the salt in the preservation liquid is less than the Italian products; the ingredients and in special way the buffalo milk are the same, and there aren’t preservative. - We also produce the Frozen Buffalo Milk Mozzarella, that we transported by sheep and with one year of shelf-life. - We produce also Buffalo mozzarella lactose free, with the authorization of the Italian (and UE) Health Ministery. food Via Andreozzi, 18 Grazzanise 81046 CE Italy +39.0823.991850 +39.0823.995002 Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese, Dairy Products CASEIFICIO DEFENDI LUIGI S.R.L. A family owned cheese company began in 1865 the production and ageing of soft PDO and high quality Italian cheese: GORGONZOLA, TALEGGIO, GORGONZOLA-MASCARPONE, CRESCENZA, AND BUFFALO CHEESE SPECIALITIES: CAMEMBERT DI BUFALA, BUFALETTO and BAFFALO BLU (awarded 6th BEST CHEESE IN THE WORLD at World Cheese Awards). Gorgonzola, Taleggio and Gorgonzola-mascarpone are available also with ORGANIC milk in eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging .Our high quality is the goal of a path that starts from the choice of milk,only Italian certified milk and continuous through the details of each process. In the production the most advanced technologies are alternated to steps performed still by hand and special cares are dedicated to the ageing of our cheeses in order to guarantee the traditional taste. New innovative product and packaging are developped following the consumers need. We are certified BRC,IFS,ORGANIC,FDA, and registered into CHINA LIST. food VIA FRANCESCA CARAVAGGIO 24043 BG Italy 0039 0363301022 http://WWW.FORMAGGIDEFENDI.COM, http://WWW.CASEIFICIODEFENDI.IT Cheese Caseificio Elda Srl The mission is «Promoting and spreading RICOTTA’s culture as healthy, simple, balanced food suitable for every age which, that expresses itself through different cultures ». Caseificio Elda mixes the art of ancient taste and hand-crafted experience with the creativity in order to offer modern tastes and sensations to lovers of good food. Boosting the best qualities of ricotta: a food with high nutritional values and low in calories born sweet and salty new products- ricotta fantasies with the guarantee of Elda brand. food VIA SIVIERI 1 VESTENANOVA 37030 VR Italy +390456564024 +390456564007 Dairy Products, Dessert Specialties Castelfood Srl We are an Italian food company and produce cereal and pseudo-cereal cakes and snacks with our brand or in Private Label. Our selection of rice and corn cakes includes organic products with quinoa, chia seeds, buckwheat, flaxseeds, and other seeds and pseudocereals. Our porduction includes rice cakes covered with milk and dark chocolate. We have recently launched our new line of triangular snacks made of rice, corn, rice and peas, buckwheat and legumes. Most of our production is organic, but we also produce conventional cakes. Our production is all GLUTEN FREE and we also own different certifications: BIO, IFS and BRC (high standard), veganOK and KOSHER. food Via Brose, 9/1 San Giorgio Delle Pertiche 35010 PD Italy +390499330355 +390490998124 Argelia Rondon Cakes, Snacks Cavallari Srl Italian fish specialties, fresh & frozen main courses, fish salads, fish sauces, grilled fishes, roast and more. All natural, no preservatives with unique production technique. Our goal is to give the consumer fish products and prepared food made ​​with great passion and professionalism, the search for raw materials carefully selected fishing areas, the use of advanced production and processing methods, they guarantee freshness, authenticity, security and high quality standards. Dishes from large GOURMET within the reach of all in a very short time with a minimum waste of energy.       food Via Del Commercio, 2/4/6 Sant'Agostino 44047 FE Italy +39 0532 84014 +39 0532 353218 Fish, Seafood, Sauces, Antipasto CAVANNA OLII DI SANDRO CAVANNA E C SNC Extra virgin oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, flavored oil. food Via Circonvallazione, 5 Casella 16015 GE Italy +39 010 97681 +39 010 9670919 Extra Virgin Olive Oil CB STAMPI SRL UNIPERSONALE Closure with Patented Snap on Fit for PCO, 28/410, 29/21, Pet Neck Finish; Range of Flip Top 24/410 and 24/415 Screw on Caps; Development for Customized Products non food VIA ARTIGIANATO, 34/39 POVOLARO DI DUEVILLE 36031 VI Italy +39 0444361111 +39 1444361103 Angela Mazzoleni, CEMAB S.R.L. Cemab is highly skilled in designing and producing displays in birch ply-wood, provided with an intuitive interlocking assembly structure. They come dismantled in flat packs on pallets, which makes transport fees very affordable and low CO2 emissions. We only use certified birch ply-wood and a non-toxic water-based varnish for printing and painting the displays to respect the environment. We offer many customised solutions up to clients’ budget and marketing requirements, plus a standard range which benefits of fair prices and a fast delivery program. They come dismantled in flat packs on pallets, which makes transport fees very affordable. We only use certified birch ply-wood and a non-toxic water-based varnish for printing and painting the displays. Since 1999, Cemab has become a worldwide leading company focused on creativity, efficiency and accuracy, with over 7000 clients all over the globe. For over eighteen years, Cemab has specialised in designing and producing wooden displays identified by an intuitive interlocking assembly system. With an annual production of 52,000 displays, Cemab is well-known worldwide as a sector leading company. Aside from a rich standard line, Cemab can also develop a bespoke display following clients' directions and marketing needs: colour, shape, dimensions, graphics... Cemab staff is highly skilled with innovative production's systems, projecting and communicating: always one step forward to offer the best product and assistance. Each display is based on an interlocking assembly system, to simplify the in-store set-up without the use of tools or glue; following 3D instructions, it only takes 60 seconds to assemble a Cemab display. This winning idea took place many years ago, giving Cemab a primary importance in the field. non food Via Bruno Buozzi 23 Liscate 20060 MI Italy +39 02954205818 Wooden displays in kit, Industrial Products Centrale del Latte del Molise srl Milk, butter, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, scamorza ... the daily production is ready to leave the factory. Only properly refrigerated vehicles, an efficient distribution network, and the constant commitment in logistic management allow us to serve restaurants and small businesses in a widespread manner, and with scrupulous punctuality . But, above all, it enables us to meet the standards of service required by the major trademarks of the Modern Distribution. The product quality of the Centrale del Latte of Molise, with its brands Caseificio Sassano and Centrale del Latte, is now available on the shelves of most of the Italian distribution chains. This is the result of fifty years of history. A story of strenuous and constant commitment. food Contrada Macere Snc snc Vinchiaturo 86019 CB Italy 0874349011 TERESA D'ALESSIO Dairy Products Cepparo SpA Established in 1960, the Cepparo Company SpA is a wholesale commerce company for various types of cheeses. The company imports dairy products from all of Europe and exports them all over the world. Its activity is mainly the seasoning and selling of the typical products of the Friuli Region and later of the famous Montasio and Latteria cheeses. On the basis of customers requests, the company has been able to widen the different types of commercialized products to all widespread national DOC cheeses, like Asiago, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Provolone, Gorgonzola, Pecorino and moreover Cepparo can complete its offer with different and numerous products of import from all European communities and from all over the world. The marked requirements in these last years have brought the company to equip one laboratory-room designated for the cutting and the sharing of the different types of cheeses for mass distribution, organized distribution and catering. Cepparo is also experienced in the seasoning and marketing of branded or private label hams such as Parma and S. Daniele. The company is able to export its products all over the world. food Via Cavour, 58 Flaibano 33030 UD Italy +39 0432 869355 +39 0432 869371 Grana Padano Cheese, Cheese, Dairy Products CEREAL FOOD SRL Cereal Food is specialised in healthy, organic, top-quality food. We work mostly with PL projects involving: Corn, Rice, Spelt, Kamut, Multigrain Cakes; Cakes Coated with Milk or Dark Chocolate and Fruit Topping; Cakes coated with Yogurt; Extruded Snacks and Cereals. Moreover, we can realize tailormade recipes accordingly to our customers’ requirements. Cereal Food is certified according to the International Food Standards (IFS). The IFS is a recognized standard for auditing food manufacturers. food Via Gribaudo 50 Chivasso 10034 TO Italy +39 011 9183409 +39 011 9182914 Daniela Mara Organic Products, Organic Snacks, Breakfast Cereal CEREALITALIA I.D. S.P.A. Hereby to introduce our company Cerealitalia, which is set in the South of Italy. We are a distributing company specialized in the food sector. We would like to suggest a collaboration in trading our products. Moreover we are one of the leading suppliers of breakfast cereals, cereal bars, chocolate tablets. Our company produces the following products: - Breakfast cereals - Cereal bars - Chocolate tablets - Seasonal products (Easter eggs and Christmas nougats) food CONTRADA TAVERNA DI ANNIBALE, LOTTO 16/17 FRIGENTO 83040 AV Italy +39 0808988013 DAVIDE CIPRI Cerealitalia Industrie Dolciarie Srl Cerealitalia is an Italian confectionery company with headquarters in Rome and factory in Frigento ( AV ), and it works in the sector of foods products production and marketing, mainly chocolate confectionery and cereal snacks , obtained through technologically advanced productive processes and highly skilled staff ensuring the quality of the products and the optimization of the resource of the production process . Specifically Cerealitalia produces cereal snacks, chocolate products such as bars, nougats, Christmas and Easter products, in the most various sizes and tastes . Its greatest strong point is first of all the industrial innovation ;his Company Incipit is to develop, through the most advanced technological specific studies, its own production in order to give maximum Italian excellence to its products: CHOCOLATE & CEREALS . CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS In the Chocolate area, Cerealitalia has developed many innovative recipes, especially with the combination of other raw materials, such as creams in the most various flavours, and in particular with its cereals , wheat and rice . Tradition is also respected with the highest diligence regarding Christmas products, its nougats in fact reflect all-around to the old recipes . CEREAL SNACK PRODUCT Particularly in the sector of cereal-based snacks , Cerealitalia has strongly developed its know-how. In fact this particular kind of products was born many years ago in the US and developed immediately in the Anglo-Saxon area. These products were introduced in the italian market only in a second step by the leading multinational companies such as Kellogg's and Nestle, so becoming exclusive prerogative of these ones. CEREALITALIA, considering the great potentialities, decided to invest in the sector developing a kind of product completely natural and healthy, that, besides being a tasty snack, can also be a complete and balanced replacement of the meal. Cerealitalia, in a very short time, is almost the only manufacturer of Italian SME, and with its products with bonded sugar ( with greater success because less fat < 90 k / cal. / bar) has become leader in the domestic market , and it is also becoming success in overseas markets for the appeal of the product Made in Italy. The level of consumption in fact is great, the latest data sales confirm double-digit increases in both national and international level. The product , in its various forms , tastes and types is the result of a very advanced technology that allows the rapid caramelization of sugars that through this process become a perfect binder for the flakes of whole grains . The mix of cereals made from wheat,rice, wheat germ, but also oats and barley, on the contrary does not suffer the influence of heat and thus maintains unchanged all the nutritional characteristics , without the use of preservatives and dyes . The process ends with a rapid cooling of the product which prevents any microbial growth , even for the intrinsic characteristics of the product. The result is a cereal bar or granola bar healthy and light for the presence of grains rich in fiber , essential for a balanced diet , and at the same time made tasty by chocolate drops and fruit pieces . Besides the reduced caloric content associated to a balanced quantity of sugar makes the product suitable for consumption for adults and children. At the base of one of the products certainly more innovative in recent years is the combination of two fundamental components: sugars and fibers (as well as in fruit), where the fibers satisfy the feeling of hunger and sugars and give the energy required to the organism for all its functions. This formula has replaced the less idyllic coupled sugar/fat often found in snack foods. Another key aspect is the safety of the product, guaranteed by the controls in production, by careful selection of raw materials and suppliers and the 'technological innovation system’ that meets all the quality standards that ensure a high and constant quality over time. food Contrada Taverna Di Annibale Lotti 16/17 Frigento (AV) 83040 AV Italy 0039.(0)6.7130.1085 0039.(0)6.7130.2188 CERERIA L.A.C. SRL candle production in Tuscany, Italy since 1970. Ornamental candles, fragrance candles, decorative candles, memorial candles, grave lights non food via delle ginestre 34 CAPRAIA E LIMITE 50050 FI Italy +39(0)571583771 Patrizia Alderighi Cerreto Srl Cerreto has been active in the food market for over twenty years with a wide range of organic products of the highest quality. It has set itself apart as one of the most important and complete food and agriculture companies for its assortment of food products that offer the most renowned and valued flavours of the typical regional and Mediterranean cuisine: herbs, spices, legumes and cereals, minestrone soups and risottos, soups, flavour enhancer and mixes for pasta sauces, seeds. But there is more: today, Cerreto has widened its range of products with the aim of increasing and spreading the consumption of organic and natural products with a new line of health supplements that stand out for their quality and purity. food Via Verdi, 15 Gattatico 42043 RE Italy +39 0522 475811 +39 0522 908793 Organic Products Charlie Brown di Rutigliano & Figli Srl Typical products from the region of Puglia. food Strada Provinciale Bitetto-Binetto Binetto 70020 BA Italy +39 080 7839073 +39 080 7839078 Olives, Jarred Vegetables, Dried Vegetables Chemical Flacer Di Ceri Flavio Specialized in detergent tablets for household and professional use (dishwasher, water softener tablets, laundry washing tablets). non food Località bellaria 31/A Vado (BO) 40036 BO Italy +39 051 6778202 +39 051 6776252 Detergents CHEMICAL FLACER S.R.L. We are the sole Italian company that produce tablets for dishwashing machine, laundry machine, coffee maker cleaner and french-fries machine cleaner indeed we are one of the 5 most important European producer of these range of products, our capability is almost 600.000.000 tabs/year. we currently export in over 35 countries all around the world: We proudly supply customers all over the world from US till Asia, we are very present in all European Countries with a great focus in Scandinavian Area and of course we have a good penetration in Russian market too; We are the supplier of the most important European chains and brands either in retail both in professional business . We supply retail chains private labels, A-brands and we just in case we distribute our brand too We export mainly "green" and certified products We are certified ISO9001:2015 and SEDEX, member of AISE and we are getting the IFS certification for our plant A short resume of our products below : • dishwashing detergent tabs (from classic formulation to luxury formulation, including several green and/or certified formulation), we use water-soluble film or classic plastic film, we could pack in paper boxes or doypacks or big pots • dishwasher cleaner tabs • dishwasher products full range, including liquids (rinse aid, detergent gel, cleaner) • laundry tabs • oxy powder stain remover (including a ecofriendly and certified solution) • WC cleaning tabs • bleach tabs • coffee maker cleaning tabs • french-fries maker cleaning tabs • oven cleaning tabs will come soon Feel to visit our website to get more info and our company profile non food Loc. Be.llaria 31/A Vado 40036 BO Italy +390516778202 +390515063724 Matteo Ceri Dish Detergents Chicago Test test food tset test test BO Italy test test test contact Antipasto test CICCOLELLA SOCIETA' AGRICOLA A RESPONSABILITA' LIMITATA IN S We are a small business located in the Italian southern region of Apulia who specializes in the production of high quality extra-virgin olive oil. For over 4 generations, all the members of the family have dedicated themselves with passion to the careful care of the olive trees. With about 8000 trees of Coratina and Ogliarola from Bari olive varieties, the olive grove of Ciccolella farm covers an extended area near the cities of Giovinazzo, Molfetta and Terlizzi in north of Bari, the heart of the Apulian olive production. Today the company, led by Giuseppe Ciccolella, produces a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that thanks to the passionate field work and skillful management with the best technological resources, is able to mix the knowledge of the Apulian oil tradition with technological innovation. The Green approach and the use of sustainable agricultural practices are the core of our philosophy: “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” With these values, Giuseppe Ciccolella dedicates himself personally to the cultivation of the olive tree and to all the stages of the transformation process, from the olive harvest to the pressing up to the bottling, using only with olives from our farm. Our extra virgin that stands out forits perfume and taste as well as its organoleptic properties, being rich in polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants that contributes to good health. A different, innovative, plastic-free packaging that combines practicality and elegance also contributes to both enriching the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and helps us saving our planet. food Strada Vicinale Fondo Favale snc MOLFETTA 70056 BA Italy 9023998 Filotico Alberto Extra Virgin Olive Oil CILENTO S.P.A. Cilento S.p.a. is an italian leading company, producing Mozzarella di Bufala Campana D.o.p. and other specialty fresh cheeses, crafted from water Buffalo milk. A family company founded by Luigi Cilento nel 1976, Nowadays it is among the Italian top 5 producers of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO. A tradition that is constantly renewed ... Down from Generation to generation High Quality Milk: Cilento selects the best farmers for the production of raw material milk. Just PDO Buffalo's water milk is collected, with a daily verification of Animal Wellbeing and feeding , through the help of a specialized agronomist. Quality Certifications: Haccp, BRC , IFS, UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, Approved Exporter FDA (USA) e CNCA (China), Authorized Producer from Consorzio di Tutela per la Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP. 2018: UNI EN ISO 22000 - Biologic - Organic Product Reg. CE 834/2007 - 889/2008 food 111, VIA CAMPO FELICE CELLOLE 81030 CE Italy +390823932007 +390823932067 DAMIANO CILENTO Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Frozen Food Citres SpA food Via del Giglio, 19 Bovolone 37051 VR Italy +39 045 7134799 +39 045 7134355 Sauces and Spreads, Pesto Clas SpA It is in the heart of the Ligurian Region where pesto was born, that CLAS started production of pesto of highest quality, in a traditional way at the beginnig of the 1980s. A great determination joined with a deep culture of quality means that the company is now an industrial reality known to different national and international market, as a producer of typical speciality foodstuffs such as Pesto, Bruschetta (bread spread), Tapenade and Sauces. CLAS knows how to unite and capitalize the resources of the region with deeply-rooted traditions acquiring a deep and specialized familiarity with the production of these foodstuffs. food Via Monte Pasubio, 37 Chiusanico 18027 IM Italy +39 0183 529027 +39 0183 529029 Fabrizio Bruna Pesto Clean Paper Srl Clean Paper S.R.L. is a young and dynamic company set up in 1996 and specialized in the production of pure cellulose pocket tissues. The factory is situated in the outskirts of Lucca occupying a total area of 5000 sqm which houses offices, production area and warehouses for raw materials and finished products. Clean Paper S.R.L. currently has three pocket tissue production lines, two of which are equipped with an in-line paper printing system, a facial tissue machine with in-line paper printing system, a line for the production of individually packed refreshing wet-wipes and a flexographic packaging printing unit. Clean Paper‘s main goals are based on clear objectives such as quality, care towards customers and the environment; fundamental points which have led to research and major investments in order to provide specialised products for a highly demanding clientele. We give great importance, in particular, to Private Label brands: we offer excellent opportunities in terms of minimum run quantities and lead times that have no other match. Clean Paper’s flexibility, promptness and adaptability have made our Company also the best choice for all those who are looking for an original but simple and “low-cost” promotional gadget: we call them "Promotional Tissues". non food Via del Marginone, 437 Loc. Antraccoli Lucca 55100 LU Italy +39 0583 981055 +39 0583 983661 Pocket Tissues, Tissues, Napkins Cleca SpA From our early home based production, managed by the proprietors with the help of just one employee, we can now boast a modern business featuring state-of-the-art systems and a staff of over one hundred employees. S. Martino’s history is a continuous development of production facilities and corporate technologies in order to adjust our processing systems to the needs of an ever demanding market and increasingly strict consumer protection legislation.  Today S. Martino focuses on training and enriching the skills of its staff and on an integrated quality control system (from raw materials to packaging) with a view to combine the creativity of its products with the needs of modern food distributors. food Viale Dante Alighieri, 30 S. Martino dall’Argine 46010 MN Italy +39 0376 9222211 +39 0376 91394 Desserts, Dessert Specialties, Cakes, Dry Mixes Cleys S.R.L. non food via Luigi Galvani 4 Ozzero 20080 MI Italy +39029407544 Agnese Bellocchio Cosmetics Co.Pad.Or The CO.PAD.OR. (Po river valley fruit and vegetable consortium) is among the largest and the most up-to-date companies currently operating in the European tomato processing sector, with a processing capacity of around 300,000 tons of fresh produce per year. The Cooperative was set up in 1987 with the purchase Ferrari & Figna plants - a prestigious food processing company located in the heart of the Italian Food Valley - by a group of farmers from the Parma and Piacenza provinces.  Today, CO.PAD.OR. is a producers organization whose members are firmly established in the surrounding area and in nearby provinces. Each year they cultivate around 4,000 hectares of tomato using the most up-to-date farming techniques prescribed by the Cooperative’s agriculture office and which schedules the harvesting over a period of more than 60 days. food Strada dei Notari, 36 Collecchio 43044 PR Italy +39 0521 301411 +39 0521 3014450 Jarred Tomatoes, Tomatoes CO.R.EX. SpA The success of the Mediterranean diet with its appetizing medley of aromas, flavors, colors and textures continues to gain magnitude as the western world's favorite way of cooking.  Fine food from Italy is doubly appealing as its healthy olive oil, tomatoes, wheat, vegetables, herbs, cheese and wine are the ideal basis for a modern diet.  Corex is linked to the diffusion of the finest Mediterranean foods in the world.  Specialized in private label, Corex is an expert in the production and export of many food products such as durum wheat pasta, tomato paste, peeled tomatoes, DOC olive oils, roasted vegetables, antipasti, pestos and sauces. food S.S. 19, 3/5 Battipaglia 84091 SA Italy +39 0828 616201 +39 0828 304482 Egg Pasta, Pasta, Artisan Pasta, Organic Pasta, Organic Products, Prepared Entrees, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Sauces, Tomato Sauce, Pasta Sauces, Canned Vegetables, Rice, Dairy Products, Cheese Coalma SpA Fish conserve producer specialized in tunafish of the most important qualities also anchovies and vegetable conserve. food Via Tiro a Segno, 70 Palermo 90123 PA Italy +39 091 6166040 +39 091 6172000 Fish, Tuna Codena Srl food Via A. Gregorcic, 26 Gorizia 34170 GO Italy +39 0481 21072 +39 0481 520665 Dried Mushrooms, Vegetables, Jarred Vegetables, Dried Vegetables COELSANUS INDUSTRIA CONSERVE S.P.A. Coelsanus is the third Italian company producing preserved vegetables in oil, vinegar or brine. Its name comes from latin and means "clear and peaceful sky", for the sky above Coelsanus is usually free of fog and it creates the most suitable climate for cultivation. Coelsanus, founded in 1955, has made the freshness of raw materials and the quality of its products its strength and differentiation features. On the basis of these principles we have created, among the first in Italy, the Grilled Products. The company has always looked for innovation and has recently opened a new Production Area dedicated only to pesto with high production capacity. Coelsanus owns a Company farm, based in the province of Verona, where basil and vegetables are grown, so as to guarantee full traceability of the product. During its 60 years-history, Coelsanus has focused on Private Label, ensuring its customers flexibility, quality and reliability and becoming a specialist in the PL sector. food Via Ca' Berta 1 Sossano 36040 VI Italy +39 0444 884600 +39 0444 885789 Oven Roasted Vegetables, Preserved Vegetables, Dried Tomatoes, Pickled Products, Olives, Pesto, Sauces Coind OUR HISTORY Sixty years of history, three plants in Emilia Romagna and Veneto, 220 employees and an overall turnover of 74 million euros. These are the statistics of Coind, major industrial group founded in 1961 in Castel Maggiore in the province of Bologna, which has today become an important player on an international scale.We are a leading producer of private label coffee, roasting 7,000 tonnes every year. This enables us to serve 60% of the private label segment in Italy and operate in over 60 countries worldwide. MISSION When it comes to the production of Private Label coffee, our customers are guaranteed the highest standards: we focus closely on the production processes, ensure the top quality of the products - obtained through many international certifications - and offer you the experience we have accumulated during 60 years of business in this sector. PRODUCTS We produce a wide range of products to meet all market demands: different types of compatible capsules, coffee beans, ground coffee and pods. food Via Saliceto, 22/H Castel Maggiore 40013 BO Italy +39 051 6328511 +39 051 701152 Capsules, Coffee Beans, Coffee Columbus Srl Columbus is a private company in the hands of the Romano Freddi family in Mantova. Some tomato producing organisations hold a minority participation. Export accounted for 70% thereof. The company is specialised in the productioin of tomato-based products and the finished products for third parties, aside from a complete product line under private labels. Columbus processes in its only facility in Parma, 120.000 tons annually of fresh tomatoes. The tomatoes are of 100% Italian origin and cultivated entirely in the north of Italy. Columbus is capable of producing and personalising: Tomato Puree (Traditional and Rustica), Chopped Tomatoes and Polpa Fine (Natural and Flavoured), Ready-to-eat Tomato Sauces, Tex Mex Salsas, Pizza Topping, Red & Basil Pesto, Vegan Sauces. food Strada Barghetto, 9/A Martorano 43123 PR Italy +39 0521 640711 +39 0521 640701 Tomato Products, Pasta Sauces COM.PA SPA a socio unico Kioene is one of the’s lines of 100% vegetarian frozen or fresh first and second courses, snacks and ice-cream with no additional animal proteins. No milk, eggs, chemical additives, stabilisers and thickeners, no GMO ingredients. Thanks to the exclusive technology developed by our Company, constant research and long-standing experience, Kioene brand now offers the market a wide variety of products that are suitable for everyone and have totally eliminated all use of animal protein and fat. is also specialized in organic foods. The conformity and suitability of the system is recognised by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for the overall Quality System Management, and the specific agrofood standards addressed to guaranteeing food quality and safety, UNI EN ISO 22000:2005 certification, NO GMO product certification (CSQA) and the BRC (British Retail Consortium), Global Standard Food Issue 6 and IFS (International Food Standard). food Via Caltana, 55 Villanova di Camposampiero 35010 PD Italy +39 049 9221779 +39 049 9229329 Ready Made Meals Comital SpA Aluminium foil, cling film and food wrapping film, food and freezer bags, garbage bags, greaseproof paper for retail and catering markets. Brooms, brushes, window washers, toilet brush holders, cleaning cloths. non food Strada Brandizzo, 130 Volpiano 10088 TO Italy +39 011 9822111 +39 011 9828400 Aluminum Foil, Abrasive Fibers, Brooms, Plastic Wrap, Food Storage Bags Compagnia Alimentare Italiana SpA In June 2000, the former Mantova's organization and Umbria Olli S.p.A entered into a partnership, launching Compagnia Alimentare Italiana. the Mantova's organization has the honor and the commitment to continue one hundred years of tradition and holding an unparallel experience in the production of quality olive oils. Umbria Olii S.p.A (Spoleto) is among the strongest in the Mediterranean industrial olive oil market; it aims to support the Mantova's with industrial and financial resources. Together they form a complementary force, with common intents to develop Compagnia Alimentare Italiana by continuing building a successful "premium quality" leadership position in the international Italian food market.  food Via Ponte Tapino, 19 Broccostella 03030 FR Italy +39 0776 890775 +39 0776 892750 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavored Olive Oil, Sauces, Condiments, Pasta FINE ITALIAN FOOD Compagnia del Caffè Srl The Compagnia del Caffè was founded as Universal Caffè in 1963. Raffaele Camiscia started his adventure in the world of roasting having in mind two main objectives: taste and quality. The taste was to be the taste of authentic coffee roasted according to the world-wide famous Italian tradition, and the quality was to be the quality of raw materials and processing. Passion and success allowed the company to grow. From a family business it became famous around the world: the Compagnia del Caffè exports the culture, the taste and the pleasure of the great Italian coffee to Europe, America and Russia. Today the company is led by the daughter Natascia: a direct offspring of coffee specialists. More than 40 years after it was founded, today the Compagnia del Caffè is still a synonym for taste and quality.  food Via Raffaele Camiscia, 3/5/7 Moscufo 65010 PE Italy +39 085 975556 +39 085 975026 Espresso Coffee Company food 401 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago 60611 United States 312-670-4360 Gaetano La Corte Artisan Pasta Conagit SpA Conagit S.p.A. is one of the European biggest producer of dry pet food. The company is based in Città di Castello, Umbria, in the heart of Italy. During the last years the company widen its traditional core business (dry food for dogs and cats) to biscuits and a very large variety of snacks for dogs and cats. Conagit's snacks assortment includes dental snacks, dog sticks, pillows and filled snacks with different shapes and flavours. The company also produce a very innovative sanitizer for cat litter. All these products are manufactered in Città di Castello. Conagit also markets wet food and cat litter. food Via Rosa Luxemburg 30 Città di Castello 06012 PG Italy 0039075851781 00390758517804 Pet Food Coner Srl non food Via del Commercio, 5 Camerano 60021 AN Italy +39071 732469 +39071 732480, Air Fresheners, Toilet Care Confalonieri Matite Srl Confalonieri matite is a specialist in manufacturing complete make-up products on behalf of others: pencils, lipstick, lipgloss, concealer, foundation, melted earth, blusher, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and new bioline. These products may be purchased in bulk or in packaging selected by the customer. non food Via al Piano – Z.I. Gordona 23020 SO Italy +39 0343 42011 +39 0343 42000 Beauty Care Products, Cosmetic Products CONFARTIGIANATO SERVIZI S.R.L. food Via M. Testa 11 Salerno 84127 SA Italy 089799406 Vincenzo Iula, Olive Oil, Artisan Pasta, Preserved Vegetables, Fish, Coffee Conor s.r.l. With more than 50 years’ experience in the fresh fruits and vegetables, Conor has become the main trading company into the Agribologna Group. Conor is the leading company in the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables and ready-to-eat fruits. Our group owns a 4.000 sq. m insulated plant, where we process ready-to-eat fruit for the Fresco Senso brand and for all the private labels we collaborate with: the fruits we choose are cultivated by our partners, selected to best suit the fresh cut range production. The goods are sanitized, cut and processed keeping the temperature automatically controlled, without using any preservative or thermic treatment, in order to guarantee the products’ freshness without compromises on quality. Fresco Senso The concept of Fresco Senso originated from the idea that ready-to-eat fruit is more inviting and brings more pleasure. To find fruit that is already clean facilitates its consumption, reduces the waste and therefore increases our well-being and that of our loved ones. The Fresco Senso fresh cut fruits range includes: - Fresh single fruit salads - Fresh pineapple line - Fresh exotic fruits line - Fresh mixed fruits with dried fruit - Fresh fruit bags - Fresh fruit snacks - Fresh fruits with spicy honey food Via delle viti 5 Bologna 40127 BO Italy +39 0519941111 +39 05119936796 Beatrice Pulz, Fruit Conserve Alimentari Futuragri S.C.A.P.A. Canned and BIB tomatoes (chopped, peeled, cherry, crush and tomato paste). food Via del Mare Km. 4.700 71100 FG Italy +39 0881 680166 +39 0881 680166 Tomato Sauce, Tomatoes Conserve Dora Srl Antipasti, pasta sauces, grilled vegetables. food Corso Garibaldi, 16 Salerno 84122 SA Italy +39 0828 616245 +39 080 601300 Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro SOC. AGR. COOP. Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro is nowadays considered as one of the most important European co-packers for the production and processing of tomato products. This  cooperative offers a wide range of products from simple pulps and puree till richer products like ketchup, sauces and seasoning both with tomato and cheeses. The strong points of Casalasco are the full control of the whole supply chain with the highest qualitative standards granting a traced , safe and 100% Italian tomato, a great flexibility in the production and in the packaging and a partnership with Italian and international clients. food Strada Provinciale, 32 Rivarolo Del Re 26036 CR Italy +39 0375 536211 +39 0375 534075 Tomatoes CONSORZIO COOPERATIVE RIUNITE D'ABRUZZO - SOCIETA' COOPERATI Codice Citra is a wine consortium founded in 1973, and located in Ortona (Chieti), where it represents a reference point of a geographical area where viticulture is a common practice. Citra gathers nine winegrowers associations of proven experience, which are all located in a territory with extraordinary potentials, the historic cradle of Montepulciano and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo. The total estate of Citra is 6000 hectares of land. Chieti is, as a matter of fact, the second Italian province and surely the first in the Abruzzi region for the harvesting of grapes. Since its foundation, Citra’s mission has been represented by the gathering of the most important grape varieties within the province of Chieti, such as Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino, Cococciola, Passerina and others. The wine production is selected, controlled and appraised in order to enhance it in terms of quality, and can count on new generation bottling machines with a capacity of 20000 bottles per hour. Codice Citra, thanks to its vineyards located in a mostly naturally protected area, between the Majella mountain and the Adriatic sea, represents with its autochthonous wines a perfect example of biodiversity. food CONTRADA CUCULLO ORTONA 66026 CH Italy 0859031342 0859031332 DOMENICA SANTACECILIA CONSORZIO FUNGHI DI TREVISO SOCIETA' COOPERATIVA AGRICOLA We are an Organization of 14 producers which represents the first cultivated mushrooms’ production center in Italy with 18000 tons produced per year. We are part of the Certified Italian Mushroom Consortium, guaranteeing the Italianness of our products. We cultivate through a process that respects the natural cycles of the mushroom. The entire supply chain is within the Company, from production to distribution in markets, large-scale distribution and food industry. With less than 24h between collection and delivery throughout the national territory, we guarantee an always fresh product that boasts important certifications. We offer Italianity, quality and freshness in a sustainable packaging to meet the needs of our customers and consumers. Sustainability and Freshness as foundations of Business Innovation. Our answer to we customers and consumers: - Fresh Mushrooms - Pickled Mushrooms - Chilled and Frozen Value Added Products - Organic Mushrooms - Zero Residue Mushrooms - IV and V range - Sustainable Packaging in recyclable material food Via Martiri della Libertà 31 Istrana 31036 TV Italy 0422738351 Alberto Topan Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Food, Mushrooms, Vegetables Consorzio Latterie Virgilio sac Consorzio Latterie Virgilio Società Agricola Cooperativa is a cooperative of 96 companies who specialize in the production of cheeses and other dairy products. food Via della Favorita, 19 Mantova 46100 MN Italy +39 0376 3861 +39 0376 391496 Cheese, Dairy Products, Butter, Mascarpone Cheese, Grana Padano Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Converting Wet Wipes Srl We produce WET WIPES for:  baby care, personal care, beauty care, home care, car care, pet care and others. We can also supply dry wipes for beauty and home care. We can supply: sachets, mini pockets, flow-packs, re-fill packs with labels and plastic lids, rectangular boxes, multi packs, oval and round canisters. We can use every kind of support material, complex and labels. We have our own laboratories where we develop all of our formulations; we can also work with concentrate supplied by our customers. Our Internal R&D is focused on developing innovative formulations which can meet the latest trends as well as  European laws and standards. We can supply "Eco formulations" for either body or home care wet wipes. We can also supply the simplest of formulations to the complex and innovative which contain special ingredients. We can easly follow our customer requests and quickly develop their custom formulation. Our keys to success are the "quality" of our products and our "extensive experience" as we have produced wet wipes since 1978. We also have a new line of LAUNDRY PRODUCTS - MISTER CLEAN - colour absorber wipes, bleaching & washing sachets, stain removers & washing sachet and the revolutionary washing system "Mister Clean Wash & Absorb 5 in 1"; it's a patented sachet with 5 products inside: washing powder, fragrance, sanitizing agent, anti-chalk  and colour absorber.  The sachet and the carton box are both recyclable and "Environmentally friendly". You can save space and money as the cost of 5 products can be up to 4 times more expensive than our Mister Clean Wash & Absorb products. The cost difference differentiates by each country. Moreover we have the same product + softener essentially 6 products in 1. We have carried out comparative tests with SGS France between our products and the markets leaders and the results are excellent, as they show that our products are on the same level.  But our colour absorber wipes have an advantage to other products as they have the "anti colour transfer power". We have two facilities with 35 production lines which are able to produce 350.000.000 packs per year. We can also supply different types of folding: cross fold, double cross fold, z-fold, Interfolded and M-folded. We can produce with different kinds of support: arilad, spun lace in different grammages and compositions, wet laid, thermobonded and hydraspun. non food Via delle Industrie, 15 Dresano 20070 MI Italy +39 02 98274074 +39 02 98274733 Laundry Products, Beauty Care Products, Wipes, Make-Up Remover Wipes, Personal Care Products, Cleaning Cloths, Microfiber Cloths, Household Products, Feminine Hygiene Wipes, Facial Wipes Copyr SpA Copyr was established in 1961 as Compagnia del Piretro. Originally part of Wellcome Foundation, it became independent in the 80’s. Since then the company’s core business has always been the formulation of insecticides with the highest safety profile, based on Pyrethrum and Pyrethroids. Traditionally present in professional Pest Control, Copyr has developed during the years a specific competence in the markets of Home & Gardening and Agriculture, also exploiting its traditional vocation in the use of natural active ingredients. The profound commitment of Copyr to research and development, in co-operation with universities and private research institutions, has always originated a constant drive towards innovation. Since 2006 Copyr has set up a new commercial division for the development of Private Labels for mass market distribution. In a short time, this division has achieved a great success, thanks to the extreme flexibility and the great attention towards the needs and requests of the customers. Copyr is now able to grant its partners full assistance packs, starting from the offer of existing products with customized final solutions, and ending with the engineering, developing and registering new products designed in collaboration with new partners. The company’s know how in formulation, regulatory affairs and industrialization of pest control products represents the keystone of any proposal regarding agreement of co-development, licensing and distribution. Copyr’s industrial productions includes: aerosol insecticides, products for home&gardening applications, dry powder insecticides, ready to and concentrate insecticides (BPs & PPPs) , automatic aerosol systems, human insect repellents, air fresheners both for manual and automatic applications. Since December 1999, the Quality Management System of Copyr has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 (edition 2008). non food Via Stephenson, 29 Milano 20157 MI Italy +39 02 3903681 +39 02 390368535 Insect Repellents, Insecticides, Household Products, Air Fresheners Cosmo Service Snc COSMO SERVICE deals with professional hair cosmetics by providing the market with a wide range of coloring, restoring, styling and restyling products. Our target is to create top quality products for the particular needs of today’s society, by helping hairdressers look after the beauty and well-being of women’s and men’s hair. It is based on this belief that COSMO SERVICE founder Mr. Antonio Maiorana, inspired by true passion and with 20 years of experience in this field, was able to successfully build this company. At COSMO SERVICE we only utilize the best quality natural ingredients and by investing in research, we are able to create exclusive and innovative formulas in our laboratories that completely respect the hair structure and its natural balance. All our products are carefully tested to guarantee safety and the best results. COSMO SERVICE has created seven prestigious brands so far: Personal Color a complete line of coloring products for the professional hair market. CS Line for styling and restoring the hair and for treating the scalp. Bran Line a line of nourishing and restructuring products that utilizes the benefits of the bran extract proteins. Solarize a line of products to protect the hair and skin from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun. Zero Young & Zero Styling a trendy line of hair care and styling products. Hair Restore a line of hair restoring products that utilize the benefits of the poliphenols present in unfermented grape juice in order to completely protect and revitalise the hair. Bio Restore is the latest creation from COSMO SERVICE research. It consists of four product lines that utilize the best active natural ingredients to efficiently treat the most common problems of the hair and scalp. COSMO SERVICE also creates full line projects, from product research to the finished brand for other hair and cosmetic companies who wish to create their own private label. Our passion for creativity and professionalism inspires us to focus on the hairdressers who believe in a high quality of service. It is from this idea that COSMO CLUB – I parrucchieri project was born. This is an exclusive service that provides top quality level training courses for hairdressers in collaboration with the best Italian and international organizations. In eight successful years on the professional cosmetics market COSMO SERVICE has achieved remarkable results both nationally and internationally, including the USA, Egypt, Dubai, South Africa and other countries worldwide. By always aiming for top quality in our research we consistently work to streamline our production process and trading services, thanks to the contribution of our invaluable staff. COSMO SERVICE is founded on two main principles YOU & US Let’s build it together non food Ss. 18 Km 443 + 290 Vena di Jonadi 89851 VV Italy +39 0963 265814 +39 0963 263936 Hair Color, Hair Accessories, Beauty Care Products, Hair Spray, Hair Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner Cosmo Service Intl Group COSMOPLAST SPA non food Via Varesina 19 Turate 22078 CO Italy +39 0296400101 +39 0296382626 Marco Basilico Housewares Cosmosol Srl Cosmosol  is a subcontracting company, specialized in Aerosol production for cosmetic products and medical devices,  since the 90’s. The company is settled in Mulazzano (Lodi), 30 km. far from Milan in an area of 28.240 mq. Cosmosol produces exclusively on behalf of its clients and holders of private label brand,  providing them a full filling service. The daily production output par shift is around 110.000 cans, on six production lines divided between traditional aerosol and  bag-on-valve technology.   non food Via Quartiano, 25 Mulazzano 26837 LO Italy +39 02 9888911 +39 02 9896044 Sprays Aerosol Costa d'Oro Spa Extra virgin olive-oil and Spoleto town have parallel stories and an age-long interdependence. It's not a case that the Umbrian town has always been a famous producer of the so-called "Green Gold", that has been recognized as a healthful, essential aliment since the remote ages. Costa d'Oro has perfectly integrated itself in this context since 1968, when Sabatini and Santirosi families decided to put at customer's disposal their experience in this field to produce a superior-quality of olive-oil. Costa d'Oro was originally born as a local, small firm and with the passing of the time it has progressively conquered better positions, both in national and international markets, developing its image always supported by a great respect for the quality of the product which the firm offers to its customers. In 1983, owing to the favorable economic trend and the amplification of the firm's action field, Costa d'Oro transferred its headquarters to the new industrial zone in Spoleto (Madonna di Lugo), where the firm has got wide stockage capacities and a larger productive power which is able to satisfy the growing demand of the many and different markets where the firm successfully trades. In 1990, as Costa d'Oro gets considerable dimensions regarding invoiced and supplied geographical zones, the founders decide to restructure the company which has been transformed from an Unlimited Partnership into a Ltd. Besides they formed a merger between two companies, and so they founded the present Costa d'Oro Ltd. food Loc. Madonna di Lugo Spoleto 06049 PG Italy +39 0743 23061 +39 0743 221400 Condiments, Truffle Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Kosher Olive Oil, Aromatic Oils, Vegetable Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavored Olive Oil, Dressings, Organic Olive Oil, Pomace Oil, Sunflower Oil Costa Ligure Costa Ligure was founded in Sanremo, Liguria, in 1988. Nowadays is always managed by the two founding members with the same enthusiasm of the beginning. Costa Ligure is specialized in the production of Pesto alla Genovese “Tailored Made” according to the needs of the customers. Costa Ligure makes in its own factory a semi-finished product of basil and is able to produce a Pesto alla Genovese, Fresh, Not Pasteurized, but with a shelf life of 24 months in glass jar and 12 months in plastic pail. This process is patented and certified BRC grade AA and ISO 22000 by SGS. The company produces in respect of the environment. We have installed solar panels and we have gained an enviromental certification. food Reg Prati Pescine Taggia 18018 IM Italy +39 0184 485343 +39 0184 486148, Pesto, Olive Patè Covip Srl COVIP Company produces and distributes high quality Italian food specialties at the best competitive prices since many decades. COVIP products are pasta (including organic certified pasta and pasta specialties) and extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany (also available with Kosher). COVIP sells its products to all the major chains in Italy since many years. COVIP products are also exported in many Countries. COVIP Company is specialized in top service for big clients (chains, importers, groups). The range of products and packaging is very wide, from the standard packaging / sizes to the most artisanal packaging and special sizes. Production is in fact really flexible to meet the needs of all different clients. New products are studied continually. food Via Monti Sabini, 11A Milano 20141 MI Italy +39 02 55212986 +39 02 55210804 Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crastan SpA CRASTAN SPA is a DIRECT MANUFACTURER of instant coffee substitutes, since 1870 is specialized in the production of 100% natural soluble hot beverages. Located in the region of Tuscany (Italy), CRASTAN company was founded in 1870 by the Swiss entrepreneur Luzio Crastan who started the production of roasted coffee substitutes. Nowadays Crastan is -the biggest producer of soluble coffee substitutes in Italy -the #1 Private Label producer of: Cappuccino Coffee based hot beverages Instant Barley& Cereal Mixes Effervescent granules Sodium Bicarbonate Technologies:roasting,spray-drying Packing:capsules,jars,cans,box,sachet Certifications:IFS- Organic food Via Maremmana, 24 Pontedera 56025 PI Italy +39058725921 Fabiano Benedetti Valentini Coffee, Barley, Beverage Mixes (Powder), Capsules, Carbonated Beverages Crea Srl food Via Cuneo 114 Cervasca 12010 CN Italy +393773377967 +390171612458 Anamaria Margarit Chocolates, Chocolate Pralines, Dried Fruits, Spreads Crespi Srl Livio Crespi calls them ulive (Ligurian dialect for olives). Like an ancient poet, and an authentic western Ligurian. «We have tradition in our blood» he often repeats. And hearing him talk, it’s quite easy to understand exactly what he means. For him, the history of his family, interwoven with the historic events of Ceriana, a village perched on the hillside of Italy’s western gateway, and of the olive tree culture, is truly alive and well. He is just as close to the old Crespi who owned two “oil” mills in 1770, as he is to his son Roberto, the last descendent of the glorious family who inherited the love for olive trees and the talent as a taster from his father.  