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Impact players: Earth Fare
January 11, 2019
Source: Store Brands
3. Earth Fare — A rallying cry for wellness with private brands Earth Fare may just be hitting its stride. Founded in 1975 in Asheville, N.C., Earth Fare offers natural and organic foods at its 40 locations in the Southeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest. The retailer’s motto is, “Live longer with Earth Fare,” which is a registered trademark.

Earth Fare, which heavily emphasizes its private brands, may just be hitting its stride because it finds itself in the midst of a food revolution of sorts — that being consumers’ increasing penchant for organic and free-from foods. Earth Fare has been offering such fare for years.

Under its Earth Fare brand, the retailer has grown its private brand offerings to more than 1,000 products.

Last May, Earth Fare introduced its Hand Picked, Discovered by Earth Fare brand, featuring premium products with contemporary flavor profiles while adhering to Earth Fare’s food philosophy, meaning the products are free from added hormones, artificial fats and trans-fats, artificial sweeteners, bleached or bromated flour, antibiotics, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors or flavors.

Many consumers believe that free-from foods may lack flavor. Earth Fare introduced Hand Picked, Discovered by Earth Fare to dispute that notion. With the line, Earth Fare President and CEO Frank Scorpiniti emphasized that shoppers don’t have to sacrifice more adventurous food choices to make the best choices for their health. Some of the products include frozen vegetarian Thai entrees sourced from Thailand; hand-topped, wood-fired pizzas imported from Modena, Italy; and brie sourced from a creamery in Vermont.

Earth Fare is also not afraid to take a bold approach to market its message and its products. Last year, Earth Fare released a press release saying that “Americans are eating their way to an early grave,” noting that life expectancy for Americans in 2015 declined for the first time in more than two decades. That’s when Earth Fare debuted its motto, “Live longer with Earth Fare,” which the retailer says “is the rallying cry for Americans to choose only the cleanest, healthiest foods.”

With its products and its approach, something tells us that Earth Fare will only continue to impact the organic and free-from food movement, with its private brands at center stage.