I am an Italian company and I would like my company’s profile to be featured on your website. How can I achieve this?

You can create a profile if you are an Italian company by clicking on the “Register as an Italian product or food manufacturer” at the bottom of the homepage under “Registration.” After creating an account and profile, your submission will be sent for approval. Once approved, your profile will be made public on italianprivatelabel.com. As a registered Italian company, you will also have access to our exclusive Top 50 Market Analysis report. and rest

I am a retailer and I use your website often. Is it possible to save the manufacturers that I am interested in so I don’t have to search for them every time I want to view their profiles?

Yes, you can create a personal list of companies you’re interested in as a registered user. You can create an account by clicking on “Register as Retailer” at the bottom of the homepage under “Registration.”

How do I save the company profiles under my “Favorites?

After you create an account, you’ll be able to save company profiles by clicking “Add” in the upper right-hand corner of the profile. You will be able to view the saved profiles under “Favorites” on the right-hand side of your account page.