food Corso Italia, 81 Ceriana 18034 IM Italy +39 0184 551013 +39 0184 551518 Jarred Vegetables, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Sauces, Condiments, Pesto, Pasta Sauces Crudi d'Italia SpA Crudi d'Italia Spa is part of a group of 6 companies owned by Benassi Family  M.Q.C. Meat Quality Control - Based in Switzerland and build 50 years ago specialized in the selection of raw materials (especially pork legs) with the goal of selecting, controlling, tracing and checking meat suppliers and the quality of raw materials. General Frigo: Build 35 years ago is now a leader company in handling the raw meats thanks to the applied technology of the cool chain: labs, refrigerated areas and warehouses for 40.000 sqm plus store cells at -30 of 60.000 sqm. for a total of 100.000 sqm with the aim of transforming the raw materials and logistically supply Italian and foreign ham and salami manufacturers within the highest hygenical standards.  Crudi d'Italia: Includes - ABA Prosciutti Spa: build in 1986 in the typical area of Parma Ham production in this few years has been able to successfully afford in the food sector due to the accurate choice of raw materials together with specialized and advanced production process. 20.000 sqm area on two levels, with an annual production of 150.000 dried ham (mainly Parma) and 100.000 cooked hams. On 2001 ABA Prosciutti opened the second company called Prosciuttificio del Gran Sasso in Colledara (Teramo) with an annual production and seasoning of 700.000 hams (excluding the Parma that must be produced only in Parma). Prosciuttificio Luppi Spa and Antiche Cantine Luppi based in San Vitale Baganza, built 50 years ago and merged in December 2005. food Via S. Vitale, 21 Sala Baganza 43030 PR Italy +39 0521 830431 +39 0521 830428 Ham D & D ITALIA S.P.A. D&D Italia – D’Amico was founded in 1968. We are specialized in the production of preserved vegetables in oil, vinegar and brine, sautéed mushrooms, premium legumes conventional and organic, pesto, ready tomato sauces, olives and anchovies. We are leader in Italy with our D'Amico brand and we export to 60 countries all around the world. The company is characterized by the following distintive points: - high quality standards - huge production potentiality - flexibility of output - product innovations - customer's care. We have two facilities one in the South and the other one in the North of Italy where we diversify our production with two different production's process, sterilization and pastorization. D'Amico's products are available to the retail sector as well as the catering and food service sectors. food Via Irno snc Pontecagnano Faiano 84098 SA Italy +39 089 2021232 +39 089 3856935 Rosa Bruno Jarred Vegetables, Canned Vegetables, Canned Beans, Pasta Sauces, Snacks, Antipasto Vegetables, Pesto, Olives, Pickled Products, Organic Products, Artichokes, Zucchini, Seasonings, Sauces D'Autore Food Srl We are leader in Italy in the production of Prosciutto crudo/Hams (with bone, deboned, portioned...) and Salami (milano, napoli, ungherese, di Parma, spianta spicy, salame pepperoni...). We can also produce all kind of Italian charcuterie (coppa, speck, mortadella, pancetta etc...), whole or pre-sliced in Map trays or Vaccum pack. We can do Private Label and customaize any packages following the customers needs. We can slice from 50 gr to 1 kg per products. We also Have a new Line of halal certified products, whole or presliced, that follow the italian traditions of the production of charcuterie (beef speck, beef salami, beef pancetta, spicy salami pepperoni, turkey breast, turkey with Honey, bresaola, duck speck...). food via aldo moro 4 castelnuovo Rangone 41051 MO Italy 0039 59 536492 0039 59 538100, Salami D'Intino Alberico (Azienda Agricola) Alberico D’Intino’s farm stretches for 72 hectares in an area renowned for the quality of grapes and olives.  We are artisan-making a high quality and biological extra-virgin olive oil Aprutino Pescarese DOP. In a specialized and irrigated system we cultivate the local olive variety: Dritta of Loreto.  In the last few years we started makng wine with a small quantity of our best selected grapes. We produce about 5000 bottles of  biological red wine, San Zopito, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC. food Viale G. Bovio, 188 Pescara 65123 PE Italy +39 085 4214473 +39 085 4214473 Red Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Wine, Alcoholic Beverages, Organic Products, Wine D.&D. S.r.l. Prodotti Conservati Operating in over forty years, we are present with a factory specializing in processing and preservation of the most selected varieties of tomatoes. We are located in Scafati (SA) an area in great vocation in tomato cultivation. The active presence and direct production areas combined with a great knowledge of the market, enables our company to get to the source, the highest product quality standards. Use for our 100% Italian tomato production, which comes mainly from the southern area which is most suited to the favorable climatic conditions and the fertility of its fields. In our modern factory we transform tomato, freshly harvested to preserve freshness and taste, in a wide variety of derivatives such as: Peeled tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomatoes, tomato sauce, pasta sauces. proposed in different formats, in addition to a wide range of cooked vegetables. The demands of the catering companies, buying groups, retail chains Italian and foreign, are faced with extreme fexibility in accordance with their needs in terms of packaging, marketing and promotional policies. The D.&D. S.r.l. uses for its products exclusively Italian tomato, coming mainly from South Italia, the most suited to the favorable climate and the fertility of its fields, agricultural production, aiming always to the enhancement of TYPICAL PRODUCT CAMPANO. The D.&D. S.r.l., present both on the Italian and the non-European with its main brand “LA BELLA SAN MARZANO,” is among the least affected of the influence of the competitive system, by virtue of a wide clientele for years acquired and remained faithful, thanks to the high quality of products made with the constant technological updating of the systems and the efficient and proven distribution network. Currently, the flagship brand “LA BELLA SAN MARZANO” has reached a satisfactory presence in the market, it boasts the presence of its products in Italy, in Europe, the United States, South Africa and for some years in Australia and New Zealand and some countries of ‘East Asia. Always follow firsthand the entire production chain, from sowing to harvesting, handling everything according to the most recognized standards such modial: supplied exclusively certified, you quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 22000, BRC. This allows us to offer the consumer a product that is safe and healthy. food VIA NUOVA SAN MARZANO, 81 SCAFATI 84018 SA Italy 0818590519 0818590524 Canned Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Canned Vegetables D.A.F. VALRIGLIO CASTELLO DI PRATO OTTESOLA ALIMENTARI S.R.L food via Milano 3 SAN GIORGIO PIACENTINO 29019 PC Italy 00390523371421 00390523379185 Francesco Silvestri Canned Vegetables, Canned Beans Daina Srl DAINA, the made-to-measure roll… Since 1970, daina has specialized in the production of toilet paper, paper rolls and roll products for industry and the community. Mainly aimed at wholesalers and service companies, daina offers a vast range of disposable products in high-quality cellulose. A wealth of experience in the sector, together with a constant commitment to research and development, enables daina to be flexible in meeting changing market needs and those of each individual client. Efficiency, custom-made solutions and consultancy characterize daina’s service in Italy and abroad. Because not all rolls are the same non food Via Borgosatollo, 70 Montirone 25010 BS Italy +39 030 267143 +39 030267641 Paper Products DAL COLLE S.P.A. INDUSTRIA DOLCIARIA Dal Colle was founded in 1896 and has become, through the years, one of the most dynamic players in the baked sweets market in Europe. Our company's pillar products are the famous Pandoro, Panettone and Colomba, traditional Italian cakes for the festivities of Christmas and Easter. Having built its renowned name on these products, Dal Colle has increased its range of products by introducing cream-filled cakes, snacks and frozen cakes. Modern technology combined with the finest choices of natural ingredients (such as butter, milk and eggs) and our ancient tradition are the secret of its success. Dal Colle products are distributed throughout the world by the largest supermarket chains. Dal Colle has 6 production lines with a full time staff of 100 workers, which become 400 during peak season. Its turnover in 1999 has been of about 30 million Euros. Its production meets the highest standards of the HACCP system and is ISO 9002 certified. food Via Strà, 13 Colognola ai Colli 37030 VR Italy +39 045 6134511 +39 045 7650959 Panettone, Pandoro, Snacks, Muffins, Baked Products, Cakes, Frozen Cakes, Desserts, Holiday Cakes, Wafers Dalì S.p.A. Dalì is a medium-sized enterprise acting in the filled pasta market since 35 years. 100% owned by the founder’s family, who operates in the pasta business since a century, arrived now at the 4th generation. Dalì counts today on a young and well trained staff: we guarantee the operational flexibility of a small business, and the efficiency and reliability of a big industry. Today’s production capacity is over 10 mln Kg; still partly unused (after recent investments on new production lines). Production plants are recent, widely automated and high - performing. 80% of our sales are of private labels, that we supply to the bigger retailers in europe and, more recently, North America. Production is certificated for «International food Standard – IFS» and «Global Standard Foos Safety – BRC» since the beginning of 2006. Quality systems were developed by internal staff and grew together with the company. Dalì produces the following categories: Fresh egg pasta Fresh filled pasta  Shelf-stable (semi-fresh) filled pasta (SID numbers available) food Via degli Artigiani 3 Crocetta del Monrtello 31035 TV Italy +390423639222 +390423639461 Filled Pasta, Egg Pasta Dalla Costa Alimentare Srl Dalla Costa Alimentare is one of the leading Italian companies in the production of artisanal pasta in different shapes and flavors (durum wheat semolina, flavored and tricolor) included baby food pasta and seasonal shapes (i.e. christmas, easter...). Dalla Costa produces dry pasta made with Bronze Dies and dried at low temeratures. This production process allows to maintain unaltered all the properties of the wheat. We offer: - The Finest Ingredients (The use of ONLY Durum Wheat Semolina and dehidrated vegetables); - A wide range of shapes (around 80 different shapes) - Tailor-made packaging: Either under our own brand or Private label; - Flexibility in finding solutions and meeting the market’s demands; Certifications: BRC; IFS; Kosher; Vegan OK; Organic. food Via della Fornace, 131 Castelminio di Resana 31023 TV Italy +39 0423 484402 +39 0423 484122 Laura ceretta Flavored Pasta, Pasta, Specialty Pasta, Gluten Free Pasta, Whole Wheat Pasta, Organic Pasta DALTER ALIMENTARI S.P.A. Dalter Alimentari S.p.A. is leader in the fresh grated and portioned cheese packaging sector (DOP and typical cheeses from Italy, like Parmesan cheese, Grana Padano cheese and Pecorino Romano cheese) for the retail market, food manufacturers and foodservice, in Italy and a number of foreign markets.  Since its foundation in 1978, Dalter has always aimed to select the best cheeses direct from the producer, offered in a range of cuts and formats, packaged in classic and innovative ways. With its flexible organisation and an open mind, it is able to support its business partners by developing and creating made-to-measure products that fully meet their demands. Over the years, the company has also proved its total reliability in the design and development of ad-hoc solutions for important brand leaders. food Via Val D’Enza, 134 S.Ilario D’Enza 42049 RE Italy +39 0522 901101 +39 0522 673690 Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Grated Cheese De Clemente Conserve SpA De Clemente Conserve S.p.A. is a food industry established in Fisciano (Sa) in 1998 by the De Clemente family which has been working in the canning sector for over 40 years. The family still runs the company taking care each working step in order to make high quality products, according to the national and international market demand. The De Clemente Conserve plants are equipped with new technology production systems which match the requirements of modernity and the respect for the environmental standards ISO:14001. Furthermore, the company is provided with a certified quality and control system, in compliance with the international standards ISO:9001, BRC and IFS. The company turnover is currently equally divided between the national and the international market. De Clemente products are available in all the main national and European retail and in all the most accredited catering distributors. food Via Canfora Fisciano 84084 SA Italy +39 089 820042 +39 089 820043 Canned Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Canned Vegetables De Matteis Agroalimentare SpA De Matteis Agroalimentare SpA, is a Company specialized in the production of top quality pasta with control of its entire production process, from the wheat to the finished product, to guarantee that it is both healthy and safe. Established in 1993 in Flumeri (province of Avellino), close to the main durum wheat-growing areas in Apulia, Campania and Basilicata,De Matteis Agroalimentare is one of the leading players in the dry pasta market, both in Italy and worldwide. Today it is still among the very few companies in the industry to have its own mill connected directly to the pasta factory. The company has deep roots in the land and the community where it operates every day and has two production plants: the main one is located in Flumeri, which was later joined by a second one in Giano dell’Umbria, in the province of Perugia. During 2019 De Matteis also opened a branch office in the US in order to best serve their primary export market, followed by Germany in Europe. FACTS & FIGURES 80% revenue from export Total revenues of €155 million in 2019 40 export countries 80% Private Label production for some of the largest retail chains in italy and worldwide 1.200 items produced per year 25 tailor-made recipes developed for our PL customers SHAPES & TYPES Shapes: Long; Short; Sfoglia; Nests; Lasagne; Artisan Die: Bronze; Teflon; Laminated; Quick cook Recipe: Durun Wheat; Organic; Eggs; Wholewheat; Fiber added; Vegetable puree added; Tricolor; Gluten Free; Spelt food Via Amoretta, San Nicola 6/E Avellino 83100 AV Italy +39 0825 4212 +39 0825 421238 Gianluca De Chiara Pasta, Artisan Pasta, Organic Pasta, Specialty Pasta, Egg Pasta, Whole Wheat Pasta De Prisco Srl Canned peeled tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, small tomatoes, mashed tomatoes, tomato juice and vegetables. food Via Giovanni XXIII - IV traversa, 3 San Marzano sul Sarno 84010 SA Italy +39 081 5187592 +39 081 19977376 Deangelis Deanocciola is a family company based in the Tuscia region, one of Italy’s most unspoiled countryside near Viterbo bordering Tuscany, Umbria and the greater area of Rome. Our family business has been producing tasty organic spreads for Italian and international most prestigious food brands, GDO and HORECA channels for over 10 years. We can offer high quality hazelnut and chocolate spreads with and without milk, pure nut and pure seed butters and custom blend recipes. We are looking for quality and respect for the environment in all of our production processes and all our spreads have IFS, BRC, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and fair trade certifications. We would love to hear from you! food Loc. La Valle snc Gallese 01035 VT Italy +39 0761 405760 +39 0761 1760241 Spreads DECO INDUSTRIE SOCIETA' COOPERATIVA PER AZIONI IN SIGLA DECO DECO INDUSTRIE is committed to developing its capacity for innovative manufacturing and to supplying high-quality sustainable products through modern trade practices. Today, DECO INDUSTRIE designs, manufactures and packages - all within its own facilities - washing liquids and domestic, as well as a wide range of sweet and savory oven-baked products. The company focuses on meeting the evolving requirements of the large-scale distribution industry by ensuring its own products are of the same high standard as the leading national brands, analyzing consumer behavior, refining the composition of its products, engineering its products and processes, complying with the regulatory framework and optimizing its own logistical resources. food Via Caduti Del Lavoro, 2 Bagnacavallo 48012 RA Italy +39 0545 935511 +39 0545 935650 Panettone, Flatbread, Cookies, Pandoro, Baked Products, Laundry Detergents DELIGUSTI S.P.A. food Via Fratelli Cervi 5 Melegnano 20077 MI Italy LISA SPREAFICO Fish Delikatesse Srl “Delikatesse” has been producing Italian food specialties using “homemade” methods since 1991, mainly based on truffles, porcini mushrooms, wild soft fruits and vegetables from our region (Campania – Southern Italy), all of them bought directly from the farmers. Our expert-team first selects the best harvest of fresh produce in the field and then a second selection is carried out at the plant discarding anything that is less than perfect, before forwarding the products to the various processing lines. We apply the same care and strict rules when selecting any other ingredient involved in the process. In 1999 we started a new organic line, which from the beginning was developed with care and passion. The high quality and freshness of our products are the secret of our continuously growing international success: we are currently exporting 90% of our production. Thanks to a trading agreement established with two well-known local companies, “Delikatesse” is also offering extra virgin olive oil from “Cilento”, “limoncello” and other fruit liquors and creams from the “Amalfitana” coast. Selected applying our strict quality rules, these products are the best you can find in the region. food Via della Fratellanza, 2 Roccapiemonte 84086 SA Italy +39 081 935375 +39 081 5145500 Mushrooms, Sauces, Jarred Vegetables, Breads, Pizza, Condiments Delizie di Calabria Srl DELIZIE DI CALABRIA is a family company located in the warm south of Italy that is specialized in manufacturing preserved foods linked to the most ancient receipts: hot sauces, condiments for pasta, vegetables in oil, spices for pasta since 1985. Well-known for Calabrese Peperoncino, a small but powerful fruit that is an integral part of Calabria identity. food Via Conti Ruffo, 17 Catanzaro 88100 CZ Italy +39 0961 63507 +39 0961 63507 Condiments, Antipasto Vegetables, Organic Vegetables Delverde SpA Delverde. The natural choice. Set in the spectacular environmental oasis of the Majella National Park, Delverde has meant natural and quality products since 1970, when the company started up its business drawing from the ancient local pasta-making traditions of the Abruzzo region. This philosophy is fully reflected in the choice of the company name, inspired by the Verde river flowing beside the factory. The pure rock filters the spring waters that are mixed with accurately selected and perfectly refined durum wheat semolina at an ideal temperature. Tradition plus innovation: a winning formula. The pasta is modeled into 130 different shapes using bronze trafile, which are essential for creating really unique pasta, taking advantage of modern technology. The trafile not only confer the pasta an unmistakable naturally light color, but also increase its strength enabling it to combine with the sauces in the best possible way. The low-temperature drying process completes the job, thereby preserving the nutritional values, the aroma and that unmistakable flavor which can only belong to fully natural wheat. This encompasses the secret of Delverde, a superior pasta which pays homage to taste and the purest Mediterranean Diet. This pasta is a paradise for connoisseurs, palatable, delicate but with a strong heart when cooked to the ideal cooking time, and keeps a very high nutritional value. The DELVERDE dry pasta line has now expanded to all traditional and non-traditional market segments, introducing organic pasta besides the classical semolina, wholemeal and egg-pastas and many other specialties with a variety of attractive shapes which are innovative too. The DELVERDE product range also includes a line for fresh pasta, which is prepared with durum wheat semolina. The Company always pays great attention to clients’ and consumers’ requirements, and has therefore intended to embrace a new trend in taste both in Italy and abroad, yet keeping faithful to the ancient flavours of home-made pasta tradition. Other products enrich the DELVERDE range along with pasta, such as olive oil, preserves and ready-made sauces. food Zona Industriale Fara San Martino 66015 CH Italy +39 0872 9951 +39 0872 994000 Pasta, Organic Products, Organic Pasta, Gnocchi, Rice, Fresh Pasta, Specialty Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tomato Sauce DELVERDE AMERICA, Inc. Demolli SpA Wide collection of houseware items: placemats, wooden and PE cutting boards, trays, spoons, hooks, ice cube trays, wine accessories, bamboo. Established in 1965 in Assago (Milan), Demolli Spa manufactures and distributes wood, plastic and metal houseware. With our 40-year experience in distribution we are considered a qualified supplier by all the prestigious Italian houseware and gift shops and by the main chain stores. We are also currently experiencing rapid international expansion: our products are exported throughout Europe, in the US and in Japan. Our ever-growing collection - 450 references at the present time - is composed of : all kinds of kitchen tools in wood and metal; crepes and grill pans; different types of cutting boards; a broad variety of trays and co-ordinate place mats; professional wine accessories; as well as a wide choice of self-adhesive hooks. non food Via Newton, 8 Assago 20090 MI Italy +39 02 4888181 +39 02 45702438 Housewares Dental Cleaning Srl Dental floss and inter-dental brushes non food Via di Coselli, 14 Guamo 55060 LU Italy +39 0583 947006 +39 0583 403244 Dental Floss Deoflor Spa non food Via Vespolate, 48 Confienza 27030 PV Italy 0384 64461 0384 64462 Giuseppe Esposito Household Products Devodier Prosciutti Srl One of the founding members of Parma Ham Consortium and awarded as Italian Excellence by the most prestigious Italian guides, as Gambero Rosso: this would be enough to understand the strong passion for charcuterie that the Devodier family has expressed for decades with every product. Their most representative lines are “Antiche Cantine” and “Eccellenze”, prized high quality DOP Parma Ham cured for 20, 24, 30 and 36 months, Culatta Emilia and the presliced high-end range comprising “Tartufo Rosa 30 months” and “Luxury 36 months”, also available sliced by hand, packaged in exclusive MAP trays. food Via Ponticella 4 Lesignano de' Bagni 43037 PR Italy +390521861070 Michele Devodier, Di Iorio SpA The Di Iorio Beverage Company was founded by Filippo Di Iorio in 1896 and is run today by the third generation of Di Iorios. It has become nationally and internationally renowned in its field. Using high-end technology and a careful respect for environmental policies, Di Iorio can produce one million five hundred bottles of beverages in a 24-hour period. A pioneer in the production of carbonated beverages, the company was given the honorary Decree of Acknowledgement of Molisia mineral water in the year 2000, and began to bottle this water for distribution in 2006. Technological innovation, paired with traditional recipes and over a hundred years of experience, is the winning card of this Company. The Di Iorio’s main goal is to develop high-quality beverages using the best ingredients and investing in technological research to improve family recipes and meet the requirements of the modern-day market. In fact, the flexible structure and potential of the production of bottled beverages meet the needs of both retail and wholesale markets, here and abroad.  food Via Filangieri, 49 Frosolone 86095 IS Italy +39 0874 890423 +39 0874 890553 Carbonated Beverages, Tonic Water, Coffee Flavored Drinks, Bitters, Aperitif, Fruit Drinks, Mineral Water, Bottled Water Dial Funghi Srl DIAL srl, leader company in the processing of dried mushrooms for Italy, has been operating in the mushroom field for over 20 years. DIAL has an annual turnover of approximately 8.000.000,00 euro with a staff of about 40 employees of which 24 are mycological operators, who select and package 150 tons of dried mushrooms manually per year for a total of nearly 2.5 million pieces all entirely selected leaf by leaf. Over the years the company has expanded its commercial offer, which now ranges from dried, fresh and frozen mushrooms to granulated dry mushrooms for industries and our latest ready to use Porcini mushroom cream, “Pronto Porcini”, an ideal complement to modern cooking where fast preparation follows both creativity and discovery of new flavors. The production activity is managed and monitored by highly trained technical staff and it is supported by our internal analysis laboratory for macroscopic mycological chemical controls and microbiological controls. The company is certified for UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 since 2002 following the IFS and BRC quality standards. It is also certified ICEA since 2003 for organic dry mushrooms. food Via dei Prati 60 Pergine Valsugana 38057 TN Italy 0039 0461 534505 0039 0461 533030 Mushrooms Dial Professional Srl Professional use liquid detergents for HO.RE.CA., automotive, technical cleaning (Haccp, generl cleaning, laundry, carwash/carcare, road/air/railway/subway/sea transportation, anti-graffiti, solutions for harbour/airoport areas, building industry, industrial plants, hospitals, food industries and restaurants, waste collection service companies). non food Via G. E. Bariè, 36 Roma 00166 ROMA Italy +39 06 65771161 +39 06 65001236 Detergents, Industrial Products Diasen Srl Diasen is an international company that for more than 20 years has been creating and developing a wide range of innovative products and systems, which are able to solve any kind of problem of the building yard: Thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproofing system, coating for any kind of surface etc. Diasen since several years has already achieved and confirmed ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental certification; in addition to all the certifications obtained by single products, and to the ITF certification for its sport flooring covering systems. Diasen products also comply CE marking requirements. This allowed Diasen products to be used in several national and international products Diasen is member of Green Building Council and U.S. Green Building Council. Diasen developed an emerging brand in the world of Do-It-Yourself: Genial Solver. It was born as the answer to an important requirement, to solve and prevent the house problems. Its fiels of action covers the most important and dear place for everyone : the House. Its purpose is to meet the needs of all consumers and to reach all those who are not professionals, but who love the do-it-yourself and solve the problems by themselves. The Genial Solver line of products includes a complete system of solutions and is distinguished both for the easy and clear use of its products, and for the quality and technology of themselves. • Easy Application : thanks to a few but exhaustive instructions on the label of the product but also on the website, Genial Solver offers solutions that everyone is able to apply without being forced to turn to professionals. • Quality and Technology : the products line-up offers simple solutions, but with a high level of technology for all users. Moulds, water leaks, spots, cracks on floors, rising damp, are the problems that can often afflict the houses. The various coatings, thermal paint, waterproofing sealant, are some of the immediate solutions that the Genial Solver line-up proposes to respond to these problems. Thermal Anti condensation is a white coating based on latex and special mineral powders, which thanks to their insulating properties, are able to keep warmer the treated surface, thus eliminating any thermal bridge. Transparent Waterproofing is a transparent coating designed to waterproof paved surfaces suitable for eliminating water infiltration, oils, greases. Universal Transparent Waterproofing is a liquid waterproofing product based on water, bitumen and resin suitable for the protection and waterproofing of foundations, flat roofs, basement walls and gutters. Favoring the easy application of the products and the clear and definitive answer to the various types of problems, Genial Solver wants to support and wants to be also the means that allow all consumers to become the "pharmacists of their home". non food Zona Industriale Barbentina, 5 Sassoferrato 60041 AN Italy +39 0732 9718 +39 0732 971899 Building Products Dili International Srl Producer of balsamic herbal product for throat and essences for aromatherapy non food Via Bovino, 42 Deliceto 71026 FG Italy +39 0881 969199 +39 0881 963222 Aromatic Herbs, Cough Syrup DINO CORSINI S.r.l. Dino Corsini is an italian producer of bakery products for breakfast such as soft cakes , muffins , cakes , small cakes , ring-shaped cakes declined in the following variants : traditional ,gluten gree , milk free, without added sugar , organic . Our recipes are extremely small and healthy ( without preservatives , without palm oil , ..) food VIA G. BRODOLINI 4 VALSAMOGGIA LOC . CRESPELLANO 40056 BO Italy 0039-051-969072 Elena Scaglioni Dispotech Srl Instant cold pack, cold-hot gel pack, cold spray, instant hot pack, dental napkins, dental bibs, PE-coated examination drapes in roll, face mask, cloth for cleaning, plastic cups, disposable toothbrushes, disposable wash gloves. non food Via Al Piano, 29 Gordona 23020 SO Italy +39 0343 36711 +39 0343 36567 Distilleria Zanin Srl The Zanin Distillery was founded in 1895 by the present owner's grandfather. Despite it's constant growth and development, it is still a family firm and now, after more than a century, it is run by the fourth generation. A careful selection of raw materials and the best distillation techniques are therefore the natural consequence of an unbroken link between the present and the past - that of our family and its professional evolution as well as the great events of recent history. This interrelationship produced the our family’s undying, intense passion for our work and for the quality of the fruits of our work. Our products could never continue to satisfy the changing tastes of an increasingly competent and demanding clientele were it not for our unwavering commitment and real love for our work. New rewards - not just in terms of sales - encourage us to continue our efforts. Every year, without fail, Zanin grappas win the Alambicco d’Oro, the Italian distillation sector’s most important award organised by the Asti Chamber of Commerce in partnership with ANAG, the National Association of Grappa Tasters. food Via Roma, 11 Zugliano 36030 VE Italy +39 0445 330105 +39 0445 330225 Limoncello, Liquors, Amaretto, Walnut Liquor, Alcoholic Beverages, Sambuca, Brandy Distillerie Valdoglio SpA Distillates drinks, liquors, fruit syrups. food Via Francesca Sud, 2 Roccafranca 25030 BS Italy +39 030 7090151 +39 030 7090786 Syrups, Liquors DO. DA. CO. S.R.L. As a co-packer company we specialise in packing purées, smoothies, fruit juices and nectars and vegetables in flexible packaging for private companies and distributors. Our goal is to offer our clients top quality and professional service, providing support at every step - from choosing the ingredients to distributing the final product. Years of research and study have put us at the forefront, using one of the most advanced technology systems in the industry to offer our clients a product of the highest quality. food VIA DE RISO 6 SCAFATI 84018 SA Italy 0818567219 Food Service Products DOLCERIA ALBA S.P.A. Dolceria Alba is an Italian Company producing high quality frozen desserts both for supermarkets, club stores and foodservice. Our vision is to promote Italian desserts and patisserie throughout the world. Our mission is to replicate traditional recipes on a large scale and provide our customers with "The Best Product at the Best Possible Price". We are one of the leading Italian companies producing frozen desserts for PL brands thanks to our maximum flexibility in meeting the customer's needs. . We say YES to: traditional recipes; simple and refined ingredients; high quality guaranteed by low temperatures. We say NO to: hydrogenated fats; palm oil; artificial flavours; preservatives. Our certifications: BRC, IFS, HALAL and UTZ. We use just free-range eggs. We export to 65 countries and we are looking for new business partners food Strada Vicinale delle Cappellette 8 Santena 10026 TO Italy +39 (0)11 0625611 +39 (0)11 0620156 Carlo Rolle (Commercial Director), Carmela Lucariello, Debora Monetto and Simona Da Ros (Sales Office) Frozen Desserts, Frozen Cakes Dolciaria Gadeschi SpA Dolciaria Gadeschi is a specialist manufacturer of typical Italian biscuits with a 50 years' experience. Quality, competence and service have allowed us to become one of the leaders in the world of industrial confectionery, giving us the opportunity to supply the largest food production and distribution companies worldwide. Our product range includes: Amaretti, Amarettini, Cantuccini, Meringues, Shortbread biscuits, Cat's Tongues, Nocciolino, Cream puffs, as well as semi-finished products for ice-cream, bakery and chocolate (inclusion and / or decoration). We also offer customized recipes on demand, with the possibility of using RSPO certified fats, Rain Forest Alliance (UTZ ) chocolate, natural flavours, natural colourings, barn eggs or free range eggs. Dolciaria Gadeschi SpA is certified ISO 9001, BRC, IFS. food Strada Provinciale 26, km 5 Corte de' Frati 26010 CR Italy +39 0372 93156 +39 0372 93527 Amaretti, Biscuits, Confectionary DOLFIN - S.P.A. Founded in 1914, DOLFIN started as a confectionery company. Today DOLFIN specialises in fruit freezer pops for the summer season, chocolate items for the Christmas season and Chocolate Easter eggs for the Easter season. The company is now considered a leader in Italy with with their "Polaretti" products, delicious ready to freeze ice pops with real fruit juice. Their production capacity reaches up to 500 tons of chocolate and 4,000 tons of ice pops per year. DOLFIN is a company in constant growth; thanks to their focus on such key factors as constant attention to research & development,  technological innovation and total quality. food S.S. 114 Km. 71,043 Carruba di Riposto 95010 CT Italy +39 095 7780410 +39 095 7787279 Chocolates, Frozen Specialties, Candies Domenico De Lucia SpA Two types of ready-meal: Pre-cooked soups made of pulses and cereals, vacuum-packed and microwavable; Pre-cooked and dehydrated soups of pulses and cereals. food Via Maddaloni, 3 Cancello Scalo 81020 CE Italy +39 0823 802511 +39 0823 802515 Soups, Ready Made Meals Donelli Vini SpA Lambrusco and non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. The company also extended its portfolio to several still wines. food Via Don Minzoni, 1 Gattatico 42043 RE Italy +39 0522 908715 +39 0522 908822 Wine, Juices Dopla S.p.A. Gruppo DOpla is a leading European player in tableware, offering pragmatic, efficient and pretty solutions for food and beverage safe and hygienic consumption. Our bold move toward sustainability deploys an array of fully renewed biodegradable and compostable products, plenty of eco-friendly materials ranging from pulp fibre to paper and carton with PEFC certification, along with bio-plastics such as Mater-Bi® distributed under own brand names as well as under leading European Private Labels. non food Via Nuova Trevigiana 126 Casale Sul Sile 31032 TV Italy +390422388648 +390422787804 Mrs. Irene Casagrande Disposable Tableware, Dinnerware Drogheria e Alimentari SpA The original firm was founded in 1880 in Florence, Tuscany. Drogheria & Alimentari’s core business has always been the trade of spices and colonial products. The company is IFS, BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Kosher and SA 8000 certified. The HACCP system is operative since June 1998. D&A selects and produces the most and precious spices, herbs, salts and infused oils from all over the world since 1880 - guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety of production and packaging. We have been satisfying and supporting customers for years in 60 countries worldwide. Drogheria & Alimentari’s Private Label System offers infinite possibilities to transform ideas into reality choosing from a variety of jars and colored caps of different materials. food Viale Nilde lotti, 23/25 San Piero a Sieve 50037 FI Italy +39 055 843251 +39 055 8432643 Salt, Seasonings, Herbs, Spices, Cake Decorations, Pasta Sauces, Infused Oils Eco Pets Italia Srl CREATING ORGANIC CAT LITTER SINCE 20111 Eco Pets Italia is a company whose mission is to provide the consumer with a line of fully ecological products. The scope is to improve the quality of our pets' lives while promoting a safer and healthier environment for all of us.  At Eco Pets Italia, we are fully aware of the fact that there are hundreds of pet products available on the market. A product is often a compromise between product performance and ecological expectations. Unfortunately for the environment, the best performing products are not necessarily the “greenest” products.  If we want to make a positive impact upon the enironment, we must realize that “green” means much more than biodegradable or compostable. We are constantly searching for products that are manufactured through processes that optimize the use of natural resources and that can be disposed of with no damage to the environment or unnecessary waste of energy and materials.  In order to be successful, we must provide unique products that are innovative, of the highest quality, one hundred percent safe, highly beneficial to the pets and their owners, and also represent the best value for the cost. This is our primary goal. Our cat litters Catekò® and MioMao® are the first of our line of “green” products and we are proud to announce that it has greatly exceeded our expectations.  non food Via A. Senato, 14/16 MILANO 20121 MI Italy +393482628119 +39054320032 Dario Piazzi, Cat Litter ECOBAGS Srl ECOBAGS s.r.l. is an engineering company established in 1985, which owns multiple patents and works in partnership with R&D centers in Italy and abroad. Innovation capability and technical development are at the core of this company, which has a rich industrial background and has been operating in different fields, spanning from high speed automation to R&D of new products and investments in ETHICALLY and SOCIALLY SUSTAINABLE projects. Our mission is researching and developing NEW IDEAS through the implementation of environmentally sustainable and ETHICAL projects characterised by improved energy efficiency, rational use of resources and reduced environmental impact. Departing from this, we have developed a whole range of 100% biobased, 100% compostable and 'ETHICAL' products made from non-food crops, with no impact on the human food chain, among which a patented, compostable coffee capsule. non food Via Marco Polo, 153 Bientina 56031 PI Italy +39 0589 489240 +39 0587 489243 Ecopack SpA Founded in 1939 and headquartered in Turin, Ecopack specialises in the production of baking moulds and specific packaging for the global confectionery industry. In close partnership with the world’s leading confectionery companies, Ecopack has thirty years’ experience in the design and manufacture of moulds for paper that meet industrial production requirements, in the manufacture of paper cases for highly automated production lines and of baking moulds for industrial lines, such as panettone and colomba. Today, Ecopack supplies an extensive clientele throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the USA and South America. non food via della Masolina 24 Piobesi Torinese 10040 TO Italy +39 011/9657657 +39 011/9657180 Baking moulds and packaging Edis EDIS is the largest European independent manufacturer of trading cards and sticker collections, packaged collectible and promotional products, such as in-pack premiums and promotional gadgets. We take care internally of the full process, from the concept to the delivery. For more than 40 years, EDIS has been producing trading cards and self-adhesive stickers collections for the best known publishers, for merchandising and loyalty agencies and for supermarket chains (special promotions). non food Via Tacito 40 Modena 41123 MO Italy +39 059 847711 +39 059 847784, Promotional Items Effequattro SpA Pasta sauces, vinegar & legumes. food Zona Asi, Loc.tà Pascarola Caivano 80023 NA Italy +39 081 8893111 +39 081 8893272 Pasta Sauces, Vinegar, Legumes Egidio Cremonesi Srl Riseria Cremonesi is the main rice-producer in Veneto, producing around 250,000 quintals per year of processed rice with a production of husk of about 75.000 quintals per year amounting to 6,250 hectares. They aim to be the most innovative producer of white rice: this means that the firm wants to surpass the restricted territorial limits of national demand while still keeping with the Italian tradition in rice production. To pursue its aim, Riseria Cremonesi, after having reached a top-quality production, developed some remarkable innovations in packaging, which are able to target those market sectors where no one, untill now, has developed an adequate specific food culture. The packing innovations have been developed in co-operation with the most important Italian Universities: their highly innovative technical know-how in the field of rice-preserving has been at the complete disposal of Riseria Cremonesi, which has managed to conceive a technological development system that protects the consumer: the protective atmosphere. The protective atmosphere (made of a mixture of azoth and carbon dioxide) is a new concept that, eliminating humidity and inhibiting every possible bacterial development, guarantees important advantages to both distributors and consumers. This result is possible thanks to a special quality-oriented philosophy: the Cremonesi family still believes in good and healthy cooking, made with simple and genuine ingredients, in order to bring to the consumers table an authentic and tasty food. "The chain of quality should not run out at the company but must continue until it reaches the table of the consumer": this is the fundamental principle on which, from 1951 until today, Riseria Cremonesi’s business activity has been based on. Egidio Evelino Cremonesi, now honorary president of the company, has dedicated his entire life in pursuit of constant and continuous technological improvement to his company’s production, in order to offer to its customers, his family, his friends and all of us, the best rice with good flavor and nutritional values of the past.  This is the spirit with which the founder of Riseria Cremonesi transformed raw materials into valuable Italian rice varieties which over the years have been brought to the market. He this has passed this knowledge to his sons Andrea and Paolo, now executives of the family, together with a trusted group of close associates. food Via Del Ciclamino, 15 Bovolone 37051 VR Italy +39 045 7103900 +39 045 6900241 Arborio Rice, Vialone Nano Rice, Risotto, Rice, Carnaroli Rice Eliaga Srl non food Via Marsili 4 Bologna 40124 BO Italy 0039 338 9916466 0039 051 255448 ELISA FOOD S.R.L. We are ELISA-FOOD born in 1976, manufacturing in Pizza and Pizza Bases. We work in various dough: - Conventional (wheat, semi-whole wheat, spelt, semi-whole spelt, quinoa and spelt and kamut) - Gluten Free Bases and Pizzas - Vegan - Organic - Halal - Kosher We can develop other projects on your request. We use to generate ambient (9 months shelf life), fresh (25 days shelf life) and frozen (18 months shelf life) food. Items can be deep-frozen, fresh or ambient. Our great news are the Plant Based Pizza Bases. We do them in Broccoli, Butternut Squash, Beetroot, Purple Carrot, Cauliflower. We are working for an HIgh Protein Pizza Base line with only vegetable protein in dough and we are creating super-food Pizza Base with Moringa Turmeric Spirulina Hemp. They can be conventional or Gluten Free. ELISA FOOD produce dal 1976 Basi bianche e al pomodoro ed anche pizze in diverse tipologie: - convenzionale (frumento, frumento semi integrale, farro, farro e quinoa, farro semi integrale, kamut) - Senza glutine - Vegano - Senza lattosio - Halal - Kosher - Biologico Siamo in condizione di sviluppare anche altri prodotti nel caso ci siano volumi che lo consentano. Forniamo prodotti in Private Label alla GDO e grandi catene di ristoranti in e fuori dall’Italia. Possiamo produrre nelle versioni: - refrigerato (shelf life 25gg) - surgelato (shelf life 18 mesi) - ambiente(shelf life 9 mesi) Nostra grande novità, ben apprezzata anche all'estero sono le Basi con Vegetali nell’impasto. Si tratta di basi e pizze con almeno il 50% di verdure nell’impasto. Adatte per diete ipocaloriche perché con pochi carboidrati, adorate dai bambini che mangiando una “pizza colorata” fanno scorta di importanti nutrizionali contenuti solo nelle verdure. Esse possono essere convenzionali o senza glutine. Stiamo anche sviluppando - una linea di basi proteiche con e senza glutine con il 30% di proteine nel prodotto finito adatte a sportivi e diete iper-proteiche; - una linea di Basi con Super-Food per rinforzare il nostro sistema immunitario e farci sentire sempre in forze con aggiunta di canapa o curcuma o spirulina o moringa. Vi è inoltre la possibilità di avere pizze complete di farcitura con impasti vegetali. food VIA GRAVELLONA 12 BORLAVEZZARO 290711 NO Italy 3930068544 MARKETING@ELISA-FOOD.COM FEDERICA CHIRIATTI Pizza, Pizza Bases, Frozen Pizza ELLEBI' S.A.S. DI BIFULCO MICHELE E C. We are Riso Ellebi! In the last 35 years we are rice producer and legumes/pulses dried importer/selector/packer. We are up in the national and international markets, and we are suppliers of approximately 20 countries. Our final clients are wholesalers, GDO, food companies, restaurant and catering services. We manage Private Labels for over 200 brands all over the world. food VIA TOMMASO VITALE 79 SAN PAOLO BELSITO 80030 NA Italy +39 3483888492 +39 0815105526 VINCENZO BIFULCO Emilia Foods Srl Everything begins in 2013 along the “Via Emilia”, the ancient Roman road that nowadays represents the throbbing heart of the most authentic Italian artisanal food creation.Our mission is to honor our past by producing the finest Italian food, selecting the best raw materials, establishing and maintaining relationships with our customers and keeping our values high on Tradition.Thanks to our experience in Food Industry and to our Highly Qualified young team, we develop, produce and distribute Hand-made Italian Gourmet Frozen Entrees, Hand-stretched Wood fired Frozen Pizza, Hand-crafted Authentic Gelato and Best Quality Frozen Vegetables. food Via Maestri del lavoro, 56 Maranello 41053 MO Italy +39 0536 941714 +39 0536 1881017 EMILIANA CONSERVE SOCIETA' AGRICOLA S.P.A. food Via Vivaldi 7 Busseto 43011 PR Italy +39052491742 Nicolò Moruzzi Emiliana Conserve Srl Chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, tomato paste, ready sauces. food Via Vivaldi, 7 Busseto 43011 PG Italy +39 0524 91742 +39 0524 91324 Canned Tomatoes, Tomatoes EMILIO MAURI S.P.A. Emilio Mauri Spa is an Italian Company founded in 1920, producing and ageing a large range of fresh and matured Cheeses, like Taleggio,Quartirolo,Gorgonzola, Gorgonzola with Mascarpone and a lot of other cow and goat milk cheeses. We are proud to offer our best cheeses (TALEGGIO, GORGONZOLA and QUARTIROLO LOMBARDO) as REAL PDO cheeses’ producers and not only as ageing specialists. Mauri is synonymous of high quality cheeses. Its products are manufactured following the ancient tradition and aged in the Natural Grottoes of Pasturo Valsassina in the Italian Alps, where the special environment gives to the cheeses a unique flavour and taste. food Via Provinciale 11 Pasturo 23818 LC Italy +390341955700 +390341955701 ROSSANA POMI Dairy Products Emmegi Detergents Srl Emmegi offers a wide range of products such as house detergents, oral care, cosmetics and personal care with its own brands, for private labels & contract manufacturing. • Specialties: disinfectants, foams, bleach based products, furniture polish, additives • Home Care: washing-up liquids, powders & fabric detergents, softeners, multi-purpose cleaners, liquid tabs, dishwasher liquids, stain-removers, floors & toilet cleaners • Oral Care: toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes • Personal Care & Cosmetics: face & body moisturizers, shaving creams, deodorants in stick, spray no gas & roll on, hair gels, perfumes & after shaves, shampoo and body wash, liquid soap. non food via Marconi, 5 Trenzano (Bs) 25030 BS Italy +39 03097091 Cesare Magoni, Disinfectants, Detergents, Laundry Detergents, Oral Care Products, Toiletries, Aftershave Lotions, Soaps ERBENOBILI S.R.L. Erbenobili is a company specialized in the production of spagyric medicine that is useful to support the physiological functions of the organism. Inside a large laboratory of 800 square meters, That is authorized in accordance with Legislative Decree 111/92 from our Health ministry, we prepare our products using carefully selected raw materials in respect of nature, man and the most ancient herbal tradition and we make this selection one of the strong points of our preparations. This is possible thanks to the fact that the plants are subjected to the delicate period of maceration in our cosmic greenhouse pyramid, in an environment in which light, moisture and temperature are optimum for our "Spagyric" extraction, this is to have a balanced and harmonious extraction of all the active substances from our herbal plants that makes up "the essence of our Spagyric complex". The techniques of extraction, although modern, respecting the ancient herbal traditions that enhances the active ingredients of our vegetable raw materials used. Thanks to the rigor with which they are controlled its modulated time, humidity and temperature of the different stages of production, from the maceration and decantation are obtained very high quality products enclosing all the richness of its active principles of the plants that are able to interact and assist with the functionality of the human organism. non food c.da torre pavone corato 70033 BA Italy +393286886617 Domenico Cannillo Food Supplements ESCA SRL Esca S.r.l. Company established itself over 50 years ago as a leading company in the production of precooked frozen seafood sauces. These sauces are cooked on site following our authentic Italian recipes, then deep frozen in “skin pack” and sealed in a window pack. The window pack shows the product inside, which is appealing to the eye and displays all the goodness of our product. ESCA products (all gluten free) stand out for their unique ingredients and flavor- giving consumers all the natural goodness of fresh seafood, but with the convenience of frozen food. Over the decades, thanks to our outstanding quality - BRC-IFS certified - MSC and ASC certified - Esca has gained the trust of all major supermarkets and discount stores in Italy - such as Esselunga, Coop, Despar, Selex, Conad, Bennet, Carrefour, Auchan and Eurospin, Lidl, MD - also offering white label solutions. In the last years, the company is expanding its business abroad successfully opening markets in European countries such as France, Germany Belgium and others. The Condipresto Line consists of precooked frozen seafood sauces that are easy to heat, stir-fry with some pasta, rice or gnocchi, and serve in just 8 minutes. The Condipresto line is available in 9 delicious authentic Italian recipes. The main features of the Condipresto precooked frozen seafood sauce: The sauce is prepared on site from scratch, using all natural ingredients and following our traditional Italian recipe, just as an authentic Italian housewife would do. It is easy, quick to prepare and serve as a condiment and/our sauce for all types of pasta, rice, and gnocchi. Although each package is consistently delicious every single time, depending on your choice of pasta, no two meals are exactly alike- and all ready in just 8 minutes. Thanks to our constant care and selection, only the finest seafood and the highest quality ingredients are sourced for our products. food Via Piane Tronto 68 Controguerra 64010 TE Italy (+39) 0861.809921 (+39) 0861.809946 Simona Patrizi, Frozen Ready Meals Registrar Corp Esseoquattro SpA ESSEOQUATTRO PRESENTS  THE NEWBORN IN THE IDEABRILL’S FAMILY: BIOBRILL, EFFICIENT  BY NATURE, SIMPLY MATCHLESS What about preserving your foods in the best way and at the same time being environmentally friendly? Today you can do it thanks to the new patented wrap by Esseoquattro S.p.A., an Italian company in the paper industry that for many years has been searching and creating high quality, low environmental impact food packaging, devised and produced in compliance with all the rules in force. The latest result of this long research work will be officially presented to the foreign markets during the next Plma Show in Amsterdam: it is BIOBRILL®, a fresh-saver wrapping paper that preserves the counter fresh foods more than a normal packaging; moreover it is completely biodegradable and compostable. Its special film preserves more the food freshness by protecting it by any external factors; then the possibility to heat seal the bag in a few seconds enhances its effectiveness and guarantees the highest hygiene level; in this way the taste and the fragrance of the food inside will remain absolutely unspoiled. Besides that, after using it, you can dispose of this revolutionary wrapping paper directly in the food waste or in the compost, where it degrades in a very short time. Esseoquattro suggests anyway the separation of the two components of the product: dispose of the film in the food waste and of the paper in the wastepaper; in this way the paper cellulose will not decompose, but will be recycled. Biobrill has enriched the wide range of  IDEABRILL® sheets and bags and to Esseoquattro this is a notable goal; as a matter of fact they are now able to supply their customers with a complete range of packaging  suitable for any kind of fresh product, totally produced according to their “made in Italy” philosophy. Ideabrill® (E.P. 1584464) today is: - paper sheet and bag for cold meat -“taste-revealer” bag for delicatessen and self-service -“taste-revealer” bag for bakery -“snack-saver” bag for sandwiches and ready-to-eat products -paper sheet for confectionery .paper bag for seafood -paper bag for butchery -paper bag for take-away -Biobrill®:biodegradable and compostable sheet and bag  For any further information or free trial sampling of Biobrill, Ideabrill and the whole range of Esseoquattro’s products, please visit the website or contact the company by e-mail: export [at] non food Camazzole 1/A Carmignano di Brenta 35010 PD Italy +39 049 9430366 +39 049 5958930 Biodegradable Bags, Food Storage Bags, Food Packaging Eudorex Srl Eudorex produces wet wipes and sponges and develops high performance microfibers and sponge scourers for home and personal care as well as for industrial cleaning. non food Zona Industriale Acerra Acerra 80011 NA Italy +39 081 8039722 +39 081 8446479 Ilaria Montefusco, Sponges, Abrasive Fibers, Cleaning Cloths, Wet Wipes, Beauty Care Products Eurochef Italia Srl Eurochef Italia srl, with head office at Sommacampagna (Verona) - Italy, was founded in 1998, specialising in the production and marketing of ready fresh delicatessen dishes. In July 2009 Eurochef Italia srl moved into the new production factory: a covered surface area of 8000 square meters, equally divided between warehouse and production area. The plant engineering has been modernized thanks to the purchase of equipment with a very high technological content, able to ensure high and constant quality of its products. The acquired BRC, IFS, Certificate of Conformity of Organic Products, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 certifications provide the best proof of the strict quality choices that we make: 1. accurate selection of suppliers 2. choice of raw materials with careful control during acceptance 3. reference to strict technical specifications for each production stage 4. integral control of the production process 5. technological equipment to maintain the organoleptic qualities of a product just like a "home-made" one. Our product range, mainly divided between retail (220g – 400g) and delicatessen (1000g – 2500g) dishes, is a homage to our traditional cuisine. Recently we have started producing also frozen products so as to reach also foreign markets. food Via della Tecnica, 40 Sommacampagna 37066 VR Italy +39 045 8961042 +39 045 8961041 Ready Made Meals EUROFOOD S.R.L. Since 1979, EUROFOOD SRL, located in Sicily, is specialized in the processing of citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, blood oranges, mandarins, grapefruits), to offer juices and dressings as condiment and/or ingredient for salted and sweet recipes. In addition to the retail products, we also produce citrus derivates: single strength and concentrate juices, pulps, purees, peels and essential oils for industrial uses. An organic certified range has been available since 1995, which meets with the international standards EU, JAS, BIOSUISSE, AB and IFOAM. The quality system is certified according to BRC, IFS, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000 and ISO22005 standards. Today, Eurofood is recognized as one of the leading citrus companies in Italy. We are now equipped with 28 juice extractors and 9 filling lines for finished and industrial products, and we have 3 facilities, one of which is devoted exclusively to the organic line. food Piazza S.Giuseppe 13 Capo D’Orlando 98071 ME Italy +39 0941 9522 +39 0941 957042 Lemon Juices, Juices, Essential Oil Europomella SpA Mozzarella di bufala campana, fiordilatte and ricotta food Strada ASI, 7 Ferentino 03013 FR Italy +39 0775 224488 +39 0775 224481 Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Semi-Soft Cheese , Dairy Products, Ricotta Cheese, Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese Euroscope MDF Srl Broom, floor brushes, mops, handles, mop buchet, dish brush, toilet set, dustpan & brush set, iron scrubbing brush, cobweb brushes, bottle brusher, window cleaner, long handle dustpan & broom set. non food Via B.C. 23 n. 3 Palermo 90121 PA Italy +39 091 6141593 +39 091 8349076 Cleaning Aids Eurosirel SpA Eurosirel specializes in the production of first aid products such as bandages in various sizes and with various supports and functions, protective corn-plasters for all requirements, creams, lip protection, gauze compresses, rolls, disinfectant liquids, thermometers, care and prevention products, insoles etc. The company has been operating successfully for more than 25 years in national and international markets (more than 56 countries). Eurosirel is certificated UNI EN ISO 9000:2000, UNI CEI EN 13488 and has been granted certification for sterile and special products from the SUPREME HEALTH INSTITUTE. All our products conform with European Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices and respect “CE” marking criteria. With our brands Pharmadoct® and Megaplast®, and thanks to our strategy which immediately proved to be a winner, we operate in various distribution channels, rapidly creating and supplying a whole range of private label medical devices for prevention and cure, with quality guaranteed by the most rigorous laboratory tests. non food Via A. Volta, 23 Settimo Milanese 20019 MI Italy +39 02 3355950 +39 02 335595200 First Aid Products Eurosnack Srl We are manufactures of typical Italian bread based savory snacks and bread substitutes. Our special crispy bread and snacks are very light and tasty, perfect as a snack or to eat with ham or cheese or to be dipped in soups and salads. Products include: CRISPY BREAD SNACKS, FLAT BREADS, BREAD SUBSTITUTES, BREAD CROSTINI, BRUSCHETTE, TARALLINI, SPECIAL CRACKERS. food Via della Spadellata Anzio 00042 ROMA Italy +39 06 98988028 +39 06 98980464 Snacks, Breads, Taralli, Crackers, Bruschetta Eurovo srl Eurovo, a leading company on the European market, has been operating for over 50 years in the sector of eggs and egg products. Always keeping a keen eye on the health and well-being of its hens, thanks to its barn and free-range farms, Eurovo grants an authentic but also innovative product. Eggs,liquid egg products, egg powders, Lysozyme. food Via Ugo la Malfa,15 Imola (BO) 40026 BO Italy +39 (0) 542 485111 +39 (0)542 485485 F.B.F. SpA F.B.F. is a company within the Bauli Group, it is one of Italy’s leading companies in the snack sector and a leader in the production of naturally leavened pastry products. They produce croissants, fagottini and trecce, as well as more recent specialities like sugar free croissants, sweet breads with chocolate and Fagottini with double layers. In the factory at the Group’s Headquarters, FBF produces Pandoro, Panettone and Colombe. Together with the production of private labels, F.B.F., with the Casalini brand, offers itself on the market as an alternative for first price and quality. food Via degli Artigiani Romanengo 26014 CR Italy +39 0373 783011 +39 0373 72698 Pandoro, Panettone, Baked Products, Sugar Free Products F.I.A.D. S.R.L. food VIA PALATUCCI 25 BATTIPAGLIA 84091 SA Italy 0039 0828 614232 0039 0828 308030 INFO@FIAD.IT Francesco D'Ambrosio http://WWW.FIAD.IT Frozen Pizza FDM | BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER F.I.R.M.A. ITALIA SPA FIRMA ITALIA activity consists in blending and packing savory dry mixes and ready meals under its own brand and for private label. GSFS (BRC), IFS, CSA certifications Products range: Shelf stable, dehydrated ready to cook meals, Italian & international specialties: pasta with sauce, Italian risotto, dry sauces, dry soups, tortellini with sauce, gnocchi with sauce, lasagne; flavored mash potatoes and polenta, seasoned rice, flavored cous cous; ethnic food; shake&bake seasoning. Gluten free Firma Italia exports over 70% of its production all over the world. food Via Pavia, 38/40 Muggio' 20835 MB Italy +39 039 2780485 +39 039 2782139 Ready Made Meals, Soups, Sauces, Gnocchi, Pasta, Polenta F.lli Belotti S.r.l. For more than fifty years, at the bottom of Seriana Valley, the Belotti family has been cultivating its own passion: to enhance Nature's bounties through the excellence of industrial preservation techniques. In order to meet a demand, which is wider and wider, we produce vegetables preserved in oil and pickles under our brand Belotti or by personalising the product with the labels of our customer. A range of over three hundred items allows us to satisfy needs of every single taste. From blossoming of the first shoots of the plant to storage of our last jar, everything is meticulously selected in order to guarantee a tasty and genuine product to the consumer. Preserving at any cost the high quality of Belotti products is our first and inalienable aim; thanks to important certifications which regulate our daily work, we can achieve this target constantly. food Tribulina 12 Abbazia di Albino 24021 BG Italy +393316428868 +39035771050 Andrea Armanni (Mr.) Canned Vegetables F.lli Chiaverini & C. Srl F.lli Chiaverini & C. a dynamic and competitive company was founded in 1928 in Florence. Through time our artisan laboratory has transformed into a modern factory using advanced technology but we have not forgotten our past as we continue to use recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Today, we offer a wide variety of jams and preserves made from time honored traditions.  Quality is the company’s top priority. Thanks to sophisticated equipment in the laboratory our production is carefully controlled throughout the production process. Our strong points are a widespread sales network and favorable price/quality relationship. Our handy and modern packaging meets the consumers’ requirements. food Via A. Locatelli, 41 Florence 50134 FI Italy +39 055 490328 +39 055 496900 Sauces and Spreads, Jams and Preserves, Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Chocolate Spreads F.LLI MILAN S.R.L. Established in 1978, La Mole is the byword for the best in Italian bread-making and has grown successfully by investing in technology and research: originally specialising in the production of the traditional beradsticks from Turin, the company has gradually expanded its production and now offers an extensive and constantly expanding range, following market trends and exporting Italian quality worldwide. Today La Mole ranks among the leading international players in the sector. It has maintained its family business structure, powered by a personal passion for excellence and the ability to adopt a flexible approach in responding to the needs of its customers and their markets. food Strada Leinì 16 Caselle Torinese 10072 TO Italy 0119912469 0119916180 Valeria Caputo Baked Products, Breadsticks, Snacks F.lli Parmigiani SpA Producer of meats and cheeses food Via Gandiolo, 2/A Noceto 43015 PR Italy +39 0521 621811 +39 0521 621820 Salami, Cured Meats, Deli Meats, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese F.LLI RUATA S.P.A. Ruata F.lli Spa Goccia d'Oro company, located in north of Italy, has been producing and selecting the best Italian Olive Oils for three generations. Products of our mill are: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grape seed Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Organic Oils, flavoured Oils and D.O.P. (Protected Origin). We also pack Sunflower oil, Corn oil, Soya oil, Rape oil, Pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, linen oil. Ruata F.lli Spa is specialized in supplying Whole services, catering, Supermarkets, processors and food industries and is fully export oriented all around the world. Product reliability, full certifications BRC-IFS-ISO as well as prompt and efficient service, are our main strong points to satisfy current market and customer requirements demanding quality guarantee. food Frazione Baroli 107 Baldissero d'Alba 12040 CN Italy 017240811 Luca Ruata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Pomace Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Corn Oil, Dressings, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pesto Fabbrica Pinze Schio srl non food Via Campilonghi 3 Santorso 36014 VI Italy +39 345 9036486 Italia Disposable Tableware Fallini Formaggi Srl Our company specializes in the production of dried and fresh grated cheese.  Through the years our company has distinguished itself as an enterprising and dynamic company with innovative technologies aimed at warranting high quality products. We pack our dried grated cheese in various packages and under several major brands. We also developed a new product, which is dried grated cheese with added natural aromas.  The product is made in four different flavors: Mediterraneo, Provenza, Salsa, Pesto. The product is an ambient one and has a shelf life of 12 months.  It can be used like a seasoning for different dishes and ready made meals. food Via Verdi, 16 Gattatico 42043 RE Italy +39 0522 908824 +39 0522 908783 Cheese, Grated Cheese, Seasonings Falpi Srl Professional and household cleaning equipment, mops, flat hops, dust wife impregnated cloths and service trolleys. food Ponzone Trivero 13832 BI Italy +39 015 7387777 +39 015 7388226 Farca Srl Established in 2000, Farca is a manufacturer of abrasive fibers which are later attached to either a polyurethane sponge or a cellulose sponge expanding its potential use. Manufacturing takes place in two facilities were constant research and development are aimed at achieving both quality in respect of the environment.                          Farca chooses to use low impact recycled materials minimum impact on the environment. non food Via Federici, 134 Casalmaggiore 26041 CR Italy +39 0375 599148 +39 0375 590196 Sponges, Abrasive Fibers Farmac - Zabban SpA Farmac - Zabban SpA was born in 1895. The company today makes products for medication, surgical and medical devices, which sells to hospitals, nursing home, pharmacies and medical supply stores. Production takes place in a 41.000 m2 factory located in Bologna. Farmac - Zabban SpA was the first company in the medication sector to obtain certification of its Quality Control System in march 1997. At present the company is certified ISO 9001 and EN 13485 and production are medical devices class 1 and 2 sterile and non sterile. non food Via Persicetana 26 Calderara di Reno Bologna 40012 BO Italy +39051318411 +39051318472 First Aid Products Farmaceutica Procemsa SpA Farmaceutici Procemsa was set up in Turin in 1939. A modern company with an ancient core, which has gone on over the years growing in technology and in innovation in nutritional products, Medical Device, cosmetics. It’s a company of 120 workers, two plants, plus exclusively a third dedicated to probiotic for contract manufacturing. Our strengths are: synergy, transparency, passion in our work, we have friendly relationships with our Customers. The R&D team of Procemsa offers a 360° service: • formulation development • pilot batch production and scale up for industrial validations • scientific and technical dossier • regulatory and legislative support, preparation of ministerial practices and also for export • analytical methods develompment and validation • stability studies following ICH guide lines Farmaceutici Procemsa works in compliance with national and international regulations. Total quality in compliance with the GMP for the food supplement industry applied to the production, development, documentation, logistics, inspection, storage, transport. Certification: • GMP • ISO 9001: 2008 • ISO 14001: 2004 • ISO 13485: 2012 • OHSAS 18001 • Halal A complete service can not be separated from a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Farmaceutici Procemsa produces food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices in all forms: Semifinished: Tabs ( single up to 3 layers) Effervescent/Coating/ sugar coating Hard caps Powder/granulates Effervescent Liquid and syrup Packaging: Blister Strip Jars Sachet (single and twin) Stick pack Single –dose and pluri-dose vials( 5ml- 1l) Vials with plug caps Liquid spray or in dropper Cosmetics: Tubes Bottles Spray vials food VIA VERNEA 129 VIA MENTANA 10 NICHELINO 10042 TO Italy 0116279337 0116279290, Farmo S.p.A. FARMO Gluten Free Manufacturer, founded in 2000, works in the gluten-free foods area of the food sector, dealing with the entirety of the development, production and marketing phases for its own products. It boasts an internal team of Research & Development specialists who are constantly churning out new and innovative products and working tirelessly to improve them, both flavour-wise and nutritionally speaking, as per the company’s mission statement. FARMO has three factories in Casorezzo (MI) – Italy: • FarmoOne: inaugurated in 2010 / 4.000 square meters covered / Production of Bakery Products and Mixes of Flours for professional and domestic use. • FarmoNext: inaugurated in 2016 / 4.000 square meters covered / Production of Gluten Free Pasta: a modern and innovative plant structured in two production lines : Long and Short Cuts of Gluten Free & Organic Pasta. • FarmoTer: opening January 2017 / 4.000 square meters covered / Production of Bakery Products: Salty snacks and Cookies. FARMO researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of gluten-free & organic products that are divided into 4 categories: • Pasta: varied shapes and innovative ingredients (legumes, grains,vegetables) • Mac&Cheese and Dried Meal solutions • Baking Mixes for Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Cakes • Bakery Products: Sweet Bakery (cakes, cookies), Salty Bakery(crackers ,breadsticks), Healthy Bars Quality Certifications: BRC - IFS High Level - GFCP/GFCO -USDA Organic - BIO - KOSHER - GLUTEN FREE – NonGMOProject Verified. food Viale E. Mattei 1 Casorezzo 20010 MI Italy +39 02 9029231 +39 02 90296334 Pasta, Baking Mixes, Snacks, Cookies, Cakes, Organic Pasta, Organic Crackers, Ready Meals, Specialty Pasta FAS S.p.A. The story of "FAS" is absolutely beautiful ... because in FAS it's all about passion. "FAS SpA" of Corato, in the province of Bari (Italy), has been producing diapers for babies and feminine hygiene since 1982. All production takes place in sanitized environments and according to rigorous standards. FAS is: ... a certified company (BRC, IFS, PEFC, GOTS, HALAL, ISO9001, ...) ... and now with a "CODE OF ETHICS". … A well known and respected producer in Italy and abroad. Our distinctive skills are: • Operating in the sector for over 35 years • Safe and traceable processes and products • Compliance with international standards • Sustainability of processes • High performance • Research and Development: products with new natural, biodegradable raw materials, cotton, ... International private label Thanks to our professionalism, seriousness and the reliability of our products, major national and international brands are choosing "FAS" to produce for their private label. Those who choose FAS, especially for their private labels, choose the CORRECTNESS of their organization, the HIGH LEVEL of their management system, the FLEXIBILITY of their productions, and the HIGH QUALITY of their products. non food Strada Vicinale Contrada Forchetta Corato 70033 BA Italy 00390808728856, Diapers, Wet Wipes, Feminine Hygiene Products, Baby Personal Care, Napkins Fattoria Prattico The civilization of the wine was born here: in this vast, hilly area of Campania that from Sessa Aurunca and the slopes of the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina goes up to mount Massico, bordering Lazio.  From here, from the Ager Falernus of Latins, two thousand years ago, used to leave the barrels that, besides the capital city, supplied the main cities of the Roman world.  Here, along the itinerary that places side by side the Garigliano in its run, from Caserta and  the Volturno's plain, a stonesthrow from the famous abbey of Montecassino, rises, set to a cliff, the ancient and suggestive village of Rocca d'Evandro.  The wine tradition, together with the oil one, weaves in these places with the history of these towns, where it has been handed down, magically intact, the charm of their past, also made of smells and tastes.  A tradition that at the Prattico Farm has wisely been preserved, by putting highly advanced systems of production and preservation to the service of an ancient culture. food Strada Statale n. 430 km 17+ 100 Rocca d’Evandro 81050 CE Italy +39 0823 925313 +39 0823 925313 White Wine, Wine, Red Wine, Dessert Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Alcoholic Beverages FATTORIE GAROFALO SOC. COOP Fattorie Garofalo is the world’s leading company in the production of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO. With its 7 farms and more than 15,000 buffaloes, Fattorie Garofalo is a fully integrated supply chain. It embodies the tradition of a family running its business since 1962, using modern technologies and innovative production processes, while preserving a strong connection with the past. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO by Fattorie Garofalo stands out in the buffalo mozzarella industry for its genuineness, high quality and freshness. The company is Organic, BRC, IFS, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified and it has an internal quality lab to check the quality and safety of both raw materials and finished products on a daily basis. Together with buffalo mozzarella cheese, Fattorie Garofalo produces also buffalo butter, burrata, ricotta, organic and lactose-free buffalo mozzarella. Nowadays, we export both fresh and frozen (IQF) mozzarella cheese to 45 different foreign markets around the world. food Via Santa Maria Capua Vetere 121 Capua 81043 CE Italy +39 0823 1700551 +39 0823 968747 Barbara Accardo; Alessandro Cossia Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Butter Fattorie Giacobazzi Srl 100% Organic NOP balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, OU Kosher balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, white balsamic condiment, balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, organic balsamic sauce, flavored balsamic sauce and specialty vinegar. Certifications: IFS, BRC, CSQA, Bioagricert (Organic), USDA Organic, CERMET, Kosher and on request, Halal. food Via G. Di Vittorio, 28 Nonantola 41015 MO Italy +39 059 545203 +39 059 544048 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar, Vinegar, Kosher Products, Condiments, Organic Products, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze Fattorie Girau Snc Our factory was born in 1958; its production plants are situated in the south of Sardinia, while the trading office with relevant shipment of goods is in Parma. Our type of cheese, of which we have tried to preserve the traditions of transformation and seasoning, can satisfy each single request from each type of palate. For this reason you can find in our wide range of cheeses fresh Pecorino, semi-seasoned and seasoned Pecorino, such as Romano, Fiore sardo, Pecorino sardo, and a range of Ricotta cheeses typical of different Italian are (eg. Montella, Testa di moro and Moliterna). During the last years we have started to use goat’s milk, and have obtained many innovative products like seasoned and fresh goat milk cheeses and yogurts and desserts.  Moreover, we remind you that goat’s milk is recommended for its nutritious and anti-allergic characteristics.  food Strada Nuova di Coloreto, 15b Parma 43123 PR Italy +39 521 240700 +39 521 240663 Cheese, Pecorino Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Yogurt, Goat Cheese, Dairy Products, Cheese Spread Fattorie Umbre S.r.l. Fattorie Umbre S.r.l. has been specializing in sauces, mostly Tomato Pasta Sauces, Pesto and Bruschetta spread since 1989. The company is located om Calvi dell'Umbria, in UMBRIA region, well know as "The Green Heart of Italy" with an ancient culture and tradition for many ingredient as olives, porcini mushrooms, truffle ecc ecc.. Fattorie Umbre S.r.l. is run today by Mr. Federico Rovetta, toghter with his son Renato and his cousin Stefano Battagliola. First pride of Fattorie Umbre has always been the high quality of the products, which constantly influence the company policy. Mantaining such a high quality means always to keep up with the newsest machinery and innovations The company is seriously committed to the "green" issue. Quite the total amount of electrical power is produced by the photovoltaic plant (100kw) realized in 2009 food Vocabolo San Carlo Calvi dell'Umbria 05032 TR Italy 00390744710295 00390744710372 Renato Rovetta Organic Pasta Sauces, Organic Products, Pasta Sauces, Pesto, Condiments FAVA BIBITE S.R.L. Top of the line beverage producer of tonics and cocktail mixers food Via per Novedrate 111 Mariano Comense 22066 CO Italy +39 031 74 52 82 FAVERO ANTONIO S.R.L. The mill Molino Favero located in the Northeast of Italy has been a leader in the production of gluten-free cereal and legume flours for more than 90 years. Molino Favero delivers the best ingredient solutions to leading European food manufacturers, international retailers, and foodservice distributors. All our products are gluten-free, allergen-free, and GMO-free. Fit for vegans. Our certifications: FDA, BRC, IDF, Kosher, Halal. Our product portfolio includes corn flours, rice flours, peas, chickpeas and beans flours, quinoa flours, ancient grains, customized blends. Our quality pledge: • we guarantee a complete Italian supply chain for our corn products to ensure raw materials of excellent quality and taste • gentle processing with the latest technology ensure that the authentic flavors are preserved • we use the most modern cold storage systems and avoid the use of chemical substances in our supply chain • gentle processing with the latest technology ensure that the authentic flavors are preserved • the results are outstanding flour quality, easy workability, excellent consistency, intense aroma. These features are appreciated by professionals and consumers in many countries. food Via Gramogne 60 Padova 35127 PD Italy +39049644855 Monika Walch (Sales Manager); Loredana Favero (CEO) Corn Flour, Polenta, Organic Products, Gluten Free Products, Baking Mixes, Flour Feger SpA di Gerardo Ferraioli Complete range of tomato products in cans (such as whole peeled tomatoes, tomato paste and so on) and glass (such as sieved tomatoes and soon). Canned pulses (such as red kidney, baked beans in tomato sauce, chick peas and so on), green pesto and red pesto, ready sauces, ready meals, canned spaghetti and fruit in syrup. Organic tomatoes in can and glass, organic canned pulses, organic pesto and organic canned spaghetti. food Via Nazionale, 236 Angri 84012 SA Italy +39 081 5139211 +39 081 948529 Tomatoes, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit, Pesto, Sauces, Canned Tomatoes, Jarred Tomatoes FELSINEO S.P.A. Le Famiglie del Gusto is a Network based on the collaboration of three leading Italian companies in the production of Italian cured meat. The companies are all totally committed to offering exceptional high-quality products and all share common values, including pride in their work, passion for their products, strong Italian traditions passed down through generations and a deep desire to promote the Italian gastronomic delicacies all over the world. food Via Pallavicina 11 Offanengo 26010 CR Italy +39 0373 244800 Costanza Manzini Prosciutto, Mortadella Felsineo SpA With total respect for the recipes of ancient Bolognese gastronomy, Felsineo combines the traditional elements with cutting edge technology. The original recipe has evolved over time to meet the demands of consumers, but Felsineo has always used only the finest cuts of pork meat and natural flavorings for the production of its mortadella, and does not use polyphosphates, caseinates, glutamates, fat and/or rind emulsions, synthetic flavourings, sugars, or powdered milk.  Felsineo's mortadella is gluten free. Following their quality policy it has decided not to use any genetically modified organisms among its ingredients. For Felsineo, quality means respecting and defending the consumer, and bringing a safe and healthy mortadella to the table. All raw materials come from select suppliers who are approved and controlled and who must comply with the highest quality standards on the market. Every day, the entire production process is analyzed, controlled and verified by internal systems and from independent organism of control. This sophisticated working method has allowed Felsineo to obtain the highest levels of quality certification on a European and world level: Vision 2000, BRC, IFS, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001. Through ISO 22000, an essential standard for safety management systems in the agro industrial sector, conceived in order to be compatible and harmonized with other international standards for management systems (such as ISO 9001), Felsineo can appraise and show the compliance of its products in terms of food safety, so guaranteeing more efficient control of risk factors. Thanks to this important new development, agro industrial safety can therefore be monitored throughout the entire production process starting from the raw material, based on parameters that are recognized on an international level from all operators in the sector.  Felsineo has chosen, through ISO 14001 (environmental certification), to protect the environment, adding this important result to the many it already has in relation to ethical and social behavior.  The result of this union between tradition and technological innovation, brings Felsineo to a continuous research in the production of mortadella. A product that is healthy, genuine and easy-to-digest, which maintains the aroma and the flavor of a traditional mortadella, according to the quality and style of life of consumers. Due to its high quality specialization, its innovative ability, its flexibility production, its guarantee of safety for the consumer and the goodness of its products, Felsineo also produces Private Labels for the most important brands in modern retail in Italy. Nowadays, Felsineo’s strategy is make mortadella known abroad using tailor made commercial, marketing and product policies for each country. Felsineo has high expectations for this due to fact that high-quality, ‘made in Italy’ products are greatly appreciated.  To satisfy all consumers, products have been divided into three lines: the TRADITION SELECTION, the WELLBEING SELECTION and the FANTASY SELECTION For Felsineo making mortadella is a passion. The greatest satisfaction for Felsineo is the pleasure of a person that, with its mortadella in front of them, smells its scent, appreciates its natural color and savors, its unique and unmistakable taste. food Via Masetti, 8/10 Zola Predosa 40069 BO Italy +39 051 3517011 +39 051 3517154 Mortadella, Deli Meats Ferrari & Franceschetti S.P.A. ISTA' Ferrari & Franceschetti spa is an established family-owned firm, that since 1963 operats business that focuses on the production of Italian and Mediterranean specialty foods. Currently ISTA' does business in more than 45 countries worldwide. An advanced production, handling around 8,000 Tons of vegetables/year offers an extensive selection of finest-quality Italian ANTIPASTI for foodservice, fresh produce, and deli. ISTA' is the historical brand that identifies the line of customized products for professional Catering. The range, synthesis between the Italian gastronomic tradition and modern and innovative cuisine, has rapidly developed starting from traditional appetizers in oil to nowadays reach over 350 innovative recipes prepared for all operators of modern catering. Among our products we highlight: MARINATED ARTICHOKES, BALSAMIC VINEGAR ONIONS, MARINATED MUSHROOMS, GRILLED VEGETABLES, DRIED TOMATOES, SEMI-DRIED TOMATOES, OLIVES. Certified HACCP, BRC, IFS, and Kosher. food Via Luppia 16 Minerbe 37046 VR Italy +39 0442 640011 Filippo Magosso Fieschi - I.T.C. Srl Mostarda of Cremona, nougat, nusterd based fruit and vegetables sauces for meat and cheese, vegetables preserves, pasta sauces. food Via dei Lanaioli, 24 Cremona 26100 CR Italy +39 0372 32495 +39 0372 33644 Confectionary, Torrone, Fruit Sauces, Sauces, Jams and Preserves, Cakes, Cookies, Pandoro, Panettone, Chocolate Spreads, Pesto, Antipasto Vegetables, Baked Products, Nougats, Chocolates Figli di Pinin Pero & C. SpA Figli di Pinin Pero & C. S.p.A. is specialized in packing and trading sugar, liquid sugar and fruit syrups for retail and Ho.Re.Ca. market. In the range of our products we produce: WHITE REFINED SUGAR:     * 1 Kg packet     * Sachets RAW CANE SUGAR:     * 1 Kg packet     * 500 g packet     * Sachets     * Sachets in box dispenser ORGANIC RAW CANE SUGAR:     * 500 G PACKET     * Sachets in box dispenser FRUCTOSE:     * 1 Kg packet     * Sachets in box dispenser SWEETENER:     * Sachets     * Sachets in box dispenser LIQUID SUGAR:     * Bottle of 700 ml     * Bottle of 1 l SWEETNER:     * Sachets     * Sachets in box dispenser LIQUID SUGAR:     * Bottle of 700 ml     * Bottle of 1 l FRUIT SYRUPS     * Bottle of 700 ml food Strada Canelli, 67 Nizza Monferrato 14049 AT Italy +39 0141 720011 +39 0141 726711 Syrups, Sugars, Sweetners FIMM ITALIA SPA non food Via della Repubblica 153 Cerreto Guidi 50050 FI Italy +39 0571 956124 Alessandra Spinelli Housewares, Household Products Fintissue Srl The company was created in 1992 but has been involved in the tissue market for 30 years. This experience allows us to subject raw materials to a careful process of selection in order to assure that products respect standards and regulations on safety and hygiene. Our production cycle has at its disposal computerized machinery and qualified staff that are able to assure a scrupulous check of products. Our company is geographically situated within easy reach of port, airport, railways and motorways allowing a good connection with national and international territory in such a way to obtain full satisfaction from the more demanding of customers. All this makes us legitimately proud and fair to enter in the market with a range of products as a result of an excellent combination of quality and design. Our products, in our brand or in Private Label, are well sold all over the world and our market is expanding very fast. Innovation, range of products, quality, attention paid to customers: these are the main characteristics on which FINTISSUE is building its present and its future. non food Via H. Ford - Zona Ind. Asi Sud Marcianise 81025 CE Italy +39 0823 1894813 +39 0823 1894807 Mrs. fabiana Certo Pocket Tissues, Paper Products, Disposable Products, Napkins Fiordelisi Srl Fiordelisi srl is an Italian company leader in production of Sundried and semi dried vegetables, mainly tomato. Moreover Fiordelisi produces a wide range of antipasti. The most of the vegetables that Fiordelisi processes come from its own farms, so that thanks to experience and manufacturer capability the company is able to follow all the products processing "from field to fork" with constant checks on the quality. This is the key allowing Fiordelisi to satisfy all the customer needs, whether they are in food service or retail, and to produce for great European big distributor's private labels. food S.P.88 Ascoli S. Stornarella KM 0+600 Stornarella 71048 FG Italy +39 0885 437900 +39 0885 437003 ANGELA FIORDELISI Sundried Tomatoes, Sundried Vegetables, Oven Roasted Vegetables, Antipasto, Ready Made Meals, Organic Products, Snacks FIORENTINI FIRENZE S.P.A. food Località Belvedere, 26 Colle di Val d'Elsa 53034 SI Italy +39 0577 9694 +39 0577 969497 Giovanni Ghinassi Flat Bag Srl Innovation and application of the most modern technologies are innate in the DNA of Flat Bag’s founders, who always look for new solutions to anticipate the market needs. As for the Flat Bag shopper, born from a simple but brilliant idea: combining two pre-existing technologies - the paper bag making machine and the paper handle making machine – to create a brand new product: a flat bottom paper bag. This intuition made Flat Bag worth of an international patent, recognised by over 20 countries in the world. non food Via Martiri della Libertà 12/D Camposampiero 35012 PD Italy 0499302790 0499305019 Paper Bags Flexi-Use Srl Stain removers for tissues, products for personal care and insecticedes. non food Via Salvo D'Acquisto, 27 Villafontana 37051 VR Italy +39 045 548478 +39 045 2109217 Personal Care Products Flonal SpA Flonal is part of the sound Italian industrial tradition. Since 1985, the company has been a point of reference in the production of non-stick aluminium cookware. The quality of the products and the careful investment in technological innovations have guaranteed its growth and influential presence also internationally. The leap towards new markets is harmonized with the quality that only a totally Italian company can guarantee: the objective is to gain new Countries with a completely Made in Italy production. Because of this, Flonal has decided to continue investing in its territory: the 20,000 square meter factory is located in Fano (Pu) and houses all the production processes, from the selection of the raw materials to the final processing of every detail of the product. Today, Flonal is a company that blends technology and quality, by combining experience with development and guaranteeing control of both the product and the actual processing. Stability made possible by the high level of automation in the factories together with a constant investment in technology and the continuous attention to functional design. This makes Flonal a company rooted in its territory but highly flexible and constantly expanding. non food Via Luigi. Einaudi, 20 Bellocchi di Fano 61032 PU Italy +39 0721 855429 +39 0721 854949 Roberto Dazzi Cookware Flott SpA Quality has been a priority for Flott s.p.a since the very beginning. In order to maintain the highest quality level standards, Flott s.p.a.has developed a Quality Assurance System, which guides the company, granting both security and legal conformity while also maintaining the consumer’s preference. Our line includes such products as jarred or canned Anchovy fillets, pasta sauce with fish or baby clams and jarred tuna in pure olive oil. food Via Olivuzza, 5 Aspra 90010 PA Italy +39 091 955669 +39 091 955849 Fish FONTANA ERMES S.P.A. Founded in the late 1950’s, the Fontana Ermes SpA has become one of Italy’s most premium and longest established manufacturers for the production of Parma Ham and Traditional Italian Cured Meats. The preservation of our traditions and constant research into advanced technologies place Fontana Ermes S.p.A. amongst Italy’s finest companies. We are able to meet any customer request and with great attention to quality and packaging we guarantee a rapid reply to today’s constantly evolving market. At Fontana Ermes S.p.A. we offer a wide selection of pre-sliced cured meats of Parma, which have been carefully created to bring you the hallmark characteristics of each product flavour. Thanks to the way we work, no request is refused and we constantly remain at our customer’s need and demands. food via s.vitale, 12 sala baganza 43038 PR Italy 0521335811 Salami Fonti di Posina SpA Fonti di Posina SpA, founded in 1976, is situated in a lush green valley at the foot of the Little Dolomite Mountain Range, in the province of Vicenza, North East of Italy. The company is served by two natural fresh water springs from which are produced both natural and sparkling mineral water and a variety of soft drinks. We also produce natural still drinks, with a base of fruit, yogurt, lemon and peach iced tea bottled on aseptic filling machine. Our strong point is the production of these natural still drinks, which do not contain preservatives and are bottled in PET containers of 0.5 and 1.5 liters. Upon request we can also supply personalized drinks with contents as required by the customer. food Loc. Montagna, 2 Posina 36010 VI Italy +39 0445 748108 +39 0445 748240 Bottled Water, Iced Tea, Fruit Drinks, Sport Drinks, Mineral Water FORGRANA CORRADINI SPA Structure Since 2014 we have invested and continued to invest. currently we work in a clean room with 4 production lines dedicated to hard cheeses, 1 line for portioning, 3 lines for our dehydrated PARMIGIANO AND DRY CHEESE . History We've been producing cheeses since 1850, even before the unification of Italy. We're a typical Italian family company We boast gold medals for production and merit diplomas. Forgrana is synonymous with quality. Business reliability Regarding corporate reliability, our main customer is Sodexo. We therefore work with school catering, hospital service with a ranking on disputes equal to 0,% on the delivered. Production capacity With the investments we have made over the years, we are well equipped to meet demand for all - both large and small retailers. Certifications FSSC 22000 certified IFS. FDA AUTHORIZATION food VIA 200 BIOLCHE 6/A GUASTALLA 42016 RE Italy +390522833254 +390522833426 sophie dr corradini Cheese FORMEC BIFFI S.P.A. Established at the end of 60s Formec Biffi is a leading producer in the food sector with its two brands: Biffi and Gaia. This success has grown over the years thanks to the continuous investments in research, with innovation and creativity. In the R&D department, research is continuously being carry out with constant energy, in order to support high quality of production, that nowadays includes over 100 specialties of pasta sauces and other spreadables. A special care for artisan production and the most advances production technologies are perfectly combined in Formec, by keeping alive our passion for quality food began years ago. food Via Piacenza 20 San Rocco al Porto 26865 LO Italy +39 0377 45401 +39 0377 569331 Export Dept., Pasta Sauces, Pesto, Mayonnaise, Sauces Forni & Fattorie srl Primoforno - Forni & Fattorie is an italian dinamic company that develop and produce innovative products to foreign markets and the channels: Private Label, Bake-off, Foodservice, On Board Catering. Primoforno is a story about the love for Bakery products, its deep roots steeped in to the origins of authentic bread-making based on Italian ‘cultural tradition’ dating over two thousand years. Primoforno brings this heritage and creates custom products based on market needs with handmade products using old traditional methods and all-natural ingredients. Primoforno is specialized in frozen bakery products: special bread, pizza, focaccia, garlic focaccia, puccia and many others italian specialties. Our products are made respecting the HACCP regulations and the rigid productive standard as BRC and IFS wich from our establishments are Higher level certified. food Via del Leccio, 24 Altamura 70022 BA Italy +390835307206 +390835307206 Antonio Loizzo Frozen Pizza Francia Latticini SpA food Via Argine Amaseno SNC Sonnino 04010 LT Italy +39 0773 94961 +39 0773 9496246 Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese, Organic Products, Butter , Caciocavallo Cheese, Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Yogurt, Frozen Products Frantoio Bianco A history of joining tradition and innovation makes Frantoio Bianco a true pioneer in the production of traditional Ligurian specialties. The unique bond with our land and the fruits that it gives us are testified by our 19th century olive oil mill and our 260.000 square metres of Taggiasca olive groves, that have been in our family for over five generations, together with the continuous research of the best local produce, like the Genovese DPO basil that we use for most of our recipes. In the early 80s, we had already begun to combine the production of extra virgin olive oil and Taggiasca olives in brine resulting in our first offerings of Pesto alla Genovese, Olive Tapenade, and Ligurian-style sundried tomatoes. What, at the time, seemed like a risky new product venture eventually became a success and today we export these traditional Ligurian specialties to over 25 nations. During more than 35 years, we have committed ourselves to the creation of recipes based on the traditions of the Ligurian culture. Our unique recipes include the typical preserves of Ligurian fishermen, such as tuna in extra virgin olive oil or salt-packed anchovies and home grown vegetables from inland towns such as artichokes and zucchini in extra virgin olive oil. Our company continues to work in a way that reflects artisanal traditions while, at the same time, always paying the utmost attention to technical innovation and food safety. Our modern, functional facility allows us to combine a first-rate production capacity with remarkable flexibility. In our laboratory, we constantly monitor the stability and integrity of our products as well as fully implement current norms of hygiene and traceability. As direct producers we are able to monitor every phase of the work process. We have the ability to customise our products to fit the specific needs of our clients and we can also create new recipes and products as required. Tradition, passion, service, professionalism, innovation, old-time flavours and modern guarantees-this is what you get when you choose Frantoio Bianco. food Reg. S. Lucia 10 Pontedassio 18027 IM Italy 00390183279760 00390283279838, Antipasto, Aromatic Oils, Bruschetta , Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Paste, Olives, Pasta Sauces, Pesto, Tomato Sauce, Condiments Registrar Corp Frantoio Galantino Srl Galantino olive mill has been producing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, using Coratina and Ogliarola olives, since 1926. The olives are handpicked in the Galantino family estate and in the olive groves situated north of Bari (Apulia, Southern Italy) and are then cold-pressed by using the traditional stone grinders and a new technology centrifugal system. Witness to the high quality of Galantino extra virgin olive oil are the awards obtained in the most important international competitions: Golden Lion 2001 and 1997, Biol Prize 2001, Ercole Olivario 1997, Montiferru 1996, Orciolo d’Oro 2003.Galantino quality system is certified ISO 9002 (cert. Csqa n.1024, IQ-Net n. IT-12340). Moreover, we produce Organic extra virgin olive oil and D.O.P. (Protected Denomination of Origin) Terra di Bari - Castel del Monte. Furthermore, we have naturally aromatized olive oils, produced by crushing together olives and fresh fruits (lemon, orange, basil, oregano, rosemary, pepper), without adding essences.  All these products are available in bottles and in elegant gift packs, like our wonderful hand-painted ceramic jugs, wrapped bottles and wooden gift sets. food Via Corato Vecchia, 2 Bisceglie 76011 BA Italy +39 080 3921320 +39 080 3951834 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Olive Oil Gift Set, Organic Products Frantoio Manestrini di Nicoletta Manestrini We are a historic oil mill on Lake Garda, existing since 1960, always appreciated for the quality of the product and for the service offered. We produce Oil of Lake Garda D.O.P., Monocultivar of great value such as Leccino and Casaliva, as well as 100% Italian organic and non-organic extra virgin olive oil, flavored oils etc .., all of the highest quality. food Via Avanzi 7 Soiano del Lago 25080 BS Italy 0039(0)365502231 Athos Nicocelli Frantoio Sociale Colline di Massa Marittima Founded in 1905, trough the union of its olive producing members, the "Frantoio Sociale Colline di Massa Marittima" has promoted the production of extra virgin olive oil typical of the hills around Massa Marittima, Grosseto, Tuscany. Its experience, matured throughout the years, has contributed to the establishment of the present oil-mill and has led to the harvesting and pressing methods now adopted. Olives have been cultivated since ancient times and this tradition, passed on from generation to generation, is best expressed in the 200 olive growing members of the "Frantoio Sociale", whose care and dedication to the olive trees is the fundamental element in the production of top quality extra virgin oil. Traditional manual harvesting methods, pressing procedures using the latest technology available, electronic control systems, and the professional experience of our technicians all combine to give our extra virgin live oil a perfect harmony of flavor aroma, typical of Tuscan Maremma. food Via dei Chiodaioli, 17 Massa Marittima 58024 GR Italy +39 0566 919211 +39 0566 919231 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Products FRANTOIO VENTURINO BARTOLOMEO SRL Since 1946 Venturino family have been producing extra virgin olive oil. The Factory was born and still operates in the wonderful Dianese valley, in the western part of Liguria Region also know as Riviera of Flowers. Its microclimate has helped to make this region a land rich of very high-quality gastronomic products, beginning from Taggiasca quality olives and Genoese basil PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), ingredients that are the base of Frantoio Venturino's offer. food via Molini 1 Diano S.Pietro 18013 IM Italy +39 0183 429505 +39 0183 429898 Massimo Maiolino Olive Patè , Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Pesto, Organic Products Fratelli Contorno We produce pasta and pesto sauces/preserved vegetables. food Via Gangitano 4 Palermo 90123 PA Italy +39 091 391323 +39 091 6214550 Gaetano Contorno FRATELLI POLLI SPA Polli S.p.A. has been active in the sector of preserved food since 1872 on both national and international markets, manufacturing typical Mediterranean and Italian vegetables in oil, in vinegar, sweet/sour, brine, pesto and pasta sauces and olives. From the earth to our hands and from our hands to your tables. We have always produced respecting nature and its times. We operate in respect for quality and passion for traditional taste, controlling the entire process, selecting the best raw materials and working with advanced packaging systems. Today, the Polli group operates 3 high-tech factories in Italy and Spain. Polli holds the leadership in Italy’s private label manufacturing. Polli is certified and guided by 3 leading business standards: IFS, BRC and ISO and offers a complete range of products to satisfy consumer needs defined by current culinary trends.   food VIA C. BATTISTI 1059 MONSUMMANO TERME 51015 PT Italy +39 057295621 +39 0572952525 Silvia Tagliaferri Preserved Vegetables, Pesto, Olives, Bruschetta , Aperitif, Condiments, Food Service Products Fratelli Re S.p.A. Since 1949 leader in the design, production and distribution of household cleaning and care products. Floor Mops, Brooms, Dustpans, Squeegees, Window Cleaning Equipment, Tools for dusting and home organization. Fratelli Re started out in 1949, founded by Enrico Re together with his brother Carlo. The company quickly became a supplier to top brands at the time leading the way in the Italian industrial renaissance and the booming economy. In 1960 the change of direction and Apex specialized in producing tools and products for household and professional cleaning. The quality of Apex products has, over time, been successful throughout all continents, exporting 50% of production. Shopping Centres, DIY centers, hypermarkets, supermarkets and home goods shops have chosen Fratelli Re cleaning products to meet their customers’ choice of criteria. non food SS 33 Del Sempione, 51 Rho 20017 MI Italy +39 02 93505455 +39 02 93505445 Simona campoli, Brooms, Mops, Squeege Window, Squeege Floor, Dust Cloths, Buckets, Dust Pans, Sponges FRATELLI SACLA' SPA Production of ambient stable (pasteurized and sterilized) products: sauces, vegetables in brine and pickle packed in pouches, in glass or plastic jars. Production of fruit juices and jams packed into glass bottles and jars. food Piazza Amendola 2 Asti 14100 AT Italy +39.01413971 +39.0141598769, Sauces, Canned Vegetables, Sauces and Spreads SACLA' NORTH AMERICA, INC. Freddi Dolciaria SpA Started in 1949 as a pastry shop, Freddi Dolciaria becomes industry in 1968, expanding even more markets and products till to be nowadays one of the leading manufacturers of cakes in Europe, with a daily capacity of more than 150 tons. The Company is located in Castiglione Stiviere, in the North of Italy, between Milan and Venice, in the surroundings of Lake of Garda. The production is developed by four plants: • small cakes in 8 units pack (Dolcetto®, Ballerina) daily capacity: 1.000.000 units – 25 tons • small cakes in 10 units pack (Buondolce®, Moretta®) daily capacity: 1.000.000 units – 30 tons • swiss rolls (Pic Nic, Swiss Roll) daily capacity: 180.000 units – 54 tons • cakes (O’Mamma, LaGioia) daily capacity: 150.000 units – 45 tons The production is certified HACCP, ISO 9001, IFS and BRC. Furthermore the factory is authorized by the Italian Health Ministry to produce medicinal cakes (gluten-free). The quality control system is very strict, all ingredients are premium choice and packaging materials are chosen in order to guarantee the maximum protection. The shelf-life is 6 to 9 months from the production date, without preservatives and without refrigeration. Logistic is developed under the concept of maximum flexibility. Goods are delivered within one week from the order and the consignment is guaranteed all over the world, also for small quantities. Storage and transportation do not require refer conditions but simply “cool and dry place". Every item is proposed in traditional case as well as in attractive displays. A large range of 33 items allows to face all the different targets of taste and price in the market. Freddi brand is distributed worldwide. National distributors are in all continents. They are weekly supplied, guarantying freshness to the products and high rotation to the profits. Freddi booths are present in mainly all the food shows in the world, assuring an high popularity to the brand. food Via Mazzini, 64 Castiglione delle Stiviere 46043 MN Italy +39 0376 672353 +39 0376 672351 Confectionary, Cakes Frediani e Del Greco SpA Founded in 1958, Frediani e Del Greco produces extra virgin olive oil, olive oil and pomace olive oil. food Via di Coselli, 17 Coselli 55012 LU Italy +39 0583 403400 +39 0583 947009 Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pomace Oil FREEG SRL food Via dei Platani 630 Piadena Drizzona 26034 CR Italy Fres.Co Srl The group, is currently the largest group in the Italian fresh ready meals sector. A story with its roots in the 1950s, capable of maintaining the passion for high quality cuisine, together with technological innovations and changing customer requirements. The company takes its inspiration from the Italian culinary tradition, offering a wide range of dishes, ideal for every occasion: Starters First courses Sauces Second courses Side dishes Snacks A complete menu and a wide range of packages and formats in order satisfy all the customer’s and consumer’s requirements. Industrial know how. Automatic, technologically advanced production plants guarantee maximum safety and product quality. Continuous research, in order to offer products that maintain the organoleptic qualities of the ingredients. Certified safety. is committed to quality, and implements an ongoing improvement process: quality controls, attention to environmental resources, focus on research and development. Our production systems are certified by international quality systems such as BRC and IFS and have been awarded the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental management certificate. PRIVATE LABEL Ideas, solutions, skill and innovation. These characteristics make us the ideal partner for developing private label products. The ability to develop customised recipes and the wide range of packaging and formats, together with the safety and quality of the products, permit us to satisfy all our customers’ requests. The international certificates we have been awarded demonstrate our commitment to guaranteeing safety at every stage in the production chain. PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES AND SHELF LIFE Our production technologies enable us to offer products with varying shelf lives. Solutions that are tailored to every distribution requirement.   food Viale Kennedy, 1156 Marnate 21050 VR Italy +39 0331 645111 +39 0331 645329 Ready Made Meals, Sauces, Snacks, Vegetables Fresystem SpA Italian pastry and Neapolitan specialties Cupiello tells the story of an ancient equilibrium, Where the old love for tradition gets married with the most amazing technology. Cupiello is the Food Service brand of FRESYSTEM spa, Italian Market leader in the production of sweet and savoury deep-frozen bakery products. We got a mission to accomplish: bring the Italian and Neapolitan gastronomic culture all over the world. Our great passion with a single goal: allow the entire world to discover and taste the deliciousness and high quality of the sweet and savoury Italian and Neapolitan pastry. We love italian food. food ZONA INDUSTRIALE ASI LOCALITA' PASCAROLA CAIVANO 80023 NA Italy 0039 081 400816 0039 081 419059 Frozen Food FRUTTAGEL SOCIETA' COOPERATIVA AGRICOLA PER AZIONI IN SIGLA Fruttagel is an agricultural cooperative founded in 1994 specialized in the production and distribution of a wide range of conventional and organic products: fruit juices and nectars, vegetable-based drinks, tomato sauce and pulp and frozen vegetables. Based in Emilia Romagna, the company has 2 plants: the headquarter and main plant is in Alfonsine (Ravenna - Emila Romagna), with a staff of more than 700 employees, for the production of tomato sauce and pulp, beverages and frozen vegetables  and one in Larino (Campobasso- Molise) -with a staff of over 150 people- specialized in the production of frozen vegetables. The company mission is “to make value” along the different stages of the agro-  industrial production chain, closely connecting  production and consumption: raw materials that Fruttagel processes to obtain finished products come mostly from  the 14 conferring agricultural cooperatives associated to the company.  Fruttagel guarantees traceability and checks on all stages of supply chain thanks to an inner Pesticides Lab and a Micro and Control quality laboratory  which check  both the raw materials before the crop,  semifinished  products during the production and  finished products.   A key point in the company policy is the flexibility in terms of products and packages and also the capacity of its production partners to adapt to both the Fruttagel productive specifications and to the particular needs of their customers. All these aspects make Fruttagel a representative company  in  food and beverage branch and a reliable partner for its customers. The distribution channels served by the company are: retail and independent distribution, Food Service, Door to Door, organic specialized chains.  Fruttagel has obtained the most important system and product certifications: Iso 9001, Iso 14001, Iso 18001/HSAS, Smeta/Sedex, Certification of Italian origin for vegetables and tomato, IFS/BRC, Organic certification, Kosher, Fair trade (for fruit juices), FDA Registration.   Fruttagel is also founding member of Almaverde Bio Consortium, the best known organic brand sold in Italy.   Company brands: "Il Giardino dei Sapori" for conventional tomato sauce and nectars, plant-based beverages "Sucor" for conventional frozen vegetables "Almaverde Bio" for organic frozen vegetables and creamy soups, tomato sauce, fruit nectars and beverages, teas food Via Nullo Baldini, 26 Alfonsine 48011 RA Italy +39 0544 866511 +39 0544 83609 Giorgio Alberani - Aurora Liverani Frozen Vegetables, Tomato Sauce, Fruit Juices, Organic Products, Vegetable Drinks FUDEX GROUP S.P.A.CON SOCIO UNICO With thirty years’ experience in the manufacture of extruded products, Fudex is the right partner for innovative, healthy and natural products under its customers’ brands.              Our facility, located in Torino (Northwestern Italy), is certified BRC, ISO14001, IFS, BIO 834, NOP for USA and COR for Canada. Fudex is specialized in co-manufacturing products under its customers’ brands for different distribution channels. Our products are sold in Supermarkets, Healthy & Organic Shops, Vending Machines, Hard Discounts, Drugstores, Pharmacies, etc. in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, UK, USA, Australia and many other markets. We have one production line 100% Gluten Free with dedicated warehouse, production and packaging line. Fudex supports its customers in developing recipes, shapes and packaging solution in order to launch innovative, trendy and healthy products following the recent trends of the markets. food Via Reisera, 17 Settimo Torinese 10036 TO Italy +39 011 8977834 +39 011 8977842 Filled Snacks, Cereal, Breakfast Cereal, Gluten Free Products, Kosher Products, Organic Products, Baby Food Fumagalli Industrie Alimentari SpA Our family business was established nearly fifty years ago and the passion, tradition and innovation we have invested in our work is reflected in the high quality of our products. Our company introduce you to a wide range of high quality products of the italian charcuterie coming from its complete and controlled supply chain. Fumagalli own: the farms and the breedings, the slaughtering centre, the meat processing plant and the slicing facility and another plant in Langhirano where the can slice and debone the Parma ham. Every project undertaken over the years, ranging from genetic research, with its outstanding results after years of hard work, to food and hygiene standards and the establishment of a network of our own breeding centres, has promoted one of the key factors of our work: animal welfare. So, after pioneering our Controlled Supply Chain in the Nineties, today we are proud to manage 3: Farm Assured, Animal Welfare and Organic supply chain food Via Briantea 18 Tavernerio 22038 CO Italy 031/557111 Cured Meats FURLOTTI E C. S.R.L. The company was founded in 1963 by Giacomo Furlotti and Camillo Utini. At the beginning it was a small factory in the centre of Medesano (PR), specialized in the manufacturing of pancetta and coppa, two Italian specialties. The personal experience of the founders turned it into an important and modern food industry as it is today. With the passing of the time, the sons succeeded their fathers in the business and today Franco and Ermes Furlotti together with Alessandro Utini manage the company according to their fathers’ philosophy. For than 50 years Furlotti has been producing, through traditional manufacturing methods, a unique selection of deli products such as pancetta, coppa di Parma, pork loin, roasted cooked ham with herbs and roasted Porchetta (whole or cutted) and today it is leader in the manufacturing of diced products. The changes in customer’s habits led up to the creation of a third plant in the same area dedicated to the manufacturing of sliced products. Despite the passing of the time, the traditional production methods remained the same, whereas accompanied by technological innovations: the quality of our products depends, first of all, on the raw material and on the care dedicated to the manufacturing processes. Our customers are mostly department stores, retailers and wholesalers that we supply with their own private label, as well as with our own brand. In 2013 the company celebrated the 50th year of presence in the word of sausages with the acquisition of a ham factory in Langhirano already operating since 1963 in the production of Parma ham now called Furlotti Prosciutti srl: the company completes the range of references produced with respect for tradition and quality characterizing the products of home Furlotti. food Via F. Santi, 1 Medesano 43014 PR Italy +39 0525 420 720 +39 0525 420 067 Cured Meats, Ham, Prosciutto, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Futuragri SCAPA Conserve Alimentari Futuragri, based in Capitanata, was set up in the form of a limited consortium-based agricultural company, to process its partners’ produce. Tomatoes are selected in the field and harvested, and then immediately conveyed to the plant where they are processed and canned. The entire production chain is organized so as to guarantee the maximum quality of finished products: the production process is strictly supervised and controlled, to ensure the traceability of the tomatoes. The recently acquired IFS and BRC certification mean that Conserve Alimentari Futuragri can now market Capitanata tomatoes in Europe and the rest of the world, using these prestigious quality standards. The farms that belong to Conserve Alimentari Futuragri cultivate from 1100 to 1400 hectares of industrial tomato crops, in compliance with the regulations that govern integrated production, as follows: -            Selecting the most suitable land for the tomato crop, and applying a three-year rotation. -            Selecting the most suitable varieties for the chosen land and existing weather conditions in order to produce a high quality tomato crop which fully responds to the needs of the consumer. -            Conducting the entire production cycle with the ongoing assistance of Conserve Alimentari Futuragri’s inhouse technical/agronomical office, ensuring compliance with the strict regulations of the integrated production approach. The tomatoes harvested in our partners’ fields are conveyed to the processing plant, where in the space of a few hours they are processed in a series of stages: the tomatoes are washed, then an electronic eye selects them according to size and colour. They are then peeled. The peeled tomatoes are then conveyed to six sorting belts, where they are carefully hand-selected. Only the very best tomatoes make it to the canning machine, to be put into tinplate cans. At the next stage the filling machine covers the tomatoes with tomato juice, which is carefully prepared to ensure the right density and correct temperature. The cans are then sealed by the seaming machine and conveyed to the heating process which is designed to deactivate the microbial component. All of the processing stages are supervised by 14 food technicians who work in the company’s inhouse laboratory, performing constant chemical/physical and sensory checks on the product. This high number of technicians highlights the company’s aim to offer the end client an outstanding product, guaranteed in terms of hygiene and quality. From the field to the can, Conserve Alimentari Futuragri follows the entire process undertaken by the tomatoes supplied by our partner farms, closely supervising all stages of processing and canning, meaning we can proudly declare that “We grow them and we process them!”   food Via del Mare Km 4.700 71100 Foggia (FG) Italy Italy +39 0881 680166 +39 0881 680166 Canned Tomatoes, Vegetables G 7 S.R.L. G7 S.r.l. is an italian family company based in Bologna (in the North of Italy) that produces high quality Gelato tubs. Since 1958, three generations have followed one another in the management of this modern and multi-certified company, committed to promoting the excellence of traditional Italian Gelato. Our Gelato is worldwide appreciated as we offer: • Traditional production methods (craft): our Gelato tubs are HAND-FILLED and HAND-DECORATED. The result is a unique product: delightful, eye-catching and easily spoonable. • Premium quality and carefully selected ingredients and raw materials; • Hygienically controlled and certified products: FSSC- ISO 22000, IFS HL, ISO 22005:2008, KOSHER (only selected products), HALAL (only selected products); • Clean label Gelato • Gluten Free Gelato • 100% Organic Gelato in an innovative 100% Compostable Packaging • Lactose Free Sorbets G7 S.r.l. creates recipes and produces syrups directly in its own production unit, in this way enabling the R&D Department to modify formulas according to specific client requests. Our assortment of flavours is constantly renewed with new proposals. Our customers with private labels, both in Italy and abroad, are among others: • Coop Italia • Conad • Rema 1000-Denmark • Kesko-Finland ● Raley’s (California) We also distribute our brands (Il Gelataio G7, Siviero Maria, Selezione Siviero Maria and GelatoMadre) in more than 60 countries: DENMARK, PANAMA, ESTONIA, FINLAND, KAZAKSTAN, ENGLAND, LATVIA, REUNION, NORWAY, USA, MALDIVES, GERMANY, NEW CALEDONIA, CYPRUS, SWITZERLAND, TAIWAN, GREECE, NEW ZEALAND, SLOVENIA, CROATIA, SPAIN, CZECH REPUBLIC, ROMANIA, UKRAINE, POLAND, EGYPT, ISRAEL, FRANCE, JORDAN, TURKMENTISTAN, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, ARMENIA, BAHREIN, QATAR, ANGOLA, CAMEROUN, EQUATORIAL GUINEA, BRAZIL, ANTILLES, CAYMAN ISLANDS etc. food Via Luciano Romagnoli, 19 Bentivoglio 40010 BO Italy +39 051 6640144 +39 051 6640518 http://www.facebook/G7Gelati Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbets G.V.F. - GIVIEFFE SpA Founded in 1987 by a group of professionals of the hair-care industry, Itely Hairfashion, the brand produced by G.V.F – GIVIEFFE S.p.A, was born with the intent to present to the professional hair-care market high standard products that were able to combine Italian taste with a definite international vocation. Itely Hairfashion is a dynamic reliable and sound Italian company whose strength is in color with a wide range of solutions that respect and protect the scalp and hair, enhancing the natural brilliance of healthy hair. Research, innovation, science and technology become superior quality products based on real, tested and verifiable results. G.V.F - GIVIEFFE S.p.A. with the brand Itely Hairfashion has become an International Color Company because its identity and raison d’être is in its colors, recognized by professionals throughout the world that appreciate the value and the passion, the two driving forces behind every Itely Hairfashion creation. From researching natural, non-animal, raw materials to production and sales: Itely Hairfashion is a vertical integration multinational, able to run, monitor and manage each vital step in the production process., meeting stringent international quality standards. Production is in-house with the support of advanced technologies and sophisticated latest generation machinery, able to guarantee safety for personnel and the environment. An elaborated process that generates excellent and safe products since subject to dermatologic tests in the laboratory and efficiency test in a perfect synthesis between nature, research, innovation and technology. International certifications: The company has earned two important certifications: ISO 22716: the international certification specific to cosmetic manufacturers and sets guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products to guarantee high safety and hygiene-health standard for consumers ISO 9001-2008: represents the corporate quality management system certification for all industries. non food Via Giovanni Falcone 8 Vernate 20080 MI Italy +390290093743 +390290093740 Hair Dyes GABRO S.R.L. food CONTRADA SISTO CASSANO ALLO IONIO 87011 CS Italy +39 098170339 COMMERCIALE@GABRO.IT FRANCESCO BROGNA http://WWW.GABRO.IT Galati S.r.l. PizzaMi was born in Parma in the heart of the so called “Food Valley” and from the experience of 4 entrepreneurs in catering  and a chef and pizza maker who created the ideal mix for a special dough for optimal gluten-free bakery products (pizzas, focaccia, mini dough balls – special products such as Calzone and Puccia Bread -- frozen and refrigerated). The products are the result of  years of research and experimentation in order to offer a qualitative diversification in the gluten-free market and in order to offer a real Italian Pizza. As producers we can offer Private label and personalized recipes. We have developed the only recipe that can be proposed as CLEAN LABEL (no presence of any E... ingredients) and we offer as private label recipe. We can offer different sizes and different tastes of pizza – pizza crust, typical Italian focaccia – bread or just the dough. We can offer Organic dough and the same products (Pizza, Focaccia, bread) with this mix.  Our "functional" pizza recipes such as Cauliflower Pizza Crust and Legumes Pizza Crust are the last results of our R&D department (rich in protein - low carb and 0 allergens  We can offer Kosher products for private labels.   What distinguishes the range of Pizzami products from other gluten-free products: MADE IN ITALY– with the knowledge of  traditional way of producing Pizza and typical italian bakery products – All products don’t differ from typical italian artisanal products with gluten. Outstanding quality in terms of taste and texture. Usage of Italian ingredients in the dough such as Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil or Mozzarella and tomato for our Pizza Margherita 48 hours of NATURAL LEAVENING 0 ALLERGENS: our doughs are VEGAN as well. We don’t use any milk powder or egg or Wheat starch (free of gluten) such as the main competitor do. We use only gluten free MOZZARELLA for our Pizza margherita Top and exclusive ingredient – SEA WATER  which reduces the salt content in the dough compared to traditional ones. HIGH DIGESTIBILITY thanks to the long leavening and to the sea water rich in other minerals. NO USAGE OF GUMS such as Xanthan and guar gum  gums used in gluten-free products can cause (with constant consumption) inflammatory phenomena. LOW SUGAR CONTENT LOW YEAST CONTENT • Patented Pizzamì machine that rolls out the dough that simulates the hand of the pizza chef and also does not generate waste of the dough- this means less stress for the dough, a better quality of the finished gluten-free product. Machinery for packaging Private label Pizzas or focaccia in different packs: pizza box, special no contamination bag, plastic flowpack, filmed plastic tray. SPECIAL SAVOURY PRODUCTS SUCH AS: CALZONE AND PUCCIA BREAD Patented Pizzamì machine that roll out the dough that simulates the hand of the pizza chef and also does not generate waste of the dough- this means less stress for the dough, a better quality of the finished gluten-free product and a result of an artisanal italian pizza of a Pizzeria. Pizza crust and taste is like an artisanal pizza made by a “pizzaiolo”: crunchy and with “bubbles” POSSIBLE NO CONTAMINATION BAG PACKAGING AS PRIVATE LABEL – BAG READY TO BE PUT IN THE OVEN WITH OUR PIZZA     What distinguishes the production plant and the Pizzamì company: BRC / IFS certification Organic certified AIC / SBS (license to use crossed grain logo at EU level) + Celiack UK (global license to use the Crossed Grain symbol also outside of Europe) for Pizzami products Production flexibility to meet the needs of personalized ingredients/recipe and private label products as well as packaging Production process with high technological content (patented rolling out machine), original mix of ingredients and special leavening process. food Via Antonio Cerati 6/a Parma 43126 PR Italy +390521981777 +390521293048 Monia Pelosi Gluten Free Products Gastronomia Toscana S.P.A. Gastronomia Toscana begins its journey in 1985 thanks to the experience of the three Tempestini brothers, a journey made of care and knowledge of raw materials and of consumers, which brings them from a small grocery store to an industry. Over the years the company has grown: new industrial plant, new markets, new systems, quality certifications, and cutting-edge products. Today at the helm of Gastronomia Toscana there is the new generation of Tempestini family, which, from Tuscany throughout Italy, has brought the taste and tradition of its region to the United States. Products can be found in supermarket chains and in its venue in New York, the Mi Garba Cafè wine bar. Ready meals, spreads and appetizers, and fresh sauces are produced in the company’s plant with the same passion, research as ever, inspired by the tasty and genuine recipes of Tuscan and Italian tradition. All products are fresh and the range is able to offer the right taste for every season of the year. Gastronomia Toscana has two production plants for a total of over 5,000 sqm. Equipped with a photovoltaic system, which allows to reduce CO2 emissions by over 90 tons per year. The quality of the company is internationally certified and always provide consumers with a highly safe product. food Via Gora del Pero 22-24 Prato 59100 PO Italy 0039 0574 730381 0039 0574 730384 Elena Tempestini Ready Meals GE. COM. EXPORT S.R.L. Company Profile The company GeCom Export Srl is located in the heart of Agro Sarnese Nocerino in a territory between the valleys of Salerno and the plain of Mount Vesuvius. We offer the best Italian Foods production under own brand and with Private Labels in order to assure an excellent product in terms of the taste, price and quality. History The passion for natural and genuine products along with the search for high quality standards and the use of the modern technologies are all factors that have contributed to the company’s continual growth: from the very first day has followed the latest market trends with carefulness and respect for the history and traditions. Production GeCom Export Srl specialized in international sales and trading of Italian Food products. Tomatoes in can, Boiled Legumes, Olive Oil and Dried Pasta made 100% durum wheat semolina, production under own brand and with Private Labels. Main food components typical of the Mediterranean diet, originating peculiarly products of the fertile and pleasant Campania Felix food Via N B Grimaldi 1 Nocera Inferiore 84014 SA Italy 0039 081 5170255 Gino, Canned Tomatoes, Tomato Products, Tomato Sauce, Canned Vegetables, Canned Beans GEA PRO S.R.L. Gea Pro Srl is one of the most dynamic and proactive fragrances manufacturer of many scented items for any customer request. We are expert in production of room sprays, car fresheners, scented candles, and electronic room diffuser. We offer the most suitable products meeting all tastes and needs. Our R&D department works with the aim to research for new materials and technical solution, to constantly improve our products and our ranges. We want to surprise our customers, inspire them and make them enjoy the experience of our product. They are not just ordinary articles but represent creativity, play and unique style. Morever, we are always responsive to the customers need, matching target prices with aesthetical look. Our final objective is the customers success and Gea Pro Srl gives its great contribution with high quality products. non food VIA XXV APRILE 14 ALBIZZATE 21041 VA Italy +390293571250 Paola Spasciani Gea S.R.L. For over thirty years, GEA has been one of the leading European manufacturers of glue-based devices for urban pest monitoring such as rodents, crawling insects and flying insects. It is currently the number one manufacturer in Europe of glue traps. GEA believes in “Made in Italy” and manufactures all its products in Milan. Moreover GEA has an internal Research and Development department that allows it to continuously update and improve its entire product range.   · Rodent bait station line   · Bed bug line   · Cockroach line   · Moth and anobiidae line  · Pheromone line   · Crawling insect line   · Fruit fly, fly, wasp line   · U.V. fly killer machine line  · U.V. glueboard line   · Biocide Line · Other Products  non food via Enrico Fermi 10 Settimo Milanese 20019 MI Italy +39 02 33514890 +39 02 00665233 Roberto Pinardi Pest Control GEA S.r.l. Geba Srl - Pastificio Ciccarese The Ciccarese group operates efficiently and professionally in the Italian and foreign foods market. Its success is based on the constant attention to the market's demand and on its punctual and specialized organization, starting with the production of a wide range of quality articles, obtained thanks to continuous investments in technology and staff professionalism and ends on the Trade's shelf. As a matter of fact, Ciccarese gathers in addition to numerous food productive industries of quality Italian food, also a firm specialized in cool logistics and frozen food. In this way the Ciccarese group guarantees, without outsourcing, the exact respect of the cold chain, of the quality standard and of the organoleptic characteristics of the product as well as punctual and detailed deliveries. The group plans, for the various Trade channels, diversified activities of sales' support as promotions, actions in the outlets, demonstrations, tasting and punctual and efficient merchandising services. food Via Bitritto KM 7+800 Bari 70124 BA Italy +39 080 5053311 +39 080 5054443 Fresh Pasta, Pesto, Sauces and Spreads, Dried Pasta Gelit Srl The company started its activity in 1977 with the production of frozen crepes. Since the beginning of the nineties, GELIT frozen foods revolutionized the market with the introduction of “Stir-fry“ based on the I.Q.F. (Individually Quick Frozen) technology: the re-heating in the pan together with the new quick-freezing procedure significantly enhances the organoleptic quality of the products. Gelit has always been a privileged interlocutor of the major national brands and now it focuses its activity on the main national and international chains of the large-scale retail trade.   food Via Ninfina Km. 2,700 Cisterna di Latina 04013 LT Italy +39 06 961051 +39 06 96105931 Frozen Gnocchi, Frozen Pasta Entrees, Frozen Vegetable Entrees, Frozen Specialties, Ready Made Meals, Vegetables, Prepared Entrees General Fruit Srl General Fruit S.r.l. is one of the market leader for the production of lemon juice in Italy. Its main market activity is focused on catering and HORECA in Italy and abroad. We produce under private label the most important and famous brands in the food service world. Our raw materials are selected from the source and constantly controlled in our laboratories to give our clients the best result and the constancy of the quality. Our production include also toppings for ice cream and desserts in a reach range of flavors. food Via Kennedy, 4 Villongo 24060 BG Italy +39 035 927030 +39 035 929470 Bottled Juices Gennari SpA The history of the GENNARI family is that of three typical food products par excellence, worldly known for their genuineness and fragrance: Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano and Parma ham. Maturation and curing of these products have always been our speciality. food Strada del Lazzaretto, 4 Loc. Marore Parma 43123 PR Italy +39 0521 242725 +39 0521 483636 Grana Padano Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Gennaro Auricchio SpA From the very beginning in 1877, the name AURICCHIO has been synonymous of prestige and quality in the dairy food sector. Today the company offers the most complete range of cheeses: all are produced using artisan methods based upon traditional recipes that undergo the strictest hygienic controls required by today’s laws. Thanks to the company’s acquisition strategy, which was introduced in 1993, the historic Auricchio brand has since been joined by other high-quality products that are strongly tied to the Italian artisan cheese-making tradition. Today, the Auricchio have seven plants in Cremona, Napoli, Macomer (Nuoro), Cava Manara (PV), Rovato (Brescia), Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) and Solignano (Parma). The brands of the company are: Auricchio for Provolone, Riserva Esclusiva Auricchio, Giovanni Colombo, Gloria, Ceccardi and Locatelli only for U.S.A., all registered in many Country of the World. The company is market leader for sales of Provolone in Italy and worldwide, and it offers a wider range of dairy products: Provolone (sharp, mild and smoked), Gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano, Taleggio, Quartirolo, Asiago, Mozzarelle, Mascarpone and a large assortment of fresh and seasoned Pecorino cheeses. The company is already exporting to different foreign markets, and in particular to the U.S.A. market since the beginning of the last century; the sales share developed by the export department represents 35% of the total turnover of the company. For more than 135 years, traditions have been passed down from father to son. Auricchio’s jealously protected secret recipes formula of Provolone, the care it takes in choosing the right people to make the cheese, and its passion combined with experience and technology are the ingredients needed to make products of superb quality. The quality control cycle starts from the very beginning when the dairy cows are chosen. Auricchio only works with farms that have carefully selected special breeds. Auricchio technicians then suggest to the farmers the type of animal feed to use to obtain the best milk for processing. After strict tests certify its suitability, the milk is processed according to the highest standards of hygiene. Auricchio Products are artisan and, for the most part, are still worked by hand. Over a century of experience and a respect for tradition has been skillfully integrated into the modern QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and many other international food safety standard certifications. food Via Dante, 27 Cremona 26100 CR Italy 0039 0372 40 33 11 0039 0372 40 33 50 Cheese, Asiago Cheese, Grana Padano Cheese GERMO S.P.A. Germo was founded in 1956 and since then has always been synonymous of disinfection and hygiene. Today Germo continues its daily battle against infective agents, with much more consolidated experience and a progressive research and development activity. Our chemical staff study and test everyday the preparations, to ensure the highest standards of quality. In collaboration with authoritative University Institutes, they work to be able to offer our customers the best product performances. The quality of our production system is further guaranteed by certification ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485. Germo has steadily increased over the years its production capacity through the implementation of technologies and innovation process, in order to answer promptly the growing demands of the market. All the equipments have been restored in 2003 allowing to increase our production capacity. During the process of modernization it was introduced a new osmosis plant which classifies the water used in our preparations as FU:  of pharmaceutical grade and controlled bacterial count. The purification is made through reverse osmosis, a process that removes from water all dissolved solids, organic products, pyrogens, viruses, bacteria, and makes the water safe and pure. Germo is renowned in the production of Pharmaceutical Preparations, Medical Surgical Equipment, Cosmetics, and Medical Devices also with Private Label. Preparations are studied and formulated combining synergistic active agents in order to guarantee total effectiveness and a broad spectrum of action also agains germs, viruses and bacteria resistant to traditional products. Germo has always been present in the Italian market;  the constant and progressive growth in the recent years has allowed us the introduction in the world market with more development perspectives for the future. non food Via Giotto 19/21 Cormano 20032 MI Italy +39 02 66301938 +39 02 66301939 Disinfectants, First Aid Products, Household Products GHELFI ONDULATI S.P.A. Ghelfi Ondulati S.p.A. is a leader in the production of high quality corrugated cardboard packaging materials for the industrial and fruits and vegetables sectors. Our credentials include quality, originality and innovation. Ghelfi Ondulati was founded in 1952. It’s an indipendent and private company operating in carrugated packaging. It’s provided of an one’s equipment to produce corrugated cartonboard sheets. non food S.S. Stelvio Km 23+272 Buglio in monte 23010 SO Italy +390342623000 +390342620533 Corrugated cardboard packaging Ghigi Industria Agroalimentare Srl The “Ghigi” plant was built in 1870 by an artisan baker, in a small village of Emilia Romagna, in Northern Italy. Overtime, after Barilla and De Cecco, it became the third largest pasta manufacturer in Italy. In 2008, after 137 years of business, the company was purchased by a consortium of 4200 farmers, who control the whole chain, from seed to the finished packet. The new plant was completed in June 2011, through an investment exceeding 50 million of euros. The modern plant lies in San Clemente, a small town 17 km far from Rimini. The new plant and the mill (foreseen to be completed in 2014) cover an area of 100.000 square meters and will be fully compliant with HACCP and the main official Quality Standards. The automatic warehouse contains up to 7000 pallets, the production capacity is 80.000 tons of pasta/year. The short chain of production flow guarantees an extremely low impact on the environment. food Via G. Falcone, 188 San Clemente 47832 RN Italy +39 0541 988111 +39 0541 987011 Pasta, Gluten Free Products, Risotto, Organic Products, Kosher Products GHIGI FOOD INDUSTRIES Ghiott Dolcaria Srl Tuscan confectionery: almond Tuscan Cantuccini (biscotti), soft Tuscan Amaretti, Brutti e Buoni (crunchy almond cookies), Cantuccini with almonds, chocolate and cocoa, persipan Tuscan pastry, almond and candied fruit soft cakes, salty snacks for aperitif, individually wrapped products. food Via Sangallo 21 Loc. Sambuca v.p. Tavernella Val di Pesa 50028 Italy +39 055 8071221 +39 055 8071360 Confectionary, Biscotti, Snacks, Amaretti, Baked Products, Cookies Gi Picco's Cosmetics Srl Gi Picco’s Cosmetics offers micronized powders, bronzing powders, eye shadows, creamy eye shadows, cover–up sticks, blushers, lipglosses, mascara, camouflage, eyeliners, foundations, coloured face creams, lipsticks. Other very important products are: Relief Designs, Embossing and Debossing, Poured and All Over items, Baked Terracotta Wet & Dry, Mineral Line, Organic and Natural Lines, Ecocert certified. Our R&D Laboratory offers a wide range of cosmetic products using CTFA and USP certified materials, in full conformity to EU, FDA and Japanese Standards. The raw materials are NOT Animal Tested. All Gi Picco’s production is Clinically Tested under strict University rules on cosmetics for human use in cooperation with RTC / UNIPRO SERVIZI. Production Filling and Full Service on request. Together with all the aforementioned Gi Picco’s has held a great tradition SINCE 1967 as MAKE-UP  CONTRACT MANUFACTURER – PRIVATE LABELS, only and exclusively in MILAN,  ITALY. non food Viale dell' Industria, 43 Paderno Dugnano Milano 20037 MI Italy +39 02 9106131/ +39 334 1390025 +39 02 99041361, Cosmetic Products Gi-Erre GI-ERRE is an Italian Company that count well 60 years of experience on the Household Cleaning Market. GI-ERRE plans, develops and produces tools and accessories for the household and professional cleaning. We are one of the major manufacturer of brooms, push brooms, brushes, mops, house-cleaning cloths, dry dusting cloths for the housework cleaning. Thanks to our know-how and creativity we are able to: - introduce on the market innovation and originals products. - guarantee high quality and satisfy every different customers' demands. - guarantee a valid technical support in design and graphic artwork realization for Private Label products. - guarantee precise deliveries all around the world. non food Via Ciardello nr.39 Viadana 46019 MN Italy 0375 781085 0375 830413 Giaguaro SpA Established in 1978, Giaguaro spa is a private factory which manufactures a variety of canned tomato and vegetable products. The factory with an area of 72000mq is very well equipped with the latest machinery and is managed by an excellent organization that adheres to UNIEN ISO 9001:2000 requirments. food Via Ingegno Sarno 84087 SA Italy +39 081 5136356 +39 081 5136342 Vegetables, Tomatoes, Fruit Giano Plastica Srl Giano Plastica is headquartered in one of the most innovative businesses southern Italy active in the creation of plastic products for food. Giano Plastica aims among its primary objectives the production of high quality products and especially Reliability at European level in the disposable market. The company has always focused on the right mix of marketing, research and development to be able to point to new and attractive products for the markets. Made products are different lines (Tolo, Praticopp, Elite) of plates with “easy pick-up”, cups and cutlery polystyrene, as well as glasses and transparent trays, the patented polypropylene trays with closure "save aroma", produced in 5 different formats particularly innovative. Certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. non food Via Grumo Km 0,440 Cassano Delle Murge 70020 BA Italy +39 080 763754 +39 080 763419 Disposable Storage Products, Disposable Tableware GIAS - GRUPPO INDUSTRIALE ALIMENTARI SURGELATI S.P.A. Our company is specialized in the production of high quality frozen food. Our path towards excellence began in 1970, to offer products from the Italian gastronomic tradition. Taste, goodness and freshness of the freshly picked product: these are the principles of the philosophy of Gias, one of the leaders in Italy in the field of frozen vegetables and ready meals. The selection of the best raw materials, the care in the preparation of products, the appreciation for foods typical of the Mediterranean diet, the respect for nature: these are some of the values we believe in and that represent our daily mission to always pursue excellence. food Via Nazionale snc Mongrassano scalo 87040 CS Italy +39 0984 524711 +39 0984 524254 Gianluca Morrone Frozen Pizza, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Gnocchi, Frozen Food, Frozen Pasta Giflor Srl Since its foundation, Giflor has always aimed to show originality in the world of molded plastic, with its choice of “technical plastic and packaging products” and strong dedication to research of new ideas. non food Via Palù, 9 Grumolo delle Abbadesse 36040 VI Italy +39 0444 380550 +39 0444 582167 Molded Plastics Gigi il Salumificio Srl Gigi il Salumificio was founded in 1980, when Mauro Reggiani builds a small factory in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena. The Company name comes from the diminutive of Luigi, Mauro’s father, died in 1967. Jole, Luigi’s wife, often called her husband affectionately “my Gigi”. Together to his mother Jole and his wife’s parents, Enzo and Ada, the production of Ciccioli and Strutto (lard) starts with the purpose of preserving and keeping alive the culture of a cold meat cut closely linked with its territory and the Italian cold meat tradition. With Mauro’s wife, Maura Fontana, the company increases the range of produced salumi, focusing on quality and tradition still today considered the most important characteristic of successful products. After finishing their school training, the two sons Luigi and Luca join the company improving and developing sales and production. Today the company challenge is to keep on offering excellent products maintaining unchanged local traditions and the characteristic quality of salumi. All that is possible thanks to a close team willing to achieve such a target. food Via Aldo Moro 3/B Castelnuovo Rangone 41051 MO Italy +39 059 53 58 32 +39 059 53 72 56 Cooked Meats, Pancetta, Cured Meats, Baking Mixes, Snacks, Flavored Condiments Giorgio Janeke Srl Giorgio Jäneke established the firm still today bearing his name in Milan in 1830. He was from Misselwarden, a village on the North Sea quite close to Hamburg, in the former Kingdom of Hannover. From Germany, he had brought the machines used to first to introduce the production of combs achieved through mechanical processing in Italy. In those days, combs were produced exclusively from natural materials such as horn, ivory, tortoiseshell and wood. Much later, the first plastic materials appeared which were supplied only in sheet form and were used with the same technology used for horn combs. The materials were celluloid, the use of which has now been almost completely abandoned because of its inflammability, and Galalith, a milk by-product. By 1907, the Milan factory had become inadequate due to inadequate space and available labor, and so it was moved to Veduggio (Milan). In the Thirties, plastic materials in granule form became available and the company immediately arranged the purchase of the first injection molding machine, adding combs and objects produced with this new method to its traditional production. With these types of machines, objects of any kind could be produced as long as the suitable molds and materials were available. Therefore a workshop for the production of the molds was set up and a great number of articles were produced, which were sold to the same customers who had been previously just buying combs. Thus, a wide range of hand-mirrors, manicure cases, razor and shaving brush kits and many other items were created. Making the most of their experience acquired in molding, a production of technical parts for the industry in a variety sectors was initiated: from gears to perfume containers. The company sells to thousands of perfumeries all over Italy and supplies the leading companies in the sectors of large-scale retail trade and Duty Free. Giorgio Jäneke is well-established in Europe, in the Arabian countries and in Brazil, but is currently meeting with some difficulties in North America because of the competition from the Far East. The quality of products from the Far East, however, is quite poor and in fact, Jäneke exports also to department stores in Seoul, Hong-Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. Since 1830, Giorgio Jäneke Srl has always been property of the Jäneke family, and is now in its fifth generation.   non food Via Verdi, 9 Veduggio 20050 MI Italy +39 0362 911010 +39 0362 911100 Mirrors, Hair Accessories, Bath Accessories, Toiletries, Brushes, Toothbrushes, Sponges, Combs Giuseppe Citterio SpA Production and distribution of the whole range of Italian Charcuterie food CORSO EUROPA 206 RHO 20017 MI Italy 003902935161 0039029301540 GLOBAL COSMESI SRL Global Cosmesi is a company that has been producing cosmetics for over 15 years with a specialization in the Skincare & Haircare products. We develope projects in private label thanks to the Research & Development expertise that for years has been at the forefront of new generation cosmetics and research of new molecules that guarantee always "differentiating" proposals; we really look forward to new generation active ingredients and raw materials in line with cosmetic trends. Our GREEN SOUL makes the company very avant-garde: the fundamental element, on which particular attention has always been paid, is the use of ingredients of natural and vegetable origin, mainly extracted or derived from plants, better if from renewable sources or biologically controlled, whose effectiveness on skin and hair is documented but above all scientifically recognized with clinically validated efficacy tests. We produce in compliance with quality procedures that guarantee customers at every step of progress. A quality also ensured by the ISO 9001, GMP (currently validating) and COSMOS Certification. A Regulatory department that ensures a control service of all the cosmetic regulations for the different countries of the world. We operate in pharmacy, herbal medicine, mass market, perfumery, professional channel (beauticians and hairdressers). We are FLEXIBLE in terms of small production lots (even starting from 500 and 1000 pcs). non food Via cento 6/1 Vigarano mainarda 44049 FE Italy 0039 0532 436201 Ludwika Dovigo Cosmetic Products GLUTEN FREE FOODS SOCIETA' A RESPONSABILITA' LIMITATA Our company is an innovative reality in the Gluten Free! We are located in Puglia, home of the best Italian pasta. The raw materials we use are all certified and of high quality. That allows us to offer our customers a tasty and healthy product. Pasta Gustosa is absolutely gluten-free and additive free, healthy, natural, traditional and rich at the same time! You can try our traditional or the most innovative recipes, Pasta Gustosa Cereal Line and Legume Line! Made with the best legume flour and Gluten Free! WE ARE 100% READY FOR PRIVATE LABEL! If you manage a food business and you're interested in introducing new products to expand your offer, contact us! food Via Fleming, 7 Gravina in Puglia 70024 BA Italy 0803254176 Pietro Lagreca Gluten Free Pasta GMF Oliviero F.lli Srl Oliviero began its nougat production at the the beginning of the 20th century. Today nougat, widespread at first by country feasts, represents the main product in the Irpinia confectionery tradition. Oliviero has been able to unite artisan tradition with modern technology where they have created a diverse range of products to satisfy the tastes of all of their customers. Such as: crumbly nougats, soft nougats, almond brittle, nut chocolate, chocolate eggs (Easter eggs) in various flavors. food Via Chiusa di Sotto, 5 Ospedaletto dà Alpinolo 83014 AV Italy +39 0825 691336 +39 0825 691565 Nougats, Nuts, Chocolates Gourmet Italia a division of Dr. Schaer Deep frozen stuffed pasta (lasagna, cannelloni, girelle), deep frozen filled pasta (tortellini,cappelletti, ravioli) with different fillings (meat, salmon, ham, spinach and ricotta, mushrooms, pumpkins), deep frozen ready meals pasta, potato dumping, rice); weights from 200 to 2.500 grams. food Via Puisle, 31 Borgo Valsugana 38051 TN Italy +39 0461 758500 +39 0461 758510 Stefano Piccini Frozen Pasta, Frozen Filled Pasta, Frozen Ready Meals GR.A.M.M. GRUPPO ALIMENTARE MEDITERRANEO MILO SRL Our story begins in 1870 in Bitonto, in the heart of Puglia, producing extra virgin olive oil. A history of family, passion at work and love for the soil and its produce. In 1994 we converted our Company’s production, dedicating it entirely to pasta and bakery. Since then Nicola Milo and his four sons Giuseppe, Saverio, Giovanni e Marida, have been busy offering high quality products, prepared according to the best Italian food tradition. With strength in our roots, today we look at the new challenges brought by the global market with optimism and determination, aiming at building a future of great opportunities and responsibilities. Every day we work to create tasty and genuine products through continuous research and development of our best raw materials. Our production consists of three units located in the region of Bari: a plant in Palombaio for the production of fresh pasta, two plants in Palo del Colle dedicated to dry pasta and bakery, for a total covered area of 20.000 sqm. Gruppo Milo supplies the national and international markets and collaborates with the main clients of the large-scale distribution, being for lots of them a co-packer. We supply fresh and dried pasta to Conad, GS, Carrefour- Coop, Despar, Aldi, Bennet, Crai, Selex, Lekkerland, Coop UK, Waitrose, Lidl, Trader Joe's, Target, Wakefern, Shoprite, Costco among others. Passion, willingness, engagement, and dedication: this is our recipe for doing business. food Via Teologo Valente Palombaio - Bitonto 70032 BA Italy +390803735950 +39 080 3738273 Nadir Baked Products, Fresh Pasta, Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, Egg pasta, Durum Wheat Pasta, Dried Pasta Gran Deposito Aceto Balsamico Giuseppe Giusti Srl GIUSTI was founded in 1605 and is the oldest producer of Balsamic Vinegar in Italy and in the world. The quality Giusti is the top-maximum on the market and it's balsamic Vinegar is the most famous and sold in the USA. The old "acetaia" Giusti, the collection of ancient barrels, has barrels built four-hundred years ago. The Giusti's maxim is always been the same: the principle of natural quality, the selection of choicest grapes, the traditional seasoning in the old barrels and the careful process which gives to the Giusti balsamic its particular flavour..                                                            food Via Quattroville, 155 Modena 41100 MO Italy +39 059 840135 +39 059 849909 Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Gallo Brokerage GRANATA ANTONIO & C. S.R.L. food Via Dietro Corte, Lotto 7/8, Zona PIP TEVEROLA 81030 CE Italy Manuela Mecchi/Manuelita Cialdini Olives GRANDI PASTAI ITALIANI S.P.A. Grandi Pastai Italiani offers the flavor and mastery of the best Italian pasta traditions to major industries and retail brands worldwide. food Via S. Orsola, 2/A Correggio 42015 RE Italy +39 0522 740311 +39 0522 740340 Filled Pasta, Gnocchi, Pasta, Fresh Pasta DI MARTINO INC. GRECO SOCIETA' AGRICOLA SRL food viale dell'Unione Europea sn San Vito dei Normanni 72019 BR Italy 0039 3294645951 Donatello Greco, GRICAF - S.R.L. Moka Italia is a typical brand made in Italy, a coffee symbol with great quality which is distributed all over Italy and the world with a variety range thought and optimized for restaurants/bars, home and office with variuos articles for catering and collective catering with a particular affinity of taste and flavore. The production process and company marketing strategies are based on passion and understanding of quality with a full client satisfaction and environment compliance. Today Moka Italia has established itself on the market as a company able to offer an efficient service in the production and distribution of coffee that is always fresh and of constant quality. It has obtained the FAIR TRADE certification having at heart the improvement of the conditions of the agricultural producers of the developing countries through precise standards that allow farmers and workers to be able to count on a more stable and non-exploiting income. Inspired by respect for nature and food safety and attentive to the social context since 2019 we have joined the organic supply chain, subjecting us to certification according to EC Regulation 834/2007, both in terms of primary activity and transformation (BIO certification ). We are all proud of our achievements, certain that they are only the beginning of others and, we hope, more prestigious successes. We have always tried to maintain a customer satisfaction policy, convinced that the customer is really an integral part of the company. Our goal is to synthesize the values of the Brand into an emotion to bring to the life of each individual customer food Z.I. LA BRUCA- C.DA MENESTALLA SCALEA 87029 CS Italy 0985 802629 Dott. Rossi Vincenzo Coffee Beans, Coffee Pods, Coffee Flavored Drinks SAPORI DEL SUD ITALIA LLC, SERAFINO F. BARTUCCI Grissin Bon SpA GRISSIN BON of Reggio Emilia, started its activity as a bakery producer in the 50’s. Known, at that time, as “Grissineria Reggiana”, the company was launched and expanded above all because of the experience of the founder baker, Nevino Bernardelli, who planned the work of the small firm, using the secrets of the traditional handicraft production. The passing from “Grissineria Reggiana” to GRISSIN BON dates back to 60’s when the production of pan carré and toast slices was added to the original production of bread and breadsticks. The broadening of the product lines made the move to a wider and better equipped plant necessary. The plant was installed in S. Ilario d’Enza (RE), current headquarters of the company, where, in the course of the years, new and improved equipment has been introduced. From the handcrafted products, breadsticks, toast slices and pan carré, the company has created an interesting and tasty series of variations on the theme. This strategy aim to widen the offer to consumers, in a viewpoint closer to the present-day food trends. GRISSIN BON’s line of products offer consumers a wide range of flavours and a high food quality. food Via Pacinotti, 4 Calerno di S. Ilario d’Enza 42040 RE Italy +39 0522 909002 +39 0522 474449 Breadsticks, Baked Products, Breads Grissinificio Europa Srl Grissinificio Europa is a family owned private company with a thirty years experience in the production of Italian bakery products. The company is based in Cuneo, near Alba (the cradle of the Slow Food movement) in the Northern Italian region Piemonte where the Grissini have been created. In October 2010 Grissinificio Europa has inaugurated the new Factory, purpose-built according to the most up-to-date standards for production organization, product safety and respect for workers conditions and for the environment. Grissinificio Europa is able to join the best recipes of the authentic Italian tradition with the most innovative productive technology, producing authentic genuine and innovative bakery products. We are certified Organic by Bioagricert since 2000. Since January 2009 we got the certifications IFS – BRC by Bureau Veritas (A-Level). Our structure and the versatility of our production make us the ideal partner for private label productions. Product categories:Breadsticks (Grissini) in different shapes and types, Crackers, Snacks, Apéro. DLG Gold and Silver Medal - Award winning Organic artisan breadsticks. Bakery products for particular dietary exigencies (yeast free; … low salt, … low fat) Kosher productions for private labels New product development:  “Stretched” Mini-Grissini in single portion pouches, packed either in multipack bags or in boxes 4x30g, also with specific recipes for Toddlers / Kids. “Stretched” Mini-Grissini in single portion pouches for airline catering (“The Piemontese”) “I Corti di Pane” – the first apéro artisan breadstick with two flavours & two colors in one stick, made with 10% extra virgin olive oil, in the variations “Tomato & Cheese” and “Curry & Onion”.  “Artisan Breadsticks without Yeast” – the only rubatà style breadstick with no yeast.  “Grissini Torinesi Super-Thin”, also with organic certification. All the new product developments have been created focusing on: High service contents in terms of packaging, such as single portion pouches for: out-of-home eating occasions, snack on the go, snacks for kids. Healthy organic products for apéro: Pleasure comes first – the organic claim is in the background. Trends with regard to food intolerances and for special dietetic exigencies. Breadsticks made new – a whole world of baked not fried and not extruded, clean and simple bread substitutes for snacking, dipping and out-of-home eating. For more information please contact: Sabine Geissler – Int’l Team Manager food Regione Moirane 8/a Corneliano d’Alba 12040 CN Italy +39 0173 286844 +39 0173 220992, Breadsticks, Organic Breadsticks, Yeast Free Breadsticks, Artisan Breadsticks, Yeast Free Products Grissitalia Srl The Grissitalia group operates in the fresh bread and bread sobstitutes sector with a total production of approximately 49,000 tons per year, divided as follows: breadsticks, fresh bread, soft bread and long life bread. The quality standards production capacity, combined with the experience acquired in over 40 years of business, place the company in a leading position in the industrial bread-making sphere.  food Via Valle San Bartolomeo, 37 Alessandria 15122 AL Italy +39 0131 59153 +39 0131 658603 Breadsticks, Breads, Baked Products Gruppo Alimentare in Toscana SpA Gruppo Alimentare in Toscana” was created by the merger of Salumificio Bechelli S.p.A. and Amiatasalumi S.r.l., producers of ham, salamis, cold cuts, fresh pasta and ready prepared fresh food. Recently, the company embarked on a program of technological innovation and as result, the group can now boast a coordinated logistics system, a system of automatic food traceability, sterile white rooms and internal product development laboratories.     food Ruota al Mandò, 55, Fraz. Leccio Reggello 50066 FI Italy +39 055 8657981 +39 055 8657701 Cured Meats, Deli Meats, Salami, Mortadella GRUPPO FINI S.P.A. A SOCIO UNICO Gruppo FINI is a leading company based in Modena with two business unit. FINI, founded in 1912, produces fresh filled pasta from extruded egg dough, 100% natural ingredients. Range includes potatoes gnocchi, pre-cooked polenta, fish carpaccios, fresh sauces. LE CONSERVE DELLA NONNA, since 1973 produces shelf stable products: tomato purées, sauces, vegetables appetizers, pulses and jams. Gluten-free traditional recipes, made from fresh Italian raw materials, 100% natural, free from and nutritionally balanced. With a range of organic items available. food Via Confine, 1583 Ravarino 41017 MO Italy +39 059 259111 +39 059 259255 Enrico Maria de Franceschi, Fresh Pasta, Fish, Sauces, Tomato Products, Vegetables, Legumes, Jams GRUPPO I VINAI SRL A consortium of wine producers from the various Italian regions servicing your private label wine needs. food Viale Ulise 29 Catania 95126 CT Italy +39 095 587 9353 Gruppo Mataluni Oleificio DANTE OIL : A PRODUCT FROM THE MATALUNI INDUSTRIES An ancient family of oil crushers from Montesarchio, at its fourth generation The Industria Olearia Mataluni is a well known name in the oil production world , from the beginning of the last century , precisely  from 1934 when the grandfather Biagio decided to invest in an oil plant with cutting edge equipment for that time : the birth of the first electric oil mill in the Caudina Valley, an important production area of the Campania region. His son Giuseppe gave the family business new entrepreneurial spirit creating the production brand “Vero Oil”, still on the market, and organizing on a regional level a widespread distribution network for the produced and packaged oil. Since 1980 Biagio Mataluni, the actual President, took over the Company, and first continued his father’s activity then he decided it was time to give the Company a different connotation investing in innovative technologies , and using a modern industrial production philosophy together with the ancient values and olive processing methods. In the 80s there is the passage from a family firm to an industrial one, adding to the traditional crushing activities a complex industrial cycle for the production of “private label” oils , perfectly integrated in the Italian oil industry. Today the Mataluni group companies represent one of the biggest oil industries in the world . Among the first in Europe, it is undoubtedly the most important Italian oil mill. It produces “private label” edible oils for more than 200 brands worldwide and for the  leader companies of the Italian and international Wholesale Network (GDO) and together with its owned brands it makes an annual turnover of around 300.000.000 Euro, placing itself at the top places in the national and international distribution scenario. In 2007 the Mataluni Group has started trading its own brands thus shortening the production line , with obvious benefits for both the consumer and the agricultural world. Since 2007 we witness the acquisition process of historical Italian brands in the field of seed oils , very popular with consumers ,such as TOPAZIO and OIO, and also of other minor labels, previously owned  by the companies Chiari&Forti S.p.A. as GICO and ALIT. In April 2009 it completed the first stage of a repositioning plan acquiring the brand “DANTE”, bringing back to Italy the most famous of the Italian oils, together with other 11 brands belonging to the famous firm from Liguria “Minerva Agricola Alimentare” as  the historical labels MINERVA and LUPI present for over 50 years on the International markets. food Zona Industriale Badia Montesarchio 82016 BN Italy +39 0824 894141 +39 0824 833771 Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil Guardini S.p.A. Experience, Passion and Creativity Made in Italy For over 70 years Guardini has been a leader in the production of bakeware products; we are based in Volpiano (TO) and our brand is world known; our history tells a story of passion, craftsmanship which translates into production ability, creative work, continuous research and experimentation. Between past and future Guardini’s history finds its roots in the past: it has been over 70 years since the family houseware workshop was established. In the 1970s the small workshop turned into a company and, over time, it grew and became specialized. In the 1980s, it started the production of the first steel moulds with non-stick coating, which today are the core products of the company. In 1990 the brand entered into large scale retail channels and it expanded to become one of the Top European Players in the production of bakeware in 2010. Today, Guardini S.p.A. is a leading company in the production of bakeware and it exports Made in Italy excellence around the world. Experience and tradition are the two key elements around which projects, production methods and future products are created and developed; our products are modern and innovative, they capture new market trends and meet the needs of demanding and attentive consumers. Guardini. Over 70 years of italian stories and flavours. non food Via Cravero 9 Volpiano 10088 TO Italy +390119952890 Alessandro Vicario, Housewares Gustibus Alimentari Srl Gustibus Alimentari is a young and dynamic company specialized in Mediterranean crops that applies modern and safe practices to guarantee very high quality standard. A specialized team, everyday, works with passion to create our food range. The company expands in a central body with a surface area of 10.000 sqm in Dittaino Assoro (Enna) - in the heart of Sicily - and two other satellites located near the central body. We are planning ambitious developing projects since our turnover has extraordinary growth trend.The activity of chain arises from the production of raw material in greenhouses. On quality, Gustibus Alimentari implements a series of control during the process and on the final section. The company is certified BRC/IFS and follows a very strong HACCP system. food Via G.Morgia Catania 95120 CT Italy +39 0935951021 +39 0935950108 Francesco Pecorino Gusto in Cucina srl We are an 100% Italian Food Company born with the aim of enhancing all those unique characteristics of the culinary tradition of our country, through the recovery of traditional and regional recipes. We offer a wide range of first and second courses to be cooked in a pan or in the microwave in 2 minutes. Uses a revolutionary and unique production process, known as stabilization, which allows the product to be stored at ROOM TEMPERATURE with shelf-life of 12 months and to guarantee high quality standards. We combine constant research and great attention to innovation for the continuous improvement of our offer and the development of gastronomic proposals in line with new food trends (food with a lower sodium content, gluten-free, vegetarian, biologic food, etc). Always carry them with you, in the office, anywhere, to never give up on taste and well-being even outside the home! Pronti e Via! It is a brand of Gusto In cucina srl (GIC). GIC with its products responds to the ever-increasing need for high quality meals that allow a balanced diet with a contribution of the best natural ingredients. The ready meals sector grows in double digits in Europe, with different trends per country, while in non-EU countries the demand for Ready Meals has greatly increased especially in this time of Covid pandemic. GIC has focused on the Ready Meals market thanks to 3 aspects: - Product quality :100% natural without any additive, preservative - Innovative production process called STABILIZATION (reduction of bacterial load) that encloses in a single production process a preservation at ROOM TEMPERATURE - Cost of transport and storage of products in stock is lower than traditional frozen products due to the fact that the sterilized product must not follow the cold chain. So our product can stay longer on the shelves and be stored simply in a cool environment with a temperature between 8° and 15 ° Celsius (the benefits in terms of cost reduction is evident as well as the shelf-life extension) Gusto in cucina srl to increase the presence of its products in International Markets has seen that the priorities are, at international level, with expansion in the following markets: - GDO - CATERING RAILWAY (we are already suppliers of Frecciarossa in Italy) - VENDING MACHINE (present in Railway Stations, University Campus, Underground, etc.) - SHIP CATERING such as ferries and Yachts/Boats (galley on board) - HO.RE.CA. : now stationary due to the pandemic but we certainly believe confident in its recovery. We product our dishes in a plant of 1800 square meters, with a capacity of 8500 units/h and it is equipped with the best equipment and technologies for an industrial Kitchen. The company has obtained numerous certifications : ISO 9001-2008 Industrial Standards - GLUTEN-FREE- BIO - VEGAN - HALAL - FDA-FCE: 26637 Certification standard for USA- IFS n.18/771 – BRC 18/772 food Via S. Matarrese 24 Bari 70124 BA Italy +39 080 2241340 Luisa Colella, Ready Meals HDI HOLDING DOLCIARIA ITALIANA S.P.A. Chocolate pralines, chocolate novelites, chocolate coins, chocolate sea shells and big range of confectionary boxes for every occasion. food S.P. Paullese Km. 45,6 Castelleone 26012 CR Italy +39 0374 350150 +39 0374 350450 Patrick Muscionico, Chocolate Pralines, Chocolates Huhtamaki SpA Disposable products for the table. Cups, glasses, plates, containers, napkins, tablecovers and cutlery, made of plastic or paper material. non food Via Enrico De Nicola, 20 Settimo Torinese 10036 TO Italy +39 011 80211 +39 011 8977600 Disposable Tableware, Napkins, Disposable Storage Products I PECCATUCCI DI MAMMA ANDREA S.R.L. Mamma Andrea, refined scenographer and costume designer, opens her sweets atelier in Palermo (Sicily) in 1989. From that moment on she became a point of reference for noblewomen and nuns who will confidently entrust her with their most ancient and secret recipes that Mrs. Andrea expertly reworked to offer them to global market. All our products are the result of human skill and creativity that machines can never replace but only help. We value our territory, Sicily, by purchasing more than 80% of ingredients "zero kilometer" from local suppliers that guarantee excellent quality and freshness. All this, combined with the skilled hands of our craftsmen, gives life to unique and unrepeatable products, even in the packaging that is strictly handmade. WE ALREADY PRODUCE PRIVATE LABEL FOR 5* HOTEL CHAINS AND MOST IMPORTANT LUXURY FASHION BRANDS. WE LOCALLY MANAGE ALL THE PRODUCTION PROCESSES (FROM PACKAGING TO FINAL PRODUCT PRODUCTION, EVEN PRODUCT ANALYSIS ISSUED BY A CHARTERED LABORATORY). WE GUARANTEE: A) 2 WEEKS FOR PACKAGING CUSTOMIZATION B) 3-4 WEEKS FOR RECIPE CUSTOMIZATION food VIA SAMMUZZO 15 PALERMO 90133 PA Italy +39 3345011393 PIETRO.SORCI@MAMMAANDREA.IT MR. PIETRO SORCI http://WWW.MAMMAANDREA.COM I T C INDUSTRIA TORREFAZIONE CAFFE' SRL Caffè L'Antico is an Italian family run company based in Modena, since 1909. It is vey well known both in Italy and abroad for its high quality coffee products, directly imported from the country of origin, freed from any impurities and roasted in a traditional slow way of 18 minutes. Caffè L'Antico is now exporting to 45 countries. 2015, a second branch, the Indian Seven Beans coffee company, was opened in partnership with Shetty family, owners of endless coffee plantations in Bangalore, to bring the Italian Espresso culture to India. Our company has a wide range of products, both for HoReCa (coffee bags of 1 kg, cans of 2 and 3 kg) and Wholesale/Retail sectors (compatible capsules, g.250 bags and cans). This year the new lines of FILTER coffee, SPECIALTY coffees, ORGANIC FAIRTRADE certified coffees have been launched in the market. food Via Emilia Est 1235 Modena 41122 MO Italy +39059281302 +39059283104 ANNASTELLA BORTOLANI I.D.A.G. Srl Since 1979 I.D.A.G. srl produces frozen citrus juices, expecially of high quality: not from concentrated, not pasteurized without additives. In particular: pigmented oranges, blond oranges, lemons and mandarins are processed by a sophisticated equipment that processes 10 tonnes of fruits per hour. The juice extract is packed in conveniently sized boxes of 250 g., 500 g, kg.1 a packaging developed for easy and immediately using. In 1986 a complete new line for ice cream production was planted. Company in few years obtained a good reputation, nowdays produce for important brand  "UNILEVER" Quality control has been up most in the firm's mind at all times. The firm operates on an autocontrol regime covered by Haccp.Achieved certifications: ECOCERT, kASHER, BRC. food Zona industriale Giammoro Pace del Mela 98040 ME Italy +39 090 9384570 +39 090 9384774 Sorbets, Frozen Juices, Juices, Frozen Desserts I.D.C. Srl Industria Dolciaria Producers of biscuits, wafers and cakes. food Via Don Minzoni, 32 Castelfiorentino 50051 FI Italy 011 39 0571 633551 011 39 0571 633682 Wafers, Cookies, Baked Products I.M.I. Industria Monouso Italiana Spa I.M.I. Industria Monouso Italiana S.p.A. is located in the industrial area of Vitulazio – Caserta province -, very close to the “Roma – Napoli” highway’s exit of Capua. The plant covers a 10.000 mq. area and uses the latest technology machineries for production, primary and secondary packaging of disposable dishes for the food industry. IMI produces a wide range of disposable plastic dishes. Our catalogue, engineered and developed on your needs, contains flat dishes, deep dishes, cutlery and cups, all available in white, clear and coloured. They are hygienic and useful in whatever occasion. All our products are made of Polystyrene (PS) (CE) N. 1935/2004 non food S.S. Appia Km 197.600 Loc. Pontoni Vitulazio 81050 CE Italy +39 0823 621544 +39 0823 621546 Disposable Plastic Dishes ICAM S.p.A. Family operated since 1946, we are an Italian modern artisan farm-to-bar producer of premium all natural chocolate. A global leader in organic cocoa processing (approximately 20% of global supply), we secure superior quality fermented cocoa beans (conventional and organic) for our production of cocoa liquor, butter, powder and finished chocolate through an exclusive Equal Partner Direct Buying program, in place in key origins since 1980. Agostoni Chocolate is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICAM S.p.A based in Lecco, Italy. food 8616 La Tijera Blvd Suite 512 Los Angeles 90045 CA Italy +12132610057 +13106700596 Federica Sirelli, Chocolates ICC Srl ICC products are totally made in Italy from raw materials, accurate in every step, and include suspending bases, coloured bases, removers up to the finished nail polish. ICC has also been characterized for formulations, colours and special effects variety, as to follow the newest trends in fashion. In addition to the nail aesthetics, ICC takes special care of the nail nutritional needs relying on a large Nail Treatment and Nail Care products department, more and more innovative. non food via Beethoven 20 San Martino in Strada 26817 LO Italy +39 0371 779400 +39 0371 779420 Cosmetic Products IDIA S.R.L. Delizie del Gusto is a Calabrian company that has chosen to place itself on the market as an ambassador of “Made in Italy” gastronomic excellence: • farmers selected from regional and artisan producer • raw materials grown without synthetic chemicals, • respect of the land and the people who work it. Thanks to constant work guided by passion and a common corporate vision, Delizie del Gusto brings to the market a certified organic and gluten free production, made from fresh processed product. A journey through the discovery of the authentic taste of processed fresh fruits and immediately packaged to make jams and marmalades that animate breakfast in the morning. A perfect combination of the sensoriality of cheeses and the aromas of cured meats that intertwine with each other to create gastronomic itineraries to be experienced in the kitchen, at home as in the restaurant. food VIA ROSARIO LIPEROTI 11 CROTONE 88900 KR Italy +393519900620 alessandro balzano Jams and Preserves IDROFIL SRL Idrofil was born in 2000 by specialising in absorbent cotton’s production, bio cotton-bud sticks, squares, cotton disks, cotton balls and wipes. Over time and with a great innovative spirit, the company has significantly extended range of treated products, from the medical sector to the cosmetic one and to the one of children’s care, reaching more and more users and improving their daily actions. non food Via Pietro Ferrero ND Marcianise 81025 CE Italy +39 0823 512084 +39 0823 288025 Carmen Sarnataro Wet Wipes, Disinfectants, Cosmetic Products IGO s.r.l. Unipersonale Production: Biocides, Monitor Traps, Air Fresheners, Packaging IGO started business in the 1960s as packaging manufacturers for the cosmetics industry, and from then on, our passion for the world of paper has continued incessantly. We have been able to perceive the changes taking place, to develop, innovate and renew our valuable expertise accordingly. This has enabled us to become a consolidated and competitive structure at national and international level for the third-party production of Biocides for domestic use against clothes moths, mosquitoes and ants. We also manufacture monitor traps for various types of pests, and our household care product range is completed by air fresheners and fragrance diffusers for small spaces. Creativity, innovation, quality in the manufacturing process and flexibility in meeting our clients’ requests are just some of the points of strength that have enabled us to reach our current status. The decision to avoid making product lines under our own trademark or acquiring shares of trading companies, but rather maintaining a purely third-party trade policy, has enabled us to constantly avoid any conflicts of interest with our clients. non food Via Palazzo, 46 Albano S. Alessandro 24061 BG Italy +39 035 583078 +39 035 583124 Moth Repellants, Insecticides, Insect Repellents, Air Fresheners IL BORGO DEL BALSAMICO SOCIETA' AGRICOLA IN ACCOMANDITA SEMP IL BORGO DEL BALSAMICO is a family run company specialized in Balsamic Vinegar certified IGP and Traditional DOP and also others related condiments. Located in the countryside of Reggio Emilia we produce real very top quality products obtained from the grapes cultivated in our vineyard and in according with traditional methods. We follow directly all the process of selection of raw materials from the vine to the bottle, real Made-in-Italy!! We present a large range of genuine products made with natural ingredients without coloring, sugar, preservatives and caramel. All our products are natural gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have started the process to obtain the BRC and IFS certifications that we plan to achieve in October 2020. From 3 years now, at IL BORGO DEL BALSAMICO, we can also drive our customers in a real "Balsamic Experience" visitng the factory, the ancient Acetaia, the vineyard, tasting products and maybe relaxing for few days in our renovated rooms inside the family Villa dated back to the 19th century. food VIA CHIESA 27 ALBINEA 42020 RE Italy +39 0522 598175 GIOVANNI BODECCHI Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Condiments Il Boschetto Srl Aromatic extra virgin olive oils, vinegar condiments, Italian herb & spice mixes, aromatic sea salt, gourmet gift products. food Loc. Badiola Porta a Colle Castiglione della Pescaia 58043 GR Italy +39 0564 944311 +39 0564 944556 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavored Olive Oil, Vinegar Il Fornaio del Casale SpA Il Fornaio del Casale Spa was established in 1969 as a traditional wholesaler in order to become a company specialized in the production and distribution of cakes, savoury snacks, carnival products, confectionary and alternatives bread. The careful selection of healthy and quality food in the production process is the main aim of our company which has developed the capacity to produce and supply the best products both in Italy and in the world. The company has 7 production lines: 3 production lines necessary for ready-made cakes covering different production technologies; 1 production line for Savoury Snacks; 3 production lines dedicated to Carnival and Easter products. Certification: IFS higher level food VIA M. BUONARROTI 5 CASALE SUL SILE 31032 TV Italy 00390422788053 00390422820856 Samuel Gecchele Cakes Il MANGIAR SANO S.P.A. Gruppo Germinal, based in Italy, is considered one of Europe's most influential producers of organic & gluten-free baked goods as well as the undisputed leader in the category of organic and gluten-free baby cookies and healthy foods. ORGANIC IS OUR TRADITION WE PRODUCE THE AUTHENTIC TASTE OF ORGANIC. We have been working to ensure the quality of what we produce for 40 years. On one hand all the raw materials that we use are grown without chemical synthesis products and on the other hand our final products are made without colouring agents, preservatives, additives and GMOs. This is our organic: a history of authenticity, research of quality, respect for the environment, food security and passion; organic is our way. We carefully monitor every phase of the production cycle, from the selection of the raw material supplier, to the arrival of the finished product on the sales shelf. Why do we do it? Because we are committed every single day to bring to your table a product made of simple ingredients: quality, taste, well-being and naturalness. Ensuring the highest standards of food safety is our goal: this is why we have already obtained all the most important certifications that invest the entire production process and guarantee the finished product. The R&D department is modernly equipped with tools able to allow the study and rapid development of products in accordance to consumption trends. Furthermore, our laboratories are at the service of commercial partners for the creation of tailor-made recipes. OUR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT STANDS OUT FOR: -Continuous innovation -Formulation of organic references, functional and healthy products, but also gluten-free, vegan products and baby food -Formulation of certified references without some allergens food Via Staizza 50 Castelfranco--Veneto 31033 TV Italy +3904231770 Elisa Zamperoni, Cookies, Filled Snacks, Crackers, Baby Food Germinal Organic IL PASTAIO SRL Il Pastaio di Brescia was born in 1983 at the gates of Franciacorta. It is a company specialized in the production of gnocchi and potato specialties, both under its own brand and in private labels. Thanks to the policy focused on the single product, it is able to guarantee high quality at a competitive price; all accompanied by a quality system certified IFS Higher Level, BRC AA +, Organic, Gluten Free, AIC, GFCO, AHA, Vegan, Kosher, OHSAS 18001, SMETA, WCA. Il Pastaio is the only company that produces all the qualities of gnocchi: from the first price to the top of the range, from fresh to gluten-free, organic and with kosher certification. It also produces gnocchi both with hot dough and cold dough, guaranteeing the highest quality of the product made with this method. Numbers: 1983 founding year 2 production sites 30,000 m2 total 15,000 m2 of covered production area 55,000,000 kg of production capacity per year more than 100 employees 8 24/24h production lines € 26,000,000 turnover 2018 (+10.63% compared to 2017) 30% of export 25 countries we are present in food Via delle Moie 56/c Rodengo Saiano 25050 BS Italy 030611858 Maria Bennati Il Riso Beretta Srl The company philosophy of "IL RISO BERETTA" has always been to provide the ABSOLUTE QUALITY rice available. Our years of experience and our dedication to the most modern technology helps us to husk and select only the grains of rice perfect for ripening and drying, while keeping all of the nutritional properties of the rice intact. In order to offer a superior product IL RISO BERETTA offers the packaging innovation of "ASSURED FRESHNESS". This new method of packaging offers a triple protection. The cardboard box with a window shows the high quality of the product to the consumer. The technology used to place the rice in the strong cellophane bag provides the rice with the most gentle of environments in order to keep it fresh and complete. When you open the bag, you will always find fresh whole grains of nutritious and delicious rice - always perfect for a very tasty RISOTTO! food Via Robecchi, 22/26 Zerbolo' di Pavia 27020 PV Italy +39 0382 818671 +39 0382 818688 Rice, Polenta, Dry Mix Food Il Vecchio Forno Srl Leading Italian Private Label Panettone producer. Our range of traditional seasonal / holiday cakes include: panettone, pandoro and colomba. We also produce toasted bread slices (toast/rusk/biscotte/zwieback/fette biscottate) and bruschetta style sliced toasted bread. food Via Oltre Agno, 7 Brogliano 36070 VI Italy +39 0445 940346 +39 0445 941218 Toasts, Snacks, Panettone, Baked Products, Pandoro ILTA ALIMENTARE SPA ILTA Alimentare S.p.A. is an Italian company based in Venice, part of ILTA Commodities SA, a group with 40 years of experience in the selection and trading of pulses and grains all over the world. ILTA Alimentare specialises in the production of packaged pulses, grains and ready-to-eat products. ILTA is a reliable partner to develop organic and conventional private label products for the European Retail and Industry. food via banchina dell'azoto 15 Venice 30175 VE Italy +390413694780 +390413694791, Ready Meals, Legumes IMB SpA Plastic products including plastic plates and glassware. non food Zona Industriale San Vitale Benevento 82100 BN Italy +39 0824 776527 +39 0824 565935 Disposable Tableware, Plastic Products, Dinnerware Imper SpA COFFEE & BEVERAGE CAPSULES - INTEGRATED CUSTOMIZED SYSTEM: Our consolidated know how in R&D, electromechanical, plastics and coffee Technologies allow us to design and realize high quality machines and technologically advanced capsules adressed to the coffee & bevarage industries for private label partnership. Our integrated vertical system enable us to manage the entire production chain: coffee and beverage raw materials selection - capsules body plastic injection - roasting, blending and grinding - capsules filling, sealing and packaging - multibeverage machines design and production - management of the client entire supply chain food VIA FALZAREGO 27 BARANZATE (MILANO) 20021 MI Italy +39023834511 Mauro Giordano Capsules IN.AL.PI. SpA IN.AL.PI. S.p.A. is a leader in the dairy and milk derivatives fields and specializes in the production of: butter, cream cheese, grated cheese, melted cheese slices, pre-packaged cheese and processed cheese. food Via Cuneo, 38 Moretta 12033 CN Italy +39 0172 915111 +39 0172 94226 Cheese, Cream Cheese, Butter , Grated Cheese Incas Caffè Srl Incas, coffee Firm of Sannio, was founded in Benevento in 1970 by Giuseppe Donatiello.   Giuseppe Donatiello decided to tie his future and that one of his family to Incas firm pushed from his strong entrepreneurial spirit and long experience matured in the “ Nuova Bottega”, paternal store since 1922. The first plant was opened in Saint vital zone. Subsequently, thanks to the increment of the production, was necessary a new structure: in 1996 the Incas Coffee has moved in Pezzapiana zone having equipped itself of a modern structure, complex systems to high technology and skilled labor that guarantee the high quality of the products. Today Giuseppe Donatiello, placed side by side from the sons Annalisa, Vincenzo and Simona, exports coffee on immense scale and all over the world. food Localita' Pezzapiana Benevento 89010 BN Italy +39 0824 24226 +39 0824 21230 Coffee, Coffee Pods, Decaffeinated Coffee, Espresso Coffee Bellitalia Imports INDACO S.P.A. Indaco S.p.A, an Italian manufacturer of Chewing gum and Candies very well known for its professionalism and extreme flexibility which allows us to be perfect partners for private label projects even for limited mqo. All productions are being certified according to the quality standards IFS and BRC. Kosher and Halal productions are also possible. Recently INDACO has started up an Health Department for the production of healthy foods as follows: -- Natural and biodegradable chewing-gums -- 100% xylitol Gums -- Free from Chewing-gums -- Functional Chewing-gums with vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts. All these production can be made under private label. Finally INDACO has its own range of branded products. main brand is COL-FRESH chewing-gums which is distributed through a network of National Sole Distributors. food S.S. 87 ZONA INDUSTRIALE PASCAROLA 87 CAIVANO 80023 NA Italy +390818808400 +390815288972 ROSSELLA RICCI Chewing Gum Indaco SpA INDACO SpA is an important company in the confectionery sector. The company was founded in 1999 and started its activity in the year 2000 on the initiative of the family Cola. This family already owned Amarischia SpA, a company that has been producing high quality liqueurs and sugar coated almonds since 1969. To the tradition of Amarischia is added the consolidated experience in the confectionery sector of a very modern and productive industrial plant. It is an industrial plant in Caivano, today property of INDACO, founded in 1979 by the ALIVAR with the participation of the State, already owner of the brands Motta, Alemagna, Pavesi, and Pai. Here the  famous candies “Charms”, “Sanagola” and “Peppermint” were created.  Some important brands of the confectionery and alimentary sector, as Bracco, Nestlè and Del Monte, relied on the ability and on the references of this company for several important productions. Production: Candy, sugar-free candy, gum, sugar-free chewing-gum, dragées, dragées covered with chocolate, cake decoration items.   food S.S. 87 - Località Pescarola Caivano 80023 NA Italy +39 081 8349186 +39 081 8349393 Candies, Chewing Gum, Sugar Free Candies, Cake Decorations, Sugar Free Chewing Gum Industria Alimentare Ferraro Srl Born as a family business in 1952 thanks to the efforts of Mr. Pietro Ferraro, Industria Alimentare Ferraro today is directed to both the Italian and foreign market as supplier of distribution chains and catering groups and produces with its trademark or for private labels. All the products are made in Italy with a high quality standard and are very appreciated all over the world, in fact the company is mainly directed to the world market, where it realizes the 75% of its turnover. During its life Industria Alimentare Ferraro has launched a wide range of filled egg pasta: shelf-stable, frozen and fresh but it has also developed the production of the modern ready made meals. Each product is the result of the constant commitment towards the research of new solutions, and is produced only after accurate studies and market tests made to guarantee its safety and quality. The Company praises an accurate selection of raw materials and modern production technologies, and a clear and attractive packaging with a strong presentation of the product and its main elements. Industria Alimentare Ferraro has implemented the H.A.C.C.P. system, and has also obtained different certifications: ISO 9001:2000 issued by BVQI, certifications BRC and IFS.   food Via Bonagge, 26/A Mussolente 36065 VI Italy +39 0424 577117 +39 0424 577188 Egg Pasta, Ready Made Meals, Filled Pasta Industria Dolciaria Valentino Srl Industria Dolciaria Valentino S.r.l. took on its present corporate format in 1979 as a direct continuation of a family owned and operated company founded in 1952 at Isernia in the region of Molise. With the construction that a year of new plant at Pettoranello del Molise, Valentino passed from a craft operation to an industrial level, while continuing to produce Panettone and biscuits. Today, the production unit at Pettoranello covers an area of about 300,000 square feet, of which 86,000 square feet are devoted to various phases of processing. Valentino’s output includes products of the Italian confectionery tradition, like Panettone, Pandoro and Colomba in classic and special versions as well as other goods that are typically consumed by Italians at breakfast, such as Croissants, Krapfen and Pandorino in various formats and flavors. Respect for traditional processing systems combined with the application of modern technologies and the support of strict controls over raw materials and finished products has assured Talentino a fine reputation in Italian confectionery. food Zona Industriale Pantaniello Pettoranello del Molise 86090 IS Italy +39 0865 460294 +39 0865 460299 Cookies, Baked Products, Panettone, Holiday Cakes, Confectionary, Cookies Gift Sets INDUSTRIA MOLITORIA MININNI S.R.L. The Milling Industry MININNI has been milling DURUM wheat in Altamura, famous for its bread tradition, since 1877 which has now become the basic ingredient of the MININNI Buéne products. The genuine focaccia-bread and ciabatta rolls are based on remilled durum wheat semolina. All ingredients are selected with care to keep a high quality and wonderful taste of all our products which are available deep-frozen or MAP in different sizes and shapes and confectioned in bulk packaging or retail single packaging by MININNI Buéne or with Private Label. The high production standard is always guaranteed by MININNI and BRC/IFS certification. food INDUSTRIA MOLITORIA MININNI SRL VIA GRAVISCELLA C.S.1448 ALTAMURA 70022 BA Italy +390803101297, Focaccia, Breads, Frozen Pizza, Pizza Dough Industria Panificazione Ambrosino Srl Production: Sliced bread, croissants. food Via Sannio, 31/33 Napoli 80146 NA Italy +39 081 7340240 +39 081 7340602 Croissants, Breads INDUSTRIE MONTALI S.R.L. Industrie Montali began life back in 1910 as a tomato purée manufacturer, packing its products directly into jars as was the custom at the time. Industrie Montali guarantees that its products contain no preservatives, colourants or antioxidants whatsoever. It only uses tomatoes grown, harvested and processed in Italy, ensuring that the entire supply chain is fully transparent and providing customers with unique, unmistakable, genuine products. The “Easy” range combines classic tastes with a modern, practical slant, it is designed to suit many different needs and is aimed both at the retail and Ho.Re.Ca sectors. The wide choice of EasyMontali products is composed by:Ready-to-serve Sauces; Snacks; Organic&Vegan Sauces; The Catering Range; The Chef Range; The Dressing Range. food Via Strada per Aiola 5/G Montecchio Emila 42027 RE Italy +39 0522 863186 +39 0522 863181 Stefania Montali Sauces and Spreads, Organic Pasta Sauces Industrie Riunite Campagnolo Srl Production: Filled dried pasta: tortellini, tortelloni, ravioli filled with meat or cheese. Salami, mortadella, ham and other delicatessen products, packed in vacuum or ATM. food Via XXV Aprile, 31 Piobesi Torinese 10040 TO Italy +39 011 965531 +39 011 9657155 Mortadella, Cured Meats, Salami, Ham, Filled Pasta Industrie Rolli Alimentari SpA Industrie Rolli Alimentari is a private company founded in 1958 with a strong mission for Private Label. Direct production of frozen vegetables with exclusive Patented Eco-Sustainable & Pesticide-Free Range and Production of Authentic Italian Pizza (Wood fired, Stone Baked and Organic), Ready Meals (block frozen & stir fry) and Snacks Industrie Rolli Alimentari has two factories: one is located in Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo) and is dedicated to the production of frozen vegetables and stir fry entrees; the second one is located in Parma and is dedicated to frozen pizza, snacks and block frozen entrees manufacturing. Certifications: Energy Saving (ISO 50001), BRC A+, IFS food Galleria Bassa dei Magnani, 3 Parma 43121 PR Italy +39 0521 220611 +39 0521 232449 Pizza, Ravioli, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Vegetable Entrees, Grilled Vegetables, Organic Products, Frozen Specialties, Frozen Pasta Entrees, Pasta, Soups, Fried Vegetables, Prepared Entrees, Ready Made Meals Inpa SpA INPA SpA is a family-run company producing vegetables preserved in olive oil, pickles, olives and fish-based hors d’oeuvres. It is situated at the foot of the Vinci hills in the province of Florence. The company has three factories covering an area of 193,500 sq. ft. of which 26,875 are occupied by their production lines. Experience gained in over 40 years of business has enabled the company to reach excellent production levels and guarantee the quality of the finished products, and has favored its ongoing research into the raw materials used. Over the years the company has developed a vocation for working for other companies which has made it a valid partner for the retailing and distribution industry in both Italy and abroad. Today INPA produces over 20 million jars of pickles I.N.P.A. S.p.A. applies the provisions of UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations, developing, putting into practice and improving its own quality systems to guarantee constant and documented achievement of its quality objectives, integrating this with the HACCP methodology. AIAB : “ Organic farming” BRC INSPECTED FOUNDATION LEVEL food Via Ciambellana, 2 S. Ansano-Vinci 50059 FI Italy +39 0571 584418 +39 0571 584297 Jarred Vegetables, Grilled Vegetables, Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Olives, Organic Vegetables, Organic Products, Sauces and Spreads, Antipasto Vegetables Ital Lemon SpA Ital Lemon is specialised in the production and distribution of lemon and lime juices, also organic, and condiments made with lemon, lime and orange juices. His offices are located 50 km from Milan. His political strategy is aimed to the following markets: brand label Ital Lemon and private label by Customers. Both brands are for big distribution, cash&carry, food service and food industries. Ital Lemon produces over 60 references in several and different sizes, both plastic and glass, and works with 40 Countries. Ital Lemon applies all procedures of international rules in terms of total quality and he has the following certifications: BRC, IFS, ISO 9001:2015, Kosher, Organic. food VIA F.TURATI, 2/4 Z.I. MIRANDOLINA CODOGNO 26845 LO Italy +39 0377 435563 +39 0377 437139 Alida Bocchi Lemon Juices, Juices, Condiments ITALCASTAGNE S.R.L. food Via Nucleo Industriale 29 Montefredane 83030 AV Italy +390825607463 +3908251735160 Roberto Imbimbo ITALIA ALIMENTARI S.P.A. Italia Alimentari Spa is a company of the Cremonini Group specialised in the production, marketing and distribution of deli meats and snacks. The products are distributed under various brands, such as Ibis Salumi, Corte Buona, Spanino. The industrial structure of the company is made up by production sites which are each specialised in the manufacturing of specific products: Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (MN), head office and distribution platform for the entire company, where presliced products and snacks are produced; Busseto (PR), production site for mortadella, culatello, prosciutto cotto, salami and other typical regional specialties; Postalesio (SO), production site dedicated to bresaola and carpaccio; Mandatoriccio (CS), production site for authentic Calabria region deli meats. The company is present in Canada, with a slicing unit in Toronto, and in Japan with an industrial partnership in Tokyo. The company processes 40,000 ton of deli meats per year, and produces 100 million packs of presliced products and 20 million snacks per year. With over 600 employees and collaborators, the company serves more than 3.000 customers, especially through Modern Distribution, in Italy and in more than 50 countries. food Via Europa 14 Busseto 43011 PR Italy 03766801, Deli Meats Italiana Confetti - Maxtris Italian Quality Manufacturer of Candied Confections. food Via Cerqua Sant'Antonio SNC Scisciano 80030 NA Italy +39 3389 947122 +39 0818 442366 ITALPIZZA S.P.A. CON SOCIO UNICO The italian leader of the frozen pizza category. Since 1991 Italpizza produces unique high quality pizzas. We are the leading manufacturer of high-quality frozen pizzas with a unique process of production: +24 and +48 hours pizza dough, stratched and topped by hand, Wood-fired and stone-baked only. 100% made in Italy. food Via Gherbella 454/A Modena 41126 MO Italy +39 059465611 Marco Repezza Frozen Pizza Italsilva Commerciale Srl Established in 1908, the Saponeria Silva company took great care in its production of bath and laundry soaps, providing quality products guaranteed by a wealth of experience. Having abandoned its old soap cutters, wood kilns for drying and ancient production methods, the Italsilva Group has maintained the traditional fragrances and properties of its detergent products, while complying to the most modern technology processes, ensuring both quality and efficiency. The construction of the vaporization tower dates back to 1951, the very first of its kind in Italy for the production of powder detergents, replaced during the 1970s and still today symbolizing the company's longstanding commitment to technology and continuous improvement. Products: Detergents and soaps.   non food Via Monte Santo, 37 Seregno 20038 MI Italy +39 0362 2661 +39 0362 266281 Detergents, Soaps, Household Cleaners Italtipici srl food ZONA IND.LE LOTTO 7 BUCCINO 84021 SA Italy +39 0828 957081 +39 0828 958039 ANNA BISOGNI Itesa Srl Textile producers since 1975. Deal with Gdo, wholesaler all over the world. Produce also private label for some of the most famous firms.     non food Via Milano, 21 Oste Montemurlo 59013 PO Italy +39 0574 798421 +39 0574 798363 Dust Cloths, Wipes, Cleaning Cloths, Household Cleaners, Automotive Care, Mops, Floor Mats, Rugs JOE & CO. SRL food Via della Tecnica 94 Camisano Vicentino 36043 VI Italy +39 04441809510 Edoardo Pessi Maraldi Organic Oils Joe&Co Srl Joe&Co’s production includes a wide range of organic oils such as cold pressed extra virgin olive oils obtained exclusively by mechanical means, sunflower, canola, sesame, argan, pumpkin, rice, grape, Omega 3&6, camelina, hemp and flaxseed oil. Its selection also consists of balsamic, white and red vinegar, lemon juice, shoyu and tamari soy sauce, chili pepper dressing on organic extra virgin olive oil base, virgin coconut oil and the new sacha inch oil. The packaging department is able to provide organic oil either in square bottles like Marasca or in round bottles like Bardolese, available sizes: 250, 500, 750 and 1000 ml. Total capacity of 60,000 bottles per day. Joe&Co organic products are certified by Bioagricert, as well as IFS, Vegan OK, OFDC (Chinese organic certification) and Kosher upon request. food Via Caboto 40 Montecchio Maggiore 36075 VI Italy +39 0444 022084 +39 0444 022084, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Oils, Oil Other, Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Dressings JOMI We deal with the production, cutting and packaging of cured meats. Our know-how has always been synonymous with research and quality. Specialized in private labels, over 80% of our production is aimed at the commercial brands of large-scale retail trade and organized distribution. food via roma 50 LANGHIRANO 43013 PR Italy Andrea Guarino Prosciutto, Cured Meats Kioene SpA KIOENE SpA is Italy's n°1 producer of Frozen Vegetarian and Vegan Foods and supplies Italy's major retail chains with chilled and frozen Branded and Prvate Label lines. The company's strong R&D department has enabled it to totally eliminate soy aftertaste from all its products and make room for natural and delicate vegetable tastes. Recepies can be customized to suit specific cultural requirements. food Via Caltana 55 Villanova di Camposampiero 35010 PD Italy +39 049 922 0788 +39 049 922 0732 Kleral System Srl A Leading Italian Manufacturer of Professional Hair Care Salon & Beauty products. Thanks to creativity, passion and advanced technologies Kléral System is today exporting to over 80 countries worldwide and can offer a comprehensive and customized service to develop and supply innovative “Made in Italy” and original private label products suitable for any market requirements. 40 years of experience combined with experienced R&D department and Marketing & Sales are able to provide to our customers a wide range of Hair Care and Beauty products. All our hair care & beauty products are entirely manufactured in Italy also certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2008. non food VIA LURISIA, 6 MONCALIERI (TO) 10024 Italy 0039 0116479020 0039 39 011 642193 Kollant Srl Kollant develops, manufactures and commercializes products to protect all type of environments (domestic, civil and rural) from several pests providing tested and effective solutions for consumer and professional users. non food VIA CRISTOFORO COLOMBO 7-7/A VIGONOVO 30030 VE Italy +390499983000 +390499983005 HOLGER GUMSHEIMER, Kopafood S.R.L. Kopafood is an italian company, situated in Lodi city, driven by the passion for quality from its foundation. Genuineness, research and tradition are the values underlying the philosophy of Kopafood; the intent is to bring back to light forgotten old scents and flavors, surprisingly timeless, for a modern Mediterranean dietetics, always more attentive to the authenticity. The company pays attention to the research of guaranteed suppliers and to the selection of each ingredient, to offer to its customers the certainty of an extremely healthy and genuine product from all points of view. Kopafood is now recognized locally and internationally and is proud to make worldwide Lodi area’s tradition be appreciated through its own products. food Viale Milano 44 Lodi 26900 LO Italy 0371 771671 Jessica Miraglia Raineri, Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze, Vinegar Varieties, Olive Oil, Lemon Juices L'Aroma Srl With fifty years of experience in the industry, today L’AROMA produces seasonings and flavourings for a quality cuisine available in both small local stores and large GDO national groups. A great assortment of HERBS AND SPICES combines with our other lines: MIXES, PRODUCTS FOR BAKING, BREADCRUMBS, SEEDS. Great attention to raw materials and the application of the traceability system have led our company to obtain the KOSHER, BRC, IFS, ISO9001:2015 and ORGANIC certifications. food VIA MAZZONI SN MASCALUCIA 95030 CT Italy +39 095910254 +39 0952937997 VINCENZO PRESSIMONE Herbs, Seasonings, Spices LA CESENATE CONSERVE ALIMENTARI SPA La Cesenate Conserve Alimentari S.P.A. was born in 1949 in Emilia Romagna, one of the most fertile and luxuriant regions of Italy, particularly rich of fruit, tomatoes and vegetables, and over the years it has also acquired the ownership of several farms in Tuscany, mainly intended for organic cultivation. La Cesenate pick fruit and vegetables when they are perfectly ripe and process them on the same day, preserving the intense aroma and the authentic flavour. La Cesenate specialties are every day appreciated by consumers in Italy and worldwide under several international private labels and own brands , as well as enjoyed as valuable ingredients for food service . Over the years, La Cesenate has developed a fully integrated business model that guarantees total control and traceability at every step, starting from the seeds thanks to SAIS, a family owned seed company founded in 1941, continuing with agriculture and farming selecting the most suitable territories and lands, up to the transformation and packaging at the headquarters based in Cesena, Italy. food Via Cervese 364 Cesena FC Italy +39 0547 631150 Fabrizio Rosso Preserved Vegetables, Ready Meals, Soups, Sauces and Spreads, Tomato Sauce, Sauces, Pesto, Pizza Bases, Vegetables La Collina Toscana Srl La Collina Toscana was born of the tradition of two families which for generations have found in the products of the land and of the forest the passion for their everyday lives. The company was founded with the objective to research and develop the traditional flavours of Tuscan and Italian cooking and give an appropriate and innovative image to that which has evolved through the centuries. food Viale Europa, 3 Castel San Niccolò 52018 AR Italy +39 0575 550693 +39 0575 550687 Vinaigrette, Condiments, Oil Other, Spices, Pasta, Pasta Sauces La Cucina di Bologna Srl THE COMPANY Founded in 1999, believing that the market contemplated to many products under the image of Traditional Kitchen of Bologna but not representing it at all. The products from the area of Bologna are, in fact, universally known as synonymous of high quality cuisine.  Actually La Cucina di Bologna is considered as one of the most representative companies in terms of High Quality Products THE MISSION We are committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers by offering them innovative, safe and high quality food products. Our products have been specifically developed for exporting the Italian way of eating all over the world. With our extensive portfolio of genuine Italian raw materials, our primary focus is on end users for whom quality, variety and convenience are essential.  We wish to achieve this with respect for our society and the environment and with the conviction that the personal development of our employees must go hand in hand with the development of our Group. THE FROZEN READY MEALS Our flexibility means that we are able to turn ideas into reality. You tell us what you have in mind and together we develop your products. As well as classic recipes we also offer a large variety of specialty products, both traditionally Italian and adapted to the specific requests of the final market of the destination. We produce with the same professionalism Pasta, Main Dishes, Side Dishes and Snacks. For this reason we are sure to be your reliable partner for retail in Europe. Treading new paths together. Growing together. THE CERTIFICATIONS Our Ready Meals are lovingly prepared to make every variety irresistible to our customers. BRC, IFS certification, quality guaranteed by constant controls, highly selected ingredients and great value prices are the foundations of our success. We welcome prospective clients to audit the site and encourage any comments which may lead to an improvement of our Quality System. TRADITION AND INNOVATION Our actual factory was built recently and covers a total surface of 2,000 sqm fully dedicated to the production of frozen ready meals on four main production lines. The plant is in the city of San Giovanni in Persiceto, just a stone’s throw from the city of Bologna, in Italy.  Our plant’s daily output can reach 45,000 sales units, distributed on four main production lines: our ready meals are available in trays, in stir fry bags, in trays for airline catering and in the innovative “walk ‘n eat” cup. Made up of more than 100 recipes under several brand names intended for both the catering and retail markets, our products are traditional and innovative at the same time.  In addition, majority of staff has been with our company for a long time. THE MARKET Even if our major customers are in Italy, our market spans over all of Europe. The core business is in the Retail Market but we are good fit for the Ho.Re.Ca (pub chains, restaurants, and coffee shops) as well. La Cucina di Bologna’s Products are adapted to the needs of the restaurant trade. They are designed according to international restaurant standards and are easy, fast and economical to prepare. food Via Davia, 18 San Giovanni in Persiceto 40017 BO Italy +39 051 6871448 +39 051 6871216 Frozen Means, Frozen Ready Meals, Gnocchi , Pasta, Pasta Frozen Entrees, Ready Made Meals, Frozen Risotto La Distitalia Sas The Jolly company is an old liqueurs and syrups factory, operating in Naples since the early '90s Quality and tradition are always respected in every ingredient of the innumerable product, such as the Limoncello which is made with an infusion of top quality lemons in pure alchool and according to a centuries old family formula using only natural ingredients. The firm currently operates in an establishment over 5.000 mq in the industrial area of Giugliano, where tecnology and tradition is the key to our success allowing us to produce high quality product with the best genuine ingredients. We have different lines of products: the Bar line which include Gin, Vodka and Sambuca and all of the products used to make most cocktails. Infusion line for pastry Resturant line that includes Cream of different tastes and Grappa distilled from our family factory. The Syrups line include the Almond Milk, obtained by squeezing the top quality raw almond adding only other natural ingredients, the Mint and Cherry and many other that they always give renders famous the Jolly brand in all the national territory. The company is costantly developing new and improved products and packaging with the objective to improve the export to the all European market food Zona ASI Località Pontericcio Giugliano 80014 NA Italy +39 081 8198061 +39 081 8198061 Limoncello, Liquors, Syrups, Grappa, Liquor Gift Box LA DONATELLA SRL La Donatella, a success story of an all-Italian company producing delicious pastries that has made quality its mission. The company was established in 1946 thanks to the experience of its founder, Giuseppe Marconato, who set up an artisan pastry shop. At the beginning of the 60s, as a result of Giuseppe’s business skills and determination, the shop gained a foothold in the market of Northeast Italy, in particular along the Venetian coastal area. Today, the company continues to grow and still maintains the production of fresh pastries for the local market. La Donatella is a leader in producing high quality frozen Bakery products and is proud to say that it now exports to 52 countries worldwide. On top of that an array of frozen traditional and premium cornetti is being added recently. That will allow to cover deeply Cafeteria, Bakery shops and hotels needs for breakfast relying on its usual artisanal touch and convenience which have made La Donatella Italian brand a benchmark for all foodservice operators. food VIA B.CRISTOFORI 14 JESOLO 30016 VE Italy +390421372800 +370421370376 Frozen Desserts ELISABETTA GOTTIN LA DORIA S.P.A. La Doria is a family company founded in 1954 in Angri, the Italian historical heart of the tomato processing area. Significant family involvement, absolute commitment to quality and tradition, attention to natural and health food typical of the Mediterranean diet are the fundamental elements of La Doria’s success. La Doria is an historical producer of tomato based products, pulses and fruit juices and today the Company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, is the Italian first producer of pulses, chopped and peeled tomatoes and the second producer of fruit juices. The company is also one of the main Italian producers of pasta sauce. food Via Nazionale 320 Angri 84012 SA Italy +39 0815166111 +39 081 5135991 Andrea Petricciuolo Pasta Sauces, Pesto, Legumes La Gallinara Srl Producers of pesto,sauces and extra virgin olive oil. food Regione Garbaroni Villanova D'Albenga 17038 SV Italy +39 0182 21171 +39 0182 21626 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sauces, Pesto La Gallinella (Azienda Agricola) THE HISTORY The Azienda La Gallinella has for many generation been the property of the same family that directly manage and oversee the Azienda. Agriculture here is the fountain of life, tradition, pride and the constant involvement for excellence, the result of the profound tie with nature. THE EXPORTATION The Azienda Agricola La Gallinella has commercial reports with all the Countries of the World, participating in all the major important trade fairs that take place Nationally and Internationally namely: SANA CIBUS, SIAL, ANUGA, FANCY FOOD AND BIO FACH. food Via Semiana, 1 Velezzo Lomellina 27020 PV Italy +39 0384 43893 +39 0384 43076 Rice Cakes, Organic Products, Organic Snacks, Rice Oil, Organic Rice, Risotto, Dry Mix Food, Rice, Snacks, Corn Flour La Linea Verde Società Agricola S.p.A. LA LINEA VERDE The Italian specialist in fresh-cut and chilled fresh ready meals. Reliable co-packer for European retailers.    La Linea Verde, with headquarters located in Manerbio (in Italy, near Milan), is an agro-food company specialised in the production of fresh-cut salads and chilled fresh ready soups. La Linea Verde is a company leader on the Italian market that boasts 40 years of experience in agriculture and more than 25 years in fresh-cut. The group manufactures under its own umbrella-brand DimmidiSì (Italian translation of “tell me yes”) and is a co-packer for European large-scale retailers. With 7 production sites (situated in Italy, Spain, France and Serbia), 5 commercial offices (Italy, Spain, Serbia, Russia and France) and a  turnover of  322 M Euros in 2019, La Linea Verde is the right partner for large scale retailers.   The key to the company’s success lies in its innovative, high-quality and convenient products of exceptional added-value.  Reliability and flexibility: these are the characteristics that have always allowed the Group to meet the consumers’ demands.   La Linea Verde is a reliable co-packer of fresh-cut products in Italy as well as in the rest of Europe. The Group works for 60 retailer brands in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, France and also in the Balkan territory.   The increase in sales registered on foreign markets contributed to a higher Group’s turnover throughout the years. In Spain, the two affilliated companies of the  Group, “Vegetales Linea Verde Navarra” and “Naturvega”, registered an expected turnover of over 90 M Euros in 2019. In Eastern Europe, the agricultural and productive hub of the Group in Serbia “La Linea Verde Dobrinci”, has been centring its resources  on finalising structural investments, especially regardig the acquisition of fields and greenhouses. Moreover, La Linea Verde is an exporter of unwashed baby leaf salads, which are cultivated in state-of-the-art greenhouses in Southern Italy (in the Sele plain, near Salerno) by Ortomad, a company of the group.     All the production stages are monitored and are subject to high standards of quality. In fact, La Linea Verde monitors the entire supply chain in order to guarantee complete control over the product’s life cycle: from seeding and harvesting at the farm, to processing at the production site, all the way up to delivery at the point of sale.  This modus operandi is complemented by a controlled and certified supply chain program, which allows for the product’s entire pathway to be traced up until the time of final delivery to the customer, with all the intermediate stages being documented.   The engagement of the group  is also attested by a great number of voluntary certifications at every step of the process –   field, production, factory, finished product (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 22005:2008, DT 3 Certiquality, IFS, BRC, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, BIOAGRICERT, Sedex etc.).   La Linea Verde is one of the leaders in innovation of fresh-cut products and chilled fresh ready meals. Nowadays the company is the number 1 producer of chilled fresh soups in Italy with a 50% market share. In 2006 La Linea Verde was the first company to launch fresh soups in Italy and since then it has always been the leader of a market worth 120  Million Euros . Two main factors contributed to the development of the Group and its large number of successful products:  a continuous investment in technology and an internal team specialised in R&D.     LA LINEA VERDE GROUP  Private company founded by two brothers, Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola. A company that is the evolution of a family agricultural business and relies on solid family values.   7 production sites (4 in Italy, 1 in Spain, 1 in France and 1 in Serbia) 5 commercial offices (Italy, Spain, Serbia, Russia and France) Company-owned farms –  greenhouses 1 company-owned refridgerated transport company comprising over 100 trucks 322 Million Euros turnover in 2019 2 million units produced and delivered every day 50% of the Group turnover is generated outside of Italy   Strategy- sales in Europe co-packing ready to eat bagged salads and prepared salads with dressing Chilled fresh ready meals, in particular chilled fresh soups Chilled fresh beverage (smoothies and cold-pressed juices) Unwashed packaged salads: baby leaf Both Standard and Organic products (Organic certification since 1992)  Objectives and strategies on foreign markets La Linea Verde  aims at reinforcing its presence in Europe as co-packer for large scale retailers. All this by offering both products that already exist on the markets and innovative ones, focusing on bagged salads and chilled fresh ready soups.   Last news about the group:By the end of 2020, the company will have completed a 15 M Euros structural project to improve the efficiency of the headquarter of the production site, in terms of increased production capacity, energy savings, human capital and acquisition of new fields and greenhouses. In 2020 a new challenge starts for La Linea Verde. The company officially launches a new integrated development project of Corporate Social Responsibility.   food via Artigianale, 49 49 Manerbio 25025 BS Italy +390309373611 +390309373621 FRANCESCO BUSSICHELLA Vegetables, Ready Meals, Organic Vegetables, Beverages La Mediterranea Srl The MEDITERRANEA GROUP is today the largest European producer of dried stuffed pasta. The Group, located in Matelica, in the very heart of Italy (60 km. from Ancona) is divided in two main divisions, of which one is dedicated to ambient/dry products, the second to fresh ranges and potato gnocchi. INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARE MEDITERRANEA Dry/extra dry filled pasta Ambient stable fresh pasta Soft dry filled pasta FRESCOGEL Fresh ready egg filled pasta Fresh ready plain short/long pasta Potato gnocchi /flavored gnocchi History & Mission The Company was born from the 30 years of experience of Chairman and President, Mr. Roberto Corradi, among the pioneers in Italy in the industrial production of the filled pasta and one of the first Italian entrepreneurs who introduced this typical Italian pasta category  to the world market: in a variety of concepts, from dry to ready meals. The Group from the beginning soon discovered its original attitude for exports (presently more than the 80% of its overall turnover), both to EEC Countries and to the overseas markets including USA, Canada ,Australia, Japan. Private Label and Industry is today an increasing market trend. The commitment to serve major supermarkets chains in Europe as well as to supply several multinational Groups around the world, has defined in the years the Group’s policy and mission: •    To produce large volumes at very controlled cost, thanks to an accurate rationalization and automation of the production cycle. •    To operate according to very strict parameters of high quality and product safety. •    To keep focused on product’s innovation. <b>Quality and Innovation</b> In order to achieve and guarantee the best product and process quality, the Mediterranea Group has internal laboratories for Quality Control, microbiology and chemical analysis, supported by independent labs in order carrying out special analysis. Our Facilities work according to HACCP standards. The R&D department constantly works to supply the Group with product and technology innovations. Main quality accreditations are: •    ISO 9001/2000 •    UNI 11020 (total traceability) •    BRC •    IFS Product Range The  commitment  of the Mediterranea Group is not only to enhance the Italian Pasta tradition following the most genuine recipes by choosing the best ingredients (more than 47 recipes only for dry filled  pasta) but also to innovate and revamp filled pasta concept, focusing on the most trendy attitudes of contemporary consumers, more and more looking for quick but also sophisticated meals, without renouncing variety and the best taste. The Mediterranea team is constantly working, also in cooperation with major clients, to anticipate tomorrow’s food trends. Among the best recent developments: the “soft dry tortelloni” as ideal meeting point between fresh and dry concept, and  the new wet fresh or ambient-stable pastas, ready to eat in just 2 minutes, with no cooking. The main ranges today include: •    Tortellini and Ravioli dry with meat, cheese and special fillings (12 months shelf-life) •    Tortellini extra dry for dehydrated dishes (12 months shelf-life) •    Soft dry  Tortelloni (12 months shelf-life) •    Fresh-ambient filled pasta vacuum-packed (150 days shelf-life) •    Potato Gnocchi (12 months shelf-life) •    Flavored potato gnocchi (12 months shelf-life) •    Ready shelf-stable plain pasta (9 months shelf life) •    Ready fresh pastas  (60 days shelf-life) food Z.I. Cavalieri Matelica 62024 MC Italy +39 0737 787899 +39 0737 787919 Pasta, Fresh Pasta, Tortelloni, Gnocchi La Mola (Azienda Agricola) food Localita` Mercato Vecchio Castelnuovo di Farfa 02031 RI Italy +39 0765 36388 +39 0765 36381 La Pizza + 1 Srl Since 1966, La Pizza +1 has been producing in the north of Italy quality chilled pizzas and focaccias with premium ingredients (extra virgin olive oil only, 100% mozzarella,...) using the highest standards in the production process. Today we lead the Italian chilled pizza market and our products are present on  the shelves of the most important mass distribution chains, as well as in the kitchens of key Italian catering companies. The product range of La Pizza + 1 includes all different versions of pizza, from the dough base to traditional and more elaborate pizzas along with all varieties of focaccia. Our range includes all different sizes (from professional needs to snack size), shapes and preparations (traditional oven and microwave). We also offer a new line 100% certified organic. A constant interaction with all of the market participants is our methodology for obtaining successful results. Our flexibility allows us to analyze, interpret and quickly satisfy our customer's needs. All our products are made in a protective atmosphere and should be kept at fridge temperature of 0°-4°C . CERTIFIED QUALITY: we have obtained all of the most important quality certifications, inclduing ISO, BRC and IFS (both at the higher level), and product traceability. food Via Galileo Galilei, 11/13 Località Gariga Podenzano 29027 PC Italy +39 0523 042411 +39 0523 524931 Pizza, Frozen Pizza, Focaccia, Pizza Dough, Baked Products, Breads La Rocca Srl Since 50 years ago we produce Olives. We are specialized in production of Italian olives, both for Retail and Food Service market. Regarding our main business, we produce these Italian olives: - Castelvetrano Nocellara del Belice - Cerignola - Gaeta - Taggiasca - Leccino You find our Brochure on our website We got ISO, BRC, BIO, OU Kosher certifications. food Via Colle Gorgona 84 Rocca Massima 04010 LT Italy +39 3358262604; +39 069664689 +39 0696620191 Massimo Olives La Tazza d'oro Srl Our company La Tazza d’oro was founded in 1938 and since then we have produced the finest blends of high quality coffee for the preparation of Italian espresso and cappuccino. The Head Office and processing plant are situated in Cagliari and cover an area of 2000 sq.m.; the equipment used is of the most modern type. This firm is making a name for itself as a high quality espresso coffee producer and operates in conformity with HACCP regulations. It has also applied for quality certification based on UNI/EN ISO 9000 regulations. Our product range consists of: •    Ground roasted espresso coffee in 250gr. vacuum bag; •    Whole espresso coffee beans for restaurant, bars, hotel, catering etc..; •    Coffee pods / servings for special small coffee machines. The ground roasted coffees are for the preparation in the typical Italian moka/caffettiera, except the BAR ESPRESSO blend indicated for use in an automatic espresso machine. Our whole bean blends are indicated for coffee bars, restaurants and hotels with a professional coffee machine and grinder. We also produce Espresso Pods. This is a new and very easy way to prepare a good espresso with a small, inexpensive, coffee machine. An interesting idea for offices, small restaurants and private households. Today we export our products in Europe, Japan, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, and Korea. food Z. I. Macchiareddu, Strada 8 Uta 09010 CA Italy +39 070 240341 +39 070 240427 Espresso Coffee, Espresso Coffee Gift Box, Coffee Pods, Decaffeinated Coffee Labcaffé Srl Roasted coffee: in beans, ground vacuum, coffee pod, filter coffee, in different size. food Contrada San Paolo, 30 Campagna 84022 SA Italy +39 0828 240002 +39 0828 240900 Coffee, Coffee Pods, Coffee Beans Labor Srl Durum wheat semolina pasta extruded through very rough bronze dies. The company is certified BRC-IFS-Kosher organic. food Via Passanti, 334 Scafati 84018 SA Italy +39 081 8508090 +39 081 8503489 Organic Products, Kosher Products, Pasta LAICA S.P.A. Milk and white chocolate coins and medallions, chocolate pralines, chocolates for Christmas, Easter and Halloween, cherry and liquor pralines, liquid coffee pralines, solid and filled chocolate eggs and figures, gift boxes, chocolate rice bars. We are certified BRC Grade AA, IFS Higher Level and ISO 22000:2018, FAIRTRADE,RA,RSPO,Sedex,Kosher available. food Via Vittorio Veneto, 102 Arona 28041 NO Italy +39 0322 235111 +39 0322 235136 Mr. Lombardo Eugenio Confectionary, Chocolates Lameri SpA Lameri Spa is an Italian company which has been transforming and trading cereals since 1968. During the years, thanks to a strong familiar tradition capable to combine past and modernity, this company has been able to vary its activities with new productive improvements in the agricultural and food industry. Quality represents the first and the most important target on which Lameri Spa founds its production process, including the precise selection of raw materials, the best know-how during the various working phases and the precise control in packing. The continuous improving efforts and the constant research in new developments have been awarded, obtaining the certificates ISO 9001, BRC, IFS and for ORGANIC products. The company is giving very interesting results in the production and packing of a wide range of breakfast cereals, either with our own brands, with Private Label, as well as co-packer of the main Italian and foreign food industries (retail and food service). Lameri Spa produces a complete organic cereals range (granola and muesli, puffed cereals, extruded and laminated cereals) to come up significantly to the growing demand for natural foods, in full accordance with the organic and biodynamic agriculture. Furthermore, Lameri Spa is as well specialized in the production of pearl cereals, flakes, flours, extruded and puffed cereals used as semi-finished products in bakery and biscuits industries. Two other well-known confectionery companies in Cremona belong to Lameri Group, SECONDO VERGANI and DOLCIARIA GADESCHI. The first one is known and worldwide appreciated for its nougat, fruit mustard and chocolate pralines. DOLCIARIA GADESCHI is famous for the production of macaroons, meringue, cantuccini and other typical Italian biscuits, also used as semi-finished products for ice cream and bakery industries. food Via D.F. Cattaneo, 28/30 San Bassano 26020 CR Italy +39 0374 3821 +39 0374 382200 Lia Diaz Cereal, Breakfast Cereal, Organic Products, Food Service Products, Muesli Larus Pharma Srl Operating since 1994, Larus Pharma is a young and dynamic company which developes and distributes natural products in the health care area. Larus Pharma, in synergy with several research University labs, is specialized in the development of innovative and high tradition science based natural products, combined and offered through the most modern technology. Larus Pharma is organized to meet the needs and exploit the opportunities offered by the marketplace. The structure of the Company, along with the headquarter, consists of: •  a selling force calling on pharmacies and natural products stores throughout Italy; •  a direct selling force calling on the Mass Market Organizations. •  exclusive distributors for all the countries in which Larus Pharma products are sold; •  area agents for the support and control of the exclusive distributors in the various countries. Thanks to the innovative concept of its products Larus Pharma expanded rapidly troughout the world (Spain, France, Greece, U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom).   non food Via Montello, 16 Milan 20154 MI Italy +39 02 33105943 +39 02 33611571 Anti-Mosquito Patch LATTERIA SOCIALE MANTOVA S.A.C The BIRTH Created in 1929, as the first center for milk pasteurization in the area of Mantova. TODAY Largest farmers cooperative in the North-East of Italy, specialized in the production of Grana Padano cheese, cream, milk, and concentrated whey. The GROWTH Constant increase since 1987 in milk processing and production of Grana Padano wheels. SALES 2013 109 mln €. EXPORT (worldwide) 65 %. PREVISION FOR 2014: Estimated further growth, thanks to the new joint-venture with Caseificio Santa Maria Formigada food Via F.lli Kennedy 48 PORTO MANTOVANO 46047 MN Italy +39 0376 390 808 +39 0376 396 250!/pages/Latteria-Sociale-Mantova-Soc-Agr-Coop/230075250527392?fref=ts Grana Padano Cheese Latteria Soresina S.C.A. First Grana Padano producer with 470,000 wheels/year and major player in the production of Provolone and Butter. Parmigiano Reggiano sellers. The milk is collected from our cattle farmers, who are also members of the cooperative, guaranteeing maximum traceability and quality. food Via dei Mille 13/17 Soresina 26015 CR Italy +39 0374 349111 +39 0374 349299 Dairy Products Latticini Salernitani Srl For generations, Latticini Salernitani has produced a large variety of tradition cow-buffalo cheeses, especially the campana cow-dot mozzarella Dop. According to tradition, every day cow-buffalo milk is taken from Sele Plain’s factories and selected animals in order to offer a high quality of standard. Our production is based on tradition, innovation, and the know-how of our workers in accordance with careful sanitary control.  The production process produces high  quality cheese. The cow-buffalo mozzarella Dop is renown all over the world. Our production is certified from CSQA. food Via Belvedere, 257-259 Battipaglia 84091 SA Italy +39 0828 671712 +39 0828 671712 Mozzarella di Bufala Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Buttermilk Curd, Dairy Products, Caciocavallo Cheese, Butter Ranieri Fine Foods Inc. LE BONTA' S.R.L. Le Bontà srl is a medium size company situated in Tuscany, Italy and it is the result of the merging of two companies belonging to Carapelli family, the healthy products of Nuova Terra (grains, seeds, soups, pulses) and the specialty high end pasta sauces (particularly meat/game ) of Accademia Toscana. Our turnover is 15.000.000,00 euro for both Italian and foreign markets We are very well distributed in Italy with our Nuova Terra brand and in Europe we manufacture for private label to many supermarket chains such as Monoprix (France), ICA (Sweden), Sonae (Portugal), Hofer (Austria), etc. In Italy we have a leading positions in the both branded and PL food VIA BRUGES 60H PRATO 59100 PO Italy +39 0574 550379 +39 0574 550425 ELENA RISALITI, Pasta Sauces, Bruschetta , Organic Pasta Sauces, Soups, Organic Products, Ready Meals Le Tamerici Le Tamerici started in 1991 thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of Paola Calciolari. We produce fine quality preserves (mustard, jam, wine jelly and preserve with balsamic vinegar) under our own brand name and under a private label. The brand Le Tamerici supplies leading names in the Italian food sector, and renowned chefs sourcing quality and expertise. The products for private label are available in a range of formats and packaging and can be further personalised to suit customer requirements. Most of them can be supplied with an organic certification. We execute recipes specifically provided by the customer and develop new recipes to meet their marketing requirements. Le Tamerici is certificated BRC, IFS, ISO22000. food Via Romana Zuccona, 208 San Biagio di Bagnolo S. Vito 46031 MN Italy +39 0376 253371 +39 0376 253358 Jams and Preserves LE TRIFOLE DI CURZIETTI DAVIDE Le Trifole – Premium Italian Truffles is an Italian company based in the city of San Marzano Oliveto, near Alba, worldwide known as the Truffle’s Capital. Our company specializes in the production and distribution of fresh truffle and preserved truffle-based products, both white and black. For four generations,our family has been devoted to the search and distribution of fresh truffles that spontaneously grow in the generous territory of the Langhe (Piedmont Region). We Produce in Private Label such as: Format 50 90 180 500 Grams Butter with truffles, black truffle sauce, white'alba truffle sauce, Format 50 250 500 Ml - 1Lt 5Lt EVO-oil with truffle, balsamic vinegard of Modena food VIA DEI CADUTI 24 SAN MARZANO OLIVETO 14050 AT Italy +39 338 456 6978 Davide Curzietti, Lema Srl Lema is a mid-sized Italian company specializing in the production of healthy savoury snacks: “Grissini”, “Mini-Grissini”, “Micro-Grissini” and “Fornacine” (Italian specialty crackers), both conventional and, since 1996, organic certified by BIOAGRICERT (member of IFOAM, NOP accredited). Lema’s HACCP System has been implemented for several years and it is foreseen to terminate the ISO 9002 (Vision 2000)certification within the first semester of 2004. Lema’s main business is private label: we make products with the private label of important importers, retail chains and discount chains. Lema is a very versatile and competitive company, which is also able to satisfy specific productive demands, also studying and creating new recipes fitting for particular food needs (Kosher, snacks for children). food Via G. Leopardi 13 Leinì 10040 TO Italy +39 011 9978331 +39 011 9978333 Baked Products, Breadsticks, Snacks, Crackers Lenti Rugger SpA Lenti, specialist in “slow-cooking” meats, produces Prosciutto Cotto and other specialties - beef, pork, turkey and chicken roasts – with a high quality philosophy and an artful method since 1935. Lenti produces counter products, presliced trays and a new range of ready meals; and also a range of counter and presliced Organic Certified products. All Lenti production is certified BRC and IFS, polyphosphates and glutamate free, gluten-free and licensee of the Crossed Grain label, certified lactose free and GMO free by SGS Italy. food Via Tetti Giro, 7 Santena 10126 TO Italy +39 011 9456333 Cooked Meats Iames Carnevali Licofarma S.r.l. Licofarma Srl is a High-Tech Innovative SME focused on the extraction of natural/organic antioxidants and the manufacturing of natural and organic health supplements and skincare. We offer our own brands, private labels, and contract manufacturing services for the international market. We offer an exclusive patented ingredient in supplements and skincare - Organic Lycopene from tomatoes, a powerful antioxidant with antiaging/antitumor properties and characterized by high bioavailability. With over 25 years of experience, our formulators deliver every day performing solutions to Dermatologists, Medical Professionals, Pharmaceutical companies, Professional Beauty Salons, Health Stores, Organic/Natural Retailers, Brand Owners, and our loyal private customers. Get in touch with Giorgio for a friendly chat about your next requirement! non food Via Lecce 90/92 Galatina 73013 LE Italy +393756511941/+447411121424 Giorgio Rescio - Business Development, Beauty Care Products , Cosmetic Products, Food Supplements LIKING S.P.A. At LIKING we have been making candy with love for over 100 years, precisely since 1910, year in which the company was founded by Giuseppe Corno. Today the factory can boast a productive system, among the few in the world. The whole productive process is highly automated to ensure the best quality and efficiency that allows us a daily production of 22 tons of candies and 8 tons of toffees. We are Private Label specialist: an experieced partner at the complete service of your Brand. The unmatchable price-quality ratio has allowed us to become a long-term partner of leading chains and distributors around the world. Just choose the item or the recipe you have in mind, pick the type of pack that fits your market, select the design and the right case... from Your idea to production in no more than 40 days! Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we wrap 11.000 candies per minute, more than 660.000 per hour, we are extremely flexible, just to mention some of our packaging sizes : 50g, 70g, 90g, 125g, 175g, 200g, 225g, 250g, 300g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg and more... Our quality and production processes are certified since years with the highest standards IFS, Organic, Kosher and Halal. food via Julia 15 San Martino di Lupari 35018 PD Italy Alessandro Maradini Candies LIODRY FOODS S.R.L. Liodry Foods was founded in 1998 and is located in Gattatico, Reggio Emilia, the heart of the food valley in Italy. Flavour is what makes things unique and desirable. It is this conviction that has driven our choices in over ten years experience in the food industry and that has led Liodry Foods food preparations to be present on the market throughout Europe. Liodry Foods is the perfect partner for the Food Industry and Mass Market Retailers offering a wide range of products from seasonings, dehydrated condiments, dry and wet sauces (Holandaise, Bernaise etc.) and flavourings to pasta kit (spaghetti and pasta) and pasta in sachets (Carbonara, Siciliana, Alfredo etc.), lasagne and lasagnette, soups (tomato, asparagus, mushrooms, minestrone, goulash etc.), dehydrated mixes for desserts and lots more. In our R&D department, the heart of Liodry Foods, we develop preparations that suit the individual needs of the client and offer support for industrial production. Liodry Foods  attaches great importance to quality, selecting the best possible raw materials and guaranteeing their complete traceability in accordance with with the highest quality standards: ISO 9001:2008, IFS e BRC.  food Via Mattei 8/a Gattatico 42043 RE Italy +39 0522 908725 +39 0522 908812 Sauces, Soups, Ready Made Meals, Seasonings Liotti SpA Our Company is born in Calabria, in the province of Crotone, and is operating for many years in the food industrywork producing both under its own brand that customers private label. We address to national and international high qualified customers and export almost all over the world. Over the years we have invested a lot of resources, both human and economic, in the technological innovation, in order to optimize the ratio of the production costs but adapting to the always growing needs of customers while ensuring competitiveness; everything following ancient recipes, with full respect for traditional methods. Our LIMONCELLO, for example, is produced by infusion of the lemons peels used for our seasoning juice "CONDICITRUS". Our newly built factory of 4000 square meters, is located with in an area of 15000 square meters in the industrial area of Crotone, in front of the shopping center Le Spighe (Auchan). The bottling lines are electronic and computer controlled while the tanks and equipments are all made from stainless steel. We also have several blowing machines that allow us to produce the plastic bottles for Topping, lemon juice and the classic Limoncini (lemon-shaped, yellow or green plastic bottles, of 100 and 200 ml. for the lemon and lime juice), working on a continuous cycle of 24 hours a day starting from polyethylene granules. Although the LEMON JUICE remains our core business of our Company, over the years the diversification has seen us involved with several other products that are displayed in the Products Section. food ZONA INDUSTRIALE PASSOVECCHIO CROTONE 88900 KR Italy +39 0962 938311 +39 0962 938770 Lemon Juices, Juices, Dressings, Fruit Juices, Licorice, Liquors, Grappa, Bitters, Cake Decorations, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze Luigi Zaini SpA Production: Chocolate eggs, dragées, candies with vitamins, sugar free chocolate and candies. In 1913, on the eve of the World War 1, Luigi Zàini saw an opportunity to transform his research laboratory into a small factory producing chocolates, cocoa and candy products. He established Zàini S.p.A. at via De Cristoforis (Milan). Zàini S.p.A. has also expanded internationally and currently exports its products to the USA, Canada, South America, Japan and throughout Europe. The Zàini tradition continues. The third generation currently runs the company and continues to enthusiastically and passionately recreate those traditional handcrafted chocolates and candies pioneered by Luigi Zàini. New products have been developed and both new and old will continue to ensure that the Zàini tradition remains. food Via C. Imbonati, 59 Milano 20159 MI Italy +39 02 6949141 +39 02 6071827 Candies, Chocolates Lumson SpA > A wide range of products ENTIRELY designed and manufactured in Italy. > 20 different complete packaging COLLECTIONS each one including plastic bottles, glass bottles, glass jars, pumps and accessories. > A wide range of pumps and DISPENSING solutions. > More than 100  kinds of ACCESSORIES such as screw caps, jar covers, and overcaps, etc. > 5 decorating departments allowing all kinds of CUSTOMIZATION. non food Via Tesino, 62 Capergnanica 26010 CR Italy +39 0373 2331 +39 0373 233355 Cosmetic Plastic Packaging M.I.A. Srl Our Company Founded in 1930, as a pasta factory, the Faraci brand was started by Grandfather Faraci while he was working in a mill that produced top-quality flour when the idea of making his own pasta came to him. After following his vision, Faraci grew to become one of today’s most active and dynamic food industries of Eastern Sicily. The company remains as a family-run business in its third generation dedicated to continuing the traditional method. Products The strength of the Faraci brand is based on its traditional methods and natural ingredients: conventional durum wheat semolina pasta; organic and organic whole wheat pasta; bronze die pasta in the traditional Italian shapes; cherry tomato sauce; fish sauces; tuna fish in extra virgin olive oil and in brine; and other products inspired by some of the most traditional Sicilian gastronomies, such as the Pistachio, the Semidry Cherry Tomato and the Caponata Siciliana. Production The grain and ingredients used to produce the pastas and sauces are all of Sicilian origin. Faraci uses the highest quality wheat that is rich in protein. The success of Faraci products is based upon the low-medium temperatures used to dry the pasta and long drying process, which does not affect the natural properties of the pasta and contributes to its unique taste. Our facilities hold three production lines, two lines for short- shaped pasta and one line for long- shaped pasta. The production capability for these three lines is approximately about 1.500 kg an hour, resulting in the following: 36.000 kg per day; 720.000 kg per month; and 8.640.000 kg per year. Internationalization After strengthening its position in the Sicilian market, the Faraci brand, within a few years, went global, and its products are now present in the international market. We are currently present in the following countries: USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Faraci approaches the international market as a reliable supplier, targeting customers looking for high quality and traditional wholesome food products. food S.S. 124 Floridia - Siracusa Km.111,230 Siracusa 96100 SR Italy +39 0931 749003 +39 0931 717595 Sauces, Tomato Sauce, Spreads, Pasta Madama Oliva Srl Our mission is to anticipate and satisfy the requests and demands of the market, offering products rich in added value with high quality standards, respecting fully the tradition of Italian gastronomy. The long experience, tradition, knowledge and love for this product have identified the company as a unique specialist in the processing and packaging of table olives. Madama Oliva is leader in the sector of processed and packaged table olives thanks to its ability to combine specialized expertise, deriving from long standing tradition and experience, with a state of the art, modern and solid organization. In December 2008 Madama Oliva installed the largest Integrated Solar Photovoltaic System in Italy. In this way the company produces green energy that is environmentally friendly and involves all of its products and services. Presently Madama Oliva has more than 400 products on the market both in the RETAIL and HORECA sectors, some of which are customized products on request of our clients. Our specialties are born from the deep knowledge and love we have for the product we work as well as for the will to preserve the traditions of our land. Having inherited the traditional craft skill from master olive growers, Madama Oliva lets tradition and genuineness coexist with the present quality and safety requirements. Our strong points: ·        Company facilities built on an area of over 11.000 m2 ·        6000 m2 of raw materials warehouse (of which 1000 m2 are refrigerated) allows the company to stock over 2 million kg of olives , therefore ensuring a finished product of constant high quality. ·        Annual sales of over 15 million euro and about 60 employees                 ·        3 million kg of olives belonging to 35 different cultivars, mainly Italian, processed and packaged per year ·        13 automatic packaging lines producing over 7 million items per year in different sizes and packaging materials. ·        In-house laboratory with qualified and specialized personnel that monitor and check the raw materials and all the phases of the production process ·        ISO 9000 and Haccp certification since 1998, ISO 14000 since 2003, BRC and IFS since 2006, certificate of conformity NOP (national organic program) from 2006 and EMAS since 2010   food Z.I. Località Recocce Carsoli 67061 AQ Italy +39 0863 995498 +39 0863 995727 Vegetables Madel SpA Our mission is the production, marketing and selling of house cleaning and personal hygiene products, with special attention to the natural environment, respecting the AISE parameters, in terms of environment protection, as well as energy saving. Madel is also ISO 9001:2000 certified. Identifying claim of the firm's business strategy: "..e il pulito ti sorride" ("..and the clean part smiles at you") emphasizes the innovation spirit, the freshness of ideas and the brightness of initiatives that distinguish its approach to the market. Madel Spa produces and markets about 300 references, that are able to satisfy every kind of need of our customers. Most famous brands are: Deox, Pulirapid, Smacchiotutto and Sprizzo. There is also a department exclusively devoted to develop and market PRIVATE LABEL. Actually we are partner of the most important retailer in Italy. Our R&D Laboratory is able to manage every kind of specification and develop every kind of products. non food Via Torricelli, 3 Cotignola 48010 RA Italy +39 0545 908511 +39 0545 992259 Household Cleaners Maestri Pastai Maestri Pastai is a company committed to the production and promotion of their high quality hand made pasta. Thanks to the a variety of sizes, shapes, and characteristics of the production stages, Maestri Pastai have succeeded over the years, to popularize the goodness of their pasta at both national and international levels, respectively. With concerns towards a medium / high quality and a policy of reasonable price, the company could play a very important role in a selective distribution system such as delicacies outlets, wine stores, food and grocery within the qualified distribution channels. Moreover, within organized catering, Maestri Pastai is reliable and successful partner.   food Via Codola 17/19 - Loc. Costa Mercato S. Severino 84085 SA Italy +39 089 894528 +39 089 893192 Pasta, Specialty Pasta, Fresh Pasta MALTOVIVO S.R.L. Produzione birra artigianale food PIANE Ponte 82030 BN Italy 3891641447 Antonio Orlacchio Alcoholic Beverages MANCUSO VINCENZO & C SRL The Mancuso Family has been making gelato since 1950s, when its founder, Vincenzo Mancuso, started his first company for the production of gelato. Attention to quality is fundamental to us. The best-selling products of the Mancuso range are truffles gelato and gelato products in glass jars, glass cups, and flutes. food Contrada San Benedetto Aragona 92021 AG Italy +39 0922441641 +39 0922441852 Gelato Manfredi Barbera & Figli SpA THE COMPANY “Manfredi Barbera & Figli S.p.A.", founded in Sicily in 1894 by Lorenzo Barbera, is today one of the most internationally renowned olive-mills. Love for their land and passion merge with the most advanced technology to create unique products with exclusive packaging that have become true ambassadors of Sicilian quality worldwide. Today the company is the beating heart of the Manfredi Barbera Group, controlling the other six companies, each of which has its own specific operating area. THE COMPANY OFFICES The registered office and commercial offices are located in the historic Benso Palace in Palermo while the main plant is located in Custonaci, in the province of Trapani. Other production sites are located in Castelvetrano (TP), Sciacca (AG), Motta S. Anastasia (CT),Buccheri (SR), and Mistretta (ME). In 2018, a major new branch was opened in the United States — Manfredi Barbera USA, Corp. — to monitor the vast American market in a careful and timely manner. The production site in Custonaci was built and equipped with technologically advanced production systems and is divided into four main operating units: Experimental Mill, Bulk E.V.O.O. Storage Area, Bottling Room and Finished Product Warehouse. THE PRODUCTION SITE The experimental mill, the only one of its kind anywhere in the world, is a revolutionary system with research and experimentation being its strong point. Selection, cleaning and pressing of the olives take place in an outdoor area so as to keep the internal area where the oil is extracted uncontaminated. As regards pressing of the olives, no other company anywhere in the world can boast five different olive milling systems: crushing with discs, hammers, opposing stone rollers, pitting and discs and hammers working in parallel. The bulk E.V.O.O. storage area is entirely temperature controlled and houses large tanks in which olive oil is kept under nitrogen to prevent oxidation. The storage capacity is 2,700 tons. The bottling area consists of 4 automated lines, each dedicated to packaging olive oil in tins, glass and ceramic bottles. Packaging productivity exceeds 9,000 bottles per hour and 1,000 tins per hour. The temperature in the finished product warehouse is kept at 18°C year-round, thus ensuring the ideal environment for storing oil. STRATEGIC ALLIANCE In 2001 the company became the leader of the most important Olive-growing Consortium of Southern Italy: CO.FI.OL.; thus a major operation to unify the Sicilian territory was completed. CO.FI.OL. brings together: 5.000 olives growers, 300 farmers, 60 olive oil mills and 6 plants for storage and packaging. In January 2020 the agricultural company of the Barbera Group “Amore s.r.l.”, joined 291 other olive growers in founding the cooperative O.R.O. SICILIA, the Regional Organisation of Sicilian Olive Growers. This organisation of olive producers aims to protect and promote the production of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil. CERTIFICATIONS The production site and products are guaranteed by the most important international certification systems.- BRC - CARBON FOOT PRINT - HALAL - ICEA BIO - INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD - ISO 14001 - ISO 22000 - ISO 22005 - ISO 9001 - KOSHER CERTIFICATE - SA:8000 / food Via Emerico Amari 55/A Palermo 90139 PA Italy +39 091 582900 +39 091 6111295 Giulia Adragna Olive Oil Maplast Pro Srl Production: Plastic packaging components for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. non food Via Pasubio, 3 Tradate 21049 VA Italy +39 0331 840473 +39 0331 843245 Cosmetic Plastic Packaging MARANELLO WINES Maranello Wines, is an Italian wine company, located in Modena, in the Emilia Romagna Region in the North of Italy. We produce Sparkling Wines and in particular the most famous are: Lambrusco dell'Emilia, Moscato Spumante and Prosecco Spumante. All our wines show fine and persistent bubbles which come from a re-fermentation made in stainless steel tanks according to the Charmat Method. food Strada Scaglia Est 134 Modena 41126 MO Italy +39059313159 Sparkling Wine Martelli Salumi SpA Founded in 1959 from a small traditional country abattoir, the Martelli Group now has seven production plants grouped under two joint stock companies. Together these companies create a complete processing cycle from pig breeding to abattoir, from fresh meat processing to cooked ham production and raw ham curing. The hallmark that defines the Martelli Group and places it at the cutting edge of technology in the pork processing sector is our total food chain control from breeding to abattoir, delicatessen counter or self service counters. Certifications: These reflect the care and attention given by Martelli Group to every stage of the production process, and ensure consumers obtain a good and safe product. The plants have been awarded the U.S.D.A. (United States Department of Agriculture) certificate, which authorises them to export to the United States. This authorisation requires compliance with a series of highly strict requisites which make this one of the foremost international food safety certificates. The plants also comply with the directives of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which groups together the leading companies in the largescale retail trade in the UK, and also the IFS – International Food Standard, which groups together companies operating in the large-scale retail trade in Central European countries (Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany). Through these standards, operators in the food sector qualify their suppliers in accordance with requisites on quality and safety and compliance with regulations on food products. food Via Cantone, 28 Dosolo 46030 MN Italy +39 0425 4858 +39 0425 485812 Nicola Martelli Prosciutto, Deli Meats Martelli Brothers Inc. Martini SpA For over 50 years, the story of MartiniSPA is a dynamic one, forged of bright ideas, of restless creativity and of curiosity. It is a constantly evolving story with just one overriding mission: to astonish! Aided and abetted by a versatile material and fruitful collaboration with architects and designers, Martini has over these years designed and offered to the market “Made in Italy” products for household and personal care that have extraordinary visual appeal for the consumer, due to pleasing forms, colour and functionality. The mission of MartiniSPA is “to make life softer", with the softness, the colour and imagination of the ductile and infinitely creative material that is sponge. In tune with the growing centrality of self-care and respect for the environment, the company has become the reference point for top quality Made in Italy sponges and accessories, for body and home care. non food Via Strada Nuova, 22 Coenzo di Sorbolo 43058 PR Italy +39 0521 669111 +39 0521 669169 Export Manager Simone Buffa Kitchen Sponges, Toiletries, Sponges, Household Products, Microfiber Cloths, Cleaning Aids, Cellulose Sponges, Household Cleaners Martinucci Srl food Zona Industriale Specchia 73040 LE Italy +39833539566 +39833535483 Rocco Martinucci, Frozen Tiramisù Master Srl Master is the largest Italian producer of gnocchi from fresh potatoes. Strong attention to product quality and continuous investments in R&D allowed Master to internally develop all the cutting edge machinery that replicate the homemade process of making gnocchi. All the gnocchi produced at Master are made following the original homemade recipe: steamed fresh potatoes, flour, eggs and salt. These four ingredients are then combined with only 100% natural ingredients which are all preservatives, GMO and additives free. Master has always dedicated the upmost attention to product quality: from the direct control of its supply-chain to ensure receiving the best raw materials, to the control of the entire production cycle, which takes place in accordance with the strictest criteria of food hygiene and safety. Currently Master is certified: FSSC 22000, BRCGS, IFS, ICEA and SMETA. Our numbers Employees: 115 Annual Revenue: €20mln Revenue distribution: 50% Own Brands - 50% Private Label Percentage of export: 18% of yearly revenue Countries served: 18 countries in 6 continents food Via del Lavoro 12 Vedelago 31050 TV Italy +39 0423 700182 +39 0423 700174 Alberto Bianco, Gnocchi Mazzilli srl (l.l.c.) MAZZILLI SRL (L.l.c.) is an italian company based in Matera (Italy). Since 1990 we produce high quality frozen food, both sweet and savoury. Our core product is the Cornetto (or italian Croissant), of which we can offer many varieties, ranging from the MIGNON CROISSANT (empty / chocolate / crème patissière / apricot jam / cereals) to the CLASSIC CROISSANT, either straight or curved (empty / chocolate / crème patissière / apricot jam / cereals), to the SUPERSIZE CROISSANT, either straight or curved, either glazed or not (empty / chocolate / crème patissière / apricot jam). Among the many other sweet products, you can find:TRECCINE (puff pastry BRAID) (chocolate / crème patissière / apple jam) FAGOTTINI (similar to Danish Blunder) (chocolate / crème patissière and chocolate) FLAUTI with chocolate (Puff pastry Flutes, an italian pastry) GIRELLE with chocolate chips (puff pastry spiral danishes) SFOGLIE (puff pastry) (crème patissière and apple jam / crème patissière and lemon) VENTAGLI (Fans, puff pastry) (chocolate / crème patissière and milk cream) MEZZELUNE (Half moons, puff pastry) RIGOLETTI RICCE We also produce savoury specialties such as:PIZZETTE (small round pizzas with tomato and cheese) PANZEROTTINI (or small Panzarottos, made with pizza dough) either pre-fried or not (filled with tomato and cheese) CEREALS PANZEROTTINI (or small Panzarottos, made with pizza dough mixed with cereals) either pre-fried or not (filled with tomato and cheese) SAVOURY CROISSANTS (Mignon and Normal) empty, either or not topped with sesame seeds RUSTICI 100 gr. (from puff pastry) (Meat and Peas / Tomatoes and Mozzarella / Spinach and Ricotta) RUSTICINI (small Rustici, same fillings, 40 gr) SALATINI (smaller Rustini, same fillings, 20 gr.) and many other pruducts! Both dimension and packaging of the products, are completely customizable according to the client requests. Do not hesitate to contact us! food Jesce Industrial Park Matera 75100 MT Italy 00390835334208 00390835334194 Appetizers, Croissants Med AgriFood Club Med AgriFood Club is an Association of producers, entrepreneurs and commercial operators in the agri-food industry of the Mediterranean area, with a particular interest also to private label productions. The aim of the Club is to give an international visibility to the operators of the Mediterranean agri-food industry, to be a reference point for a qualified discussion between the international operators working in the Mediterranean agri-food industry and to create a channel of professional communication between the producers of the Mediterranean area and the operators interested in purchasing Mediterranean food products. In Med AgriFood Club, there are represented Mediterranean productions in their variety and richness - produced according to the modern food safety and quality standards – and the operators of the international distribution interested in those productions. food Viale A. Oriani, 56 Bologna 40137 BO Italy +39 051 4292737 +39 051 347400 Dairy Products, Condiments, Confectionary, Alcoholic Beverages, Liquors, Seafood, Vegetables, Baked Products, Pasta, Pasta Sauces, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Medsol Srl For more than 30 years, Medsol has been a leader in the export of extra virgin olive oil under "Luglio" brand as well as many many other private labels. They are one of the biggest packaging companies in PDO Terra di Bari Extra Virgin olive oil. Medsol provides Italian and international customers with the same attention to quality, ensuring full traceability of products. We are certified IFS, BRC, Kosher and Halal. food Viale A. Olivetti, 37 Zona ASI Molfetta 70056 BA Italy +39 080 3375629 +39 080 3370567!/olioluglio DOP/IGP oils, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Melardi Giusy MONIL Premium Sicilian Products produce e trasforma la migliore frutta secca siciliana (pistacchio di Bronte, mandorla, nocciola, noce e pinolo) oltre al finger lime e al tartufo. MONIL offre due linee di prodotti: MONIL per il settore Retail con creme spalmabili, pesti, frutta secca e dolci tipici, MONIL Business per il settore Ho.Re.Ca. con frutta secca, paste pure per gelateria e olii puri. food Via Emilia 26 Bronte 95034 CT Italy 3913889360 Giusy Melardi Menodiciotto Produzione srl Menodiciotto is an Italian producer of high-quality GELATO (Italian ice-cream) and SORBET for HORECA, ICE CREAM SHOPS and RETAIL. We started in and the kitchen of a two-Michelin-starred restaurant with the goal of creating high-quality desserts with sophisticated flavors. The project has been so successful that brought us to turn a small artisanal ice-cream production lab into a larger state-of-the-art plant, and to build a unique know-how without compromising on quality. Menodiciotto is certified BRC with grade AA, US FDA. Most of our flavors are Gluten Free and Kosher certified, suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans. Furthermore, the milk we use for our ice cream comes from the company-owned farm. Some numbers about Menodiciotto: 34 years of history and experience, Daily production capability: 15 tons, Export to 15 countries, 5000 sq mt plant, 2000 pallets space in the deep freeze room. food via Santagata 50 Torino 10156 TO Italy +390112237825 +390112239279 Cinzia Roma Gelato MENZ & GASSER SPA Our firm, founded in 1935, is specialized in the production of high-quality jams. By tradition, we take care of the entire process, from growing our fruit to processing, preserving and transforming it in to a finished product, in order to ensure the utmost quality and genuineness to our consumers. By using innovative technology and an extremely modern research and development laboratory, we are able to create products that satisfy the demands of customers who belong to all kinds of sales channels such as: modern distribution, catering, confectionery and ice cream production, industry, private label. food Zona Industriale Novaledo 38050 TN Italy +39 0461 720600 +39 0461 720691 Martina Schmidt Jams and Preserves, Chocolate Spreads, Honey Merlini Srl Merlini was founded in Verona in 1922 as a Mushrooms, Vegetables and fruits processing company, specialised in the production of high quality Frozen Food, Dried Mushroom and preserved products in Jars. Our core business is Mushroom, artichokes and berries. Quality assurance of all the products is due to many years of experience that our company has acquired in food preservation field. Professionalism, expertise, quality and experience are the guarantee of the “Merlini”. food Via dell'Industria 3 Sommacampagna 37100 VR Italy +390458960355 +390458960772 tommaso merlini, Antipasto Vegetables, Frozen Mushrooms, Dried Mushrooms Midi' Srl Croissants, sponge cakes, rolls, mini-roll, snacks, muffin, biscuits: 6 different factories certified BRC/IFS/ISO. food Via Nettunense km. 23,700 Aprilia 04011 LT Italy +39 030 7093030 +39 030 7090793 Croissants, Cakes, Snacks, Cookies, Muffins, Baked Products Mil Mil 76 SpA MIL MIL 76 is a well-known company, with nearly 30 years of experience in the market of cosmetics and personal care. Today we employs more than 100 people. At MIL MIL 76 we have always paid much attention to our Customers' needs: that is why our products are often revised and improved, with the aim of producing quality items, at affordable prices. We support and promote investments for Research & Development, Marketing and Sales Departments, in order to develop steady relations with the Customers. Moreover, we think that the commitment towards the environment cannot be separated from the commitment towards its own Customers. non food Via Sciarei, 8 Landiona 28064 NO Italy +39 0321 827676 +39 0321 827694 Hair Care, Household Cleaners, Beauty Care Products Milla Srl Founded in 1991 Milla offers over 20 years of presence in the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) market representing a solid guarantee of experience and professionalism. Milla is specialized in the protection of the airways; the company manufactures masks, half masks, dust filters, gas filters and combined filters for both types of masks in its plant in Regalbuto (EN), Sicily. The main markets where the company already operates are Italy, Europe and Middle East; nevertheless it is gradually planning to expand in many more areas around the globe. The core production activity is represented by the research and development unit. Today, Milla is presenting itself as a company in continuous evolution with the objective of satisfying the various needs coming from the airways protection market; it provides products with high technical and ergonomic content along with a highly qualified post-sale assistance. Starting from the project development stages of any PPE product, particular attention is given to the environmental sustainability. non food C.DA SAVERINO SNC REGALBUTO 94017 EN Italy 093571144 093577055 Personal Protective Equipment Minasso Srl Minasso, the first company in the Riviera Ligure for the manufacturing of typical products, started its activity in 1962 with its founder, Mr. Serafino Minasso, who exported the typical Taggiasca olive in Italy and in France with commitment and entrepreneurial spirit. This production was later associated with black and green olives pâté, pesto and other typical sauces of the Riviera Ligure and of the Mediterranean diet.  Now the activity is passed in the hands of Serafino’s daughters who, following on their father’s footsteps, increased the production capacity of the company thanks to modern production plants, packaging lines, vacuum packaging machines, pasteurisation, while ensuring a total respect of tradition and of the original craftsmanship connotation of their products, which are now sold all over the world. food Via Oratorio, 29 Caravonica 18020 IM Italy +39 0183 55080 +39 0183 55140 Olives, Sauces and Spreads, Pesto, Dried Tomatoes, Sauces Miscela d'Oro SpA Coffee for Espresso, filter and bio coffee in whole beans, ground, pods and capsules. Frozen coffee crema and coffee liqueur grappa. food Via E. Fermi Z.I.R. Messina 98124 ME Italy +39 090 696602 +39 090 2937044 Coffee, Coffee Flavored Drinks, Alcoholic Beverages MK srl MK srl is a company that has been producing and marketing liquid detergents for cleaning and hygiene since the 1960s, aimed at various sectors of the professional market and at industries, with its own MARKA brand. Thanks to strong specialisation, MK can make all-round professional cleaning products and solutions, with the utmost guarantees in terms of quality, safety and compliance with standards. MK is also present in consumer detergents with a full range of premium products specially formulated for mass retail, and is the leader in scented detergents with an exclusive line named KALEOS. THE COMPANY VISION TAKES INSPIRATION FROM THE FOLLOWING VALUES: QUALITY – Offering outstanding cleaning products and systems capable of reaching the highest standards, at affordable prices SERVICE – Anticipating, satisfying and responding to customers’ expectations with specific products and innovative solutions. Promptness and professionality also in terms of problem solving, providing support, assistance and consultancy INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT – Testing and investing so as to be a constantly cutting-edge detergent company in terms of performance, safety and environment safeguard. non food Via Ciro Menotti, 77 Rho 20017 MI Italy +390293504187 +39029306484, Detergents Moka Sir's SpA Moka Sir's SpA established in 1954 is a roaster and producer of high quality Italian coffee blends to bars, restaurants and hotels. Equipped with an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality System for the “Research,Development and Production of blended coffee beans”, the pursuit for quality has always been Moka Sir’s primary mission.   Over the last few years, Moka Sir's has gained a good deal of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of an entire range of customized coffee accessories. This service was specially conceived for companies who own a well-established brand name and want to merchandise a comprehensive line of products with their brand name on them. These companies can now rely on our experience and professionalism in dealing with all the stages involved in the process, from project planning to execution.   food Via Turati, 50 Cava Manara 27051 PV Italy +39 0382 454600 +39 0382 553958 Coffee Pods, Single Dose Coffee, Tea, Espresso Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee Molini Pivetti SpA food Via Renazzo 67 Renazzo 44045 FE Italy +39051900003 +39051900007 Dina Glavcheva Flour MOLINO ANDRIANI Molino Andriani produces a top quality 100% gluten free pasta. Our range of pasta FELICIA BIO is the most complete and varied you can find on the market: organic, gluten free, GMO free, no-added starch, no emulsifiers, only cereals gluten free in plant dedicated. Our products: organic corn-rice pasta, organic brown rice pasta, organic buckwheat pasta, multigrain pasta. food VIA N. COPERNICO, ZONA PIP GRAVINA IN PUGLIA 70024 BA Italy +39 080 3255801 +39 080 3255924, Gluten Free Pasta Molino Dallagiovanna GRV Srl Molino Dallagiovanna is a FAMILY COMPANY founded in 1832. It offers a production of over 400 flours, from traditional for NEAPOLITAN and ITALIAN STYLE PIZZA, FOCACCIA, PASTA, DESSERTS, BREAD and BAKERY to the lines without gluten and lactose, flour mixes and "TAILOR-MADE" flours: CUSTOM-CREATED based on the production needs of the customer. All the products are approved by the main quality certifications and tested by in-house technicians, by leading Masters from the Best Schools of Italy such as Cast Alimenti, the sector's experts such as AMPI and Chefs from around the World. The Dallagiovanna family personally selects only the BEST QUALITY OF WHEATS that are subsequently washed in running water. CLEANING is a KEY requirement in the production of SUPERIOR QUALITY FLOURS. Molino Dallagiovanna, in fact, is THE ONLY MILL to WASH THE GRAIN to eliminate all impurities and soften the grains in order to facilitate the milling process. The slow, cold milling technique preserves flavour, aroma and properties of the grains and allows to get TOP quality flours. food Località Pilastro 2 Gragnano Trebbiense 29010 PC Italy 0523787155 0523787450 Riccardo Binelli Flour , Gluten Free Products Molino del Salento SpA Molino del Salento was founded in 1983 as a cooperative association by a group of farmers who wanted to promote the local agro-alimentary products. During the following years the company built an unequalled plant composed of a mill where bran flours and plain flours are ground from durum wheat, barley and emmer wheat; a pasta factory where fresh and dried pasta is produced in a host of typical and fanciful shapes; a bakery where oven baked products are prepared. food Via GalIipoli KM 3,600 Maglie 73024 LE Italy +39 0836 460189 +39 0836 460189 Pasta, Filled Pasta, Organic Products, Specialty Pasta, Fresh Pasta, Baked Products Molino e Pastificio Tomasello SpA Tomasello has been producing excellent durum wheat pasta grown under the Sicilian sun since 1910. THE PASTA FACTORY   •Three production lines for short pasta   •Two production lines for long pasta   •One production line for coiled pasta   Productive capacity per day: 160 tons   Certificates achieved: ISO 9001/2000, Kosher, BRC, grade A food Via Nazionale, 4 Casteldaccia 90014 PA Italy +39 091 941954 +39 091 954074 Whole Wheat Pasta, Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, Artisan Pasta, Pasta, Couscous, Pasta Sauces Molino Filippini S.R.L. Molino Filippini is Italian mill and is located in the North of Italy. Quality and innovation in respect to tradition make our product the ideal raw material for all food industry and retail. We have been producing as conventional as organic products for over 30 years and our references are certified by the best institutions like IFS, VEGAN, BRC, KOSHER, ORGANIC AND CROSSED GRAIN SYMBOL (Spiga Barrata). All our products are also GLUTEN FREE. Molino Filippini offers a wide range of flours like buckwheat, legumes flours (chickpea, green pea, lentils), special flours like sorghum, amaranth, millet, teff etc. and also different kind of rice flour, like whole meal rice flour, fine rice flour, black rice and red rice. Recently we launched also GLUTEN FREE COUS COUS. Our couscous is produced in a 4.0 plant built ad hoc and completely allergen-free. To make it we use the flour that we select and mill ourselves, thus guaranteeing very high levels of control over the entire supply chain. Thanks to the Private Label service our products have the packaging and the brand of many of the best Italian companies on the market. food Piazzola 2 Teglio 23036 SO Italy 39 0342 782015 Natalia Chagay Flour , Dry Mixes, Dry Mix Food, Couscous Molino Mario Riva Cornmeal and buckwheat cooked, biological, conventional vacuum packaging. food Via Provinciale, 69 Garbagnate-Monatero 23846 LO Italy +39 031 853378 +39 031 853378 Polenta, Cornmeal, Organic Products MOLINO NICOLI S.P.A. NEW PRODUCTION PLANT ALLERGY FRIENDLY The number of people affected by food allergies is peaking, involving 15 million Americans and 1 in 3 children (source: Being aware of this trend, Molino Nicoli inaugurated in 2017 an allergy-friendly facility which was built from the ground up; all products manufactured here – soft baked & crunchy bars, granolas, cookies and baby food snacks are free from gluten and the 14 most common food allergens – wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, casein, soy, egg, sesame, sulfites, lupin, mustard, fish, shellfish & crustaceans ( top 14 EFSA Food allergens). This is the last chapter of a Company with 150 years experience in cereal-based production, whose aim is to go beyond gluten free, by offering a complete range of healthy products with tangible effects on people’s health. Clean label, wholegrains, GMO free, 100% natural ingredients, naturally sweetened, hearth friendly are other keywords of the company philosophy and new product development. Bespoke recipes and all main certifications are available for your Store Brand new projects. At MOLINO NICOLI, we’re dedicated to providing you with delicious products that virtually everyone can safely consume. Molino Nicoli assures to consumers the maximum food safety, towards complete production chain traceability as internationally recognized by different certification standards: - BRC "A grade" - IFS "Higher level" - Organic UE - Gluten Free UE - GFCP Canada and USA - Kosher. For more information please contact davide.venturi [at] Export Manager or visit us at PLMA Chicago  North hall F1822 food Via A. Locatelli, 6 Costa di Mezzate 24060 BG Italy +39 035 689811 +39 035 689898 Gluten Free Products, Kosher Products, Breakfast Cereal, Organic Products, Muesli Molino Nicoli USA, Inc. Monari Federzoni SpA One family's love for the land and a unique tradition are the secrets behind the most precious of balsamic vinegars. One hundred years guided by a true passion for high quality flavours. The high quality of the true Balsamic Vinegar of Modena from Monari Federzoni. 100 years, 4 generations, just one secret: the real Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The story of Monari Federzoni balsamic vinegar began in a loft above the grocery store of Mrs. Monari Federzoni in the heart of Modena The first company to request and obtain a Ministry license in 1912 to manufacture and sell Balsamic Vinegar of Modena was Monari Federzoni: this leadership is still testament to its ancient family tradition. Today, almost 100 years and 4 generations later, Monari Federzoni is known and appreciated in over 50 countries worldwide, but the spirit of its products remains the same as it has always been: the love of one family for quality balsamic vinegar in the most authentic tradition of Modena. We'll share our secret with you. Wine vinegar and cooked must  have always been the condiments par excellence of Italian cuisine. The fermentation and ageing of these ingredients are the crucial elements in Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, a characteristic product of the Modena and Reggio Emilia areas. Our product is made from the must of grapes typical of Emilia Romagna that is Lambrusco, Trebbiano, Ancellotta, Albana, Sangiovese, Fortana, Montuni, left to ferment naturally with wine in hardwood vats and casks. The process that creates balsamic slowly follows the natural ranges of temperature of an area with very hot, humid summers and long, cold winters. Through constant contact with the wood and the natural progress of fermentation, a special alchemy helps intense aromas to develop, creating a characteristically soft and pleasantly full flavour. This is the unique formula behind an exclusive product that is known worldwide today. Monari Federzoni processes and ages this formula in wood casks and vats with a total capacity of 1,500,000 litres used for the product matured less than 3 years, and in over 2,000 barriques and small casks with a total capacity of 900,000 liters used for the product aged for more than 3 years. The company has a charming location in the splendid countryside around Modena. It is here, thanks to 74 hectares of vineyards, that Monari Federzoni produces the grapes for the finest products. The entire production process takes place here in close symbiosis with the land – from growing and harvesting to the cooking of the must in open vats. To ensure the best possible quality of raw materials and to closely monitor the entire fermentation process, Monari Federzoni locally produces all its wine vinegar using acetifiers and submerged-cap fermentation which yield a high-acidity vinegar that preserves and enhances the aromas of a carefully selected wine. All this care and devotion – along with 5 types of filtration and constant monitoring of chemical composition, flavour, fragrance and appearance – offer a guarantee of constant quality and give Monari Federzoni balsamic vinegar its unique flavour. Four bottling lines, distinguished by speed and automation, meet every consumption requirement producing a range of a good 175 items. Some of the most unique among them include production of Organic and Kosher Balsamic Vinegar. The incredible versatility of the range is bolstered by a production capacity of a 80,000 bottles a day as well as a fully-computerized production cycle for all components. It is this focus on the highest possible quality that has made it possible for Monari Federzoni to earn the leading Certifications of Quality System: BRC and IFS (Higher Grade). Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and PGI certification In Brussels in June 2009 the PDO and PGI Committee of the European Union awarded the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication label to Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. It’s a historic award which recognizes the importance of a product that epitomizes the reputation enjoyed by Italian produce all over the world, and is one of the most emblematic products of the city of Modena. The term Protected Geographical Indication, better known as PGI, is a quality certification awarded to food and agricultural products whose quality, reputation or other distinguishing characteristics depend on their geographical origin, and which are produced, processed and/or made in a certain geographical area. For a product to obtain PGI certification, at least one phase of its production process must take place within a designated area. PGI-certified producers must observe stringent rules in the making of their products, and respect for these rules is enforced by a specially-appointed supervisory body. Since its production processes are in compliance with new PGI requirements, the Monari Federzoni brand is also covered by the PGI label. The award is of particular value to producers like Monari Federzoni who have always placed a premium on the quality and authenticity of their products.   food Via Carrate, 24 Solara 41030 MO Italy +39 059 801711 +39 059 801713 Sauces, Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze, Flavored Vinegar, Condiments Mondial Srl Our company has been operating since 1961 in the line of the cleaning household articles and it has been always distinguished for the high quality of its products as well as the quickness and punctuality of the deliveries.  To add to the exclusiveness of our patented inimitable models, the particular type of fiber that we use in some of our broom models, “ECOFIL”, is non-toxic due to the absence of PVC, it is heat resistant and it does not lose its shape when pressed. non food Via Francesca, 2942/A Loc. Baccane, Larciano 51036 PT Italy +39 0573 84107 +39 0573 84440 Brooms, Brushes, Household Products Monge & C. SpA Dry and wet pet food for cats and dogs; cat litter food Via Savigliano, 31 Monasterolo di Savigliano 12030 CN Italy +39 0172 747111 +39 0172 747111 Dog Food, Cat Food, Cat Litter Montalbano Agricola Alimentare Toscana SpA We are a cooperative based company, producer and packer of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil situated in Tuscany in Vinci, little village in the province of Florence mainly famous for being the birthplace of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci. Our activity started more than 50 years ago, thanks the work of our members, numbers that have today reached 2500 farmers. We are directly producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toscano IGP in our mill in Vinci (Florence) and one of the biggest packer in our region and in Italy of a wide range of high quality oils with own brands and in private labels for the major chain of supermarkets in Italy, Europe, US and Japan. We are equipped with new generation quality packaging lines in order to guarantee a high technological system control of the product. We are glad to inform you that our company obtained the following process certifications: ISO 9001:2000 BRC Certification IFS Certification and product certifications Product  treacebility (BVQI) Organic farming (CCPB) Kosher product food Via Beneventi 2/C Vinci 50059 FI Italy +39 0571 1729131 +39 0571 568143 Mr Andrea Bindi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Montalbano Industria Agroalimentare SpA Montalbano Ind. Agr. Spa, founded in 1965, is a modern company combining tradition with innovation and technology. Set in the heart of Tuscany, Montalbano produces appetizers and bruschetta toppings including pesto and olives, artichokes as well as many other recipes from old Tuscan traditions. Our high quality and safety standards have been substantiated by our certifications such as as BRC; IFS; ICEA (for organic products) and RINA (for occupational health and safety). We are a market leader in Italy in the Bruschetta toppings and in the Preserved vegetables in oil sectors. Today, Montalbano sells products in more than 30 Countries worldwide. food Via Gerbamaggio 14 Lamporecchio 51035 PT Italy +39 0573 80041 +39 0573 803607 Stefano Borchi / Umberta Oriana Spreads, Sauces and Spreads, Legumes, Pesto, Artichokes, Antipasto, Sundried Tomatoes, Organic Products, Mushrooms Montanini Conserve Alimentari Sas Montanini products include a vast range of recipes drawing from the Italian culinary traditions, along with appetizing elaborations conceived to satisfy contemporary taste for tempting and light eating. Montanini Conserve Alimentari lays the foundations of its activity in the respect for natural flavors of its prime quality ingredients, without adding coloring or preservatives. That is best expressed by the choice of simple and genuine recipes. Montanini products can be savored as they are or as ingredients in tempting recipes. Highest expression of worldwide gastronomic culture, Italian cuisine is continually evolving. food Via Marconi, 54 Piobesi Torinese 10040 TO Italy +39 011 9657971 +39 011 9657757 Jarred Vegetables, Sauces and Spreads, Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Salad Dressings, Pesto, Pasta Sauces, Tomato Sauce MONTANO CAFFE' SRL food Via Stadio 24 Cerva 88050 CZ Italy 3297285441 Salvatore Marco Mazzei Coffee Beans, Coffee Pods, Coffee, Capsules Direction Montebovi SpA Producers of  sponge cake bars, tarts filled with jam or chocolate, ladyfingers, amaretti, small/big pies, puff pastries, cake layers, sponge cake base. food Via Nettunense km. 18.300 Lanuvio 00040 ROMA Italy +39 06 659191 +39 06 65919286 Cookies, Desserts, Tarts Montrasio Italia Srl Articles for household cleaning, hygiene and personal care, nonwoven fabrics made with innovative technology in full compliance with environmental impact; cleaning articles with a high content of biodegradable fibers. non food Via Euclide sn Agrate Brianza 20864 MB Italy +39 039 652661 +39 039 6898970 Household Cleaners, Personal Care Products Monviso SpA Monviso is a North Italian Bakery.  Main production lines are:  " Special " Rusks, Breadsticks, Crustini/ Mini Bruschette, Soup & salad croutons,  Grilled Mini Toasts.   ISO - BRC - IFS and OU certified. The Company belongs to an Italian Private Equity Fund and to a few historical shareholders.   food Via del Tario, 9 Anderseno 10020 TO Italy +39 011 9439301 +39 011 9439342 Baked Products Morando SpA Since 1948 Morando S.p.a., the history of pet food in Italy, has worked to offer the best choice for cat and dog food. The continous growth in sales, in Italy and abroad, and the product uniqueness are proof of Morando's success. Two plants, one in Andezeno (Turin), which produces dry food, and the other one in Molfetta (Bari), which produces wet food, are example of modernity and efficiency with technologically advanced structures and systems. Pets need balanced food to live healtthy, to prevent pathologies and to ensure balanced energy intakes. Huge investments in research in the las years allowed Morando S.p.a. to manufacture pet food which satisfy these needs. Morando uses carefully selected raw materials and Italian origin in order to guarantee high palatability and balanced energy intakes. Every day the company's laboratories are engaged in raw materials and production controls in order to guarantee a high standard of quality.  Furthermore laboratories work constantly towards new recipes and products with features which are increasingly geared towards satisfaction and wellbeing of animals.  The production is supported by high technological systems and warehouses are efficiently managed to guarantee correct storage and quick deliveries. food VIA CHIERI 61 ANDEZENO 10020 TO Italy +39 011 943 33 11 +39 011 943 42 89 Pet Food MORATO PANE SPA Since 1970 Morato has been producing soft bread. The main products are Tramezzino, Bruschetta and Sandwich bread. In 2009 Morato expanded its product range and brands, through the acquisition of PAN D’ESTE; a historic brand of the Veneto region known for premium dry breads and breadsticks. ARTIGIANPIADA was acquired in 2007; a company specialized in the production of PIADINAS. GRANBON, a company making crispy breads and snacks was also acquired in 2007. Now, Morato is one of the major players in the European bread market. food Via Massimo D'Azeglio 49 Altavilla Vincentina 36077 VI Italy +39 0444 574188 +39 0444 573966 Giorgio Pineschi MPLUS COSMETICS SRL Founded in 2002 Mascara Plus Cosmetics is a contract manufacturer based in Inzago (Milan), specialized in the production of liquid, creamy and stick cosmetic products for eyes, face and lips. For over ten years, we have been building strategic relationship with the greatest partners over the entire supplying chain to offer our customers a 360° full service. We are proud to drive our clients from the first idea to the actual product, through a process all 100% made in Italy. What is making our full service very competitive and exclusive is the homemade fiber brush, thanks to three machines that work 24h, 7 days per week. Our most innovative product is the double brush, a mix of two applicators with different shapes to get different performances with a single swipe. This pushes us to search for the perfect synergy between mascara formula and brushes, satisfying every customer’s desire and bringing us to a high level of competition in the cosmetic industry. non food Via Carlo Cattaneo 21/23 Inzago 20065 MI Italy +390287196950 Elena Parietti N&B Natural is Better Srl Since 1988, our main target has been the research, development and production of natural and organic solutions for Beauty Care, Health Care and Home Care. All of our products are expressly made to reach full Customer satisfaction, by reaching the Companies needs to increase the relationship with Customers and to underline the brand value. Our products are well appreciated all over the world, thanks to our high quality standards and the seriousness and professionalism of our Customers. We follow the complete production cycle, starting from our Organic Farming (Aloe Vera, Olives, Officinal plants etc) - from which we obtain Organic extracts we use as raw materials - to the final product. Each step of our production cycle is certified by ECOCERT. Our products are fully made in our laboratories, and they’re manufactured respecting the most severe hygienic rules, thanks to several microbiological checks conducted by our laboratory experts. All products are clinically tested. Our company is ISO 9001 certified. We are specialized in customizing products with personalized packaging thanks to our “Tailor-made” concept, where we take care of each detail of our customer's project. non food Via Laterale Campo Sportivo, Z.A. Martano 73025 Italy +39 0836 575042 +39 0836 574819 Cosmetic Products Nappi Carlo Cereria Srl Decorative candles, citronella candles, memorial candles, eco-lighter. non food Via Anfiteatro Laterizio, 40-42 Nola 80035 NA Italy +39 081 8255399 +39 081 5121851 Candles Natura House SpA Natura House is an Italian leading Company since 1970 for the production of natural cosmetic products and food supplements. Our production: Hair care, skin care, body care, oral care, baby products, foot care, sport massage, OTC products, food supplements (capsules, tablets, liquids). All products are produced using the best natural raw materials in order to guarantee the high natural percentage of ingredients. We have inside R&D laboratory and anlysis laboratory. We can develop special formulas for our partners. We formulare, produce, pack all the products inside the company. We hold ISO 9001:2008 / GMP certificates. non food Via Fausto Coppi, 5 Orbassano 10043 TO Italy +390119033111 +390119033122 NATURA NUOVA S.P.A. CONSORTILE - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA IN FORMA Since 1994, Natura Nuova has offered natural products including fresh fruit, ready to eat, processed with innovative technology: the cold extraction that preserves the taste and the organoleptic characteristics of fruit. Among the products available: Conventional or organic fruit purées and smoothies. Organic juices and fruit nectars, The product lines offered by the company reflect its desire to satisfy the need for a healthy and tasty food without sacrificing taste. Natura Nuova pays particular attention to respect the environment: •0 km raw materials: the company to its raw material has led to an association of fruit producers in Emilia-Romagna. Bioagricert and AB ensure the chain of Bio. •Aluminium and carton as packaging materials: national origin and 100% recyclable. •Electricity used is from renewable sources. The cooling system, for example, is powered by the PV system. food Via Vecchia Albergone, 19 via Bora n.10 - factory Bagnacavallo 48012 RA Italy +39 033 054563966 Giada Chiarini Organic Beverages, Baby Food, Fruit Drinks Naturello Srl Established in Italy in 1954, Naturello is today an important and unique player in the vegetable-based food market, expanding rapidly into overseas markets. During almost 70 years of experience on the field, we built a proprietary and controlled supply chain of fresh raw vegetables.  From seeding to growing, from harvesting to processing, we supervise the whole supply chain of our raw vegetables, which are transformed into semi-processed products and, later, into finished products. From these raw vegetables we produce: Pesto & others pasta sauces (such as Arrabbiata, Marinara, Tomato and Basil, Pumpkin and Butternut Squash, 5 cheese, Mushrooms, Siciliana and others) Soups & others ready-to-eat meals (some of the recipies are also fish-based) Dips - under the recently launched brand "Dippiù"  Thanks to the know-how and the experience acquired during these years, Naturello is today the first basil producer in the world. Pesto is for sure the pride of our Company, but we can offer as well a full range of pasta sauces, both chilled and frozen. Private labels for the most important Retailers and Companies count today for the 90% of our total production, with over 50% of it shipped worldwide. Our product range, and the production of the necessary vegetables to create them, is constantly evolving as we explore new opportunities for our clients.    food via Enzo Ferrari 6/8 Pojana Maggiore 36026 VI Italy +39 0444764543 +39 0444 764984 Stefano Azzoni, Soups, Pasta Sauces, Sauces and Spreads, Pesto, Food Service Products, Semi-finished vegetable purees NECTARIS S.R.L.S. We care about the life and health of bees, which is why the company is committed to protecting and constantly monitoring the environmental factors in which they live. The respect for their natural habits allows us to produce superior quality products. Our products are appreciated and known by our customers who love nature and the gifts it brings with unconditional love. The love for nature and the constant passion for the life of bees, means that since the origin of Nectaris we have dedicated ourselves with passion and professionalism to the production of honey in all its sweet types and all other products of the hive. food Via Umberto Maddalena 25/27 Guidonia 00012 ROMA Italy +39 3934734767, Honey Negrini Salumi SpA Sliced Italian ham and salami in protected atmosphere ready meals in skin vacuum. food Via Alberelli, 28 Renazzo 44045 FE Italy +39 051 6850011 +39 051 6850022 Deli Meats, Salami, Ham NERI INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARE S.P.A. Neri is based in Tuscany , near Firenze and we produce vegetables/ olives in jars , tin and trays since the 1947. The third generation has made big changes in the NERI, since the 2003 the production system becomes completely automated from the processing area up to packing. We are a low environmental impact firm thanks to a photovoltaic installation that cover 75% of our energy needs. For us quality is really important , we can monitor each single processing step and each machine through our software , thus ensuring the highest quality performance. We are certificare IFS / FDA / OHSAS 18001. food Via Amendola 27 Lamporecchio 51035 PT Italy +393387831824 Filomena Napolitano Dried Tomatoes, Antipasto Vegetables, Olives, Grilled Vegetables, Artichokes New Factor Spa Premium quality snack and nuts. food Via Ausa, 72 Cerasolo Ausa di Coriano 47852 RN Italy +39 0541 759555 +39 0541 756363 Snacks Newlat Food SpA Newlat Food SpA is an Italian company whose core business is carried out in the agri-food sector. It is one of Italy’s leading producers and provides the market with high-quality products every day thanks to its historical brands in the milk and dairy, pasta and baked goods, as well as in the areas of nutraceuticals and baby food. Newlat Food is one of Italy’s leading producers of: -Milk and dairy products -Pasta and baked goods -Gluten free and low protein products -Baby Food food via J.F. Kennedy 16 Reggio Emilia 42124 RE Italy +39 05227901 +39 0522790266 Nice Food Srl Nice Food is an extruded food products manufacturing company, specialising in sweet snacks, salty snacks and breakfast cereals. The characteristics that are attributed to these products (lightness, low in fats, not fried, good digestibility, high fibre content, low-calorie, sugar-free, gluten-free) make them particularly appropriate to satisfy the demands of the modern customer. We are authorized and certificated for the production of foods from ORGANIC FARMING and GLUTEN FREE. We have our own label products and are also able to satisfy all of your requests for private labels. food Via Francesco Parigi 5/g Chivasso 10034 TO Italy +390119195278 +390119195278 Breakfast Cereal, Snacks NOBERASCO - SOCIETA' PER AZIONI (SIGLABILE NOBERASCO - S.P.A Noberasco is a food industry from Liguria, Italian leader in the dry and dried fruit sector, thanks to the expertise achieved in over a century of activity. Our products are the best alternative of fresh fruit because it keeps flavour, taste and beneficial properties plus all the comfort and convenience of resalable pack. Full range of dried fruit and nuts (conventional, preservatives-free and organic) in modern and innovative packaging solutions. food Località Paletta 1 Carcare 17043 SV Italy +39 019 2055001 +39 019 510341 Organic Products, Dried Fruits NORDSALSE SOCIETA' A RESPONSABILITA' LIMITATA A typically Italian story, handed down from father to son, which began back in 1988, when Mr Francesco Monte and his son Davide, the current CEO, decided to break away from the historic family pasta factory to found their own company of pesto, sauces and sauces. It will be the beginning of a successful enterprise. The years from 1995 to 2008 are the years of consolidation on the national market. Highly selected raw materials and production processes that respect the quality of true tradition Italian allow the entry of Nord Salse products in all the major supermarket chains and so also in the houses of the Italian families. In 2009 the first experiences on export markets began. It is thanks to an international and export-oriented vision, which Nord Salse begins the conquest of foreign markets. To date exports accounts for 50% of the company's global turnover. A result indicator of the efficiency that the company can guarantee its own customers. In 2020 the expansion of the production plant begins, which will allow Nord Salse to establish itself as a true excellence Italian in the production of condiments for first courses, in Italy and in the whole world. The company owns the two most important certifications in the food world: IFS and BRC, getting in audits the highest scores. The company is regularly FDA registered. We can manage both retail and Ho.Re.Ca formats. Private label is a service we provide to our customers: Nord Salse can be the ideal partner for all the customers that willing to enter the market with private label products with a quality certified product. A range of organic and vegan products completes our assortment. Our company, thanks to the great flexibility and the desire for growth is able to meet the different needs of clients, thanks also to the variety of recipes, packaging and sizes. food VIA ROSSANA 7 PIASCO 12026 CN Italy 00390175797069 Ms Martina Minetti & Ms Silvia Dellarossa Pesto, Tomato Sauce, Sauces Nova Foods Srl Nova Foods was established in 1991 on the basis of a preexistent business operating in the catering field. The leap from producing human food to pet food was brilliantly managed thanks to a versatile management that successfully engineered the company’s penetration of a competitive sector. Today we are present not only in European countries but in the world markets. We supply a vast range of high-quality products, thanks to the support of our research & development center as well as our selection of the freshest homogenized raw materials (Fresh Chicken and Turkey meat). Due to the high level of these raw materials and the formula created by our nutrutionist, we obtain foods meeting the requirements of the animals and have conquered more and more important market shares. non food Via Pecori Giraldi, 59/A Castelgomberto 36070 VI Italy +39 0445 941494 +39 0445 941522 Dog Food, Pet Food, Cat Food Novellini Giovanni Srl The company was founded by Giovanni Novellini in 1978, when the main activity was working meats. Next, and in order to satisfy the demands of ever more attentive customers, the production of an extremely vast range of frozen articles was started in parallel. In 1992, the new structure was born complying to European Community directives, on an area of 25000 square metres, 3500 of which are covered. As of today, Novellini has obtained the most important European certification: I 729 S, I 729 F, 9-988 L, I 729 P, 9-988 LOA. ISO certification is currently taking place. Leading-edge technology, the punctual competence of its collaborators, a healthy tradition and decades of experience make Novellini a company with a role of primary importance in the food sector of Northem Italy. Over the years, Giovanni Novellini has focused especially on studying and developing meat products. The tangible result of his "passion" can be seen in the production of fresh sauces, and the latest exclusive novelty: Brodoè, the natural meat broth, ready to use. The true, great objective which the Novellini company has set itself, throughout all the years of its history, has always been that of offering and guaranteeing maximum quality to its Customers - WINNING QUALITY ! food Via R. Bacchelli, 37 Marengo di Marmirolo 46040 MN Italy +39 0376 294090 +39 0376 467058 Pasta Sauces, Sauces, Organic Pasta Sauces, Ready Made Meals NT FOOD S.P.A. !!S.P.A. food VIA DELLA GALEOTTA 6/c ALTOPASCIO 55011 LU Italy 0583216383 Veronica Marsalli Gluten Free Products Nuova Bristot Srl Bristot has been making bakery products since 1936. The company mainly specialises in biscuits which it produces following traditional methods, paying particular attention to the quality of the base materials. All this means that the products we put on the market really are handcrafted and of the highest quality. In addition, our company policy means that all the food products used can be traced back to source. Furthermore, we also analyse the microbiological characteristics of the products in line with ISTISAN 96/35 standards. No genetically modified foodstuffs are used in our bakery products which are made in a plant using ingredients that conform with article 6, paragraphs 3 bis, 10 and 11 of EU directive 2003/89/EC on allergenic substances. food Via di Fugnano, 20 San Gimignano 53037 SI Italy +39 0577 940506 +39 0577 906740 Cookies Nuova Industria Biscotti Crich SpA On the strength of their well-founded traditions, Crich is the ideal PARTNER for the modern retail trade and a trusted name for the final customer. More than one hundred years of history. CRICH originated in 1870 with a well-known family of bread makers and then pastry bakers too in the Treviso-Venetian area. Today the company is run by the ROSSETTO FRANCO family, who have considerable experience in the milling field. They took the company over in June 2002 and with their son BRUNO, have launched an extensive development programme with further technological investment to strengthen their position at home, in the EEC, in East Europe and all other foreign markets. The company has received “certified quality” approval from important Authorities, including for their production of Organic items, and recognition for their quality control from numerous and important European chains. In fact, the company acquired certification for production from organic cultivation in 1999 both for the production of crackers and for wafers and biscuits, and none of their products contain genetically modified organisms. The company has been also certified by the Italian Ministry of Health for the production of biscuits for young children. PRODUCTS: bakery products, dry biscuits, shortcakes biscuits, crackers, wafers, pastry-making confectionery, organic crackers, organic wafers. food Via A. De Gasperi, 11 Zenson Di Piave 31050 TV Italy +39 0421 344203 +39 0421 344616 Organic Crackers, Organic Wafers, Baked Products, Organic Products, Cookies, Crackers Nutkao Srl Nutkao S.r.l., founded in 1982 by Giuseppe Braida, produces cocoa and hazelnut spreads and semi-finished products for the sweet industry. The production factory is at Canove di Govone (province of Cuneo) in a modern building constructed in 2001. The factory, with an area of 12,000 sq.m., houses the offices and various production departments. In 2012, Nutkao employed about 160 staff, with a turnover of about 100 million euros, of which exports accounted for 45%. The company has developed over the years until now it has reached a position as an international leader in the production of spreads in the Private Label segment. It also now plays a significant role in the Italian market of semi-finished products for the sweets industry (liquid chocolate, chocolate drops, spreads in cisterns and buckets). The application of rigorous control procedures and constant attention to the quality and safety of the product are confirmed by the certifications obtained over the years. Certifications: ISO 9001:2000 -   ISO 22000 - IFS version 6 - BRC version 6 food Zona Industriale Canove di Govone 12040 CN Italy +39 0173 621211 +39 0173 621260 Chocolate Spreads, Snacks, Mug 10.58OZ Haz spread cream Nutriamo S.r.l. food via Gerra 3/5 Castiglione delle Stiviere 46043 MN Italy +39 0376 946111 Giorgio Ceresa Pet Food Nyl Laboratories Srl Production and sale of food supplements and cosmetic products non food Via Due Ponti 196/E Roma 00189 ROMA Italy +39 06 9060622 +39 06 9003611 Cosmetic Products O-Pac Srl Products: Baby wet wipes, make-up remover wet wipes, refreshing wet wipes, feminine hygiene wet wipes, moist toilette tissue. Products for house cleaning: floors, fridge, oven, furniture, windows and mirrors, antibacterial. Special application products for car cleaning, glass cleaning, and pets such as dogs and cats. New products include peeling, acne control, sun protection, after-sun treatment, body lotion, and after-shave lotion. non food Via Casnedi, 96 Valmadrera 23868 LO Italy +39 0341 581856 +39 0341 581937 Facial Wipes, Beauty Care Products , Wipes, Feminine Hygiene Wipes, Household Products, Automotive Care OKAY - S.R.L. The company OKAY SRL was founded in 1969 and is specialized in the production of high quality disposable items such as table napkins, place mats, tablecloths, cutlery envelopes in various types of material such as paper, tissue 1-2-3-4-ply, airlaid, recycled paper. These products can be produced neutral, coloured and printed. Thanks to  extremely wide range of items (napkins, 25x25, 33x33, 40x40, 48x48, etc), colours  (about 35), and the ability to print up to 8 colours, our company is appreciated all over the world. Okay has always had in it's nature the love and respect of the environment and has always had care for the quality and the ecological characteristics of the materials used: today we are happy to join an international initiative as FSC which allows us to use raw material from certified forests that are managed properly. For quick viewing, we invite you to visit our website non food Via Lombardia, 609 Talamona 23018 SO Italy +39 0342 604211 +39 0342 604212 Napkins, Paper Products, Disposable Products Olearia Clemente Srl Selection and production of extra virgin olive oil which olives come exclusively from Puglia, in the Gargano territory (now National Park). food Via G. Agnelli Manfredonia 71043 FG Italy +39 0884 543955 +39 0884 543966 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olearia Desantis SpA The OLEARIA DESANTIS S.P.A. is, today, the most important company  for the trade oil in south Italy and among the greater in Italy. The Company is situated in a strategic position for the oil supply. The OLEARIA DESANTIS S.P.A. has for the storage and the packaging a new factory on extension of 20.000 mq., which of 6.000 mq. Are under shelter. For oil conservation has realized buried posture that permit to preserve oil from light, air and warm. EXTRA VIRGIN 100% ITALIAN OLIVE OIL is produced from a careful selection of only the freshest high quality olives, picked and pressed. The olives undergo no treatment except for the process of washing, de-leafing, spinning and filtration. The high quality of the oil derives from the use of mechanical instead of chemical processing, causing in this way no alteration to the product. Our oil, golden-coloured with a hint of green, is characterized by a fruit-almond aroma, a sweet flavour with a slight almond after-taste; it is slightly tangy and has a very low level of acidity. food SP. 231 km. 75,060 Bitonto 70032 BA Italy +39 080 3740544 +39 080 3743743 Organic Olive Oil, Corn Oil, Tomatoes, Pasta Sauces, Sauces, Vegetable Oil Olearia Olimpo Srl OLEARIA OLIMPO is specialised in packaging and supplying Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Pomance Oil to the food industry and for retail sale by means of modern distribution chains. The company is located in Corato in the Land of Bari, in the heart of Apulia, the Italian region famous all over the world for the large quantity and excellent quality of its olive oil production. OLEARIA OLIMPO was created on an initiative of some young businesspeople coming from families with an ancient tradition in the olive oil business, but with much more far-sighted and ambitious aims: to bring the fruit of Apulian olives and those from most fertile areas of the whole Mediterranean area to the world markets food Contrada Forquetta o Maccarone z.i. Corato 70033 BA Italy +39 080 8722416 +39 080 8724197 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kosher Olive Oil, Kosher Products Oleifici Colavita SpA The Region of Molise boasts a past rich both in history and tradition and a present marked by progress while bearing in mind the importance of enviromental conservation: a region with many hidden treasures, such as quiet, virgin forests, ancient castles, churchs and quaint, medieval towns, just waiting to be discovered. For three generations, Colavita has brought to tables around the world the genuine taste of Molise with a vast range of olive oils: the fruity extra virgin olive oil, the delicate pure olive oil and some special flavored extra virgin olive oils. food Via Fontanavecchia, 258 Campobasso 86100 CB Italy +39 0874 90245 +39 0874 90244 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vinegar, Marinated Vegetables, Flavored Olive Oil, Vegetables Oleificio R.M. SpA OIL SINCE 1901… 1901 was the year when Sig. Taddeucci first set up the company, by selling his homemade olive oil door to door. As was the tradition, the business remained within the family. When Sig. Mario Rocchi took the place of Taddeucci, the industrial revolution had already made important changes to machinery and transportation. Soon their products were available beyond Lucca, even beyond the boundaries of Tuscany and into the surrounding regions. Cesare and Umberto Rocchi are the current owners of the company. Their products are exported all over  the world, thanks to the modern industrial reality in which  OLEIFICIO R.M. S.p.A. has been able to turn itself into during the past few years. 20 MILLION LITERS IS THE YEARLY PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF OLEIFICIO R.M. S.p.A.     food Via delle Piagge, 1535 S. Alessio 55100 LU Italy +39 0583 342611 +39 0583 342649 Organic Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pomace Oil, Olive Oil Gift Set, Organic Products OLEIFICIO RANIERI S.R.L. UNIPERSONALE OLIO RANIERI is a historical familiar Olive Oil Company, located in the smooth hills of Umbria, the green heart of Italy. Since 1711 we have been offering the very highest quality of Olive Oil, thanks to the careful selection of the finest raw materials and to the long experience in the wise art of olive oil farming and production. Our Company is specialized in the sustainable production of high quality Special Oils, with a main focus on 100% ITALIAN and ORGANIC Products. Ranieri CORE BUSINESS is the tailored production of the following categories of products for the most important International Retailers, Supermarket Chains and Food Groups, as PRIVATE LABEL or RANIERI brand: • Selected Quality or PREMIUM Extra Virgin Olive Oils: (100%ITALIAN, PDO Umbria, Monocultivar-Single Variety, European or Mediterranean) They are all cold pressed and from the finest selection of highest quality olive oils. These products can be available even with a special elegant and attractive packaging (like Golden Wrap for example), Made in Italy designed, suited even as Luxury Gift items or as High End 100%ITALIAN Products for the promotional sales of the Retailers. • ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oils:  from ltalian, European or Mediterranean origin and only from selected farmers and suppliers (we have been one of the pioneers in Italy, starting in 1996). • Special Healthy Organic WELLNESS SEED Oils:  (Argan, Avocado, Walnut, Flaxseed, Sesame,Hemp, Pumpkin, Peanut, Sunflower, Corn, Ricebran, Soybean, Canola, Grapeseed, Borage, Evening Prime Rose, Pomegranate, Pine Nut, Sacha Inchi, Incha Inchi, Coconut, Perilla, Pistachio, Almond, Hazelnut, Apricot, Macadamia, Jojoba, Chia)  The products are available both as conventional or ORGANIC, and they are all Cold Pressed. • Flavored Infused Olive Oils / Dipping Oils - PRODUCT OF ITALY: (WHITE TRUFFLE, BLACK TRUFFLE, Garlic, Chilli Pepper, Lemon, Basil, Garlic-Chilli Pepper, Porcini Mushrooms, Aromatic Herbs, Rosemary, Laurel, Ginger, Mint, Thyme, Oregano, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Saffron, Orange, Tomato, Parmesan, Pizza, Vinaigrette,  PESTO, CURRY, WASABI): All the products available both as conventional or Organic, and with Natural Flavors, even for Truffle oils. Our special recipe include only natural and selected high quality ingredients. • BABY OIL - Extra Virgin Olive Oil enriched with Vitamins (A, E, D, B6) & OMEGA 3-6: For Supermarkets and Pharmacies. Our factory, and the special recipe of this product are officially approved and authorized by Italian Health Minister. Thanks to the important volumes we are doing with these high quality Private Labels, we are able to offer competitive prices and excellent opportunities in terms of “high value for money” for a broad range of items. We can guarantee a long term expertise in the preparation of our special oils, a sustainable production of high quality, a complete monitoring of the supply chain (thanks to our selected suppliers), the highest food safety & quality standards in our factory and a selection of the finest raw materials for our products. The modern factory, BRC, GSFS, IFS, ISO 9001, USDA NOP, CCPB ORGANIC and JAS certified and Authorized from Italian Health Minister for BABY FOOD production, can guarantee the highest levels of quality for a large range of products/sizes: this is demonstrated by the long term partnerships with some of the biggest International Retailers or Food Companies. Now we are regularly meeting all the requirements of FSMA and of US FDA, including in our staff a PCQI.   food Via Vittorini, 7, Città di Castello (PG), 06012, ITALY Città di Castello 06012 PG Italy 00390758510039 00390758512543 FRANCESCO FIORUCCI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil OLEIFICIO ZUCCHI S.P.A. O ABBREVIATO O.Z. S.P.A. CR Oleificio Zucchi is an Italian olive and vegetable oil producer and supplier with a two-century family tradition. Founded in 1810 to mill oilseeds, today Oleificio Zucchi is an important player on the market and a reliable reference for retailers, committed to the development of the sector and to growth of all the supply chain in terms of quality and sustainability, in particular for olive oil. The current site of 80,000 sqm is an example of state-of-the-art technology and sustainability, with a production capacity up to 500 tons/day of processed oil and 1.500.000 litres/day of packaged oil. The many certifications attest Oleificio Zucchi’s commitment towards higher standards in quality and safety, resulting from the company focus on innovation, with strong bonds to traditional values. Oleificio Zucchi distinctive feature is the expertise in the art of blending, the ability to create an oil with a specific personality by combining oils from different cultivars and origins to create extraordinary and unique extra virgin olive oil, to suit the most different consumer taste and sublimate flavors. To deliver an excellent oil with unchanging quality over time, Oleificio Zucchi has also created an "Oil Cellar", Italy's largest temperature-controlled storage facility (at a constant 16°), capable of storing about 4,800 tons of extra virgin olive oil with all its sensory characteristics intact. food Via Acquaviva, 12 Cremona 26100 CR Italy +39 0372 532111 +39 0372 491895 Marco Bonati, Olive Oil, Organic Olive Oil OLITALIA S.R.L. ABBREV. ANCHE IN OLIT S.R.L. O O.IT S.R.L. Olitalia is one of the most important companies in the Italian seasonings sector in the world, guided by the Cremonini Family with over than 50 years experience and success in the Food industry. We offer a range of products, for professional use also , that capture latest market trends satisfying consumer needs and requirements with a constant search for innovation. Our in-depth knowledge of the “retail” and “foodservice” worlds allows us to tailor product packages for each market segment. Mission: to enjoy unique taste experiences, flavors and fragrances that bring quality, well-being and excellence of Italian good living to tables and kitchens around the world. Vision: to becomeworld Leader in Italiancondiments. food Via Antonio Meucci 22/A Forlì 47122 FC Italy +39 0543 794811 +39 0543 774695 Silvia Comandini Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Flavored Condiments, Balsamic Vinegar OLIVOIL SRL food AG Italy Veronica Pollicino OMISAN FARMACEUTICI S.R.L. Italian headquartered Manufacturer of Biocompatible medical devices based on natural ingredients without the side effects of medicines and drugs: 1 - EYE CARE SOLUTIONS: Eye Drops; Eye Sprays; Eye washes; 2 - CONTACT LENS CARE SOLUTIONS: Multipurpose, Peroxyde, Saline, Cleaner. 3 - FOOD SUPPLEMENTS 4 - ORL: Nose, Ear, Throat Sprays 5 - CONTACT LENS: Daily, monthly, toric, spheric, etc. AVAILABLE: OBL, OEM, Private Label, White Label. MARKETS: Pharmacy, Drugstore, FMCG, Ophthalmology, ORL, Cosmetic, Opticians. CERTIFICATIONS: CE Mark, ISO13485, BRC non food Via Galileo Galilei Guidonia Montecelio 00012 ROMA Italy +39 06 41310370 +39 06 4190550 Pierbruno Profili Eye Care Products, Wet Wipes, Contact Lens Care Solution, Food Supplements, Personal Care Products OMISAN Farmaceutici ORANFRIZER S.R.L. Citrus:Sicilian blood orange (Moro,Tarcoo,Sanguinello), blond orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit. Fruit: prickly pear, "Coscia dell'Etna" pear, peaches and nectarines, melon. Vegetables: early potatoe, tomato. 100% NFC fresh citrus juices - conventional and organic - in different tastes and format. food S.P. 28/1 - km. 1.300 c.p. 68 Scordia 95048 CT Italy +39 095 7937111 +39 095 7937190 Annalisa Alba Juices ORGANIZZAZIONE REGIONALE TRASFORMATORI ORTICOLI VERDE SOCIET As a vertically integrated vegetable processor in central Italy we offer a full range of IQF conventional & organic Italian veg, including leafy veg, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, herbs, peas, tomatoes, shallots/onions, etc; Innovation: convenient cube shaped portionable veggie spirals/noodles (minimal water loss so NOT water-logged block frozen or delicate nests); l Best seller: leading riced cauliflower manufacturer & exporter to US of organic riced cauliflower  Processing: blanching + value-add blends including sauces like seasoned riced cauliflower cous cous type items.  *key charactertistics= direct, transparent relationship with farming association, main point of contact manages over 700 hectares as your guide during crop & harvest to provide custom cuts & calibers food Strada della Bruciata 16 Cesano di Senigallia 60019 AN Italy +39 071 6608200 Alessandro Prioli Frozen Vegetables Orlandi SpA Orlandi is a main wipes manufacturer, for domestic and professional applications. We produce with our own brand, for important multinational company and Private Label for the main Retailers both at National and International level. Our portfolio is focused on Color Catcher wipes, All Purpose cloths, Floor Cleaning cloths, Dust Catcher, Mop Orlandi is certified ISO 9001, ISO TS, IFS, A.I.S.E. non food Via Matteotti 67 Cassano Magnago (VA) 21012 VA Italy +3933175911 Francesco Nardi, Laundry Products, Household Products, Dust Cloths Orlandi Sales Office Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Holland, Orlandi Sales Office France-Belgium OROGEL S.P.A. CONSORTILE Founded in 1967, Orogel is today the fresh frozen food italian market leader, with a consortium of over 1.700 farmers and a long lasting experience in private label production. Orogel's sites and collection centers are located in the best Italian farming areas so that products can be processed, stored and packaged immediately after harvesting, keeping all their freshness intact. The production process is carefully monitored, from seeds sowing to product distribution. The base of Orogel’s success is a steady and ongoing commitment to research, technological development, and the enhancement of the Italian cuisine following nature and its rules. Orogel production is Kosher and GMO free certified: furthermore the company produces fresh frozen organic vegetables. food Via Dismano 2600 Cesena 47522 FC Italy 0547 3771 0547 377016 Andrea Bagnolini Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Products, Frozen Specialties, Frozen Risotto, Frozen Meals, Jams Ortalli SpA Tradition and... With the fourth generation, represented by Andrea Ortalli, we accomplish the dream of offering to consumers all over the World our superior tasting and exclusive Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, reserved up until now just to close family and friends in Modena. By combining our passion for tradition with a modern and entrepreneurial spirit Ortalli is able to offer an exceptional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to be tasted and relished, drop after drop, eyes shut. ...entrepreneurial innovation. Today the vast range of quality products that we offer are created in a new production plant set in the Modena countryside and surrounded by our own vineyards. The new plant has been designed and purposely built to offer ideal conditions for the ageing and preparation of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. It is also equipped with the most sophisticated and computerized bottling and packaging lines which include robotic equipment. Everything has been accomplished with ecological sustainability as a key priority   The ingredient that adds a touch of flair. Ortalli Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a remarkably versatile ingredient, capable of adding a touch of flair to any dish. Added to recipes and drizzled on all types of food it transforms them into refined and exclusive dishes. For this reason, Ortalli proposes a complete range of different grades of Balsamic Vinegar, (in terms of both quality and price), with different taste profiles to suite the various consumer needs from a simple use in salad dressing or as an exquisite garnishing for strawberries and vanilla ice-cream.   Guaranteed and certified quality. The quality of the finished product always depends on the care and attention paid to every detail. To offer a superior quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Ortalli controls all the steps of the production process, from the raw materials to the final bottling and labelling stages, following the most advanced procedures and certification requirements for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. In this manner, a traditional Italian speciality is accompanied by the highest levels in modern day packaging and quality requirements.   ORTALLI is certified Global Standard for Food Safety Version 6 (Grade A) e IFS International Food Standard Version 6 (Higher Level) by CSQA - ISACert Italy   food Via Emilia Ovest 1680/A Marzaglia 41123 MO Italy +39 059 847217 +39 059 847207 Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Vinegar Varieties Orticola Mediterranea Srl Dried tomatoes, semi-fried tomatoes, artichoke and stuffed chili peppers with extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oil; Brine: Bella di Cerignola olives and dry vegetables: aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers. food Via Lecce, 47 Stornarella 71048 FG Italy +39 0885 418679 +39 0885 890295 Tomatoes, Vegetables, Olives, Dried Vegetables Ortogel SpA Ortogel, was founded in 1978 by a citrus grower and technical family group, coming from the agroindustrial field, in 1982 they built up a plant for the production of frozen vegetable in the industrial area of Caltagirone (Catania province). In 1982 Ortogel changed its machinery’s for the production of frozen natural citrus juice, especially for pigmented oranges, applying the cold and freezing technology, used for the frozen vegetables, to the citrus field, therefore obtaining natural juices, not from concentrated, without additives, and not pasteurisation, of high quality, never produced in Italy before on an industrial scale. In a short time the range increases and ends up including juice from Blood Oranges, Blond Oranges, Tangerines, Lemons, Clementines and Grapefruit. The Blood Orange juice is launched in Italy and abroad with the name “Gelidea” and is also sold at all Autogrills on the Italian motorway, whereas in France, in the only frozen food chain, Picard Surgele, the product becomes rapidly successful. From that period much time has passed, but Ortogel is constantly at the forefront for new testing innovations concerning new technologies, and today it exports its Sicilian juices all over the world, affirming the quality and uniqueness.   Ortogel is leader producer of Private Label NFC Sicilian Citrus juice packed in gabletop/tetrapak     Ortogel has obtained the following certification: ISO 9002; ISO14000; KOSHER, NOP, USFDA; SGF; ORGANIC food Zona Industriale Piano Tavola Belpasso 95045 CT Italy +39 095 391699 +39 095 391634 Fruit Juices, Juices OYSTER COSMETICS S.P.A. Oyster Cosmetics SpA has been producing hair cosmetics for more than 35 years. The company developed skillfulness and experience in the production of high quality hair dyes, a complete and excellent range from color to styling, from finishing to hair care and skincare. non food Via Barzizza, 37/A Castiglione D/Stiviere 46043 MN Italy +39 0376 636290 +39 0376 631911 Hair Care, Hair Dyes, Hair Color, Pet Food P.A.P. Snc di Pazienza G.B. Production: Dried artisanal pasta, dried flavoured pasta, dried egg pasta, bakery products. Our company was established in 1989 in Puglia (Apulia), in the south of Italy. Today the company includes a plant for artisanal pasta, another one for bakery products, sauces and marmalades, and a line of bottling/packing for extra virgin olive oil. Puglia is a region which produces some of the finest durum wheat world wide and its production is over 10 millions tons per year, so in the beginning the mission was to produce only ARTISANAL PASTA  following avery old method in making pasta: using a special blend of semolina, bronze moulds and a very slow drying process at a very low temperature not exceeding 50°C which gives “Cara Nonna” pasta  its special roughness and inimitable taste. It was very hard to combine tradition and new technologies but after many years we have been gratified by our products that today we export in many parts of the world such as Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan. food Via L. Cannelonga - Zona PIP San Severo 71016 FG Italy +39 0882 333496 +39 0882 333497 Pasta P.L.U.S. Srl Unip. PLUS SRL was founded in 2001 and is located in Castel Goffredo (MN) “Città della Calza” worldleader for the production and export of women’s hosiery. It’s a business challenge of the young entrepreneur Giancarlo Ghirardi, who has thirty years experience in the hosiery field during which he founded and managed prestigious companies. With PLUS, Ghirardi decided to restart on his own, making use of few trusted employees and using the valuable collaboration of local laboratories. PLUS dedicates itself to the activity of private labels, pursuing the aim to be not just a supplier, but a real partner for its customers. In 2004 the company bought the trademark OMERO, a historic retail brand of high quality hosiery, expanding further its business. The original small group of employees continues to grow: in addition to the warehouse, the administrative, productive and commercial departments comes the marketing, style and research&development departments. Our staff has contributed in just few a years to grow the company in terms of both turnover and proposed products, a company where the owner likes to remember “the real plus are the people”. This same attention is addressed at people-customers through the will of always providing high-quality products, adequate and diversified, also in the service control and delivery. Over the years PLUS has thus been able to win the confidence of prestigious Italian and foreign customers and each year has brought new and challenging business collaborations. The aim of the company PLUS is to meet always new challenges and to measure itself with new market branches - more and more specialized ones - such as in October 2009 with the distribution of a historic medical hosiery brand IBICI, a leader of the segment of the gradual compression hosiery” non food Via Praga, 198 Castel Goffredo 46042 MN Italy +39 0376 780181 +39 0376 780898 Hosiery Packaging Imolese SpA Manufacuteres a wide range of products in Home Care and Toiletries according to high standard of leading brands and in compliance of request of prilvate label. non food Via F. Turati, 22 Imola 40026 BO Italy +39 0542 689111 +39 0542 642250 Dish Detergents, Deodorants, Soaps, Laundry Detergents Pagani Industrie Alimentari SpA In our production plant (covering 60.000 square metres), long before the actual laws obliged companies to implement HACCP procedures, we provided ourselves with a strict quality control policy, which guarantees the compliance of raw materials to severe specifications throughout tests carried out by internal and independent labs. Five main steps make up the industrial process: - preparation of the stuffing which is done daily following the traditional recipes and considering the conservation characteristics of the finished product; - preparation of egg-based pasta (over four eggs for kg. of hard wheat bran); - making of the product by 15 shaping machines; - drying process that guarantees a perfect healthiness of the product, on top of a 12-month conservation at room temperature and without the use of preservatives; - packaging, realized with the aid of four modern lines all with metal detectors and automatic palletizers. Our control staff operates everyday over 50 controls on the industrial process and on the finished product. Products Tortellini, Tortelloni and Ravioli various sizes and cheese based fillings (no meat content). Inside a egg and durum wheat semolina dough, the traditional meat stuffing (not available for the US market) is replaced by a filling prepared with mixture of cheeses or with ricotta and spinach, with pesto or pizzaiola stuffing, and many others. food Via Fiorbellina, 50 Vimercate 20059 MI Italy +39 (039) 608 1088 +39 (039) 608 2745 Tortellini, Tortelloni, Pasta, Ravioli Pagnan Srl PAGNAN is a North Italian company, founded in 1921 by Mazzarolo family, specialized in the harvest, production and distribution of all-natural deep-frozen mushrooms, vegetables, berries fruits, ready meals and custom serving packs (for pizzas, risottos, pastas, sides etc…), based in Asolo, an area reknowned for the quality of mushrooms that grow naturally in forests protected since the days of "Serenissima Republic of Venezia". Our company operates through three production facilities in Treviso-Italy. Pagnan's Italian sites are linked to a sister company in Romania (Agricola Pagnan srl), located in a central position to reach the best picking site for the finest wild mushrooms and fruits. In order to achieve the highest quality standards, all personnel employed on the company is highly specialized and constantly trained, that's why we have highest grades on quality certifications like IFS and BRC. The production system follows the complete traceability of raw materials and finished products here manufactured (reg. CE 178/2002) and adheres to allergens legislation (Reg. EC 2003/89). We have a range of BIO Organic, 100% Italian and Gluten Free products All of these skills put Pagnan as a high quality player on our business field. Bringing together our 90 year experience, our new facilities and equipment and our trained personnel, we can fulfill a wide range of requests, in small or big quantities, but, above all, we can customize and make tailored products to all needs. In fact, we are at the same time suppliers for Large-scale Retail Channel, Food Industry, Wholesalers and Importers. Our strength: a. more than 90 years of experience b. complete supply chain, from harvesting to selling. c. highly specialized personnel throughout the supply chain. d. high quality standards e. certifications: BRC n° 138152-2013-ABRC-ITA-ACCREDIA (grade A), IFS n° 137901-2013-AIFS-ITA-ACCREDIA (higher level), FDA accreditation registration n°13270849458, Certification BIO n° IT BIO 005 T579. f. we use 100% green energy Export office: Chiara Bonamigo e-mail: chiara.bonamigo [at] Tel. +39 0423 868343 VAT IT01790760266 Reg. imprese TV 01790760266 REA TV-170214 food Via 1° Maggio, 19 Asolo 31011 TV Italy +39 0423 868343 +39 0423 868970, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Ready Meals, Frozen Risotto, Frozen Mushrooms Paif SpA Production: disposable items for tableware. Paif has been operating in the sector of disposable items for over 30 years. The firm is situated in Battipaglia – Salerno, Italy where it is present with an industrial plant over a territory over about of 120,000 sq, equipped with highly technologically advanced automatic plants for the production of disposable dishes ( 8 lines ) and disposable glasses ( 4 lines ) . Besides, PAIF makes use of the production of disposable cutlery with its subcompany FasaPlast which is present with 4 automatic plants, the first ones on the market using advanced technology for the production of disposable cutlery. Paif is currently present in Spain, specifically in Saragossa, with a new industrial plant that covers an area of 100,000 sq m ; with 4 disposable dishes lines and 4 disposable glasses lines, two of them are in polypropylene. All the plants have rapidly obtained Quality Guarantee System. non food Via Spineta - Loc. Villani Battipaglia 84091 SA Italy +39 0828 679211 +39 0828 371459 Disposable Tableware, Disposable Plastic Dishes Pan dell'Orso di G. Di Masso & C. Snc Pan Dell'Orso is a producer of various types of confectionary products.See also: www.deliziepandellorso.come-mail: pandellorso [at] cyberiasnc.comWhen the first autumn rains began and the shepherds of Scanno would leave their pastures and mountains to drive their flocks to Apulia’s warmer climes, the whole village would fill with festivity. Ovens were open night and day, and women would match their skills at preparing sweets, breads, pizzas, fried food. First prize would go to the panello - a focaccia made from almond madeleine dough, which was famous for its flavor. This is how Pan dell’Orso was born. The Pan dell’Orso company, was inherited by its current owner Gino Di Masso from his mother, who in turn took the reins from her mother, also known as “La Caffettera”. Its brand-new workshop is located in the town of Scanno a pleasant mountain, location in the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, at Viale del Lago n° 20. Just as in those age-old time, only genuine ingredients are used:eggs, sugar, almonds, sweet armelline, potato flour, butter, honey, and coated with a fine layer of the finest dark chocolate. The company’s activity, which initially concentrated on Pan dell’Orso, has been continuously expanding its production with new gwnuine and typical confections: Frolline biscuits shaped like smiling faces, the short pastry Torta Scannese Dolce; Il Panetto a parallelepipedal almond-based sweet flavoured with saffron from L’Aquila, I Biscotti di Zia Concetta, Ferratelle, Frollini alla nocciola, Mandorlini di Scanno and Pan dell’Orso’s latest confection Pan dell’Orso INVERSO and Panettone in gift confection. food Viale del Lago, 20 Scanno 67038 AQ Italy +39 0864 74475 +39 0864 747532 Panettone, Pandoro, Holiday Cakes, Confectionary, Baked Products, Snacks, Cakes Panapesca SpA A PERFECT AND SUCCESSFUL SYNERGY Panapesca is a huge ever-expanding shipping, industrial and trading group, characterized by the search of a constant technological advancement. The main purposes are to strenghten its actual position as a leader company serving more and more demanding customers; to guarantee food quality, convenience and reliability, together with the maximum respect of the marine environment. FISHED, PROCESSED, CONTROLLED AND DISTRIBUTED Panapesca activity places itself in the various levels of the production. SHIPPING: With 2 squid fishing boats with a tonnage of 700 tons each one, 4 boats with a single stow tonnage of 70 tons for the shrimps fishing and a boat for the cod fishing containing 75 tons, today Panapesca is the biggest Italian company working in South America. The product is frozen immediatly after being fished in order to guarantee absolute freshness and quality. Beside fishing with its own fleets, Panapesca works in more than 50 countries with its own professionals ready to inform the company management of the fishing activity in real time, so that Panapesca can purchase them soon after. INDUSTRIAL The processing takes place in its own productive units, located near the fishing areas and equipped with brand new technologies and with forefront industrial process. The control starts with the first phase of the fishing, then follows the processing, the preserving and finally the distribution. This is the way Panapesca can guarantee quantity and quality to its customers. TRADING Distribution is multichannel: large-scale retail trade, food industry, wholesale markets, retail catering industry. In Italy there are 10 operating branches and a network of concessionary companies which cover the whole national territory. Moreover, Panapesca distributes through its own chain stores CRIOS, specialized points of sale. Beside the productive units in Morocco, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Chile and Italy, Panapesca owns several trading companies located in Italy, Spain, France, USA and Argentina. A VARIETY OF PRODUCTS AS WIDE AS THE SEA With over 4500 products, Panapesca has the most various assortment retail and catering fish products on the market. In order to offer a wider service to its customers, the assortment is completed with a selected choice of frozen fish products suitable for the catering. Skin effect trays, plastic bags, vacuum packing and plastic wrapped are some of the packaging solutions that Panapesca offers to its customers together with a wide range of personalization. PANAPESCA SATISFIES CHANNELS DISTRIBUTION DEMAND Over 9000 customers in the different channels: Retail, Ho-re-ca, wholesale, industry. 130 sellers attend upon the large-scale retail trade, the best wholesalers, specialized shops and the best qualified catering. Panapesca gets to the clients through its chain store Crios. Beside processing and distributing its own brands, Panapesca, Frescogel and Ondagel, it also serves products with the clients own brand for important groups, as large-scale retails trade, specialized shop chains and Door to Door selling. food Via Mazzini, 31 Massa e Cozzile 51010 PT Italy +39 0572 7792 +39 0572 779273 Seafood, Frozen Meals, Ready Made Meals Pangea Italian Food S.r.l food AG Italy Panificio Francese Srl Panificio Francese Srl was established near Milan (North Italy) in the early ‘90s. In Italy, Panificio Francese was one of the first producers to offer “ready bruschetta”, which is toasted bread seasoned with olive oil and different spices:  the “Croccantelli”. Today, owned by the five Turconi brothers, Panificio Francese is a market leader in Italy for the range of the snacks: bruschetta, crostini, croûtons. Our company style is: To work applying the culture of total quality: * Production quality * Product quality * Customer service quality Production Features: * Factory on 2500 m2 of covered surface * Latest state-of-the-art technology * Flexible packing lines for high volumes, able to pack for different consuming requirements: snack packs / single portions for the vending and for the airline & train catering and for the modern distribution; classical Retail packaging in various weight units; specific Catering / Ho.Re.Ca. packing. * Specializing also in “private label” productions * Outstanding R & D activities, new product development Why Croccantelli: * “Croccantelli” are an Italian idea to easily prepare a traditional Bruschetta for the Aperitif time and amazing snacks for the appetizer. * They can be tasted also as Croûtons to enrich soups and salads. * “Croccantelli” are a light and savoury “Snack” in every moment * Studied for a healthy, genuine and fast nutrition, they are presented in practical and hygienic packages. * Ideal as a natural and equilibrated snack also for children, with an average of only 14.4% of fat (olive oil), they liked by moms as they represent a real alternative to snacks and to sweets. * ALL natural: NO sugar, NO hydrogenated fat – ONLY real olive oil, NO emulsifying agents, NO coloring agents, NO preservatives. * Mediterranean Diet, Logistic, Service, Convenience.     food Via Sesia, 40/A Quinto de Stampi 20089 MI Italy +39 02 8255385 +39 02 8255879 Croccantelli, Baked Products, Bruschetta, Snacks Panificio Zorzi Panificio Zorzi produces special snacks and breadsticks both long and short, known for their lightness, crispiness and fragrance, with a wide variety of flavours, Panificio Zorzi is specialized also in organic, gluten free and rich in protein products. Special attention is given to the quality of the ingredients and to the leavening, which foresees four phases. All products are made with Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and real ingredients, No aromas, No preservatives and No additives are added. food Loc. Brà, 1 Brentino Belluno 37020 VR Italy +39 0457230107 +39 0457270856 Breadsticks Papergroup SpA Papergroup has three plants which make up the production chain from cellulose to the finished products. Each plant is regulated by the strictest controls and the best quality certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC, FSC, PFSC, ECOLABEL. The Papergroup range of products is extremely vast and covers two distinct markets, consumer and AFH, with the following products: Consumer line: Toilet Paper, Standard and Jumbo Kitchen Rolls with handle, Napkins, Handkerchiefs. AFH line: White and Blue Industrial Rolls, Jumbo toilet paper, Hand Towels for dispensers and folded, Medical Sheets. Papergroup is well equiped in terms of logistics and audit, in order to deliver the biggest mass market italian and foreign chains. non food Via Tazio Nuvolari n.23 Lucca 55061 LU Italy +39 0583 98221 +39 0583 982292 PAPERMON S.R.L. Papermon is an Italian excellence company specialised in the production of disposable tablecloths and table runners on behalf of third-parties. The high quality of our products has allowed us to become a market leader in disposable tableware over the last twenty years. Long-established partnerships with our clients are what drives us to innovate continually, diversify production and invest in looking for high quality raw materials. All this time, "Color your table" has been more than just a slogan; it continues to embody the objective of our business: to create products capable of dressing a table with personality and style, transforming it into an original furnishing feature, suitable for every occasion.   non food Via Marenghi, 52 Castelverde 26022 CR Italy +39 0372 444044 +39 0372 445469 Paper Products, Disposable Tableware PAQUITO PRONTO MODA S.R.L. non food Via Dei Lanaioli Funo-Argelato (BO) 40050 BO Italy 39 051 862430 Malini Abrasive Fibers Parmareggio SpA PARMAREGGIO SpA is the leading company in the production and sale of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO and the heart of an integrated production system which guarantees a total supply chain control headed by Granterre Group, which includes agriculture and breeding activities together with the production of milk, cream and cheese.Parmareggio’s main activities are: packaging Parmigiano Reggiano grated and in portions, packaging other italian hard and semi-hard cheeses and the production of premium quality Italian butter. Parmareggio can provide a selected high quality product as a result of the control of the world's largest production chain in the Parmigiano Reggiano sector. food Via Polonia, 30-33 Modena 41122 MO Italy +39 059 414816 +39 059 450441 Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, cheese, butter. Parmon SpA Parmon S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing disposable hygienic products for human hygiene. The company, thanks to its experience and its management, works inside a complicated field which is marked by high levels of specialization. PARMON S.p.A. manufactures both with its brands and private labels a large range of products.     All products are manufactured in our modern factories in Italy. As we try to answer to the needs our well-informed customers, Parmon is continuously involved in improving both the quality of operating cycles and their products. Thanks to the synergistic relationships with our suppliers, we manufacture products using only best raw materials and very often we test new raw materials looking to increased products’ performance. Our management’s target is to conform our internal structure to the different dimensional needs. Our development strategies concern the correct interpretation of the European market’s request, which is controlled by multinational groups where the most important factors are image, quality and price. For this reason we feel that it is important to: •    To improve our human resources •    To strengthen our commercial department •    To diversify our production Our brand policy is represented by the current presence of the following categories: 1)    OUR BRANDS 2)    PRIVATE LABELS 3)    LICENSING Today and in the near future, Private Labels will represent the most important development area.   non food C.da Piraino S.S. 192 Km. 73 Belpasso 95032 CT Italy +39 095 61500 +39 095 2933654, Baby Personal Care, Feminine Hygiene Products Pasta Lensi Srl Producer of dry pasta: durum wheat, gluten free, whole wheat, ancient grains, legumes, organic, lasagne, cannelloni, baby and kids pasta. Bronze and traditional dies. Customized pasta solutions for private brands. Certified: BRC - IFS - Organic - Kosher - Gluten Free. food Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 21/23 Verolanuova 25028 BS Italy +39 030 936441 +39 030 93644300 Pasta, Egg Pasta Pasta Rossini Srl Fresh and frozen egg pasta, pasta of durum wheat semolina, ready meals, prepared risottos. food Via Modena, 340 Ferrara 44044 FE Italy +39 0532 824477 +39 0532 824287 Fresh Egg Pasta, Frozen Pasta, Ready Made Meals, Risotto, Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta Pasta Zara SpA Pasta ZARA, the first Italian exporter of pasta and second largest producer, has three production centers. The last in chronological order is to Rovato (Brescia), where it was found the former Pagani Brothers Pasta. This plant also produces pasta under the brand name pasta Pasta Pagana. Renovation of the plant is now complete and production is now optimized according to the quality standards of Pasta ZARA, the nine lines are now able to produce about 420 tons of pasta a day. food Via XXV Aprile 10/12 Rovato 25038 BS Italy +39 030 7243402 +39 030 7243629 Pasta, Specialty Pasta Jagg Marketing 2000 .Inc PASTICCERIA QUADRIFOGLIO S.R.L . Pasticceria Quadrifoglio was established in Modena, Italy in 1978. As one of Italy's most exciting Chilled & Frozen dessert-products manufacturers we have over the years been able to create a solid reputation for Quality, Innovation (!) and Reliable-Service. All of all products are developed and priced to deliver value. Our mission is to tailor-make solutions for our customer’s real needs. food via dell'industria, 43 PIUMAZZO 41013 MO Italy +39059931794 +39059934419 Desserts Pastificio Antonio Pallante Srl Producers of pasta of durum semolina wheat, normal and special shapes. food S.S. 87 Km. 22 Capodrise 81020 CE Italy +39 0823 516311 +39 0823 820061 Pasta PASTIFICIO ARTIGIANALE ALTA VALLE SCRIVIA DI MINAGLIA SNC We are a family-run, artisan, dried pasta producer from Liguria, Italy with over 30 years experience in the sector. We produce over 40 unique, best-selling products in a variety of packaging solutions aimed at the specialty retail sector. Products like Ligurian Trofiette, Croxetti, our award-winning Chestnut pasta, Trenette, and Spinach ‘Olive leaves’ sit alongside the classic Italian shapes like Spaghetti, Penne and Gigli. We hold highest level BRC and IFS certification, and Organic certification with BIOAGRICERT. Our state of the art facility maintains all the artisan touches for a superior quality Italian pasta, including: bronze-extrusion, long drying times at low temperature and unique touches like our ‘U’ shaped long pasta which is characteristic of an artisan product, hung to dry on canes. All our products are made with 100% Italian first extraction durum wheat semolina available both for conventional or certified organic lines. food via milite ignoto, 58 Montoggio 16026 GE Italy +39010938433 +390109301003 HARRIET METCALF, Pasta PASTIFICIO ARTUSI S.R.L. Pastificio Artusi srl With production site in Casalserugo Padua since 1998 We are the artisans of the territory The products supplied, according to strict quality and process standards, strictly glutamate free, are the following: * Long and short bronze drawn fresh egg pasta * Handmade vegetable tortelloni 37 grams * Mezzelune and Agnolotti double sheet 20 grams * Tortellini type Bologna, Cappelletti alla Carne, thin drawn tortellini * Potato gnocchi * Tortelloni with rough pastry 20 grams * Fresh colored personalized filled pasta The purpose of our company is to ensure the highest product quality, including: • 100% durum wheat semolina of Italian origin 00 soft wheat flour 100% Italian origin 2 steps of the Northeast Agricultural Consortium • Fresh ricotta 100% Italian milk • Only DOP cheeses (Asiago DOP cheese, Piave DOP cheese, Montasio DOP cheese) • Only Parmigiano Reggiano DOP • Fresh eggs from free-range hens Italian supply chain category A • Only Speck Alto Adige PGI - Only Prosciutto di Sauris PGI "WOLF" • Only Pecorino Romano DOP ON THE WHOLE PRODUCTION Sweet salt from whole Cervia We are able to satisfy any customer need including: • Product packaged in a protective atmosphere of 500 g / 250 g / 1000 g shelf life 40/60 days Frozen packaged product in I.Q.F in 1 kg trays, shelf life 18 months We are able to satisfy requests in Private Label NEW IN 2018: HANDMADE CAPPELLACCI WITH SHRAKED MAZZANCOLLE WITH SALICORNIA (sea asparagus) NEW IN 2018: HANDMADE CAPPELLACCI WITH BICOLORED YELLOW AND BLACK SEA BASS (Pasta with cuttlefish ink) NEWS 2018: TAGLIOLINI WITH SPIRULINA SEAWEED (without eggs) NEW IN 2018: GNOCCHI IN TRONCHETTO WITH SEPIA BLACK min. order 50 kg NEW 2019: TORTELLO WITH SAUSAGE AND BASTARD OF GRAPPA WITH AMARONE PASTA Cantina Caorsa NEW 2020 TORTELLINI BOLOGNA MIGNON TORTELLONI WITH CACIO AND PEPPER TORTELLONI WITH SCAMPI TORTELLONI 4 CHEESE TORTELLONI SOPRESSA AND ASIAGO DOP CHEESE We invite you to visit In addition to the functionality and efficiency of the production and packaging systems and effective assistance, always available 12 months a year The expansion throughout the national territory makes our company a leader in the HO.RE.CA sector that has obtained the CE stamp and FSCC 22000 certification food via dell'artiginato 60 Casalserugo 35020 PD Italy +39 0499126224 +390499129112 ENRICO ARTUSI Fresh Egg Pasta Pastificio Attilio Matromauro Granoro Srl The company Pastificio Attlio Mastromauro still maintains a strict link to the Mediterranean pasta-manufacturing tradition. Its founder, Mr. Attilio Mastromauro, is descended from a long line of pasta manufactures that have been excelling in this field since the beginning of the 20th Century.  His family has handed down from generation to generation the production know-how, which characterizes their natural, high-quality products. This link with tradition allows Granoro to offer their faithful clients a product featured by the taste of the high-quality pasta, made from durum wheat semolina. The use of the most updated techniques, the thorough choice of the raw products and the production methods make it possible to get products of unmatched quality, with the taste and the flavor typical of durum wheat. food S.S. 98 Km 46,485 Corato 70033 BA Italy +39 080 8721821 +39 080 8722400 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, Pasta Pastificio Barbieri srl Barbieri Pasta Factory was founded in 1920 by the will of the 5 Barbieri Brothers who selected the best Italian granes to begin producing the real egg pasta of the "EMILIANA" tradition. Since then Barbieri has always produced high quality pasta with selected and certified raw materials. Today, almost 100 years after its birth, Pastificio barbieri has undertaken an ambitious renewal project, to meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers, who look for of new nutritional and health values. food IV Novembre 2 CORREGGIO 42015 RE Italy 0522692415 +39 0522631614 Renata Casoli Pasta Pastificio Columbro The “Columbro” Pasta Factory was established in 1972 by Acrisio Nicola Columbro and Ines Ghiandoni. Now the factory, which covers an area of about 4,000 square metres, but the craftsmanlike care with which our products are made is still the same as in the past. Important investments in technology have been made in order to improve the product rather than to increase the output, because technology can actually improve quality, provided that it is not used only to increase production. The use of 10-quintal presses to produce 3.5 quintals per hour, and the drying process at a low temperature (55 to 60 degrees) prevent the product from warming up, thus keeping all its nutritional properties unchanged. That is why our products are tastier and go farther than those by other brands, by about 20% for short pasta and by 40% for “fettuccine”, noodles, etc. We use bronze dies to get rougher pasta, which allows better absorption of seasoning. Only Italian raw materials are used, 80% to 90% of which come from the Marches region, because high quality and wholesomeness are a must for Columbro. Unfortunately, today many big industries buy raw materials from countries where sanitary checks are not so strict, and where chemical products which in Europe have been banned for years are still used. At Columbro, all of our products are made with the same care we would put in preparing food for our own children. food Via Toniolo, 3/A Fano 61032 PU Italy +39 0721 854476 +39 0721 854975 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta , Egg Pasta, Pasta Pastificio De Sortis Srl Alimentary dry pasta producer, for decades, has been manufacturing pasta made of 100% durum wheat semolina, traditional, special and big shapes, teflon and bronze die, tricolor, egg, organic, wholewheat and flavored pasta food Piano San Nicola - Zona Industriale Pietragalla 85016 PZ Italy +39 (0)971 68012 +39 (0)971 68014 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, Egg pasta Pastificio dei Prai Srl Producers of Pasta food Via Dell’Industria, 31 San Martino di Lupari 35018 PD Italy +39 049 946 1424 +39 049 946 1434 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, Egg Pasta PASTIFICIO DI BARI TARALL'ORO SRL The Company Tarall'oro born in 1982; relaunches in 2014 the lines of baked goods with important new features without losing its core business of artisan pasta. The pasta Tarall'Oro, about 100 items in 10 different flavors, is made exclusively from durum wheat semolina of the highest quality, bronze die cut and obtained by a process of slow drying at low temperature. This process allows the pasta to obtain a rough, porous and tough texture that provides excellent cooking resistance and retains better the sauces. The baked goods (Taralli and other shapes) feature the use of high quality ingredients and an innovative production process that gives the flavor and fragrance to the baked products. The company is certified IFS-BCR, ISO 14001:2004, OU KOSHER, HALAL, NOP/BIO food S.S. 100 ZONA PIP Sammichele di Bari 70010 BA Italy +39 080 8916362 +39 080 8912838 Pasta, Artisan Pasta, Dried Pasta PASTIFICIO DI CHIAVENNA S.R.L. Pastificio di Chiavenna was founded as a pasta factory by Carlo Moro in 1868 in the north of Italy and is now specialized in the production of special and dietetic dried pasta like gluten free, baby pasta (organic and conventional), extra-dried pasta, pasta with legumes, 100% rye pasta, low protein, buckwheat pasta and PGI buckwheat pasta, organic pasta. Certifications are BRC and organic certification for the production of organic pasta. Pastificio di Chiavenna Srl obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Union authority for the typical pasta recipe of Valtellina in the north of Italy "Pizzoccheri", a unique specialty with buckwheat. food Via Nazionale 4 PRATA CAMPORTACCIO 23020 SO Italy